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Best London Blue Topaz Ring of 2023

Best London Blue Topaz Ring of 2023

The London Blue Topaz Ring is among the most well-liked one. At the Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach for the 2022 Makers Conference, Jessica Alba completed her ensemble with the essential Fiesta London Blue Topaz and Diamond Cocktail Ring. The beauty and brilliance that blue gems radiate, from priceless sapphire to lovely topaz, are difficult to equal. Did you also know that London blue topaz has recently risen to the top of the list of gemstones desired for engagement rings?

What is London Blue Topaz?

What is London Blue Topaz

Let’s discuss London Blue Topaz, a well-known jewelry that has been around for ages. London Blue Topaz, commonly known as Colorless Topaz or Natural Blue Topaz, is a deep blue variation of Topaz. It is lighter than a sapphire but darker than normal topaz. In actuality, the color is best described as being in the middle of the two. Though some think Sri Lanka is where it originated, this stone was initially found in Brazil in 1910. Although its exact origins are unknown, the topaz stone derives its name from the Greek word “topazion,” which means “to seek.”

The bright stone is the recognized birthstone for September, and many people believe that wearing it throughout the month will keep one grounded and goal-focused.

Aluminum silicate that has been fluorinated makes up topaz stones. It measures in at an eight on the Mohs scale, making it harder than quartz while frequently growing next to it. London Blue topaz is tougher than quartz but not as hard as sapphires, rubies, or diamonds. Topaz is categorized as a mineral, but the last three are considered jewels.

What Distinguishes Blue Topaz From London Blue Topaz?

There are two blue topaz varieties that have taken over the market. These types are referred to as London Blue and Swiss Blue, and their primary distinction is color.

A deeper shade of blue with a medium to dark tone and saturation is London Blue topaz. Swiss Blue topaz, on the other hand, has a nearly electric sky blue hue. Light to moderate saturation and a light tone characterize it.

The only other distinction is that London Blue topaz is a little more expensive than Swiss Blue topaz. This is mostly because London Blue topaz is more well-known and in demand.

The bright stone is the recognized birthstone for September, and many people believe that wearing it throughout the month will keep one grounded and goal-focused.

Aluminum silicate that has been fluorinated makes up topaz stones. It measures in at an eight on the Mohs scale, making it harder than quartz while frequently growing next to it. London Blue topaz is tougher than quartz but not as hard as sapphires, rubies, or diamonds. Topaz is categorized as a mineral, but the last three are considered jewels.

London Blue Topaz’s Properties

London Blue Topaz’s Properties

Physical Properties

The beryl mineral known as London Blue Topaz is a form of hexagonal crystal system, which comprises separate crystals with a small indentation between them. Emeralds and aquamarines are two other popular beryl gemstones. London Blue Topaz has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, making it a reasonably durable stone. As a point of comparison, a steel nail rates a 6.5 on the same scale!

There are three different types of blue topaz, including London blue, Swiss blue, and light blue topaz, despite the fact that the London blue variety is well known for having a deep blue tone. The color of London Blue Topaz can still differ significantly amongst gemstones, depending on where it was mined and what additional minerals were present during development, even though the stone’s typical hue is a medium-dark blue.

Metaphysical & Healing Properties

London Blue Topaz is a potent stone that bestows plenty, luck, and fortune. It is also believed to foster camaraderie by assisting us in adopting a more upbeat outlook. When faced with difficulty, the energy of this London Blue Topaz crystal can assist you in finding inner calm and patience.

The blue topaz is also a stone of transformation, assisting us in letting go of outdated thought patterns and ideas. This makes it a great resource for people who are having a hard time dealing with their history, whether it be bad memories or experiences from the past.

Benefits of London Blue Topaz Ring

Benefits of London Blue Topaz Ring

London blue topaz ring contribute to communication. When we require clarity of thought most, blue topaz rings are said to help open up communication pathways and provide it. It enables you to express yourself effectively, be honest with people, and tell your truth.

Another claim about London blue topaz ring is that it can help us find the strength to face our worries head-on. We can benefit from its truth and honesty in this way by having faith in our own abilities and selves. It’s simpler for us to be honest about what we need or desire from another person when we feel safe and confident in ourselves since we won’t be as afraid of being rejected or judged.

Being assured and sincere with ourselves enables us to live more satisfying lives, which can draw like-minded individuals to ourselves—like friendships built on loyalty, love, and affection!

Does London Blue Topaz Cost a Lot?

Does London Blue Topaz Cost a Lot

London Blue topaz is currently quite popular on the market. Due to this, it is slightly more expensive than conventional blue topaz, but not significantly more expensive. They can sell for as little as $10 to $30 per carat, but they do tend to offer a touch of sparkle to jewelry and clothing.

When compared to other topaz stones of various colors, blue topaz stones are often less expensive. Due to their rarity, pink, red, and orange stones tend to be more expensive.

Is London Blue Topaz Real?

Yes! London Blue topaz is a genuine stone, however it is heated and exposed to radiation to give it its deep blue hue. It might also appear slightly yellowish at certain angles.

Real Topaz vs Fake Topaz

This semiprecious gemstone’s vibrant colors make it relatively pricey. Unreliable jewelers frequently substitute quartz for topaz. Do not fret! There are a few simple techniques to distinguish a genuine topaz from quartz. The hardness factor should be considered as the initial attribute. Quartz won’t leave a trace on glass, but an authentic topaz will. A real topaz is also cold to the touch and readily electrifies. As a result, if you rub this stone against a woollen fabric, it will start to draw in things like paper and hair.

5 Best London Blue Topaz Rings for Women 2023

5 Best London Blue Topaz Rings for Women 2023
Cushion Cut London Blue Topaz Ring With White Created Sapphire Accent Halo Engagement Ring

This ring is constructed of sterling silver and set with brilliant cut white created sapphires and cushion-cut London Blue Topaz. We’ve managed to capture the Caribbean Sea, or at least its hue. For those of us who like to get a little fancy, it is engaging and intriguing.

2.25 Carats Round Shape London Blue Topaz Rings 3-Stone Ring for Women in Sterling Silver

A 2.25ctw round-cut London Blue Topaz gemstone set in .925 sterling silver is the focal point of this alluring ring. We spark their innate intensity and accentuate their brilliance by cutting them in a way that respects the rough’s natural luminosity.

3.80ctw London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring Halo Engagement Ring in Rhodium Over Silver

We have the impression of peering into the crystal-clear depths of an island’s seas when we gaze at the central, round-cut stone. It’s serene and seemingly infinite. This handcrafted halo ring is made of sterling silver that is .925 pure and has undergone a delicate rhodium polish to enhance its robustness, luster, and brilliance.

Halo Engagement Ring 5.40 Carat London Blue Topaz Ring Sterling Silver

Regal, passionate, and astonishingly inexpensive. This stunning ring is made of polished sterling silver and features a 5.40 carats London blue topaz in the center, surrounded by a 1.10 ct white topaz.

Blue London Topaz Ring Oval Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring Minimalist Ring in Solid 14K Gold

Decide on a vibrant everyday look! This stylish ring, which is right on trend with the minimalist movement, features a .51 ct oval London blue topaz beside by a .08 ct round brilliant-cut diamond accent. Almost the only thing we notice when we look at this minimalist ring is that oh-so-special London blue.

How Should London Blue Topaz Ring Be Worn?

Blue topaz is a strong gemstone that also has the ideal cleavage. In layman’s terms, this indicates that the London Blue Topaz Ring is vulnerable to harm and might break if struck hard. Therefore, it’s crucial to remove your blue topaz ring before performing tasks like cooking, gardening, cleaning, swimming, or exercise.

When applying cosmetics and perfume, stay away from wearing it because the chemicals in those items might damage the gem’s outer covering. Additionally, this can cause the goods to build up on the gemstone and in the jewelry’s corners. It is recommended to wear your blue topaz ring just before leaving the house and take it off as soon as you come home, as a general rule.

How Do I Store London Blue Topaz Ring?

How Do I Store London Blue Topaz Ring

Did you know that the majority of crystals of blue topaz found in nature are colorless or have a very slight tint? The eye-catching blue tint of the gemstone you see set in jewelry is created through heat and/or irradiation treatment. London blue topaz ring should be stored carefully as a result. Long-term exposure to heat or sunshine can affect the color of the gemstone and make it appear dull.

If you own blue topaz jewelry or are considering purchasing some, you must be wondering if it will hold up to daily use. The Mohs scale of hardness rates blue topaz at 8 out of 10, making it a durable stone that may be worn every day. Here are some guidelines you must abide with if you want it to keep its luster and beauty for many years.

Your blue topaz ring should be kept separate and in a cool location in a velvet-lined box. This will shield it from heat and sunlight and stop other jewelry from damaging its surface, preserving its brilliance and sheen.

How to Clean London Blue Topaz Ring?

Dust and grime buildup can make blue topaz ring appear dreary. But you can restore the luster to your blue topaz ring by cleaning it at home with a few inexpensive items. You can adhere to the instructions below.

Warm water in a bowl should have a few drops of mild detergent added.

To remove the dirt, soak the jewelry in this solution for a short while.

Scrub the filth and grime off using a soft-bristled brush.

To remove soap residue, place the jewelry in a clean bowl of water and rinse.

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the jewelry, then let it air dry.


FAQs of London Blue Topaz Ring

May I Wear London Blue Topaz Ring in the Shower?

Wearing blue topaz ring in the shower, bathtub, or swimming pool is not advised. The surface of the gemstone can be harmed by chlorine and other chemicals, which can also result in discoloration.

Is London Blue Topaz Good for Engagement Ring?

Yes! London Blue topaz is not just a tough gemstone but also highly distinctive. Brides who choose to veer from the norm can choose an engagement ring made of London blue topaz.

How Can You Determine if a Blue Topaz Is Real?

In order to improve the color and purity of blue topaz, it is heated and exposed to radiation. As a result, the majority of gems are eye-clean. Therefore, if the gem has any blemishes, fractures, or breaks, it may be a fake.


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