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Best Moonstone Ring: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Moonstone Ring A Comprehensive Guide

A moonstone ring is a lovely decorative piece of jewelry that represents growth and fresh beginnings. The gemstone is prized for its billowing, moonlight-like blue to white adularescence.

There are several benefits to this gemstone that you can enjoy beyond just wearing it as a ring or a necklace for its milky texture. This means that, like with any other jewelry, we need to begin with the fundamentals if we want to learn more about moonstone rings.

This article will tell you of the advantages and disadvantages of moonstone ring and help you make an informed decision about whether or not to wear it.

What is Moonstone?

What is Moonstone

Moonstone, as its name implies, is a gemstone whose healing powers are inspired by the Moon. The feldspar category includes moonstone (Chandrakant), which is valued for both its aesthetic appeal and symbolic meaning. It’s a semiprecious stone that has fascinated people ever since ancient times, earning the name “upratna” (second tier precious stone) in comparison to Pearls.

Moonstone is a common gemstone that can be found in many different countries. It is said to bring its owners good fortune in love and to strengthen the bond between its owners for all of time. This enigmatic gem induces a state of calm by stimulating one’s intuition and innate goodwill. The Chandramani stone makes one feel good about themselves and keeps negativity at bay. Romans and Greeks regarded moonstone as a divine jewel and connected it to their deities. It is a unique stone that reflects the wearer’s true self and inspires a new beginning with revitalized vitality. The wearer will experience amazing benefits from this pearly, iridescent stone.

The Moon and Moonstone Symbolism

Moonstone has always been associated with the Moon because of its name. That’s why some people think of it as a second option for those born on Monday, the “Moon’s day.” This gem’s supposed relaxing effects and lunar connection make it a valuable tool for people who have problems falling asleep.

According to the phases of the Moon, magicians would plot their usage of the stone. They cast spells of prosperity using it when the Moon was full. Some people thought that by planting a moonstone in a garden at full moon, it would boost the garden’s yield and fertility.

Some people believe that moonstone is a powerful protective charm when worn on sea trips or when swimming since the Moon has an effect on the waters of Earth.

Moonstone Emotional and Healing Properties

Moonstone Emotional and Healing Properties

In case you didn’t know, the moonstone is known to have powerful soothing and healing effects. If you’re the kind of person who gets worked up easily or who can be a little too pushy at times, the moonstone may be the perfect gemstone for you.

Health problems like sleeplessness and infertility are also believed to be cured by it.

Some people also believe that moonstone might assist in achieving a healthy emotional equilibrium. Wearing a moonstone may help if you ever feel lost or disoriented.

It’s common knowledge that moonstones can shield their owners from harmful psychic forces.

Please understand that we are not implying that the moonstone can only help if you are experiencing the aforementioned problems. If you like the way the moonstone looks, you could also wear it.

Why is Moonstone Called the Lover's Stone?

Some moonstones are said to assist users regain or maintain a more youthful appearance and bearing because the Moon renews itself each month.

The romantic connections of the Moon are also reflected in moonstone lore. There are certain guidelines for those looking for their true love. Holding the gem in your hands during a full moon will help you attract love. After then, keep the stone with you until the following full moon for the ritual to work.

Moonstones were frequently given and received by lovers, especially after a fight, to promote peace and love.

Reasons to Buying Moonstone

Reasons to Buying Moonstone

Moonstone Is Known For Its Healing Properties

The fact that moonstones, like all other gemstones, offer healing properties is one of the most intriguing moonstone facts. These characteristics result from the particular vibrating frequency that each gem’s creation process gave rise to. Moonstone is a well-liked gem in feng shui applications due to these same qualities, with many practitioners placing the gem next to or under the mattress.

It is believed that a person’s personal ailments can be cured with the help of moonstone. The moonstone is said to have healing powers, and they include:

achieving emotional balance

Inspiring passion, creativity, and direction in one’s life

calming one’s body and mind

staying clear and wisdom in decision-making

There is evidence that birthstones have been used for their therapeutic properties as far back as the Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia.

Moonstone Has Been Used As A Tool Since Ancient Times

The moonstone was once thought to be able to stir up intense passion in lovers. Additionally, it was believed to enable the wearer to foresee the future.

Predicting the Future

The ancients thought that if someone put the moonstone in their mouths during a full moon, they could read their own future. It has been suggested that this is caused by the moon’s gravitational attraction and its capacity to coax the energy out of the stone.

Bringer of Good Luck

The moonstone is also thought to bring great fortune to the owner. The moonstone was regarded by the ancient Romans and Greeks as having been formed from moonstone fragments. They believed the moonstone to possess revivifying and profoundly healing abilities.

Elegant necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry have been made from the moonstone since antiquity.

Moonstone Is Sourced From Various Locations

Every month has its own birthstone. Each gemstone also originates from a different region of the world.

The moonstone has been mined in India, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Australia, Madagascar, and Australia. Only in India can one find moonstone in its vibrant hues. And the only variety the other nations give is white moonstone.

The state of Bihar, in the middle of India, is where the most well-liked blue moonstone is mined.

Moonstone is Said to Have Mystical Powers

Moonstone is Said to Have Mystical Powers

Ayurvedic medicine and other crystal healing methods employ the moonstone. Ayurvedic medicine is largely used in India, though there are many practitioners in the United States as well. It is the world’s most traditional kind of medicine.

Ayurvedic Theories

The fundamental ideas guiding Ayurvedic medicine are as follows:

the shared interdependence of all life things

the connection between a person’s health, the cosmos, and everything else

the strength of the life force energy of the organism and its capacity for healing

Ayurvedic Prescriptions

Moonstone may be used by the Ayurvedic practitioner in addition to recommended dietary herbs, nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle suggestions.

A Particularly Feminine Method

Given that moonstone is linked to the lunar cycle, which governs a woman’s cycle, it is thought to have a feminine essence. As a result, it’s frequently utilized to treat conditions that affect women, such as: Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), During the period, bloating and pain are felt, Facilitate delivery and pregnancy

Bringing the Best of the Two Medical Worlds Together

To address a larger spectrum of ailments, some practitioners in the U.S. integrate Ayurvedic medicine with conventional western medicine. Practitioners might even advise a patient to wear lovely moonstone jewelry.

Because of the moon, moonstone is the official gemstone of Florida.

One more fascinating moonstone fact is that it became the official state gem following the alleged moon landings of the 1970s.

The moonstone was dubbed the Florida State Gemstone during this time to recognize the Kennedy Space Center and NASA’s achievements.

The Adularescence of the Moonstone

The Adularescence of the Moonstone

The moonstone’s adularescent properties are among its most intriguing physical characteristics.

The rippling blue light that appears when you rotate a moonstone close to a light source is known as adularescence. The intertwined characteristics of a different feldspar in various locations inside the moonstone are what cause this effect.

A Cat's Eye

When you rotate a moonstone, a strand of light appears to hang above it, a phenomenon known as the “Cat’s Eye.” The appearance is similar to an alert cat’s eye.


Asterism is the appearance of a star on a gem’s surface and is a rather uncommon phenomena. The star may alter in size or shape as light enters.

Why Buy Moonstone Ring?

Why Buy Moonstone Ring

The Future Nostalgia singer Dua Lipa is sharing a ton of pictures on Instagram, many of which feature an infinite supply of beautiful jewelry. Lipa has created a jewelry box that most young girls and adults would like playing around in, filled with iced-out tennis bracelets, opalescent moonstone rings, and vibrant flower-shaped hoops. The moonstone ring are shockingly affordable, making her collection well worth taking a closer look at.

The ideal moonstone is one that is genuine and natural. A strong stone that offers countless advantages and seems elegant and alluring when worn as rings. Since it is one of the most reasonably priced gemstones, purchasing one is simple. Moonstone ring is a favorite among many since it has various benefits.

Wearing moonstone ring, also known as the traveler’s talisman, ensuring that their journeys are free of mishaps or other losses. A natural moonstone ring helps to boost psychic powers by opening the Heart Chakra in the human body.

Natural moonstone rings promote sentiments of strength and inherent stability. It helps you maintain emotional equilibrium and gives you self-assurance in any circumstance.

The aggressive side of the wearer is softened by moonstone ring. For people who are aggressive and insensitive, it evens out all the energies and promotes calm and stability. It is considered to bring good fortune and aid in the wearer’s transformative adaptation.

Moonstone ring has a beneficial impact on a woman’s hormonal equilibrium. Strongly regarded as a stone for women, it improves their yang energy and hormonal balance. It addresses menstruation irregularities and lessens labor pain.

The great healing characteristics of moonstone ring enable it to treat conditions affecting the spleen, pancreas, stomach, and liver. It enhances hormonal development and the digestive system. It is the perfect gemstone for doctors, technocrats, and other healthcare experts since it aids in the removal of pollutants from the blood.

5 Recommendations of Moonstone Ring in 2023

5 Recommendations of Moonstone Ring in 2023
Round Shaped Moonstone Engagement Ring Dainty Minimalist Ring Bezel Set Ring in 14K Gold Filled

Moonstone is believed to help emotional equilibrium. A 14k gold filled hammered band supports a little moonstone. This tiny thing is breathtaking on its own, but it becomes a ideal complement when combined with others. Beautiful as a midi ring, too.

Oval Shaped Engagement Moonstone Ring Solitaire Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

Moonstone, according to crystal healing, can aid in calming nerves and keeping one’s cool under pressure. Optimism, the feminine principle, emotional acuity, and psychic perception all benefit from it. Further, it’s thought to bring wearer the energy of wealth and success.

Round-shaped Moonstone Rings Open Wedding Band for Women

This understated, earthy ring captures the true spirit of boho style. Our Moonstone Ring featuring a real gemstone pairs beautifully with the carved crescent moon.

Teardrop Shaped Moonstone Wedding Ring Opal & Moonstone Half Halo Engagement Ring

Beautiful natural rainbow moonstone set in 18K yellow gold with enhanced opal cabochon accents. This item is ideal for wearing alone or as the focal point of a stack.

Rainbow Moonstone Ring Round Shaped Moonstone Halo Engagement Ring

This ring in 18k rose gold plating is both romantic and fanciful thanks to the moonstone set in its center, which is encircled by a halo of cubic zirconia.

How To Care For Your Moonstone Rings?

How To Care For Your Moonstone Rings


Moonstone rings are delicate and need to be handled with care, just like other gemstone rings. Simply wash with warm water—not hot—and mild dish soap to clean. If required, you might even use a soft-bristled brush. After that, just dry with a soft cloth.


-household cleaners

-harsh chemicals

-high heat

-wearing your moonstone while engaging in vigorous activities


The greatest approach to reenergize your moonstones after they have been properly cleaned is by moonlight. Overnight, leave your stones beside the window so that the moon can infuse them with new energy (a full moon is best). You can always use burning sage or incense to smoke away any negative energies if you’re concerned that the moonstone may have absorbed them.


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