The oval engagement ring with wedding band has a unique, elegant shape. The oval, which is neither round nor square, represents originality and a desire to experience life to the fullest.

Learn about the splendor and individuality of oval engagement rings with wedding band. This oblong diamond shape has the same spectacular cut as a round diamond and can make any hand look stunning. Different oval-cut diamonds have different proportions; some are tall and narrow while others are shorter and wider. Oval diamond rings are stunning whether they are adorned with a halo, a twist band, or are worn as a solitaire.

Why Are Oval Diamonds So Popular?

Why Are Oval Diamonds So Popular

One of the ideal diamonds would be oval ones. Yes, you’re absolutely right. Due in part to celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Blake Lively sporting oval engagement rings recently, oval cut diamonds are currently having a moment in the spotlight.

Even if we are affected by celebrity fashion, oval diamonds are actually nothing new; the first oval cut diamond is actually from the year 1304! However, Lazare Kaplan, a Russian-born diamond cutter, is credited with developing the contemporary oval cut that we are familiar with today in the 1950s. Over time, oval engagement rings have grown in acceptance and style.

Because of how well they lengthen the fingers. Additionally, compared to other beautiful designs, an oval diamond is less likely to chip since it lacks sharp angles or corners. It sounds like the ideal combination of trendy and utilitarian (in the most glitzy way). Its shallow cut allows for greater use of the raw material. Oval engagement rings are a modern way to get all the radiance of a round brilliant cut diamond without breaking the bank (by roughly 25%).

A Diamond Shape for Creative Minds

In addition to its conventional symbolism, the oval can have other meanings. The oval form fits its own special mold because it is neither a complete circle nor a polygon with edges. Couples who avoid fashion trends may want to use the oval to express their individual personalities. The finest diamond shape for imaginative people who want to think outside the box and color outside the lines is an oval. Select a fanciful oval engagement ring with a focal point to embody the adventurous spirit of the creative thinker.

Adventurers Choose Oval Diamonds

The oval engagement ring is also the form for risk-takers, according to experts’ advice. Choose the oval if you like to push your limits and don’t like the safer options for extreme sports. Be daring and select a big solitaire to highlight the stone. For maximum wow impact, go nuts with the diamond detailing and set a sizable center stone inside a band covered in diamonds. There are countless options, and you’re not one to take the safe route anyway.

Oval engagement rings represent the promise of a lifetime. They value creativity and see risk-takers as fellow creatives. The promise of children and a family, as well as a new love and a fresh start in life, might be symbolized by the oval diamond. Whatever an oval diamond means to you, oval engagement rings are a solid choice.

What Is The Best Cut For An Oval Diamond?

What Is The Best Cut For An Oval Diamond

Length to Width Ratio is Important

Our online shop will provide the length to breadth ratio for each oval diamond. The length to width ratio of a diamond is determined by dividing the stone’s length by its breadth. So, using this ratio, you can determine if the diamond is thin or thick. The diamond will be longer and skinnier if the length to width ratio is greater, whereas a lower ratio indicates a more rounded diamond. For comparison, the length to breadth ratio of a round diamond is 1. Ovals with a length to width ratio between 1.3 and 1.7 are preferred by the majority of people, although this is entirely up to you. Personally, I like ovals with a length to width proportion between 1.4 and 1.6.

Learn More About Diamond Cut: Popular Styles Of Diamond for Engagement Ring

Buying An Oval Engagement Ring

Buying An Oval Engagement Ring

Oval cut diamonds and gemstones are adaptable, since they can be exhibited in either a parallel or perpendicular orientation depending on the design of the setting. Oval engagement rings frequently have halo, bezel, or three-stone settings because of their popularity. In addition to looking stunning as a classic solitaire engagement ring, a high-quality oval cut stone can be coupled with any number of accent jewels to create stunning new designs. Split shank bands, which serve to balance out the size of a larger stone, are a particularly beautiful choice.

The timeless allure of ovals is demonstrated by the prevalence of this form in Art Deco engagement rings and other examples of vintage jewelry. An oval engagement ring can be a stunning choice for any couple to share as they start their happily ever after, regardless of the ring style or gemstone type that they find the most alluring.

What Wedding Band Looks Best With Oval Shape Engagement Ring?

Which wedding band goes best with engagement ring is one of our most often asked questions. A wedding band, like your engagement ring, is an accessory you’ll wear every day and ought to showcase your sense of fashion. By letting you see your engagement ring next to any Elleroses wedding ring to identify your ideal match, our Oval Diamond Engagement Ring With Wedding Band collection can aid in your decision-making. Our collection lets you see 5 wedding bands piled with your engagement ring for unlimited design options if you decide to go for a stacked or nested bridal appearance. You can choose your ideal bridal set online or in person with the assistance of one of our Jewelry Specialists during a customized visit.

How Do You Combine A Wedding Band With Oval Diamond Engagement Ring?

Identifying if your engagement ring can sit flush with a straight wedding ring is the first step in selecting a wedding band. Numerous traditional engagement ring designs are already made to fit flat against straight bands. Look for rings with elevated heads that allow the gem in the center to protrude above the band, such as the Waverly or the Petite Shared Prong Diamond Ring.

These patterns and others like them provide a simple choice for matching with a straight wedding band for a snug fit. Additionally, a lot of Elleroses engagement rings are available as matching sets that also include a wedding band. But if your engagement ring has an elaborate design or a fancy-shaped center stone that necessitates a custom fit wedding ring, simply get in touch with our custom design team; we would be happy to assist you in exploring creating a personalized piece!

Another fantastic choice that enables a wedding band to sit flush with the engagement ring is contoured wedding rings. A wedding band with a contour is fashioned to follow the curvature of your engagement ring. Most typically, this implies that a contoured band is straight at the back after being sculpted at the front to match the contours of your engagement ring. This design approach not only complements a variety of engagement ring designs, but it also gives your bridal set a contemporary and distinctive edge.

While wearing an engagement ring and wedding band flush against each other has become somewhat of a modern tradition, keep in mind that we are constantly creating new ones. Consider wearing your two bands on different hands or adding more stacking rings to your bridal set if a straight wedding band does not fit flush with your engagement ring and you are not drawn to a contoured band. Alternately, wear the rings with a gap between them while stacking them on the same ring finger. All of these strategies acknowledge that each of your rings has unique qualities and merits separate consideration.

Are Engagement Rings Supposed To Match Wedding Bands?

If you want your wedding band to be an exact match for your engagement ring, you can do whatever you want. Some people like things to be uniform, but others find it fun to experiment by mixing and matching different metals, diamond cuts, textures, and finger sizes.

Best Engagement And Wedding Ring Combinations Based On Oval Shape

Best Engagement And Wedding Ring Combinations Based On Oval Shape
Wedding Band With Oval Engagement Ring Oval Wedding Ring Set in Sterling Silver

This wedding engagement ring set is made from 925 sterling silver that has been rhodium-plated to make it more shiny and durable. The ring set features a solitaire Oval-shaped diamond, with  diamonds extended towards the shank. Each of matching rings is embellished with smaller accent diamonds. This stackable ring is the pinnacle of cool sophistication.

Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band Moissanite Wedding Sets in Sterling Silver

This vintage-inspired bridal set features a beautiful natural black rutilated quartz (oval, 6x8mm) prong-set with marquise-shaped moissanites for a touch of sparkle. When the light hits the cluster of natural black spinel stones in the complementing band, they reflect like stars. A sturdy, understated pieces of ring set.

Oval Halo Engagement Ring With Wedding Band Black Sapphire and Diamond Vintage-Style Bridal Set in 10K White Gold

The striking engagement ring is crafted from 10K white gold and has an oval-shaped, deep black sapphire that measures 8.0 x 6.0mm. It is encircled by a quatrefoil frame that is set with brilliant little diamonds and has a delicate milgrain pattern.

Rose Gold Oval Engagement Rings With Wedding Band Morganite and Diamond Double Frame Floral Bridal Set

This stunning bridal set, which is encrusted with diamonds and precious stones, is a symbol of your unwavering dedication to the bride. The stunning engagement ring is constructed of 10K rose gold and features an oval-shaped, pastel pink morganite set between two diamond frames, one of which is delicately sculpted into a floral pattern.

Oval Engagement Ring With Curved Wedding Band Blue Sapphire with Diamonds Stacked Wedding Rings

Exuding sophistication and style is this 14-karat gold bridal set featuring a sapphire engagement ring and matching band. Prong-set between clusters of three diamonds on either side of shank, the oval sapphire is a thing of beauty.


Why do oval engagement rings look bigger?

Due to the oblong shape, an oval cut diamond will look bigger than a round cut diamond of the same carat weight.

What are other oval diamond issues?

Ovals, like pear-shaped diamonds, are prone to having dark tips where the diamond’s color is more noticeable. The tips can appear brown, grey, or even yellow. How can you stop this? One method is to pay more for a higher color grade.

What is an Oval Diamond Bowtie?

Although it has a cute nickname, the dark region that spans the width of the diamond—which appears to be two triangles that meet in the middle, hence the formal name—is actually a result of the pavilion facets of the diamond reflecting your own shadow back to you rather than capturing the light. Even though some ovals are cut better than others, the bow tie effect can still be seen in elongated brilliant cut diamonds like ovals, marquises, pears, and radiants. These diamond shapes can all exhibit a similar effect.

What is a Moval Shaped Diamond?

Different types of oval engagement rings exist. A cross between a marquise cut and an oval diamond, the moval is like the Bennifer of diamonds. It has slightly rounded points and is longer. It can occasionally pass for an oval diamond, but you’ll recognize it when you see it in person. How does this happen? Oval shapes are occasionally cut diagonally from the raw in lab-grown diamonds, which can result in pointy tips. Even though they seem like the best of both worlds, many individuals are not fans of them.

In addition to the classic oval engagement ring, elleroses also carries a wide variety of engagement rings in a variety of shapes and sizes.


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