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Black Opal Necklace Buying Guide

Opal gemstones are well-known, but did you know they exist in a variety of colors? Black opal is a particular variety of opal distinguished by its dark to black base color, which can range from dark gray to dark green to black. Natural black opal broadly refers to any opal having a dark body tone. Black opal is frequently the most expensive variety of opal because its dark base color makes the stone’s “fire” or “play of color” stand out and shine the brightest.

Natural Australian Black opal is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world due to the contrast between the dark and light colors, which contributes to its high price tags and widespread fame.

Is black opal rare? How does black opal differ from other opal varieties and gemstones, specifically?

We’ll go deeply into the characteristics that set black opal apart from other gemstones in this comprehensive guide.

What is Black Opal?

The chemical makeup of the Black Opal stone is different, although being extremely similar to that of other Opals. Due to the presence of carbon and iron oxide, the body tone is black. Researchers found that other substances, such as pyrite and sulfides, contribute to the composition’s dark base hue. Opals are a vibrant group of gemstones that come in a variety of hues, from white to orange to black. Australian opals are the ones to possess an optical phenomena known as “play of color,” which is seen in the most expensive opals.

The majority of black opal comes from Australia, however it is also mined in other places. The stone is such an integral part of Australian culture that it was formally designated as the state gemstone of New South Wales in 2008.

What is it then? Black opal is hydrated silica with anywhere from 6–21% water content. What causes the distinctive colors of black opal? Stacks of hydrated silica spheres make up an opal. The feature we refer as “play of color” is created by the alignment of the stacks into a perfect cubic structure that diffracts light and radiates a flaming show of brilliant colors.

In order to maximize the contrast between the play of color, the back of a black opal is intact left with trace elements of common opal (potch).

Is Black Opal Rare?

The remarkable color combinations and patterns of black opal make it one of the most expensive varieties of the mineral. Is black opal the rarest opal, though? Despite the fact that black opal is a common gemstone, high-quality black opal is uncommon due to the stone’s striking color contrast between its dark body tone and the rainbow flashes that gloriously light across it.

These uncommon black opal gemstones are almost only found at Lightning Ridge, Australia.

Black Opal History and Formation

Where does black opal come from? The tale predates the very existence of Earth. Black opal has been around since the Cretaceous Era, which lasted from 145 Ma to 65 Ma. Australia’s interior was once completely submerged in the ocean. Sandy deposits embedded in silica formed along the island’s beach as the water level fluctuated over millions of years.

Opal veins are formed when silica water seeps into the ground and crystallizes. This process took millions of years. Opal formed along with the fossilized remains of extinct animals. That’s why Australia is the source of so much opal.

It is true to say that the continent is covered in many opal veins and preserved fossilized opal specimens.

Uses of Black Opal

Black opal is a fantastic material for jewelry creations because of its vivid patterns and hues, but it also has other advantages.

Black Opal Cosmetics

You read it correctly! Black opal has entered the cosmetics and skincare fields. Interested in enhancing your appearance with shimmering shades from the opal color range? Opaque makeup colors and tints are frequently produced by cosmetics companies for shimmers and eyeshadows.

The popular skincare line Black Opal Beauty (abbreviated as BLK/OPL) is marketed specifically to women of color.

Finally, but no less gorgeous, black opal flakes are used in cosmetics and makeup to produce a glimmering bling effect. The unknown The applications for black opal appear countless!

Black Opal Pendants, Jewelry, and Rings

Black opals are a stunning accent stone for jewelry creations, as you can easily understand, whether they are used as raw gemstones, accent stones, or the focal point of engagement rings. One approach to wear opal jewelry is to purchase loose black opal gemstones and have them fashioned into unique jewelry designs. The most control over the quality and appearance of your opal jewelry is provided by doing this.

As an alternative, you can purchase the lovely arrangements seen in black opal jewelry designs such as pendants, earrings, rings, and necklaces. A protective setting, such as a bezel or prong, is essential to the stone’s longevity because opal is a rather sensitive gemstone.

Black Opal For Libra And Taurus

The ideal gemstone for those born under the signs of Libra and Taurus is black opal. Opal is a birthstone you can wear if you’re a Libra. Additionally, with astrological guidance, persons born under the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini, and Virgo may also wear this stone. It is advised to wear an opal stone if Venus is located in an unfavorable area of the horoscope. When Venus is in the first, second, seventh, ninth, or tenth house, black opal should be worn. Venus’s Moon, Sun, and Jupiter are regarded as hostile planets. Opal shouldn’t be worn with rubies, pearls, or topaz because of this.

Black Opal Pendant: Healing Properties For The Zodiac Signs

The symbolism of a black opal is quite clear-cut. The Sanskrit word “Upala,” which means precious stone, is where the word “opal” originates. Later, it adopted the name “Opallios” in Rome. Finally, the term “black” refers to the dark body tone of black (dark) opal.

Opal symbolizes inspiration and inventiveness symbolically, and it is simple to understand why! Opals are a vivid, distinctive gemstone, and no two are alike.

Opals have absorption healing powers since they are porous and moist. Opals are powerful energy, mind, and influence absorbers when used in crystal therapy. Additionally, they provide the wearer with protective properties, giving them the power and insight to choose justice and goodwill.

Spiritual Healing

Black opal pendants offer advantages unique to itself, although all gemstones and crystals have a role to play in spiritual healing and enlightenment. Black opal pendant’s healing and purifying qualities offer both physical and spiritual cleaning. Physically, the immune system can be boosted and the liver can be protected against illness using black opal healing.

The stone pendants bring order and organization to both your personal and professional life, allowing you to think more clearly and communicate more effectively. Because of its psychic and prophecy-enhancing qualities, another metaphysical interpretation of black opal is the “stone of prediction.”

Why not make yourself a tasty black opal drink in addition to these uses and advantages of black opal?

Whatever purpose you choose for your black opal gemstones, you should be aware of the purchase criteria to ensure you obtain the greatest stone for the money.

Black Opal Pendant for The Zodiac Signs

Did you know that the birthstone for October is opal? And while opals may have at one time unfairly acquired the reputation of being unlucky, they have emerged from that shadow and ascended to greatness once more through stunning jewelry designs. Their appearances in popular culture in opal books and movies aid in this appeal!

A Libra can benefit much from the energies of black opal pendant, which promote equilibrium and harmony.

Intuition is heightened and emotional health is aided by the use of black opal pendant. This results in a potent interaction with Cancer and the other water signs.

Air Signs

The peaceful energy of Black Opal Pendant is beneficial to the air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra). If you’re feeling off-kilter due to a string of repeating thoughts or ideas, this can help you get back on your feet.

Black opal pendant aids in concentration and promotes lucid thinking for those born under the sign of the air. You can get a similar result from wearing the Black opal Bracelet.

Black opal pendants are excellent for grounding energy due to their dark body color. As they have a tendency to become lost in their own heads, those born under the Air sign would really benefit from having that kind of back up.

Water Signs

Black opal is particularly associated with the water signs. Opal’s production requires the presence of water, making it particularly compatible with those whose zodiac signs are associated with the element water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Black opal necklaces are used to aid in emotional recovery and equilibrium. They shield those who identify as water signs from the damaging effects of the feelings of others.

The mystical properties of black opal necklace enhance one’s intuitive abilities. It has the added benefit of shielding you against psychic assaults. Black Opal pendants provide much-needed protection for water signs, who are especially vulnerable to the emotional energies of others around them.

Fire Signs

People born under fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are energetic and eager to be in power. At times, they may pull the trigger prematurely due to enthusiasm.

Clarity of mind and perception are aided by the use of black opal pendant. That helps you focus on what’s going to be most beneficial. When you have a firm grasp on the situation, putting your strategy into action is a breeze.

5 Best Black Opal Pendant& Necklace Ideas in 2022

Plated 14K Yellow Gold Black Opal Pendant Black Opal & Diamond Necklace

On a chain of gold-plated sterling silver hangs a beautiful black opal bezel-set in 14k yellow gold. Set in a prong setting, the opal stone is oval in shape, while the genuine diamond is smaller and round in cut for contrast. Nice memento to celebrate the 14th year of marriage.

Round Created Black Opal Pendant Necklace Opal Necklace White Gold

The 18-inch Sterling Silver box chain that comes with this pendant is a good length for most people’s necks. The spring-ring mechanism makes the clasp easy to use and reliable. The pendant is constructed of genuine White Gold, as evidenced by the 14K stamp. This 1.00 carat Black Opal pendant necklace is ideal for the special lady in your life.

Sterling Silver Black Opal Pendant Necklace Black Opal & Harlequin Pendant

This exquisite necklace features a 2.25-carat oval-cut black opal set in a harlequin halo and a sterling silver pendant that evokes a vintage aesthetic. The opal is 14 mm by 10 mm. Women’s 1 1/4 x 1/2-inch Black Opal Necklace with White Cubic Zirconia Accents.In order to produce the amazing sheen and brilliance of every Black Opal, our trained craftsmen cut each stone by hand from raw materials, enhancing the stone’s natural color and beauty with mathematical precision. Assuring top quality and continuing a tradition of genuineness. Any piece of genuine sterling silver jewelry will have the hallmark number “925” stamped on the item.

Sterling Silver Black Opal Choker Black Opal & Vintage Pendant Necklace

Necklace of high-polished Sterling Silver and premium-grade Cubic Zirconia accented with a 2.75-carat black opal. A beautiful pear form, this 15x10mm Fire Black Opal flashes a rainbow of colors in direct sunlight. Its one-of-a-kind, retro style is a reflection of the individuality of the woman who wears it.

14K White Gold Created Black Opal Solitaire Pendant Opal Pendant Necklace Gold

Includes Round, 8mm, 1 carat created opal with a smooth cabochon top and the characteristic iridescent Black tint for a multifaceted brilliance. White gold set in 14 karats for optimum glimmer from every angle. This gold pendant is a must-have piece of jewelry since it is versatile, attractive, and feminine. Comes with a Sterling Silver 18-inch chain that has been Rhodium polished for a shiny sheen and is ready to wear.

5 Tips To Care For Your Black Opals Pendant&Necklace

Black opal pendants are no different from other priceless items in our lives, such as friendships, our health, or that set of crystal glasses you received from your great-grandmother; by taking care of them, they will last the test of time.

Learn how to make the most of this incredible gemstone and maintain its beauty and pristine condition for the duration of your lifetime and beyond by reading our little advice below.

Easy Does It

Black opal pendants don’t require fancy or pricey cleansers. The best and most effective approach to maintain a pendant clean is to gently wipe it with a damp soft cloth and mild detergent.

Be Cautious With The Water

Since solid opals have a small amount of water in them, getting them wet is not at all problematic. However, if your opal is a composite stone, such as a triplet or doublet, do your best to keep it out of the water. A little bit of water here and there is acceptable, but submerging it for extended periods of time is not suggested because it may harm the opal.

Keep It Cool

Solid opals might love water but they’re not so hot on heat, thus it’s crucial to keep black opal pendant away from really hot lights and other powerful heat sources as severe temperatures might cause the gemstone to break after some time.

No Chemicals

Avoid using bleach, chemicals and strong cleaners including ultrasonic cleaners on your black opal pendant or opal jewellery to help it stay in good shape. Additionally, we advise taking off any black opal jewelry before using any swimming pools or spas.

Security First

Black opal pendants are not as brittle as people may believe, despite not being as hard as diamonds and having a hardness that is akin to glass. As with any other jewelry, it is still a good idea to avoid activities that could cause your opal to bang against hard surfaces or undergo extra wear and tear in order to protect it from harm.

We hope that by using these straightforward advice, you have gained some knowledge about how to take care of your black opal pendants&necklaces and let they live longer. Always keep in mind that a little tender loving care goes a long way.

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