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Birthstone Rings | Custom Birthstone Jewelry or Rings for Women | Birth stone rings Buying Guide

Finding an option that you or a loved one would like might be difficult with so many brilliant possibilities to select from. Birthstone jewelry is one option that is certain to gratify. Your birthstone can reveal a lot about you, just like your astrological sign might. Your personality, temperament, and other traits that you display to the world can all be influenced by the month of your birth. Many people wish to show the world their birthstone and what it means to them by wearing birthstone rings. Each birthstone is a unique gem, making each piece of jewelry a very unique item that frequently holds great meaningful and emotional importance for the wearer. Because of this, birth stone rings are a wonderful present for a special event, such proposing by custom birthstone rings or reaching a significant age. Not only are there birthstone rings for women, but men’s rings come in many styles as well. The birthstone for each month, its significance, and how to incorporate it into stunning jewelry that will be cherished for years are all covered in the detailed guide below.

Birthstone Rings : Monthly Birthstone

January: Garnet

Garnet is the birthstone of people born in January, and it is a powerful stone to start the year. Although garnets come in a variety of colors, the most popular ones are fiery hues like red, orange, and yellow, which make them ideal for use in birth stone rings.

People with garnet as their birthstone are frequently the group’s protectors because garnets are thought to boost the energy of those who wear them. They cherish loyalty in return for the support they give to their friends and family.

February: Amethyst

Although amethyst can be found in milder tints as well, its striking purple color usually makes amethyst birthstone rings stand out.

Amethysts have historically been believed to fend off evil and foster harmony among individuals who wear them. People who were born in February and have the birthstone amethyst are regarded as being honest and brave in their interactions with others and the outside world.

March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine gemstones, as their name suggests, are found in a variety of blue tones and get their color from the water. The stone is sometimes linked to love and is also believed to have therapeutic properties.

People who have aquamarine as their birthstone value spending time with their families. Birthstone rings for women that honor a child’s birth may hold a unique significance for these people.

April: Diamond

Diamonds are popular among all jewelry wearers due to their associations with wealth and elegance and the fact that they are frequently used in wedding and engagement birth stone rings.

However, because it is also their birthstone, diamonds have a special significance for those who were born in April. Unsurprisingly, children born in April who have the birthstone diamond rings tend to have more amorous personalities.

May: Emerald

Chromium and vanadium give emerald stones their vivid green hue, but the most crucial thing to know about these jewels is that they look stunning in a range of various jewelry settings.

Emerald jewelry makes a wonderful present for someone who has been battling a disease because emeralds are also known to encourage health and fertility. Emerald is also regarded as the birthstone for those who were born in May and are intelligent and witty.

June: Pearl

Pearl jewelry, like diamonds, is popular even among those who don’t share a June birthday. However, those who have it as their birthstone have a special understanding of its beauty.

The wearing of pearls has long been seen as a symbol of a secure partnership and the virtue of modesty. Those who celebrate their birthday with a pearl are known for their nurturing nature and their charming, optimistic demeanor.

July: Ruby

Rubies, the “King of Gems,” are frequently associated with royalty due to their luxurious red color. Even though most rubies are a dark, blood red, pinkish red examples do exist.

As befits a gem with such deep roots in royalty, persons born under the ruby star are held in high esteem as born leaders. Jewelry set with the ruby as the July birthstone makes a strong statement, which may be just what folks born in July want to convey.

August: Peridot

Although the peridot isn’t as popular as other birthstones, that doesn’t make it any less stunning or special. The stone is said to ward off depression and evil when colored green.

Peridot birthstone ring is particularly special because it is not frequently used in fashion jewelry. People who weren’t born in August rarely wear the gem, unlike with diamonds or pearls.

September: Sapphire

Sapphires stand out in jewelry because of their vivid blue hues, especially when set in silver or platinum. Sapphires also come in hues of yellow, orange, purple, and green, though these are less common.

Sapphires are a stone of dignity, and September newborns typically display qualities of honesty and fortitude without being overly emotional.

October: Opal

Opals are a semi-precious stone that frequently stand out in jewelry due to their luminous brightness.

Opals are considered a birthstone for compassion and openness, and those who wear them display a positive attitude towards life.

November: Topaz and Citrine

Both topaz and citrine stones, which are typically found in colors of yellow, orange, and brown, are connected to November births.

People born in November are thought to be friendly and fair-minded, and wearing these birth stone rings is supposed to bring good luck.

December: Turquoise

The final birthstone on the calendar is turquoise, which represents luck and good vibes for anyone born in December. Turquoise stands out because of its vivid color during a season that is frequently chilly and gloomy.

Birth stone rings

A stone is designated to symbolize each month. Your birth stone is the month of your birth. These look like any other trendy option, but they actually have some advantages.

Each birthstone has a unique meaning and can be used to create a wide range of jewelry. The first month is January, which is symbolized by the protective gemstone garnet. Amethyst, the stone for February, is symbolic of knowledge in a similar way. This continues each month without end. Despite the fact that most people wear stones that correspond to their birth month, many wear the stones they identify with the most.

Birth stone ring has a deeper meaning and is more than just a pretty accessory; it can also bring you luck and even shield you from harm. They therefore make wonderful presents for loved ones or even for yourself.

Gemstones rings

Gemstone rings are not only beautiful to wear, but they also have a wide variety of useful properties. Numerous astrologers have recently stressed its importance.

The wearer of a gemstone ring may experience calming energies and an increase in concentration and focus. It infuses you with hope and shields you from bad luck. In addition, it purifies your energy field, or “aura.”

It’s important to remember that different types of gemstones have varying degrees of power, advantages, and healing properties. Some might spark inspiration, while others can keep you healthy.

2 stone birthstone rings

The two-stone birthstone ring is one of the most popular choices for engagement rings nowadays.

The two birthstones in the two-stone ring are positioned next to one another, as the name suggests. Its other name, derived from the French phrase for “you and me,” is the Toi et Moi ring. Therefore, two-stone birthstone rings symbolize not only love and friendship, but also the union of two souls.

Birthstone rings for women

Each birthstone has its own unique properties and significance in addition to its eye-catching size, shape, and hue. While it’s fine to wear any gemstone ring you like, there may be some added power in wearing the one associated with your birth month. Just as color magic can boost aura and energy levels, birthstone rings for women can do the same for manifestation.

These precious stones reflect your individuality and vitality, making them uniquely suited to you. A person’s birth stone ring can be used to boost their positive emotions and counteract negative ones. If you want to bring positive energy into your life, this is the first crystal you should acquire.

Birthstone wedding ring

The exchange of wedding rings is a joyous occasion that symbolizes the couple’s promise to spend the rest of their lives together. Similarly, non-traditional and non-diamond wedding rings are growing in popularity as a means of expressing the individuality and compatibility of the couple.

A birthstone wedding ring is a beautiful token of your undying devotion to one another. A birthstone wedding ring is a beautiful and meaningful alternative to the classic diamond ring, and it also has some advantages.

Birthstone wedding band

Each birthstone, like all gemstones, has a unique history and importance for persons born in the month it represents. Since wedding band is one of the most precious pieces of jewelry most people will wear for a long time, including a gemstone in the design is a fantastic way to show your love and consideration.

It’s likely that birthstone wedding bands won’t break the bank like diamond rings do. If you’re looking for a genuinely outstanding centerpiece gemstone, this makes it much simpler to choose a larger stone.

Jared birthstone rings

The diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals used in Jared’s Galleria of Diamonds are of the highest quality. Jared birthstone rings are well-made and built to last, so it never loses its luster.

Certification is included with every gem purchased from Jared, and the GIA is the most trusted certification service. Jared has excellent diamonds, better-than-average service, and a pleasant shopping environment. However, no brick-and-mortar jeweler can hope to match the low prices offered by pure-play e-commerce sites. That doesn’t suggest that Jared is overpriced. Buying from a store in your immediate vicinity has many benefits. The question is whether or not the premiums are reasonable in light of the benefits.

Jared is the place to shop if you’re looking for a local jeweler. However, Elleroses does sell birth stone rings at a discount.

Rings with names and birthstones

Today, we don’t always use the same birthstones for each month as people did hundreds of years ago. At first, they had to do with the 12 gems that were on the High Priest of the Israelites’ breastplate, as told in the Book of Exodus.

When color was the most important thing about a stone, there wasn’t much difference between, say, a ruby and a garnet in terms of what they meant.

The names that were used in the past might not have anything to do with the stone we think of when we hear that word now:

It’s likely that what we now call lapis was once called sapphire.
Most likely, the stones were white sapphires or white topaz.
People believe that wearing rings with names and birthstones will bring them happiness, good health, and safety. Astrologers used to think that certain gemstones had magical powers.

Engraved birthstone rings

To begin with, there are a few distinct approaches that are commonly used while engraving birthstone ring. All forms of engraving, whether done by hand, laser, or machine, are included.

Different designs are used for different birth stone rings depending on the size, material, and engraving that the customer wants.

There is no doubt that the benefits and restrictions of each engraving are unique. However, given the variety available, it’s important to consult with your jeweler to determine which option will best complement your birth stone rings.

Birthstone eternity ring

Birthstone eternity rings are as carefully designed as the tales they symbolize, whether they are tokens of love, commemorations of a birth, or other significant life events.

Eternity rings, which have long been a symbol of undying love, have always had a special allure. In order to reaffirm their love and devotion to one another, many couples present their spouses with eternity rings on their anniversary.

We think that every day of your love story is worth commemorating, which is why an eternity ring doesn’t have to be tied to a special event or given to mark how long you’ve been together. It’s interesting that the meaning of eternity rings has changed over time, and it should come as no surprise that a birthstone eternity ring was chosen to commemorate it.

Birthday rings

For generations, people have treasured jewelry set with their birthstones, which can be any variety of precious or semiprecious stone. Birthstones are gemstones that have traditionally represented a specific month, a tradition that has persisted into the modern era.

Birthday rings are distinctive because it is more personalized to your identity and personality. Many people can wear the same kind of birth stone rings, but wearing rings with your or a loved one’s birthstone is significantly more distinctive.

Custom birthstone rings

Seeing what kinds of rings and metals are available will help you decide what to look for in custom birthstone rings. Not only will this aid you in defining your personal style, but it will also reduce the number of iterations required when working with a jewelry designer.

We recommend approaching designers and jewelers once you have a general idea of what you want. Perhaps you already have a sense of the style you like, the number of jewelers you want to visit, and the approximate price range you can afford.

Once you’ve decided on a designer, the real excitement can begin. A few drafts of designs that fit your specified aesthetic will be presented. Some designers will even provide you with a 3D CAD rendering of the ring to help you see how it will look when it is finished. After getting your final approval on the design, the designer will immediately begin sourcing the stone, developing the setting, and manufacturing the ring.

Even though it may seem complicated, the greatest jewelers have it down perfect. Today’s consumers are discerning, but a custom birthstone ring from Elleroses is a perfect gift for your significant other. And you certainly don’t want it to drag on after all the time you’ve spent dating.

Personalized birthstone rings

A personalized birthstone ring that you and the jewelry designer are happy with is the best kind. If you want your bespoke jewelry to be truly unique, you should work with a jeweler whose work you admire. Do your research if you’ve decided that you like their style.

Personalized birthstone rings can be designed over the course of a few weeks to two or three months, depending on the designer. Nowadays, it’s usual for couples to start their adventure together to create a unique piece. In order to maintain the sense of surprise, one partner may often insist on finishing it alone.

Like with anything made to order, the price depends on the birthstone, designer and materials you select. Your designer can find premium jewels within your pricing range by working with your budget.

Unique birthstone rings

The birthstone for each month is distinctive in appearance, adornment, and personality. All birthstones share one thing in common: they are all stunning, whether on their own and in jewelry.

Your birthstone is the most powerful amulet there is. The use of gemstones as amulets dates back centuries. It functions best when the wearer is wearing their unique birthstone rings.

Gold birthstone rings

The size of gem is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a birth stone ring. Even though the birthstone is the main attraction, the metal of the ring is also significant.

Some types of ring metals are more expensive than others because they are rarer or more valuable. Platinum, for instance, is a pure white metal and somewhat more expensive because of its rarity. The cost of certain metals should be factored into your shopping plan. The value of a metal usually rises or falls depending on how pure it is.

Keep in mind, though, that a gold birthstone ring isn’t always a one-time expense. If you choose a cheaper gold like white gold or rose gold, the color will likely wear off or change over time, so you’ll have to re-plate it.

Sterling silver birthstone rings

When compared to other precious metals like gold or platinum, sterling silver birthstone rings are quite cheap. The primary metal in this alloy is silver, but it also contains other metals. Silver is substantially more expensive than copper and other common metals used to manufacture sterling silver. The greater availability of sterling silver birthstone ring than that of competing precious metal ones also contributes to its lower cost.

White gold birthstone rings

White gold is the most popular choice for birth stone rings, thanks to its silvery sheen appearance may look similar to platinum rings, but they are crafted in a completely different way. “White gold” is produced by combining yellow gold with other metals. A rhodium plating process is used to give this material its final shine.

Although white gold is strong and sometimes less expensive than platinum, it needs to be replated after heavy use due to its mixed base. White gold birthstone rings for women are a popular jewelry, but it needs more attention than other metals to keep its shiny appearance.

Rose gold birthstone ring

Rose gold metal, as the name suggests, is composed primarily of gold but has a pinkish hue. An alloy of pure gold, copper, and a small amount of silver. Rose gold’s intensity of color is proportional to its copper concentration. Rose gold birthstone rings for women, with its slightly more on-trend pink colour, are a great alternative for those who don’t want to wear a yellow or white gold band. Furthermore, a stone with a higher color saturation will look beautiful with rose gold’s warmer finish.

Top 5 Reasons to Wear birthstone jewelry

Birthstone jewelry has fascinating symbolic significance. Learn more about the significance of your birthstone and how to use it to your advantage.

1.Luck and Protection

Gemstones have a unique past. They were employed to remove restrictions in the mind, the spirit, and the body. Numerous gem therapists think that by wearing these crystals on your body, you can connect to the energy of the planet.

That same concept is used when wearing birthstone jewelry. They can even serve as good luck charms because they will help you feel more composed and relaxed. Additionally, it is believed that some birthstones can provide defense against a variety of dangers. Some people wear it to prevent nightmares, while others think it may shield against natural calamities.

Wearing something attractive, such as a birthstone, would surely make you feel lucky and safe, despite the fact that these assertions have not been verified. Sometimes, that is all you actually need.

2.Intimate and Personal

Birthstone jewelry is a lovely way to connect, whether you buy it for yourself or as a present. Either by yourself or with another person. Birthstone jewelry can help someone feel more grounded because it is associated with the time of their birth.

Because of this, buying birthstone jewelry for mom or grandma is always a wise choice. Giving mom a personalized gift is the best way to express gratitude for giving you life.

This is also a wonderful method for lovers to express their love for one another. To strengthen your bond, consider wearing the other person’s birthstone.

3.Fashion Statement

There is a clear reason why you should wear more birthstone jewelry aside from all the deeper symbolism and meaning that they offer—it’s stylish! There are many different birthstone jewelry options available, so no matter your own style, you can discover something you like.

Take a look at this October birthstone necklace, for instance. It strikes a balance between the current trend of minimalism and a soft flash of color. With this straightforward addition, you can elevate your clothes to the next level.

4.Healing Properties

Gemstones are used for more than just good fortune and safety; they also have healing properties. Perhaps you’re confused as to how exactly that operates. Crystals and jewels, say the experts, work as a power hold for healing by allowing positive and fruitful energy to enter the body.

Negative, poisonous energy is released. If you’ve tried any alternative therapies that aim to redirect your energy and heal your body from the inside out, this may sound familiar.

Due to the molecular makeup of each birthstone, each has a unique vibration. Similar to how essential oils improve mood, mind, and health, this can do the same.

Even if you are dubious of new age concepts, gemstones have the capacity to influence the body’s response to a placebo. This may provide consolation on par with the healing process itself.


Despite having religious roots, birthstones are no longer connected to any one religion. They appear to be based on the Bible and date back to Christianity. The historical significance of these stones must be understood since it shows their tenacity and lasting value.

When it comes to birthstone jewelry, there is not only historical significance but also personal significance. Each gemstone represents the characteristics of the person born in that month and has a special value.

Pandora birthstone rings

The sustainable nature of Pandora birthstone rings sets it apart from more conventional styles. Although birthstone jewelry is frequently made of gemstones, the mining process has an impact on the environment. Therefore, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, man-made crystals have been used to make Pandora’s birthstone rings.

And now, thanks to Pandora, you don’t have to choose between the beauty of adorned birthstone jewelry and not adding to the environmental damage caused by its production. Using stones that they can produce sustainably, they’ve fashioned their own birthstone jewelry. A charm, ring, or gift set with one of these stones would be a wonderful present for yourself or a loved one.

The gems that cover the brand new birthstone collection from Pandora are not only ecologically friendly, but also make for a thoughtful and fashionable present. There is a wide selection of more Pandora birthstone rings for women available.

Zales birthstone rings

Most people are aware of their birthstone. Your birthstone would be the gemstone connected with the month you were born in because each month of the year has a corresponding gem. Excellent gold or silver jewelry is made more better with colored stones.

Non-diamond engagement rings are becoming more and more common, and this approach enables you to add some color unless your fiancée’s birthday is in April, the month for which diamonds are the official birthstone. Perhaps a vivid blue topaz for December, a traditionally blue sapphire for September, or a dreamily azure aquamarine for March.

Zales birthstone rings for women offer you something different to create your unique engagement ring. You can view a collection birthstone engagement rings at Zales and choose one of them for your significant other.

Walmart birthstone rings

Gemstones, an aesthetically pleasing product of nature, have been used in jewelry for as long as people can remember. We all want to add birthstone s to our collections, but how can we tell if the ones we’re looking at are genuine? You can trust walmart birthstone rings for women which offer real birthstones. However, if you want some customized birthstone rings for women, check Elleroses.

Etsy birthstone ring

Although the vibrant world of gems offers a variety of fascinating possibilities, there is one crucial aspect to take into account when purchasing a birthstone engagement ring. Other birthstones are not as durable as diamonds, which are the stone that is most frequently used in engagement rings. The precious gemstones emerald or opal would be the birthstone for your beloved if they were born in May or October. If you want her engagement ring to last, then Etsy birthstone rings for women will stand up to everyday wear. And Elleroses not only provides different styles of birthstone rings for women, but also can add your creativity to your own birthstone to make you stand out.