Promise matching rings represent romantic love. Rings are a major indication of a couple’s strong bond. Our exquisite selection of couples rings gracefully combines styles, whether you select matching couple rings or mix and match designs, to represent your love. Rather than matching wedding bands, promise couple rings set frequently serves as a prelude to a future engagement and denotes a commitment to a monogamous relationship and a trustworthy partnership. Read more about the matching promise ring’s meaning, significance, and how to give one.

What do couple rings mean?

The ring that a couple exchanges is a powerful symbol of their commitment to one another. The “promise” or “engagement” ring exchanged by a couple might signify a number of different things. The exchange of couple rings is often a forerunner to engagement, signifying a pledge to monogamy and a trustworthy connection. The couple rings symbolize that their relationship has grown to the next level and they want everyone know their bonds. Couple rings can be also regarded as a pre-engagement in which one person promises the other that they will ask them to marry them at a later date.

When it comes to love, neither two people are alike, nor no two relationships are the same. It should therefore come as no surprise that the significance and symbolism of couple rings are profound and encompasses the full spectrum of human emotions and experiences. Discussions about eternity, love, and loyalty are common among many individuals. Couple rings are received and worn by both spouses as a powerful representation of equality in the relationship.

They represent love and devotion in many different cultures and are often exchanged between partners. The tradition of giving and receiving couple rings dates back centuries and has only gained traction over time. The practice of exchanging couple rings has a rich history in Europe, despite being more modern in the United States. In the future, couple rings with symbolic importance, like the Claddagh Ring or the “Posey Ring,” may become increasingly popular. The Irish Claddagh Ring, one type of couple rings, represents the companionship, love, and commitment of the two people who wear them.

Couple rings set

Couple rings set has grown in popularity over the past few years, undoubtedly owing to people’s desire to live nearer to their relatives and friends. As people start their own families, they experience a mixture of nostalgia for the traditions of their ancestors and optimism for the future. Couple rings set bridges the gap between the current love stories of today and the new traditions and heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations.

Why not wear couple rings set to show the world who your boo is? A couple can wear couple rings set at any stage in their relationship if they want to celebrate their union and the memorable times they’ve had together in the past. It frequently stands for the stage between dating and being engaged. While an engagement ring represents a promise of marriage.

Rings for couple

wedding bands and set

Rings for couple are also matching promise rings. These matching wedding bands, which are typically bought together and are suitable for each partner in the relationship. They may be essentially the same or somewhat similar but different. Men’s and women’s matching wedding bands have small differences in size and/or cost. These days, matching wedding bands are as distinctive as the couple they symbolize.

Tiffany couple ring

Tiffany diamonds’ rankings for Carat Weight, Color, Clarity, and Cut are comparable to those of competing laboratories. Although Tiffany couple ring prioritizes the quality of the cut and this is one of the factors contributing to the high value of their diamonds, Elleroses has more affordable and equisitive couple rings.

Unique couple rings

The Elleroses extends an invitation to you to commemorate your union with a pair of unique couple rings. These uncommon couple rings will convey your special love with unrivaled style, whether you select a classic claddagh band or a bold design.

Why customized couple rings becoming popular?

wedding bands & set

Customized couple rings, which undoubtedly symbolizes couple’s dedication to their union, have grown in popularity over the past few years. These couple ring set purchased usually together that match for each person in the relationship.

Simple promise rings or couples rings that can subsequently serve as wedding bands are available for purchase by couples who plan to get married. A promise ring that can be stacked and added to a wedding band can also be used as the couples’ rings.

Cute couple rings

An excellent option for cute couple rings is a set of stackable rings that can be worn alone, with other rings, or even with your wedding bands. Stacked Boho.

Couple rings silver

In addition to traditional smooth classic bands in polished, sandblasted, and brushed finishes, our wide selection of couple rings silver also includes eye-catching CZ stone-clad pieces, two-tone rings that contrast silvery and gold colors, and rings with intricate inlays that come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. You and your significant other will easily find the couple rings silver set of your dreams, from timeless classic to cutting-edge designs.

Are couple rings cheap?

Couple rings’ price ranges widely from tens to hundreds to thousands, it depends on the kinds of center stone, metals of bands and settings. If you want a pair of cheap couple rings, we highly recommend silver or gold-plated couple rings.

Personalized couple rings

Couple rings are a way for loving partners nowadays to express their devotion to one another outside of marriage or engagement. A lot of couples consider personalized couple rings in the beginning of a love relationship to be entirely normal, despite the fact that the idea could seem weird to others who are unfamiliar with it.

When Should Couple Bands Be Gifted?

Even though couple bands are not the same as matching wedding bands, they should still be taken seriously. According to Kelly McLeskey-Dolata, owner of the San Francisco Bay Area’s event planning and design firm A Savvy Event, “a promise ring should be exchanged after a couple has dated for a long amount of time—a year or more”. It follows that you should only gift or wear a promise ring when you’re prepared to make the commitment. A couple bands indicates that their commitment goes beyond simply dating or cohabiting, even though they might not be ready or even want to commit to marriage.

Anniversary rings for couples

Whatever anniversary rings for couples you decide on, whether you choose with matching rings or a mix of designs, you can count on receiving rings of outstanding quality, faultless workmanship, and exquisite design at Elleroses.

Engraved rings for couples

Without speaking a word, the one of greatest ways to express your feelings is by wearing engraved rings for couples. These two-piece sets, also known as promise rings, are designed for couples who want to bind their commitments to one another with a lovely symbol.

Couple diamond rings

Although fashions have evolved throughout the years, couple diamond rings nowadays are still occupy a dominant position.

It’s not uncommon to see alternatives to diamonds and emeralds, such as sapphires and rubies, but traditionalists might balk at the novelty. But gemstones are frequently less expensive than diamonds and might be a wonderful substitute if your loved one is not very interested in tradition.

Evolution of commitment rings

For many years, couples who wish to be more than merely dating partners but for whom a complete engagement is not either appropriate or feasible have exchanged commitment rings. However, contemporary promise rings have a wide range of applications. Commitment rings can have a variety of meanings, such as a romantic commitment, an oath to kick a bad habit, preserving spiritual commitments, or maintaining virginity. Today, commitment rings can be exchanged between friends or relatives, and couples may wear complementary rings to signify their commitment to one another. But there is proper etiquette that should be followed, regardless of the kind of commitment rings or the pledge it symbolizes.

What does a commitment rings mean?

wedding bands & set

Since Medieval times, couples have used commitment rings to express their love for one another. The significance of a commitment ring to a given pair might vary widely. However, when offered or exchanged, commitment rings typically represent a commitment to a monogamous union. Unlike engagement rings, commitment rings can be worn as wedding bands or kept as mementos when a couple must spend time apart due to distance. Having a commitment ring on your finger is a public declaration that your relationship is serious. When one person gives another a commitment ring, they are effectively committing to propose at some point in the future. They can also be beautiful expressions of love between partners who do not plan to marry.

Relationship rings for every stage

There are many different milestone anniversaries to celebrate in a relationship, and there is usually a suitable present these days. Rings are a classic way to declare your commitment to one another. But which ring should you choose based on the situation? The promise rings, eternity rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings are the four primary categories that we talk about relationship rings.

Promise rings
For couples who aren’t quite ready to commit to an engagement, promise rings are a fantastic alternative. “We aren’t getting married just yet, but we will someday in the near future,” a promise ring reads.

Engagement rings
Of course, one gives these when requesting a person’s hand in marriage. This type of ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand since it is thought that a vein runs directly from this finger to the heart.

Wedding rings
Keep in mind that while buying an engagement ring, you’ll also need to buy a wedding band soon since wedding rings, also known as wedding bands, are exactly that – rings that are given and received by couple at the wedding ceremony!

Eternity rings
An eternity band is a wonderful choice for a relationship ring that you may give to your special someone. They are often given after marriage and serve as a reminder of your vows. They stand for your love and unwavering dedication.

Pair rings

Couple rings are a contemporary idea that allows people in all stages of relationships to show their love and celebrate the unique times they have shared. Pair rings may be followed by an engagement ring to represent the promise of marriage.

In Asian cultures, a pair of rings on the pinky finger represents “chance” or “secrets.” It is frequently worn, for instance, to calm the heart in the event of unforeseen developments. Moreover, it represents a shield of love and has the ability to grant your wishes.

The power of being charming is symbolized by wearing the pair rings on your right pinky finger. Wearing it, for instance, can suggest that you want people to take note of your charms.

The left pinky is the greatest finger to protect your wishes when you wear a set of rings on your left fingers, which symbolizes that you want them to come true. Also, it can prevent you from discontentment with your current situation or help you find a lover.

What Hand Is a Lovers Rings Go On?

Whether you wear your ring on your left or right hand is entirely up to you. According to jewelry expert Brinkman, lovers rings can be worn on any finger, are sometimes worn on a chain around the neck, and are currently a hot design statement when worn on the pinky. It is customary to wear a lovers ring on the ring finger, either the right ring finger for married persons or the left ring finger for those who are not yet married. They are traditionally worn on the left hand’s ring finger because of the outdated belief (which is not supported by modern science) that a vein runs directly from that finger to the heart.

What Does a Partner Rings Look Like?

Anything goes in terms of partner rings types. There aren’t any guidelines or standards here, really. Claddagh rings, eternity rings, and precious metal bands set with a birthstone, mosaic, or composite of stones are all examples of common partner ring designs and themes that feature hearts, infinity symbols, or interlaced patterns to signify the eternal bond between a pair. A simple gold or silver band with a meaningful message is another choice. Diamond partner rings are still highly popular, despite the fact that they frequently have smaller carat sizes and are arranged in a row or cluster as opposed to the classic solitaire diamond engagement ring.

BF And GF Rings

Couples will love receiving bf and gf rings as a present. A set of rings with your anniversary engraved on them. You can select between a thin band and a wide band, two thin bands, or two wide bands when purchasing bf and gf two rings. You can choose themes like hearts or infinity symbols (or custom symbols).

Gold couple rings

Despite the fact that many new gold couple rings are being produced, they nevertheless have a charming, vintage appearance. Gold has been popular for many years, and there are gorgeous antique and vintage gold bands that are also wonderful options for couple rings. There are gold couple rings like the Celtic Knotwork Ring Milgrain and the 14K Gold Diamond Celtic Knot Contour Band at Elleroses.

White gold couple rings

White gold couple rings have a really alluring vibe. Both men and women enjoy wearing white gold couple rings to showing their love for each other.

There are many types of white gold couple rings, and the styles are ever-changing. You can select any of them based on your preferences. Either a straightforward design or a complex one are options.

Rose gold couple rings

The increasing demand for rose gold jewelry means that finding rose gold couple rings is easier than ever. Some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, like Blake Lively, Teresa Palmer and Alison Brie, have embraced the rose gold trend by wearing rose gold jewelry on their fingers.

Platinum rings for couples

A pair of platinum rings for couples, which has a traditional design, are guaranteed to be popular. It’s important to consider what your spouse like; if you’re unsure, you can always consult a friend or a family member, unless doing so would ruin the surprise.

Forever rings for couples that lock

Forever rings for couples that lock are an innovative way to celebrate enduring love and commitment. The two rings, one for each spouse, magnetically clamp together to form an unbreakable bond that symbolizes the unshakable love between them.

Simple couple rings

Couples who are planning to be married might buy simple rings for couples that can be used as wedding bands. The simple couples rings can be a promise ring that has been stacked and put to the wedding band.

Couple wedding rings

Similar to this, many married couples in Argentina and Chile exchange couple wedding rings as a symbol of their devotion. Several of these married pairs will continue to celebrate future anniversaries with the same rings. Thus, couple wedding rings appear to have a universal appeal and are traditionally practiced in many countries.

Should wedding bands for couples match?

Simply put, your wedding bands for couples do not need to match. That being said, if they do, it is symbolic: exchanging rings signifies the union of two people who love each other. Matching or similar-style rings represent a couple’s everlasting bond. So, if you’re wondering whether wedding bands for couples should match, the decision is entirely up to you. There are options for both simple and patterned wedding rings, and it is not important that you and your spouse choose the same or similar designs.

What is the difference between couple rings and engagement rings for couples

First off, it is unnecessary to differentiate between couple rings and engagement rings for couples. Many couples all across the world exchange engagement rings, and many of those will also wear their wedding bands throughout the ceremony. But for many people, the phrase “engagement ring” conjures images of massive, priceless jewels set in rings that are presented to a couple as a sign of their intention to wed.

Couples birthstone rings

In Korea, couples who are serious about their relationship often choose to show the world their love with matching birthstone rings. On the 100th day of dating, a pair of couples birthstone rings are regarded and exchanged as unique gift, which is a sign of commitment and respect for the other partner.

Wedding bands for both

The wedding bands worn by the bride and groom are the most visible symbol of their commitment to one another and their marriage.

Matching rings for couples

As Beyoncé said, if you like it, put a ring on it. As a symbol of their commitment to one another, several couples sometimes mark milestones like their 100th day of dating or becoming “official” by donning matching rings.

Searching for a special gift to honor your special day? There are so many options of matching rings ranging from two-tone bands that contrast elegant colors with meticulous detail to stunning wedding ring combos which you and your partner will easily find a style that suits you with, as individual as your relationship.

However, the question of whether or not to buy matching rings is a frequent one for our clients. Some people find this stressful because not only do they have to decide whether they want a matte or mirrored finish on their ring, but they also have to consult with their future spouse. Some couples can’t wait to get their hands on a set of matching rings. But is there a set standard for whether or not it’s necessary?

Of course, you don’t have to match if you don’t want to, is the succinct answer. No matter how they appear or if they match, we swear that rings themselves are not as significant as their meaning as a symbol of your love. Believe us when we tell that wearing matching rings does not guarantee a happy ending. You two are a natural fit for one another.

Matching wedding bands

There are several options available if you decide you want matching wedding bands. Of course, you could go for the proverbial gold (or platinum!) and get two rings that are similar in every way but the size. Yet there are many different ways you might select to match.

As a quick aside, you may want to know that some jewelry stores sell matching wedding bands as part of a set. Not only selling a set of wedding bands, we at Elleroses also offer all of rings in any size. In this approach, we don’t discriminate between sexes by supplying separate rings for men and women. Take your pick!

How to choose matching wedding rings?

This phase can be challenging because, more often than not, our personal preferences differ. What happens if you love sparkling but your boyfriend prefers a more modest look? They might prefer something simpler even though your ideal wedding band sparkles with each movement.

The good news is that there are many options available when selecting matching wedding rings for a couple. Keep in mind that not all elements of matching wedding ring sets must be identical. Instead of trying to completely match, you might look for comparable characteristics or aesthetics and coordinate. A wedding band covered in stones and set with diamonds, for instance, could have several metal colors. Or maybe you have a plain band that is also constructed of the same metal as your diamond ring. Or perhaps both of you could have stones, but with varying widths? There are countless options.

Matching engagement rings

You and your significant other may or may not be into the idea of having matching engagement rings. Yet, selecting matching engagement rings that are special to the two of you truly narrows your options, but with so many options, it can be challenging to decide which engagement ring type to pick. Do you choose a unique gemstone engagement ring that accommodates your wedding band, a traditional, unobtrusive solitaire diamond engagement ring, or a two-tone engagement ring that combines several colored metals? If you choose non-matching engagement rings, you have countless possibilities, which may be confusing. Our recommendation is to select an engagement ring that immediately captures your heart.

His and hers matching rings

His and Hers matching rings are a powerful declaration of your love and devotion and an enduring symbol of romance.

Matching bands

With our finely created matching bands and bridal jewelry, you can ensure that the memories of your wedding day last a lifetime. Matching bands are available in a variety of styles, tastes, and personalities, from engagement rings to symbolize the beginning of a new chapter and wedding bands to represent your happily-ever-after.

Matching blue wedding rings

Matching blue wedding rings are a beautiful and especially meaningful option for bridal set. Trad

What distinguishes a promise ring from an engagement ring?

However, despite the visual similarity between a promise ring and an engagement ring, the two rings have completely distinct meanings. Getting engaged symbolizes a commitment to take your relationship seriously. It’s a sign of hope for the future of the relationship, too. Around the world, numerous couples exchange engagement rings, and a large number of those couples later wear such bands at their wedding ceremony. But for many people, the phrase “engagement ring” conjures images of massive, priceless jewels set in rings that are presented to one partner of a couple as a sign of their intention to wed.

In contrast to engagement rings, promise ring does not make a marriage pledge. There is a common misunderstanding that purity rings, which are purchased or given as gifts to encourage chastity prior to marriage, are the same as promise rings.

So, what exactly does a matching wedding bands mean for a couple?

When it comes to love, no two couples are alike, and no two relationships are the same. It should therefore come as no surprise that the significance and symbolism of a couple’s wedding ring is profound and encompasses the full spectrum of human emotions and experiences. Eternity, love, and loyalty are topics that many people frequently discuss. Matching wedding bands are presented to both spouses and worn by both, serving as a strong symbol of equality within a relationship.

They are given and received as a sign of love and dedication in many cultures. Couple rings have been a long-standing tradition that has become more and more common over time. Even though it’s a practice that’s relatively new in the United States, exchanging rings before marriage has a long tradition in Europe. In the future, Couple rings might be fashioned from special rings, like Claddagh rings or “Posey rings.” A type of Couple’s ring is the Irish Claddagh Ring. It is a representation of a couple’s loyalty, love, and friendship.

The fede ring, often known as the Dublin Claddagh, is a type of couples ring used by the Italians. Italian’s term fede also translates to “faith.” This represents the bride and groom’s love, faithfulness, and dedication to one another and is the strongest representation of their relationship. A couple ring is a wonderful method to announce to the world that you and your partner are in a romantic and loving relationship in Korea. On the 100th day of dating, a pair of matching couple rings are usually exchanged as a sign of commitment and respect for the other partner. Similar to this, many married couples in Argentina and Chile exchange couple rings as a symbol of their devotion. Many of these couples later use these rings for additional wedding ceremonies. Matching couple rings therefore seem to have a global appeal while also being customary in many nations.

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Are they only for women, or may men also wear couple rings?

When you hear this phrase, you could think of a man proposing to a lady by giving her a ring. Men’s matching rings, however, are quite common. In this regard, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus serve as role models. Both Cyrus and Hemsworth wore couple rings before to their 2018 nuptials. Some couples present each other with couple rings. Sometimes someone will offer one to their partner as a sign of commitment and to express how much they love him or her. The point is that everyone can give or receive a couple ring.

Couple Rings for Him and Her 2023

wedding bands, set
Promise Matching Rings for Him and Her Adjustable Design in S925 Sterling Silver

Highly polished 925 silver with 18K white gold plating won’t tarnish or change color quickly. Have diamonds that sparkle and reflect rainbow sheen in the sunlight to display the elegance and romanticism of the gemstone’s luster.

Sun and Moon Matching Promise Rings for Boyfriend and Girlfriend in S925 Sterling Silver

Couples rings made of 925 sterling silver are polished and brightened during the manufacturing process. These couple rings for boyfriend and girlfriend have engravings of the sun and moon, which stand for pure, enduring love.

His & Hers Love Heart Matching Promise Rings for Couples in Stainless Steel

One heart is divided in half for each ring, with one half for ladies and the other for men, and the half heart of your beloved is wrapped around the outside of the band. This heart-shaped matching puzzle is a testament to love. Two-piece matching set of original promise rings for couples with the inside engraving LOVE YOU FOREVER.

Two Tone Heart Promise Rings Matching in Titanium Steel

These lovely wedding bands are a lovely symbol of your unwavering love for one another. The half-love motif on each ring symbolizes the lovely merger of your two families. The rings are stunning, and the inscription “true love” on them is a potent vow of fidelity.

Promise Matching Rings for Couples Crossover Style in Sterling Silver

Together, those rings look incredibly lovely, and they stand for an enduring devotion to one another. This sterling silver band set features a men’s band with a classic style and a women’s band set with round stones that complement any outfit.

How Much Should You Spend on a Promise Ring?

There are no rules or guidelines around how much to spend on promise rings, but it’s usually significantly less than an engagement ring. At Simon G. Jewelry, promise rings typically range from $500 to $2,000; at Elleroses, they range from $20 to $299. Remember, often people purchasing promise rings are younger and don’t have the financial means to be spending a lot of money.

What to Look for When Choosing a engagement rings for couples?

What to Look for When Choosing a Promise Matching Ring

Making a commitment of this magnitude requires a style that’s tailored just for the two of you. Some couples will shop for matching couple rings together, while others will each select their own ring, and still others will select their partners’ rings independently. There is no single best way to achieve this.

What makes the perfect engagement rings for couples style is anything you and your partner agree upon. The Elleroses hopes you’ll join them in honoring your marriage with a matching set of couple rings. These unconventional couple rings, whether you go with a classic the sterling silver band or a more daring design like claddagh band, will convey your one-of-a-kind love in a way that no other token could.

What Happens To a Promise Ring Once You Become Engaged?

Up to you! Some will move it to their right hand’s ring finger, some will choose to wear it as a necklace, and still others will store it. While traveling, we advise wearing it in place of your engagement ring, and we have noticed promise rings being blended into the escalating trend of stackable gems. We’ve seen folks do promise/engagement ring combos, where a stack of bands will start with a promise ring on their engagement finger, then they’ll add a wedding band. Phases of life and their relationship are symbolized by the left ring finger.


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