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Australian Opal Rings: The Complete Guide

The gem opal is very pricey. The world’s most valuable commercially accessible gemstone is the gem black, boulder, crystal, and white opal, however they are more complicated and have an exponentially wide range of value features than diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or tanzanites.

You may have seen or read statistics claiming that tanzanite or other gemstones are “1000 times rarer than diamond.” This is merely an assumption based on the fact that there are only 100 miles of tanzanite mines in the globe, as opposed to 100,000 miles of diamond mines. Black opal is truly 5000 times rarer than diamond, but there are just 20 square miles where it is mined.

Because opal is a finite resource, anecdotal evidence indicates that prices could rise by up to 25% annually for boulder opal and by 15% annually for white, crystal, and black opal.

Australian Opal Value

Australian opal is by far one of the most difficult gems to evaluate since, unlike most gems, its price isn’t directly correlated with its clarity or color tone. The price of opal can vary from around $10 per carat to over $15,000 per carat depending on these key elements:

  1. Play of Color
  2. Bodytone
  3. Brightness
  4. Directionality
  5. Pattern
  6. Cabochon Shape
  7. Sand inclusions/webbing/crazing/polish
  8. The Market

These are the primary factors that affect opal pricing, and even industry specialists can hardly evaluate it due to all of these variables.

Play Of Color

Opal’s shifting hue, which gives it its wonderful appearance, can be used to classify its play of color. Color, pattern, brightness, and directionality, by which this phenomenon is divided. Given that value varies according to rarity, the color of these brilliant flashes is crucial. Red is the most valuable color in opal because it is the rarest, while blue is really the most abundant, making it the least valuable. More than 10 times as much can be paid for a black opal with a vivid red flash as opposed to one with a blue flash.


In addition to color, which ranges from N1 (Black Opal) to N9 (White Opal), crystal opal is another key aspect of opal that is influenced by bodytone.

The bodytone of white opal is N7–N9 (Shown on the scale below). White opal with pronounced Play of Color can cost anywhere between $10.00 USD and over $500.00 USD per carat.

Dark Opal follows, with a chart range of N5–N6. Since the darker bodytone is more uncommon, the price per carat might range from $30 to $400,000. The color appears considerably more vividly in dark and black opals, and when combined with the most uncommon patterns in opal, the value can soar.

Australian black opals in the N1–N4 range can cost anywhere between $50 to, in exceptional circumstances, over $15,000 per carat. Black opal mined in Lightning Ridge, a small mining community outside of New South Wales, Australia, fetches prices of over $10,000 per carat. High-quality black opal is rare and difficult to find, even for seasoned miners. One famous crystal opal, the “Virgin Rainbow,” weighs 72 carats and is estimated to be worth $1 million USD.

Instead of only bodytone, the translucency of crystal opal is used to classify it. The most valuable crystal opals are clearer, less opaque, and have brighter colors; prices can range from $10.00 per carat to $15,000. On the bodytone scale, crystal opals can also range from N1 to N9, which means they can also be black opals, sometimes known as “black crystal opals,” which have a dark tone yet can transmit light when illuminated from behind.


The amount of light that is refracted determines an opal’s brightness, which can range from appearing relatively faint even in high light to dazzling even in low light. This has a significant impact on the price because an opal with a brightness rating of 1 out of 5 is only worth a small portion of an opal with a brightness rating of 5 out of 5 brightness. A black opal’s brightness alone can increase its price from $50 USD per carat to over $5000 per carat. The color’s directionality has an impact on brightness as well; from some angles, the color may not appear at all, while from others, it may be incredibly brilliant. In this instance, the brightness will be evaluated by dividing the difference based on how frequently the color is seen from each angle.

Famous Opals

The Virgin Rainbow

Due to this magnificent gemstone’s extraordinary brightness, which nearly seems to glow in the dark, it is valued at over $1 million USD. Given its 72 carat weight, it costs roughly $14,000 per carat. It is regarded by many as one of the best opals to have ever been discovered.

Eric The Pliosaur

Opal is commonly associated with Belemnites, which are petrified squid, but did you know it can also serve as a replacement for the bones of other organisms? An opalized dinosaur fossil discovered in 1987 is a prime example of this.

The Andamooka Opal

Queen Elizabeth II received the Andamooka Opal as a gift in 1954 on a visit to Australia. A matching smaller pair of opal earrings and two additional opals that were turned into cufflinks for Prince Philip are included with this 203 carat crystal opal necklace, which is also set in a diamond-studded setting.

How Much is an Opal Ring Worth?

Owning an opal ring is quite fashionable in 2022. Thus, the question of how much to spend on an opal ring arises. This is a really smart query. Starting prices for an opal ring made of 925 sterling silver may be as little as $20. A white gold or rose gold opal ring may cost as little as $200 or as much as $2000, depending on whether it has diamonds. A extremely elegant opal ring made of 18-karat gold and featuring a gem-quality opal would typically cost between $2500 and $25,000. Your personal taste and spending limit will determine how much you spend on an opal ring.

The cost of an opal ring can vary depending on the opal’s grade, but it also depends on the kind of precious metals used to create the ring and whether diamonds were added to it. A small sterling silver opal ring may be quite cheaper. A large, elaborate opal ring made of pure gold and studded with several diamonds can be an extremely pricey item of fine opal jewelry, costing up to $50,000 or $100,000.

How to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Opal Rings?

One of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry to own and wear is an authentic opal ring. But how can you distinguish between a genuine and a fake opal? Real opals are simple to recognize because they have a cool, smooth rock-like feeling. Always be sure to observe your opal from the side. There are two primary categories of imitation or simulated opals, and both are quite simple to spot. The primary variety of simulated opal feels like plastic since it is constructed of plastic. Another sort of fake opal consists of real opal slices with a backing made of plastic or gemstones, giving the opal slice a flaming appearance. Opals that resemble layers are referred as doublet or triplet opals. There are also several extremely lovely, lab-grown opals available that are quite reasonably priced. Both genuine Australian opals and the best lab-grown opals are available for purchase from Elleroses.

Where Can I Find Opal Rings In My Area?

Look around! Are there any opal rings in the area? It’s better to purchase an opal ring from an online jeweler like elle-roses.com, in all seriousness. A global retailer like Elleroses offers an enormous range at unbelievable pricing that no other retailer can possibly match. We are here to make sure you acquire an exceptional opal ring, whether you’re searching for a tiny opal promise band or a really exquisite, significant opal ring.

Where Can I Find An Engagement Ring With An Opal?

Opal engagement rings have only seldom been created by jewelers. Therefore, it could be challenging to discover an opal engagement ring nearby. Trust elle-roses.com, and we’ll work with you to choose the ideal opal engagement ring. This includes receiving the engagement ring of your dreams, whether it be one made of white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold! Elleroses has hundreds of designs in every price range, whether you’re looking for a natural opal ring in silver, white gold, or rose gold.

How To Clean An Opal Ring?

Although opals are difficult to cut, they can be worn for many years with average to reasonable maintenance. Keep your opal ring as clean as possible. Take a tiny jar, fill it with warm water, a few teaspoons of dish soap, and this is what you should do. Then vigorously shake it to create a cleaning solution. After that, soak the opal ring in the solution for a few hours. If necessary, gently remove any debris from beneath the prongs and from under the opal using a very gentle toothbrush. Re-soak the ring for one additional hour, and then rinse it in warm, clean water. The opal ring should be clean and a lot brighter after being dried with a soft cloth.

Are Opal Rings Popular Among Women?

Women all across the world are really interested in owning opal rings. However, customers frequently have trouble finding enough options of style in opal rings to suit their interests and preferences. Elleroses has a superb assortment of opal rings for ladies and more styles than any other jeweler, whether you’re looking for an opal ring in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. Additionally, the opal ring you desire is reasonably priced! Between $40 and $2000.

Best Australian Opal Rings You'll Fall In Love With

More opal rings are available at Elleroses than at any other internet or physical store combined! See our wonderful selection of white gold opal rings, huge opal rings, opal engagement rings, and yellow gold opal rings for sale. You can choose from an expensive opal ring collection, a silver opal ring, and an opal promise ring. Elleroses is here for you when you’re ready to look for an opal ring.

Australian Sterling Silver Opal Ring Oval Shaped Halo Ring

This stunning Australian opal ring in sterling silver has vivid pink, yellow, blue, purple, and green hues that are accented with stunning cubic zirconias for more glitz. This extraordinary opal rests on a contemporary handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver bezel setting and has a range of rainbow flashes that are so stunning they leave you awestruck. Diffraction of light passing through tiny silica spheres in its microstructure causes bright rainbow colors to change dramatically in opal. This Opal Ring Is a Straightforward yet opulent accessory that completes your outfit and is an absolute honor to wear. This Opal is 100% Genuine and was ethically mined in Australia.

14K Yellow Gold Australian Opal Engagement Rings Diamond Australian White Opal Ring

The accent stones on this stunning 14k Yellow Gold ring, which center on a dazzling Australian White Opal, are glittering Diamonds. This stunning Opal will make you the center of attention wherever you go. As you move, the White Opal in this ring will flash a kaleidoscope of colors. The heirloom quality of this ring set ensures that it will be worn and cherished by future generations.

Sterling Silver Australian Fire Opal Rings White Opal Ring

As the light catches this stunning Australian White Opal Gemstone, it glimmers with flashes of pastel colors. Colored like a fairytale, with dazzling tones of yellow, pink, green, and red. This multicolored Opal is bezel-set in 925 Sterling Silver, guaranteeing years of wear, and is embellished with two cubic zirconias, both of which add a brilliant shine. Put some color into any outfit, whether it’s business casual or a black tie event.

Australian Opal Ring White Fire Australian Opal Heart Ring

Beautifully crafted, this ring features a heart-shaped Australian White Opal center stone and smaller diamonds around for accent. This Opal ring has a timeless style that will get you noticed wherever you go. This White Opal Ring sparkles in dynamic rainbow flashes with every shift in your finger’s position. Tightly held in place by prongs to protect your natural treasure.

Australian Opals Rings Queen Heart Pink Fire Opal Black Gold Ring

The Pink Fire Australian Opal in this one-of-a-kind ring is set in silver sterling plated by black gold which is shaped like a crown. If you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this stunning Opal ring, prepare to be blown away. The rainbow in this pink fire opal ring sparkles with sparkle with every step, which will never be replicated. This stunning Opal ring is a true collector’s item. Your natural treasure, the opal gemstone, is held securely in place by a high-quality prong setting.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Opal Rings Waterproof?

Getting an opal ring wet is completely OK. Opal rings are very easy to clean. It won’t require any further maintenance to keep your opal ring sparkling and lovely. Simply prepare a mild dish soap and warm water solution in a small, empty jar. After a few hours in the solution, rinse your opal ring thoroughly with warm, clean water. Use a gentle cloth to dry it off.

Can Opal Ring Be Resized?

Sizing an opal ring is essentially the same way as sizing any other gemstone band. It’s crucial to have your ring serviced and measured by a qualified jeweler, such as elle-roses.com.

Do Diamonds Enhance an Opal Ring?

Diamonds enhance the already stunning beauty of opals, especially high-quality flaming opals. If you’re looking for a timeless way to show your love, an opal engagement ring set in a diamond mounting is a beautiful and elegant option. Good grade, precious opals, with their flashes of color and fire, are symbolic of the passionate love shared by a couple. The beauty of an opal ring is enhanced by the addition of diamonds.

Are Opal Rings Good for Proposals?

If you ask us here at Elleroses, an opal ring is the perfect choice for an engagement ring! What a fantastically timeless selection. As an alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring, an opal ring set in 14k white gold or rose gold would be a beautiful gesture. Elleroses can create the ideal opal engagement ring for anyone who can picture themselves getting engaged with such a ring. As an engagement ring, an opal offers two outstanding advantages. To begin with, an opal engagement ring is typically only a third or a quarter of the price of an all-diamond ring. Second, an opal engagement ring is as special and one-of-a-kind as your love. Your decision will be impressed by all.

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