For those who appreciate the outdoors and/or hunt, deer antler wedding rings are a great option. They are distinctive, reasonably priced, and adaptable. Let’s dig a little deeper into antler rings. The fact that deer antler ring is inexpensive, adaptable, and available in a range of designs are some of its advantages. Cons include their fragility, lack of scratch resistance, and inability to be resized. Due to their uniqueness, antler ding rings, even mens antler wedding bands have become more and more fashionable over the past ten years. It’s important to keep in mind some of the drawbacks, though. To make an informed choice, make sure to read the entire article.

Origin of antler rings

The antler trend is everywhere right now, whether in apparel or jewelry. Before they were seen on wedding rings, though, antlers have held a special allure for humans. The antler has long been revered by shamans, magicians, and ancient Pagans as a representation of male strength and rebirth.

The whitetail deer annually sheds his antlers, providing us with this exquisite resource. There is no need to injure an animal in order to get antlers for ceremonial usage, as they are shed naturally. During the winter months, dropped antlers can be picked up by anyone with access to territory where deer wander. Therefore, antler rings are perfect for those who love nature.

I think making antler rings is a fantastic idea. Working, shaping, and sanding antler is simple. Unless you want to prevent moisture absorption, a finish isn’t required (wearing it while showering, for example). The antler rings have a shiny sheen if polished and it will be comfortable to wear.

What Is An Antler Ring?

wedding & engagement

Quality materials such as black zirconium, titanium, and Damascus steel are used to make antler rings. In most cases, they have either an antler inlay on the outside of the ring or an antler sleeve on the inside. Antler rings are exquisite, robust, and natural.

Pros and Cons of Antler Rings

Pros and Cons


Antler Rings Are Affordable

Anyone searching for a high-quality wedding band at a reasonable price should choose an antler ring. They are available for about $300. Antler rings are far more affordable for anyone on a budget than expensive metals.

Antler Rings Are Exceptional

A regular precious metal ring with diamond is very different from wearing one that features an antler. Additionally, every antler is unique from another. Each antler’s color and pattern will vary depending on a number of variables. Diet, genetics, age, and what the buck rubbed his antlers against are among these variables.

I don’t know about you, but I adore the idea of having a unique ring. There are a lot of common rings available, so wearing one of these will make you stand out.

Antler Rings are Durable

As an inlay or sleeve on a ring, antler holds up quite well. Before forming the antler into a ring, we totally stabilize it. The antler is then covered in a thin layer of enamel to seal it and shield it from moisture and harm. The antler doesn’t require any extra maintenance. As usual, you can wash your hands, take a shower, etc.

Naturally, we would refinish, repair, or replace the antler in your ring if anything were to happen to it, since that would be covered under our Lifetime Warranty, which is provided with the ring. Additionally, keep in mind that since we are unable to forecast how antler will appear from piece to piece, if the antler does need to be replaced, it will probably not look exactly like the original piece.

Antler Rings Come in a Variety of Designs

When it comes to antler rings, there are numerous types and patterns. For instance, you can get an antler inlay ring, a complete antler ring, or a reinforced antler ring.

A piece of antler was used to create the solid antler ring.

Antler and other metals, like titanium, tungsten, black ceramic, etc., are combined to create the reinforced antler ring. Usually, the alternative metals serve as the core. These ring designs strengthen the antler by reinforcing it.

Rings with antler inlays frequently have a metal core with a groove in the center. The channel is then inlaid with the antler. Most of the strength of these rings also comes from the ring core. As a final step, a waterproof coating is applied to the inlay.

Whatever your preference, there’s probably a style that will work for you.

Antler Rings Are Not Made Of Metal

Pure antler rings are not made of metal, making them a great alternative for those who are allergic to metal.

Antler Rings Are Not Conductive

It is well known that antler rings are non-conductive. Anyone who uses their hands for work but is unable to wear a traditional metal band may find this to be a fantastic alternative. These rings are secure and won’t harm anyone because antler isn’t made of metal.


Antler Rings Can’t be Resized

Since antler is a natural product, rings made of it cannot be adjusted. Your ring size will probably change over time, so you could eventually need to purchase a new ring. If you’re unwilling to do this, it might be wiser to purchase a more conventional metal, like gold or silver.

Pure Antler Rings Lack Metal's Durability

There is a significant difference between antler rings and metal when comparing their levels of durability. Metal is far more scratch- and wear-resistant. To put it another way, the metal ring will probably last longer than a ring made entirely of or reinforced with antlers. To get around this problem, you may always choose an antler inlay.

Antler Rings Don't Hold Up Well to Scratches

On the Mohs scale of hardness, antler rings fall somewhere around a five. Antler is therefore comparable to steel in terms of hardness. The antler is, however, not as scratch-resistant as metal, despite being relatively scratch-resistant.

By selecting an antler inlay ring rather than a pure or reinforced antler ring, as I previously said, you might have the best of both worlds. Depending on the metal core you select, antler inlay rings may be very scratch-resistant.

Antler Rings are not Very Valuable

Rings made of antlers aren’t very valuable. They don’t keep their worth as well as precious metals do, despite the fact that they have significant sentimental value for everybody who owns one.

Metals of antler wedding rings

If you and your hunting sweetheart are getting married and want something truly unique for your wedding band, consider deer antler wedding rings. Both hunters and outdoor enthusiasts value deer antlers as collectible mementos of the natural world. You may rest assured that the ring was made using only humane methods, as the antlers used in its construction naturally shed from the deer once a year. Each of these rings has an inlay of deer antler set into a metal band. We recommend choosing antler rings made from sturdy materials including tungsten, carbon fiber, and titanium.

Tungsten : Tungsten carbide is the hardest material with the highest scratch resistance. In comparison to precious metals like gold and platinum, tungsten carbide jewelry is both more cheap and just as substantial. Tungsten jewelry is hypoallergenic, so those who have reactions to gold can still wear it. Although tungsten wedding rings are typically grey in color, they can be plated in a variety of other colors, including black, white, and even gold.

Titanium : Titanium rings are an excellent option for persons who are allergic to metals used in jewelry because they are robust, lightweight, and easy to handle. Titanium rings are unique because, unlike platinum, gold, or silver rings, they will never lose their round shape. Titanium, being a more durable material, is not susceptible to rust or corrosion and is very difficult to scratch. In addition, even after years of daily use, your titanium ring will still appear as beautiful as new.

Carbon fiber : Carbon fiber wedding bands are a lot more budget-friendly than the alternatives. A carbon fiber ring won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It could be the best option if you like to do things differently. Carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials available for wedding and engagement bands, being five times as strong as steel and twice as stiff. Carbon fiber rings are extremely durable.

Antler wedding band for couples

In most cultures, antler is symbolic of strength and fertility, something any loving couple can aspire to. Therefore, the material is an excellent symbol of love, strength, and lasting relationships.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking antler is exclusively masculine. There are some truly stunning women’s antler wedding bands, too. Couples will be happy to know there are tons of gorgeous antler wedding bands for men and women alike.

The inlay styles made of antler vary slightly. Although totally deer antler ring is still a great choice, an antler inlay can be set between sleek polished metal. This is so that the antler can be protected by the finish and the materials around it. Inlays are more about look than functionality, so designers select materials that go with the overall design and color scheme.

Antler engagement rings

Antler engagement rings are unique and quite attractive, and they are perfect for any couple. A set of engagement rings made from antlers is a beautiful way for couples to express their commitment to one another over the years. Engraving your other half’s name on an antler engagement ring and wearing it as a declaration of love will surely win her over with its charm and meaning.

Trend of deer antler rings

While men tend to be the primary purchasers of deer antler rings, many couples prefer to get married with matching deer antler bands. The deer antler inlay complements 14K gold for a refined look that is suitable for both men and women. Or, you might coordinate your appearances by selecting deer antler rings of contrasting widths.

What Is The Origin Of The Deer Antler Wedding Rings?

Our wedding rings are made of 100% real antler that is derived from naturally shed antler findings. We cannot guarantee the color of the piece you will receive because antler is a natural product. Antler hues range from gray to tan, and their brightness and pattern can also differ.

Antler from whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, and moose is frequently used to make antler rings. Antlers are mainly made of bone. Antler rings can be made entirely of antler, from antler plus metal, or from antler inlay in a metal core.

Antler from a whitetail deer: This antler is frequently used to make rings. It is the toughest antler of all. White color.

Elk Antler: The largest antlers you’ll typically see belong to elks. They are ideal for ring construction because of this. Despite not being quite as hard as deer antler, it has a high density.

Mule Deer Antler: Elk and mule deer antlers have a comparable density. Compared to whitetail deer, it is darker in color.

Why mens antler wedding bands popular

Many Pagans believe that the God of Fertility is represented by the stag’s antlers. In many of his guises, the Horned God is depicted with a crown of antlers atop his head. The horns may originate from the top of his head in some portrayals. Artwork from the early Paleolithic period depicts men with antlers on their heads, suggesting that the horn or antler has been used as a religious symbol for a very long time. Many gods in Egyptian mythology sport a pair of horns.

According to these folklore and legends, mens antler wedding bands have gotten popularity for a while.

Antler rings for him

This stunning ring made from a deer antler is the pinnacle of outdoor chic. The organic pattern in antler is beautiful and unique, and it also stands the test of time better than any other material. The material is crafted by hand in jewelry studio to produce a ring that is both modern and rustic in appearance.

Choosing antler rings for her

The deer has been celebrated by Native American cultures in a variety of ways. Several Native American cultures tell stories about deer gods, such as the Cherokee Ali Usdi, the Hopi Soli-ingwu, and the eponymous Deer Woman. These gods are typically associated with fertility. Thus, deer antler wedding rings for her are probably a great gift for women who love babies. Antler rings for her will stand out from the crowd, whether you’re going for something unique or something more understated.

Womens antler ring

No two antler rings are the same because each is hand manufactured and has a distinctive pattern that makes the wearer unique. Womens antler rings usually come with an amazingly cozy Comfort-Fit built right into it. The ring has a comfort-fit interior, which means that the ring’s center is true to size and that its edges get a little bit bigger. The comfort fit makes it simpler to put on and take off the ring and ensures a better fit on the finger.

Antler Color Variations

The color and pattern of antlers can differ greatly from one to the next because they are made of a natural substance. The genetics, age, and even the season in which the antler broke off can all have an impact on the color of the antlers. It is also incredibly challenging to predict what the end product will look like because the color of the antler’s outside and interior can differ.

Because of this, we are unable to guarantee any antler color or pattern. Antlers can be white, gray, tan, or even brown in hue. Additionally, while some antlers appear more solid and have minimal variation, others will have a vast variety of patterns clearly defined inside them. Antlers are distinctive, which adds to their attraction, but it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing a deer antler wedding rings. Here are a few types of antler examples:

Popular Styles of Antler Wedding Rings In 2023

Popular Styles
Antler Wedding Rings Mens Wood Deer Antler Wedding Band Tungsten Carbide Rings

Ring with tungsten carbide inserted into 100% real deer antler. This ring is a work of art that was totally made by hand; it is more than just a piece of jewelry. The ring’s other half is made of zebra wood and has a tungsten stripe that has been polished.

Mens Antler Wedding Rings Black Ceramic Polished Beveled Men's Wedding Band

This Black Ceramic beveled ring by Thorsten features a dark brown deer antler that has been masterfully inlaid and polished to a high sheen, displaying a magnificent assortment of maroon, black, and gray tones.

Wedding Ring With Deer Antler Hammered Black Tungsten Wedding Band

This mens antler wedding bands unique style, which combines metal and organic components, will appeal to bold man. Hammered black tungsten, one of the world’s toughest metals, is resistant to water and scratches.

Antler Wedding Rings Tungsten Carbide Men's Wedding Band With Ombre Deer Antler Inlay

This unique and exquisite Tungsten Carbide ring features a light brown deer antler inlay with white, brown, and navy blue. It has been polished and beveled.

Deer Antler Wedding Rings Titanium Wedding Bands for Men

Titanium wedding ring with a vibrant inlay, ideal for the intrepid outdoors man. Elk antler inlay that was naturally shed and the turquoise in the center of the ring make a stunning pair.

Antler Rings Care

Antler Rings Care

Of all the things we provide, our antler ring is the most durable.

Here are some recommendations for durable antler jewelry.

– Pieces of antler can be used as portable diffusers for essential oils. Each antler piece’s marrow should have a few drops of your favorite oil applied. Please note that some oils may cause the product to stain or change color.

– Be sure to keep the antlers dry. The antlers may change color or swell if submerged in water, which could result in harm.

– Be gentle. When dropped, antlers may break or sustain harm.

Store out of direct sunlight. Antler is broken down by sunlight, which could make the product less durable. Sunlight will whiten the color of the antler.

If the antler rings you have are moist.

– Use a soft, clean cloth to dry as quickly as you can. Leave in a warm place to dry completely.

If the antler rings you use get soiled.

– Use a gentle, dry cloth to remove dirt and dust.

– To remove dirt from more filthy parts, gently wipe them with a moist cloth.

– Use a soft, clean cloth to dry. Leave in a warm place to dry completely.

Contact us at any time if you have any further questions! We’re happy to help in any way we can.

Learn More: Jewelry Care Instruction


FAQs of Antler Wedding Rings

Can You Resize Deer Antler Wedding Rings?

Although the majority of our deer antler wedding rings are constructed of materials that cannot be altered, we do provide size exchanges for all of our deer antler wedding rings in accordance with our store’s regulations.

Are mens antler wedding bands Durable?

If properly maintained, mens antler wedding bands are quite strong and can easily last a lifetime. However, pure mens antler wedding bands often don’t endure as long as mens antler wedding bands with reinforcements or inlays. The strengthened mens antler wedding bands are more stronger since they contain metal, which explains why.

Is an Antler Ring Fit Perfectly for You?

If you enjoy the outdoors or go hunting, an antler ring can be the perfect choice for you. They are highly distinctive, adaptable, and reasonably priced. Additionally, they have a variety of patterns, making it simple to select one that matches your taste.

However, you might want to go elsewhere if you want a ring that retains its value, can be resized, and is as sturdy as metal.

Overall, make sure you carefully consider both the advantages and disadvantages. Determine what matters to you the most, then meet those needs. Each antler wedding rings kind has benefits and drawbacks.

I sincerely hope that this post has given you a better understanding of rings and help you decide to purchase one.


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