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Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Real Emerald Rings

Beginner's Guide to Buying a Real Emerald Rings

Are you enamored with emeralds’ splendor and long to purchase a ring set with one? Not only you! It goes without saying that real emerald rings are priceless. They are one of the most sought-after jewels in the world due to its rarity and beautiful green color. However, they also increase the price of emeralds relative to other jewels. We’ll dive into the value of emeralds in our buying guide, along with all the information you need to find an emerald that you’ll adore.

The History of Emerald

The History of Emerald

REAL EMERALD RINGThe Greek word smaragdos, which meaning “green stone,” is where the term “emerald” originates. Emerald is the mineral beryl’s shade of green. Chromium or vanadium traces give it a bright color. The beryl family of gemstones, which includes pastel pink morganite and pastel blue aquamarine, also includes other jewels related to emerald.

When emerald gemstones were found, they enchanted every civilization. Egypt had the first known emerald mines. The so-called Cleopatra’s Mines ruins can still be seen today in the Wadi El Gamal National Park, which is located south of Marsa Alam. The majority of scholars believe that these ancient emerald mines date as far back as 300 BC and possibly even beyond. The area was known to the Romans as Smaragdus Mons, or Emerald Mountains.

Emeralds are a present from Thoth, the God of Wisdom, according to The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Mummies were buried with an emerald gemstone put around their throats because emeralds represent rebirth and were thought to offer protection during the journey through the underworld and a fresh start in the afterlife.

Emeralds, a representation of eternal youth, were a particular favorite of Cleopatra, the final Egyptian queen. The queen gave at least one ambassador an emerald with her likeness engraved into it in addition to wearing emerald gemstones frequently herself.

Since at least the year 1000, the Incas of the New World have mined emerald in what is now Colombia for use in jewelry and holy objects. When the Spanish colonized South America, they filled their galleons of treasure with finer emeralds than had ever been seen in Europe as they prepared to sail back to Spain.

Emerald was regarded during the Indian Mughal dynasty as the gem of heaven. To make some of the most incredible emerald jewelry in the world, they imported thousands of carats of Colombian emeralds. They wore emeralds that were engraved with prayers and the names of their owners, as well as leaves and flowers. Their swords, thrones, statues, and domestic items were all covered in emeralds.

Why People Love Emerald

Why People Love Emerald

Nothing “greens greener” than an emerald, according to Roman historian Pliny. Even the most basic jewelry design can be made attractive by the emerald’s brilliant vivid green color.

But emeralds never fail to conjure images of Spring, even in smaller sizes. And emeralds go well with every color in your clothes, just like how the green leaves in a lovely garden balance the hues of each blossom.

Emeralds are moreover easier to purchase than other gemstones. It is larger than you anticipate. Emerald has a relatively low specific gravity or density. This means that a one-carat emerald is noticeably bigger than a one-carat diamond in size. Additionally, its color heightens the drama.

May’s birthstone is emerald, which is also the anniversary stone for 20th weddings. However, if the color appeals to you, emerald rings remain your collection regardless of your birthstone or year of marriage.

Benefits Of Wearing The Genuine Emerald Ring

Benefits Of Wearing The Genuine Emerald Ring
  1. A person who wears a genuine emerald ring will likely experience a significant increase in their creativity, artistic talents, and sensibility, as well as their capacity for clear and concise thought and idea communication.
  2. Wearing the emerald ring can boost your intelligence, making it simpler to understand and rationalize numerous ideas and concepts in a unique and profound way compared to others.
  3. An emerald stone can provide a person with a lot of wit and charm since it transmits the magnificent Mercury energies. In fact, anyone wears real emerald ring will achieve great fame and success in their chosen profession.
  4. Emerald is undoubtedly one of the most healing and advantageous gemstones that a person can ever wear. It may be especially beneficial for those who have trouble focusing and paying attention while work.
  5. The verified emerald ring can also be helpful for those who have trouble making decisions, maintaining mental stability, or moving in a particular direction in life.
  6. The emerald stone, when regularly worn, can assist a person in fully recovering from any communication-related issues. So you can wear an emerald for better communication if you have challenges with stammering or any other speaking concerns.
  7. Emerald jewelry can also give you the emotional stability you need, which will give you the mental fortitude to get through the challenging periods in your life and heal from any trauma.

5 Best Real Emerald Rings in 2023

5 Best Real Emerald Rings in 2023
Baguette Cut Real Emerald Rings Minimalist Style Chunky Gold Ring

The traditional bubble form of our cherished dome ring now boasts a green centerstone thanks to the addition of emerald. With its amazing vivid green colors, this Dome Ring certainly stands out as a stunning ring. It exudes an air of elegance and romance, and is made of a genuine baguette emerald. Hand set in our enduring best-seller, the dome ring.

Baguette Shaped Real Emerald Engagement Rings Minimalist Style Genuine Emerald Ring

Emerald ring with six superb diamonds that dazzle beautifully and a baguette shaped emerald that is well emphasized in a vintage-inspired design. Handmade by a talented team of jewelry artists with decades of combined experience. Each diamond and gemstone is chosen with care.

Emerald Ring Real Oval Emerald and Diamond Ring for Women

A exquisite emerald ring with the 5x3mm oval emerald flanking 3 delicate round diamonds on either side. Small enough to stack yet powerful enough to wear on its own as well! Chic and of the highest caliber!

Emerald Cut Real Emerald Rings Minimalist Solitaire Engagement Ring

An 14K yellow gold traditional emerald solitaire ring with an emerald-cut engagement ring is on display. The 1 ctw emerald in this stunning solitaire ring is set in a four-prong setting. This gemstone has exceptional luster and is completely faceted. The emerald is extremely clear, although it does have a few tiny inclusions that are typical of all genuine emeralds. An amazing solitaire emerald ring!

Real Emerald Gold Ring Heart Shape Emerald Engagement Ring With Diamond Halo

This chic cocktail ring, made of 14-karat white gold, showcases a heart-cut produced Zambian emerald in the center and surrounded by round-cut diamonds. A polish finish enhances the beauty of this ring.

Celebrities Love Genuine Emerald Ring

Celebrities Love Genuine Emerald Ring

Venus, the goddess of love, is represented by the emerald gemstone. Emeralds enhance the beauty of the most beautiful ladies in the world, including Cleopatra and the actress best famous for playing her, Elizabeth Taylor.

When the world is insufficient, what do you gift the lady you love? Wallis Simpson received an emerald engagement ring from King Edward, who also bestowed the title of Duchess of Windsor upon her. The White House and an emerald engagement ring were gifts from Jack Kennedy to Jacqueline Bouvier. Consider the emerald-drop earrings. Angelina Jolie chose a straightforward, strapless black dress at the Oscars. The similar effect could never be achieved by regular diamond drops. (Overnight, sales of the green gems skyrocketed.)

Due to their significance as symbols of both love and rebirth, emeralds are a meaningful gemstone option for an engagement ring. Emerald is the gemstone of fresh starts with the deep green of spring.

How To Tell If An Emerald Is Real

How To Tell If An Emerald Is Real

Emeralds are among the most prized jewels, but it’s crucial to determine if they are genuine or not. Even though there are many imitations, just because a stone is green doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an emerald. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to determine whether or not your emerald is genuine.

Here’s how to judge whether an emerald is genuine:


For many gemstone buyers, flaws are a deal-breaker, but they are a crucial indicator of authenticity. Many dealers view flaws as a positive sign that an emerald is genuine and a sign that it is real. Genuine emeralds include flaws that give them character and distinctive colors that enable professionals to recognize them. So, the first step in determining whether an emerald is genuine is to look for faults.

Faux emeralds don’t have the same flaws as genuine emerald stones due to different production processes. It is probably a fake emerald if bubbles or discs can be seen inside the stone.


Genuine emerald gemstones come in a variety of shades of green, from light to dark. The jewel’s natural colors are quite different, nevertheless.

The bluish-green spectrum that genuine emeralds can have is entirely normal. However, if the emerald color contains yellow or brown tones, it is most likely not a genuine emerald.


The firey luminosity of a genuine emerald stone is not as intense as that of diamonds, moissanite, or peridot. An actual emerald will shine, but with a dull fire, if you hold it up to a source of light. However, rainbow flashes won’t appear from an emerald stone. The stone is probably not real if it shines and burns brightly.


Genuine emeralds have a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, making them resistant to wear and tear from everyday use. Examine the facets of an emerald for any signs of wear and tear if it is faceted. A stone may be of inferior grade than an actual emerald if it has weak, worn edges.


Despite the fact that emeralds are uncommon gemstones, there is a wide range of pricing for them. A genuine emerald may not always cost a lot of money. However! Compare the cost of your emerald to those of comparable stones on the market if you have any reason to believe it to be a fake. A price that seems too good to be true almost certainly isn’t real.

Fake emeralds are also more expensive than the majority of other synthetic gems, however they are less expensive than genuine emerald stones. A little synthetic emerald, for instance, is roughly valued at $75 per carat. Any ‘genuine’ emerald stone selling for a comparable price should be avoided.


There are a few different ways that fake emeralds can be constructed, but one common method uses two or three layers of material to create a green layer in between two colorless stones. These layers are plainly visible when the stone is submerged in water and seen from an angle. While it may be more difficult to spot in mounted stones, unusual color shifts around the girdle could be a sign of a fake.


Having an emerald examined by a professional gemologist or jewelry assessor is the best approach to determine its authenticity. Numerous techniques will be used to analyze the stone, such as:

The inclusions, or microscopic mineral crystals, in an emerald are visible under magnification using a jeweler’s loupe or microscope.

You can tell an emerald by the way light refracts through it.

While certain emeralds will shine or fluoresce when exposed to UV light, not all genuine emeralds do this.


FAQs of real Emerald ring

Are emeralds prone to scratching?

In fact, despite common belief, emeralds are not easily scratched; they rank between 7.5-8 on the Mohs hardness scale. This suggests they are rather sturdy for everyday usage! It is perhaps more important to grasp that many emeralds have substantial inclusions. Jewelers call these interesting features seen in Emeralds a “jardin” (or “garden!”).

Will emeralds shatter?

Yes. Like all stones, including diamonds. If struck, emeralds can break or chip. Cracks are more likely to appear since many Emeralds have inclusions that reach the surface. So be careful to opt for an emerald with no (or just modest) surface-reaching inclusions when selecting a stone. Make careful to set the stone in a protective setting, such as a halo or bezel, if the inclusion in the stone you’re considering extends beyond the surface.

Are real emeralds cloudy?

Most of them are, but not all. As a Type III gem, Emeralds are known to have inclusions, sometimes so many that the gem appears murky. However, really fine natural Emeralds can be flawless and clear to the naked eye. Selecting a lab-created Emerald is another option for getting a flawless stone. A laboratory-created emerald will have the same chemical composition as a natural emerald but will not have the same “jardin” effect (and are therefore often more durable).


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