Of all the colored gemstone rings, real ruby rings can fetch the greatest prices. Fine-quality ruby prices per carat have been steadily rising, frequently surpassing auction records.
Ruby engagement rings and ruby wedding rings are popular choices for unconventional brides, replacing diamond rings. Ruby and diamond rings can serve as an eye-catching alternative to more traditional diamond rings, thanks to their vibrant colors and stunning looks. Read on to learn more about ruby rings for women.

Ruby rings

Why is the ruby ring so prized? One reason is that rubies are the rarest (and most romantic) of gemstones, and this fiery gem is almost as tough and long-lasting as diamonds.
The resplendence of ruber, the Latin root of “ruby”, connotes a colour which has been reference to in antiquity as ratnaraj, a name which translates in Sanskrit to the “king of valuable stones”; a symbolic representation of wealth, security and affection which has persisted through the course of time.

Symbolism of ruby ring

The mysterious ruby ring, long held sacred for its reputed ability to safeguard the wearer from ill fortune, has been awarded a respected position in societies of times past for its alleged capacity to mitigate both physical ails and discord. Ancient Indians generally concurred that the blood-hued adornment held an intrinsic power to enable the wearer to find harmony with even the most rattling of enemies. Mystics venerate it as the embodiment of passionate love and devotion between two people, while medical experts avow that it can act as a panacea, aiding in the reduction of inflammation and increased production of heat in the human body. Due to such untrammelled properties, donning a ruby ring can be construed as a testament to the omnipotent courage it takes to bravely transcend any problematic hindrance. The ruby ring is also offered as a traditional gift on 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

Real ruby rings

Natural rubies, especially those of excellent quality and size, are not inexpensive. But if you’re ready to settle for a lesser stone, you can get a magnificent ruby with a deep color that is regal, distinguished, and utterly stunning for a reasonable price. They are a wonderful alternative to diamonds because they provide such a warm and uplifting color. The red stone is much more than just a stunning colored gemstone but also the July birthstone. The ruby has long been thought to increase one’s awareness, sharpness, and alertness.

Some people also think the ruby rings can help with blood circulation and vision issues. Rubies have long been prized and worn by kings and other members of the aristocracy. They served as a representation of wealth and authority. Today, it is thought that a ruby ring can help a wearer achieve a particular amount of opulence. Ruby rings are connected to love and passion, and some people feel they can encourage people who are hesitant to open up. They can also aid in maintaining equilibrium. People who are depressed and insecure take comfort in the enigmatic red stone. Additionally, it can aid in self-awareness and the search for one’s true purpose and calling. Ruby rings make wonderful gifts for a variety of events, but romantic occasions call for them in particular.

Red ruby rings

The presence of the trace chromium gives rubies their red hue. The hue of rubies, a type of the mineral corundum, ranges from a dark, rich cochineal to a lighter rose red. The UV rays from the sun cause the chromium to glow when exposed to it. This is the red ruby ring we are familiar with.
The distinction is easy when it comes to rubies because only stones with a main red color are deemed rubies. Sapphires also come in a variety of other colors. If the color of a ruby isn’t quite right, it is no longer called a ruby but rather a pink sapphire. Orange, purple, violet, and pink are among secondary colors that can occur in a ruby. Yet, bright red stones are so rare that even when found they are highly sought after. The amount of chromium in the stone determines how intense the red hue is.
The most expensive color of ruby is called pigeon-blood red and is characterized by a deep red tone with a faint purple undertone. So this is why pigeon blood Ruby rings fetch such high prices. Others with secondary hues, like as purple, can be worth a considerable amount of money as well.
Fascinatingly, the poignant sapphire, widely referred to as the birthstone for the month of September, is a modification of the allotropic corundum mineraloid species, being colorless in its most exquisite creed, notwithstanding all additional hues being catalogued as sapphires.

Natural ruby rings

Natural or synthetic? has a simple and apparent answer. Yet it’s not simple to tell the difference between a natural ruby ring and a manufactured one. In 1837, man made history by creating the first synthetic ruby. Synthetic ruby production has come a long way since then, and while the quality of the final product has increased, natural ruby rings will always be preferable to their synthetic imitations. The only way to truly see this distinction is with a microscope. Experts will be able to see that the structure is different. On the other hand, whereas real rubies frequently have imperfections, man-made stones are nearly always flawless, save for the occasional bubble. However, natural ruby ​​rings are usually more valuable than synthetic rings.

Genuine ruby rings

The Latin word “Rub rum,” which refers to the color red, is the source of one of the most expensive gems available today: the ruby. The naturally beautiful ruby gemstone is the birthstone for everyone born in July. Ruby falls under the sapphire stone category. Precious Ruby has a dark red color because it contains chromium oxide. Ruby has a refractive index of 1.765 and a specific gravity of 3.99. The MOH scale rates the hardness of this priceless natural stone at 9. Rubies are highly sought-after in the gem market because of their deep color and superb quality. Women love ruby because it is regarded as the “Gem for Love and Relationship.” The most stunning stone is ruby, which also makes a nice gift for your loved ones. However, one must be aware of and comprehend the distinction between purchasing certified and uncertified rubies.

Why Choose Genuine Ruby Ring?

Why Choose Genuine

Rubies have always been associated with affluence, power, and regal status. In addition, it was widely believed that ruby jewelry had defensive properties. It was believed that wearing ruby ring would safeguard one’s assets as well as one’s own health and well-being.

Rubies are also popular among celebrities. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are well-known for their superb vocals and keen fashion sense. A ruby and diamond Edwardian style band for Ashlee and a 5-carat three-stone ruby ring for Jessica were both created by renowned jewelry designer Neil Lane. Victoria Beckham was given a magnificent oval-cut ruby in 2009 that was mounted in an original floral diamond setting.

Ruby solitaire ring

A ruby solitaire ring is not only a versatile accessory that can be worn with everything from a t-shirt and jeans to a formal evening gown, but also the perfect statement piece. The ruby’s vivid color stands out from the massive ring and draws the eye. The solitaire ruby ring is the perfect accessory to any outfit, and its setting may bring out the stone’s natural beauty and make it the focal point.

Ruby rings for sale

A stunning piece of jewelry, a ruby ring can make any occasion feel like a once-in-a-lifetime event. A ruby ring is an enduring symbol of your love and commitment, whether given as a token of affection or worn as a constant reminder of your commitment. Elleroses has a wide selection of stunning ruby rings for sale for any event, from traditional styles to one-of-a-kind engagement bands.

Zales ruby ring

Show her how much you care with a beautiful ruby ring from Zales. A Zales ruby ring, with its sparkling diamond halo and bright ruby center stone, is the ultimate “I love you” gift. Each ruby ring for sale at Zales is expertly crafted from carefully selected gemstones and is sure to catch the eye. It’s true that a ruby ring from Zales has a nicer appearance, but an Elleroses ring is far more valuable. Elleroses is your best bet for finding the ideal ruby ring.

Macys ruby rings

Macys ruby rings are a terrific choice for any fashionista, but those looking for something truly unique may peruse the selection at Elleroses. Ruby rings from Elleroses are available in a wide variety of styles, from simple solitaires to elaborate designs. Every of their jewelry is created with meticulous attention to detail, making it the ideal purchase for any style-conscious shopper.

Etsy ruby ring

The Etsy ruby ring is a favorite among those in search of a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. These might be difficult to refuse because of their stunning aesthetics and rock-bottom costs. No other brand can compare to Elleroses when it comes to quality and attention to detail, though. The ruby rings at Elleroses are all made to order, unlike the vast majority of Etsy ruby ring shops do not provide any customizing choices.

Ruby stone rings

Meaning of a Ruby Stone

The Latin word “ruber,” which meaning red, is the source of the English term “ruby.” Rubies are regarded as a gemstone that incorporates a lot of emotion because they have historically been favored by individuals in positions of authority as well as by those in love. Even some tribes have a legend about where the stone came from. Supposedly, rubies grew on trees, first as white blossoms and then as ripe red rubies that were ready for harvest. The Bible makes reference to rubies, and some of the oldest civilizations have utilized and valued them.

Ruby gemstone ring

If you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe, a ruby gemstone ring is the way to go. The ruby’s bold red color makes it an ideal focal point for eye-catching necklaces, bracelets, and rings. You can choose the perfect ring for you from the many different cuts and band styles available for ruby gemstone rings.

Unique ruby rings

A ring set with a ruby gemstone is the ideal present because of the positive connotations associated with the stone. You have the option of requesting custom changes to the ring to achieve the look and feel you like. If you’re looking for the ideal unique ruby rings for women, your hunt ends at Elleroses.

Your ruby ring, whether it’s a vintage-inspired solitaire heirloom, an eternity band with a sprinkling of rubies, or a bold and modern three-stone curving band, will be one of a kind and stand out from the crowd.

Ruby flower ring

A ring set with rubies in the shape of a flower is an elegant and sophisticated accessory. The flower-shaped ring, set with gleaming rubies, is a striking piece of jewelry. The ruby rings for women are surrounded by tiny leaves and petals, creating a breathtaking design. This stunning ruby flower ring is an elegant and sophisticated accessory and would be a wonderful gift for any occasion, from a birthday to an anniversary.

Simple ruby ring

A simple ruby rings for women is a classic accessory that never goes out of style and can elevate even the most basic of looks. The attractive hue and shimmer elevate ordinary outfits to extraordinary.

A simple ruby rings for women can be the perfect accessory, whether you’re going for an understated appearance or want to make a statement.

Platinum ruby ring

A striking accessory, a platinum ruby rings for women adds a show-stopping final flourish to any look. You may instantly elevate your style with this exquisite piece of jewelry, which features a ruby in the center and smaller diamonds on either side.

Large ruby ring

To make a bold fashion statement, wear a large ruby rings for women. This dazzling piece can take an ensemble from drab to fab in an instant, making it ideal for special occasions. The huge ruby rings for women will add a touch of sophistication and glamour to any outfit thanks to its brilliant sparkle.

Big ruby ring

The big ruby rings for women is an exquisite accessory that will elevate the look of any ensemble. If you’re looking for a unique way to accentuate your look, this is a fantastic option to consider. A big ruby rings for women is guaranteed to get noticed, and its stunning elegance can instantly elevate any ensemble.

Ruby anniversary rings

Ruby anniversary rings are the perfect token of commitment, whether you’re commemorating a quarter-century of marriage or just want to remind yourself of your partner’s steadfast love. A ruby anniversary ring, with its brilliant red hue, will be the object of admiration and praise for many years to come.

Small ruby ring

Whether worn alone or as part of a more elaborate design, a small ruby rings for women is always a classy and sophisticated option. Its flaming scarlet color and dazzling sheen complement a wide variety of wardrobe options. Affection and gratitude can be expressed through the gift of a small ruby rings for women to that particular someone in your life. You can also spruce up your style inexpensively with the help of a tiny ruby ring.

Fake ruby ring

Genuine rubies are known to be very scratch-resistant as they have a Mohs hardness scale of 9. When the surface of the ruby can be scratched with your fingernails or another sharp object that isn’t a diamond or moissanite, you may be sure that it is a fake ruby ring.

14k ruby ring

This 14k ruby rings for women will offer you a style that will be treasured for a lifetime, from the distinctive design of the ring’s center stone—a bold, brilliant ruby—to the band’s highly polished 14k gold. Investing in a 14k ruby rings for women is a choice that will last a lifetime.

Ruby infinity ring

A stunning accessory, the ruby infinity ring is sure to be the focal point of any ensemble. This stunning piece of jewelry is centered on a single brilliant-cut ruby that has been set into the middle of a stylized figure eight design. The ruby infinity ring, with its timeless design inspired by infinity, is a unique expression of your taste and style.

How much is a ruby ring

A ruby ring can cost anywhere from $1,00 to $6,000 US Dollars. Different ring sizes, as well as the possibility of resizing and quality of ruby, will result in different prices.

Yet, ruby engagement rings with enormous rubies as the centerpiece can cost more than the down payment on most homes. Depending on the NRC’s stock of finished and ready-to-ship inventory, the price of ruby engagement rings can fluctuate even more widely.

Ruby engagement rings

Ruby is becoming more and more common for engagement rings because it is linked to prosperity, protection, and passionate love.

Ruby engagement rings are thought to keep a couple passionate and in love for the rest of their lives together. There are numerous tales claiming that the ruby is not a gemstone at all, but rather a form of hardened fire with the ability to ignite passion within a person. The ruby, often known as the “stone of dignity,” is associated with love and is said to bestow serenity and fortitude on its wearer.

The most common shapes for ruby engagement rings are round and oval, but rubies can be found in any size, color, and cut. While the most common setting styles call for rubies cut into beautiful round shapes, a longer oval ruby engagement rings form can help make fingers look slimmer.

Ruby and diamond engagement ring

The Elleroses is the ideal shop for adding to your collection of ruby engagement rings. You are sure to find the ideal ruby and diamond engagement ring among our wide selection of stunning diamond rings and statement pieces.

Rubies have been worn by Europeans for good fortune in love, health, riches, and knowledge since antiquity. It’s no surprise that rubies have come to symbolize success and luxury given their historical association with royalty. It is supposed that Chinese aristocrats buried rubies in construction foundations to ensure their success. We think you should use a ruby and diamond engagement ring to proposal since everyone needs a little luck when it comes to proposing.

Engagement ring with rubies

Ruby engagement rings, like diamond ones, come in a broad variety of cuts and settings. You can choose a ruby engagement rings that fits your needs or their own taste, whether you’re seeking for a classic design or something a little different. There are rubies of every form and size, from rounds to emeralds.

Ruby rings for women

Birthstones are traditionally associated with each month, and Ruby is the birthstone for July. The Love and passion, like the ruby, are shared traits of the two July signs. Ruby rings are suitable for Cancer and Leo women, and this one is also good.

Ruby rings for women is the excellent gift for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary because of the deep red hue, which is typically connected with romance and passion. Ruby is the traditional gemstone for the 15th wedding anniversary and the 40th wedding anniversary. We recommend bucking convention and proposing with a ruby on your finger. Wish your future spouse happiness in love and good health with this long-lasting diamond.

Womens ruby rings

An exquisite ruby ring from Elleroses is the perfect way to commemorate life’s most momentous occasions.

You can’t go wrong with a ruby ring, which has both gorgeous design and sparkling ruby gemstones. These womens ruby rings exude class and sophistication because of the skilled craftsmanship that went into making it. The sentimental value of the ruby ring can be further increased by having the band engraved with a meaningful message.

Modern ruby ring designs for female

The Elleroses will be able to assist you whether you prefer a ring that makes a chic and daring statement or an elegant and refined look.

You can peruse their collection of modern ruby ring designs for female as well as the large selection of pricey, fun, and edgy rings created with a stylish Scandinavian flair. You may also get a wide variety of bold statement rings that incorporate rubies.

Ruby and diamond rings

Both diamonds and all different kinds of colorful gemstones look fantastic on their own, but pairing the two creates a style that is much more festive, elegant, and sophisticated. This is why diamonds and stones, particularly rubies, are frequently combined in different jewelry settings.

The regal ruby is one of the ideal stones to be set into a diamond and gemstone ring, according to several designers. Ruby and diamond rings are popular because they not only give the ideal, chic balance between richness and sparkle, but also an excellent contrast between the regal red rubies and the clear, crisp diamonds.

Those who celebrate their birthdays in July are especially fond of the exquisite diamond ruby rings because rubies are considered to be the birthstone for that month. Beautiful ruby and diamond rings in various precious metals, styles, and designs are available from Elleroses.

Ruby and diamond band

Because of how well they combine with diamonds, small rubies are frequently used in ruby and diamond bands. Rubies are the perfect gem to stand out and display your loved one’s distinctive personality, whether you choose the understated elegance of alternating ruby and diamond band or the regal grandeur of a cluster or halo setting.

A ruby and diamond band is an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry that will never go out of style, whether it is bought for its aesthetic value or to represent a deep emotional connection.

Ruby and diamond band ring

Ruby and diamond band rings are dazzling symbols of unending love because their rubies and diamonds alternate are set in an endless circle around the finger. The ruby and diamond band ring is a popular gift since it may be given on any occasion to symbolize eternal love.

Ruby wedding rings

Although some people may picture Queen Elizabeth’s tiara or Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz when they think of rubies, many people are now selecting them as the center stone for their distinctive ruby wedding rings! Royalty has utilized the deep crimson gemstones for generations to ensure success in love, health, and riches. Queen Elizabeth frequently sports her Ruby Tiara, which she had fashioned specifically for her from the 96 rubies that were a bridal present from the Burmese people. Giving rubies as gifts is a symbolic act intended to shield the receiver from the 96 diseases that Burmese culture believes humans are susceptible to. Rubies are also believed to ward off illness and evil.

The Mohs scale rates rubies as having a hardness of 9, making them a durable gemstone. They slightly trail the diamond, which receives a perfect score of 10. Due to its extreme durability, rubies can be worn as wedding rings and earrings without fear of damage or wear and tear. The inclusion of chromium gives rubies their distinctive color; they are a type of corundum, an aluminum oxide crystal. Premium rubies have a deep, rich color that is between red and purple. Because rubies of the greatest grade are typically mined in Burma and can be just as valuable as diamonds or perhaps more so, therefore, ruby wedding rings are usually expensive than other gemstone jewelry.

Ruby wedding band

Given its fame and worth, this gemstone is ideal for use in one-of-a-kind bridal jewelry. Ruby’s high Mohs hardness makes it a long-lasting gem. Its brilliant red ranges from a true blood red to a more pastel pink. The chromium in the soil tints this precious stone. In Sanskrit, the word for ruby is ratnaraj, which literally translates to “king of valuable stones.” Guests and the bride-to-be alike will be blown away by custom ruby wedding band.

Red ruby wedding ring

Wearing a little, yet exquisitely made red ruby wedding ring can help you make a bold statement. Regardless of how you decide to wear it, the ruby ring is a timeless piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. Simply said, a red ruby wedding ring is the ultimate token of affection for the one you love.

Ruby gold rings

After emeralds, rubies are the second most sought-after colored gemstones due to their brilliant red color. Diamond-like corundum is the technical term for rubies. Moreover, most newly discovered gemstones contain natural trace metals like chromium. Other than Australia and Thailand, the best grade rubies are mined in Nepal, Madagascar, and a few other carefully chosen locations. Right hand rings and earrings are the two jewelry items that employ it the most frequently. In the United States, people born in July often wear ruby gold rings.

Metal with a high purity and the BIS mark should be considered when purchasing gold ruby ring for investment. If you’re looking for a heirlooms stick with pure gold ruby rings rather than other jewels, because the value of a low-quality stone won’t appreciate with time.

If you ask Elleroses, one of the online stores for bespoke services, they would gladly advise you as to whether white or yellow gold is more flattering to rubies.

White gold ruby ring

Many people appreciate a white gold ruby ring because of the extra shine it provides. A white gold ruby ring, if you’re seeking for a stunning piece of jewelry, will give you an instantly classic and eye-catching style.

Light-colored rubies don’t look their best when set in white gold. The contrast does not appear to be favorable. Those with a deeper tone look stunning in white gold. Red rubies look lovely in white gold when there is a sharper contrast or color difference.

Yellow gold ruby ring

A yellow gold ruby ring will make you appear incredibly radiant, whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or just going out for a fun night on the town. Its adaptability and versatility mean that it may be used with a wide range of other styles to produce a truly one-of-a-kind vintage ensemble.

Because their color is enhanced and brought to a new degree of brightness when mounted in yellow gold, rubies certainly look their best. Still, it depends on the wearer and if they pair it with white, yellow, or any other type of gold.

14k gold ruby ring

A 14k ruby ring is an everlasting classic when it is coupled with a beautiful design and expertly fashioned from 14k gold. You can be confident that whichever 14k gold ruby ring you choose, whether as an engagement or anniversary present or simply to add a touch of elegance to your collection of stones, will always serve as a symbol of your undying love and loyalty.

This exquisite accessory shines when paired with any color scheme, whether it’s all gold, all silver, or all black.

Value of a Certified Ruby

Value of a Certified

Due to the market’s overabundance of fake gemstone vendors that take advantage of their customers by peddling phony or synthetic gemstones, there is a demand for verified rubies. A gem lover should buy rubies or other valuable gemstones from a respected gem laboratory that will carefully examine and describe even the smallest details of the jewels’ color, shape, chemical compositions, and treatments.

Detailed information on a particular gemstone is included in a proper report, including its weight, carat, color, inclusions, treatments, shape, refractive index, and beryllium treatment, among other things. A Ruby certification report so exposes minuscule details about the stone. As a result, a user should search for vendors who also provide gemstone certification if they want to purchase a Ruby gemstone. A certified gemstone is examined by a skilled gem specialist who carefully assesses or inspects it in every aspect to determine its quality.

Ruby Quality Grading Factors

Quality Grading Factors

Rubies, like diamonds, are graded on a quality scale. Among these, color stands out as the most crucial. Excellent rubies retain their original, unaltered hue even after being heated. The greater the depth and saturation of color, the higher the price of the ruby.

The cut and clarity of the stone also affect the ruby’s price. The cut quality of a diamond is a crucial aspect in determining its beauty and value; nevertheless, rubies are not valued for their brightness in the same way that diamonds are.

Finally, like with all gemstones, a ruby’s value depends on its carat weight, with larger rubies fetching greater prices.

Combining other quality qualities with a deep, natural color, a ruby of this caliber is extremely uncommon and, as a result, can command exorbitant prices. This beautiful Mozambican Pigeon Blood ruby, weighing in at 10.6 carats and available from Leibish & Co., would set you back more than $850,000.

Quality rubies, however, need not always break your bank. As we already indicated, it’s extremely likely that you may purchase a stunning ruby for a lot less money than a diamond with a same carat weight.

Each of the quality elements mentioned above has been discussed in more depth below, along with information on how each influences a ruby’s appeal and value. We’ve also offered our advice on selecting the best ruby and making sure you pay a reasonable price.

The Color Of Ruby

The most important element influencing a ruby’s value is its color. The hue of the finest rubies ranges from bright, pure red to slightly purplish red. Rubies with simply red overtones typically sell for less money than those with orange and purple undertones in the marketplaces. Too pale or too dark color can not be considered the best quality. The brilliance of a gemstone can be negatively affected by an overly dark color. On the other hand, even if the color intensity is great, a stone may be mistaken for a pink sapphire if it is too light in color. Despite this, pink sapphires are popular and have far more affordable costs than rubies. The most appealing ruby hue is ultimately the one you like best.

Pink Sapphire & Ruby

Some gem traders argue over the distinction between pink sapphire and ruby. The term “ruby” originally described hues of red, which technically includes pink. The interpretation of a ruby versus a pink sapphire varies depending on culture. Pink hues have traditionally been categorized as rubies in some gem-producing countries, such as Sri Lanka, while pink sapphire is the more common classification in many gem-consuming nations.


The cut of a ruby describes the stone’s facets, size, and overall symmetry. In contrast to diamonds, the cut quality of rubies is not rated. This is due to the fact that a ruby’s cut is a far less significant consideration than its color and clarity.

The actual brilliance of the ruby, however, is only visible after a great cut that maximizes light return and color, as is the case with most gemstones. When cutting sapphires and rubies, gem cutters must consider four different things.

Maximize color. Maximize carat weight. Reduce inclusions. Remember the desired shape for the customer, such as round, oval, pear, cushion, cabochon, etc.


The term “clarity” describes the inclusions, or flaws, in a ruby and includes their quantity, size, color, location, and quality. A 10x magnification is used by gemologists to obtain a super-magnified picture of the diamond’s inside while assessing the clarity of the stone.

However, while examining colorful gemstones, gemologists do not employ magnification; instead, they search for “eye-cleanliness,” which refers to how clear or devoid of impurities the stone appears to the unaided eye. The price of a ruby increases with clarity.

All naturally occurring rubies will have some inclusions, sometimes referred to as rutile needles or “silk,” in them. Gemologists will believe a ruby has been treated or synthetic if there are no discernible rutile needles in the stone.

The majority of rubies are heat-treated today to enhance their color and clarity, but those that are unheated and of exceptional quality can be very expensive. For instance, Leibish & Co.’s collection of rubies is entirely made up of untreated, natural rubies, and the price reflects this.

Interestingly, there is one instance where an inclusion raises the ruby’s value. When properly lit, three or six-point stars can be seen in the stone in this unusual phenomenon known as an asterism. The star effect is caused by light reflecting off the rutile needles in this situation.


Commercial-quality rubies are typically available in a wide variety of sizes, although fine-quality rubies exceeding one carat are quite uncommon. The price per carat significantly climbs as a ruby gets larger.

Recommendations of Real Ruby Rings in 2023

Recommendations of Real Ruby Rings in 2023
Real Ruby Ring Gold Crown Ring Round Shaped Genuine Ruby in 14K Solid Gold

Contemporary ruby jewelry. This ring consists of gold and rubies set like a crown, making it reflect some light and give off a soft glow. A special quality found only in high-end jewelry.

5.0mm Real Ruby Engagement Rings Beaded Ring in 10K Gold

The gemstone in this ring adds a touch of class to the refined design. This design features a 5mm round ruby mounted in the center of a beaded and sculpted 10k gold band. This gleaming ring is likely to satisfy her refined tastes.

Real Ruby Ring 14K Solid Gold Natural Ruby and Diamond Ring Solitaire Engagement Ring for Women

This exquisitely natural Ruby ring in 14k Yellow Gold embodies contemporary elegance. A stylish single-prong setting makes the eye focus on the eye-catching gemstone. A row of pave-set diamonds that stretch along each side of the ring and highlight the focal stone for sparkle and shine.

Oval Real Ruby Ring Natural Ruby and Diamonds Halo Engagement Ring in 10K White Gold

This lovely piece of jewelry is centered on a genuine oval ruby and accented with a halo of smaller diamonds. The diamonds along the 14k white gold band contribute to the overall weight of 1/8 carat.

Real Ruby Ring Half Eternity Band Natural Ruby and Diamond 5-Stone Ring in 14k Rose Gold

Five bright rubies and rows of sparkling diamonds set in rich 14k rose gold make this ring as elegant as it is lovely.

Best Place to Buy Real Ruby Rings: Elleroses

Best Place to Buy Real Ruby Rings Elleroses

As previously stated, if you’re wanting to buy loose rubies or ruby ring online, we suggest Elleroses. We suggest this for a number of reasons:

Elleroses offers great pricing. Since their business plan involves simply selling items online without maintaining or renting an expensive boutique storefront, they are able to sell high quality genuine ruby engagement rings and wedding rings without charging high markups from retail jewelry chains.

Making jewelry with rubies is straightforward thanks to their wide selection of settings. You can create your own ruby engagement ring using Elleroses’ fantastic selection of settings and order it as a finished piece of jewelry.

Their images have excellent quality and precise lighting. As was already said, the most crucial element in judging a ruby’s quality is its color. Elleroses uses enormous images with lighting that appears to be very realistic, allowing you to precisely assess a ruby’s color before purchasing.


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