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A Detailed Guide To Wedding Band For Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

A Detailed Guide To Wedding Band For Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Emerald cut diamonds are one of the most fashionable engagement ring designs at the time, with celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and most recently Paris Hilton and Maria Sharpova wearing them. However, you still need to choose a wedding band for emerald cut engagement ring that goes with each other.

Emerald cuts can have a significant impression and offer a glamorous and elegant sense, except being ageless and classic. With complementary baguette or trapezoid accent diamonds, a dramatic halo, or both, we adore highlighting an emerald cut center stone. It probably seems like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders after your ideal engagement ring is on your finger. But, the search for the perfect bridal ring set is not yet complete. Learn about a handful of our preferred wedding bands for emerald cut engagement rings.

What is Emerald Cut

What is Emerald Cut

A diamond or gemstone with an emerald cut emphasizes long parallel step cuts and corners that have been trimmed to create a form resembling an octagon.

Most emerald cuts are rectangular, although square emerald cuts are sometimes possible, and so named. The pavilion and crown of the conventional emerald cut will contain rows of elongated facets running parallel to the gem’s girdle, with sets at the stone’s corners and on each of its four sides. The typical number of rows or steps is three on the pavilion and three on the crown, however this might vary.

The emerald cut is a superb option for colorless stones because it tends to enhance color and is rarely utilized for diamonds in the low or intermediate color grades. It is a good choice in situations where highlighting the color of beautiful stones is desired.

In general, emerald cut stones have long, rectangular shapes with chiseled step cuts and straight, linear facets that are normally positioned along to the stone’s length. The corners of the stone are typically clipped in order to avoid fractures and increase durability. Diamonds with an emerald cut have a broad surface table and intense clarity. Emerald cut diamonds provide a lot of reflections in both white and colored light thanks to their long step cuts.

What Are the Differences Between Engagement and Wedding Rings?

What Are the Differences Between Engagement and Wedding Rings

While wedding bands and engagement rings might sometimes have a similar appearance, they have distinctive forms and significance. Engagement rings are typically presented during the proposal and symbolize the commitment a couple makes when they are engaged. They are the focal point on your finger and typically have a sizable center stone. They are the main surprise for the big occasion!

During the wedding ceremony, couples exchange wedding rings, also known as wedding bands, which are afterwards worn alongside the engagement ring. Wedding rings are often a little more understated and may have smaller diamonds or gemstones because they are meant to complement engagement ring.

Most women wear their engagement and wedding rings combined, whereas most males wear their wedding rings alone.

The price point is yet another significant distinction between wedding rings and engagement rings. Engagement rings are typically more expensive since the main stone is frequently bigger. Even though diamonds and other jewels are often present in wedding rings, they are typically smaller and less expensive. That’s why we need to look for wedding rings that are suitable for emerald cut engagement rings.

Popular Styles of Wedding Band for Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Popular Styles of Wedding Band for Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

It simply makes sense that a wedding band would embody the wearer’s individual style and personality the same way as an engagement ring does. We have spoken with couples who have looked through hundreds of wedding band designs in search of the perfect one to match an engagement ring, so we are aware of how stressful it can be. To help you choose your ideal wedding band, we have put together a list of wedding bands for emerald-cut engagement ring. We have considered both our own recommendations and the popular wedding band designs that our customers have bought to go with their engagement rings.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to match a wedding band with an emerald-cut engagement ring. Check out some of our favorite matching wedding bands, from traditional bands to notched variations, to get started.


Wedding rings from the classic era are frequently understated, refined, and classic. Such rings as eternity rings and half-eternity rings come in both plain and diamond-accented varieties. These rings complement just about any kind of engagement ring, especially unique emerald-cut diamond because they are so adaptable and simple to match.

The pavé band is one of the most popular types of wedding rings. Half-eternity and full-eternity pavé wedding bands are available; half-eternity bands have diamonds on only one half of the band, and full-eternity bands have diamonds all the way around the band. These bands’ diamond linings go well with the sparkle of your engagement ring.


A wedding band with a unique contour will curve around your engagement ring. These wedding bands are perfect for larger engagement rings (emerald-cut or oval) or those with the diamond center stone situated lower in the ring since they go around the engagement ring. In order to accommodate the unusual shape of the engagement ring, they have a little dip in the middle.

There are, however, two different types of curved or contoured wedding bands. The first option is a wedding band with a gentle or mild curvature that can be worn with a solitaire (single stone) ring with a base that protrudes just a little.

Large curve wedding bands are the second variety of contoured wedding ring. These wedding bands look great with a huge stone or an unusually shaped engagement ring, like a stone or setting with a hexagonal shape.

Bonus: To make a striking and distinctive ring stack, combine a large curve band with a tiny curve band over a solitaire (single stone) ring!


As previously noted, channel wedding bands are framed on either side by the band and set with tiny diamonds or gemstones. The stones are safely shielded in this manner, and the smooth edges make it simple to match with an emerald-cut engagement ring.


The middle of an open-end (also called notched) wedding band features a gap so that the engagement ring can fit securely between the aperture. As long as you make sure the gap is large enough for the setting of your engagement ring, it will cover anything that protrudes.

An open-end band is straight with a tiny notch where the emerald-cut engagement ring effectively rests in it to keep them together on your finger rather than bending around it.

To fit an engagement ring, open-end wedding bands can be compressed or stretched to become more open. To avoid misshaping or harming the ring, you should do this gently and very, very slightly. Measure the full width of your engagement ring so you can determine how much space there should be between the open-end wedding bands.

Additionally, open-end rings work fantastically as spacer rings! It’s simple to use an open-end ring for this purpose if your emerald-cut engagement ring set does not stack flush or if you require a basic gold ring to sit between two rings. It will effortlessly cover a minor “bump” and reduce gaps in a stack.


A distinctive wedding band could include a gemstone accent, be textured, or be fashioned of a material that isn’t commonplace. Fun designs, distinctive engravings, and eye-catching shapes can all be components of an individual wedding band.


Sometimes less is more when it comes to wedding rings! Because it doesn’t compete for attention with the engagement ring, a simple wedding band can actually enhance a beautiful one. This is the ideal match for the woman who prefers simplicity.

Choosing a Metal

Choosing a Metal

Many people believe that wedding bands and engagement rings must be crafted from the same metal because that is the custom. That’s  not true. We advise against limiting oneself to a single metal or shape. A wedding set that features a combination of metals can be quite stylish.

Is it time for a creative boost? The most typical combination is a white and yellow gold set. White gold, yellow gold, and rose gold used together have been found to be incredibly lovely. Adding yellow gold to a white gold engagement ring, for example, can make the whole set stand out and appear more distinctive.

There are many factors to think about when buying wedding band for emerald-cut engagement ring, but one of the most important is deciding which metal is best for you and your lifestyle. Here are some common metals for wedding bands:

5 Best Wedding Bands for Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

5 Best Wedding Bands for Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Open Ring for Women Wedding Band for Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Stackable Ring

This on-trend open band is made from a single strand of shiny silver covered by yellow, white or rose gold that splits into two tip shapes.

Wedding Band for Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Anniversary Band for Her in Sterling Silver

This chic ring features colorless stones placed in bezels, and the added milgrain gives it a light, dazzling shine. This sterling silver band has a delicate eyelet design.

Wedding Bands for Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Cubic Zirconia Stackable Wishbone Ring in Sterling Silver

The wishbone band was made from 925 sterling silver, which is renowned for its exceptional durability. There are a row of cubic zirconia set in the band for extra brilliance. Thanks to the ring’s hypoallergenic Rhodium plating, it’s ideal for young women with sensitive skin.

Wedding Band for Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Twisted Wedding Band in 18k Gold Plated

The ring combines a more modern style with the traditional yellow gold shade that we all adore. The thin braids appear charming and dazzling while wrapping around your finger with ease. It was designed to stack wonderfully with all of your favorite rings, but you can also wear it alone because of its distinctive design. Offered in rose gold and silver!

Wedding Band for Emerald Cut Engagement Ring 5 Stone Diamond Stackable Ring in 10K Gold

This small stackable band is a wonderful option for daily wear and may be combined with your magnificent engagement ring or diamond ring to create a stunningly distinctive wedding ring set. You can choose from 10k White Gold, 10k Rose Gold, or 10k Yellow Gold to personalize this budget-friendly wedding band.


The process of matching rings can appear difficult, but design is the key to choosing what will suit you and your intended look the best. It doesn’t have to be difficult to match a straight, curved, or open-end wedding band with your gorgeous emerald-cut engagement ring. We hope that this post will be helpful to you as you search for the ideal combination.

Visit Elleroses to Purchase Matching Wedding Bands

Despite the fact that these are some common pairings for Emerald- cut engagement rings, the choice is ultimately yours. You should choose a wedding band that speaks to you because you are the expert on yourself. Find one that matches your personality, way of life, and sense of style. Be sure to compare it to your engagement ring to make sure you enjoy how the two rings appear when worn together.

We can assist you in finding a wedding band to go with your Emerald- cut engagement ring. Elleroses’ jewelry comsults are prepared to assist you in weighing your options and browsing our large range of wedding bands to discover the ideal one for you. We are eager to help you discover a lovely wedding band to match your Emerald- cut engagement ring.


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