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Black Tourmaline Ring Buyers Guide, Top Pro Tips

Black Tourmaline Ring Buyers Guide Top Pro Tips

Many of us give black gemstones a second glance when we see them set in lovely pieces of jewelry since they can be difficult to find. Black tourmaline ring is an excellent illustration of why they are so cherished because they are attractive, interesting, and enigmatic.

Black tourmaline is a unique gemstone due to its many characteristics and connotations. It’s usually pitch black, which makes it even more remarkable.

What Is Black Tourmaline?

The mineral family of borosilicate includes tourmaline. The stone comes from metamorphic rock formations, along with a few other minerals including quartz and feldspar. The high iron content of black tourmaline adds to its distinctive color. Translucent versions of several of its varieties show hints of brown and green.

The term Schorl, which derives from a German hamlet in Saxony, is another name for the gemstone. Since before 1400, the name has been used, along with some of its modifications.

Black tourmaline is a key component of crystal and spiritual healing stones. It is connected to psychic defense—the capacity to insulate your aura from harmful energy. It can also absorb and ward off unpleasant emotions like melancholy, anger, and so on.

The majority of tourmaline crystals have protective and grounding properties as well. They are referred to as talismans because they protect individuals from the energy that sometimes leads to illness or bad luck.

If you spend too much time in front of a computer or other electrical gadget, wear black tourmaline ring. The crystal is thought to be electromagnetic energy-proof. By keeping it near at hand, you also maintain mental clarity and have quick problem-solving skills.

Black Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties

Black Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties

The opal and pink tourmaline both share the honor of being the birthstone for October, and each tourmaline gemstone has its own special set of metaphysical characteristics. A magnetic-electric charge that occurs when the crystal is touched or heated can help polarize people’s emotions and energy thanks to the stone’s piezoelectric property.

Tourmaline is thought to mend broken hearts because it increases romantic feelings, soothes emotional pain, and gets rid of negative emotions. Negative emotions that strain relationships are eased. It is also regarded as an aphrodisiac, assisting individuals in realizing when it is okay to fall in love and when it is appropriate to move over grief or terrible experiences. It introduces the presence of wisdom and compassion in interactions with others since it is believed to encourage adaptability and open-mindedness. It is said that tourmaline is powerful in all colors. Tourmaline seems to affect each person differently.

Negative energy is repelled by black tourmaline. This stone is recommended for use in times of crisis or high stress, as well as when you feel like negativity is all around you. By overcoming ingrained patterns and fears and developing inner wisdom, courage, stability, and patience, it will safeguard the wearer until they are strong enough to stand on their own.

How Can I Tell If Black Tourmaline is Real?

How Can I Tell If Black Tourmaline is Real

You might be perplexed as to why someone would wish to create faux black tourmaline. It is a semi-precious stone; it is not priceless like jade or gold. To really benefit from a Schorl as a crystal stone, however, you must use an actual Schorl.

The gemstone can also be mistaken for black onyx and obsidian.

In order to determine the authenticity of the stone, you must examine it carefully. Following by these test ways:

The Luster is Real

Regardless of mineral structure, tourmalines all have a glossy luster. In order to determine whether you are purchasing a genuine black tourmaline, look at the luster. It ought to gleam a deep black.

However, due to the hematite inclusions, exposure to strong artificial light may produce a brownish or reddish hue.

A genuine Schorl also appears vitreous when exposed to light. However, a man-made stone won’t have the same luster as a genuine one. Instead, a matte gloss that resembles metallic will be present.

Look For Inclusions

Actually, inclusions are minerals that encapsulate other minerals. Many gemstones have imperfections that really improve some of their variations’ attractiveness.

For instance, iron impurities and calcium veins in actual jade stones enhance their beauty.

High levels of iron are also present in black tourmaline; these iron deposits appear on the surface of the stone as tiny red spots or strings.

The stone occasionally may have powdered rust on it for the same reason. It is nothing more than a chemical interaction between moisture and iron elements.

Examine the Gem's Surface

Black tourmaline appears fairly rough when uncut, and polishing does not completely smooth the surface.

Tiny fractures and cracks will be obvious in natural stones. A small unevenness in the surface texture may also be felt.

Structural Integrity Check

You could assume that tourmaline has extremely robust structural integrity given that it has a high Mohs scale value. Genuine black tourmaline, however, is susceptible to breaking and crumbling under pressure or when dropped.

When these cracks cause harm to the stone during production, the mineral fills in those empty places once more, “healing” the stone.

If this occurs, the shattered lines will still be present inside the tourmaline even though it appears perfect from the outside.

In light of this, the gemstone can crack easily. A genuine yet low-grade crystal is a weakly structured black tourmaline.

Check the Hardness

The hardness of the gemstone is one of the most obvious characteristics that distinguishes genuine black tourmaline from imitation.

According to the Mohs scale, tourmaline is a hard stone with a value of 7 to 7.5.

The stiffness of a stone with this value (between quartz and topaz) is quite high (remember that the hardness of natural diamonds is 10 on that scale). So, black tourmaline is difficult to scratch.

Rub the stone’s surface a few times with the blade of a stainless steel knife. A real tourmaline cannot be scratched by steel because of stainless steel’s Mohs scale grade of between 5 and 6.

If the rubbing causes the knife to become scratched or loses its edge, you most likely have an actual stone.

A fake tourmaline will be brittle or have a softer feel. In most circumstances, a stainless steel blade will work to scratch it.

Is a Black Tourmaline Ring a Good Choice?

Is a Black Tourmaline Ring a Good Choice

Of sure, I say! An fantastic and distinctive option for an engagement ring is one with black tourmalines! They also fall between 7 and 7.5 on the Mohs scale of 10. This indicates that it will be a sturdy option for daily wear. Additionally, it’s exciting since most black tourmalines cost less than diamonds, which makes it simpler financially to reach bigger carat weights while keeping costs fair.

Morganites are a popular choice for engagement rings, but one issue with this stone is that it readily absorbs grease. It is a gemstone that requires more frequent cleaning. For this reason, we frequently advise black tourmaline. Tourmaline is a gemstone that is less “sticky” and requires less cleaning. Although significantly more pricey, we highly recommend this option if you prefer low maintenance things!

Popular Black Tourmaline Rings of 2023

Popular Black Tourmaline Rings of 2023
2.75 ctw Australian Black Tourmaline Ring Solitaire Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

One oval-cut black tourmaline shines from a conventional four-prong setting, giving this classic and elegant ring style a modern touch. The stunning 2.75 ct. tourmaline radiates a black shine against the sterling silver with pave-set band, providing a singular contrast. Give her the gorgeous look.

Raw Stone Engagement Ring Black Tourmaline Ring Womens in Gold Plated

Our wire-wrapped raw black tourmaline Ring has a powerful punch and its own unique healing energy. This ring has a gold plating and is adjustable. For a truly organic, genuine, and earthy appearance and feel, the genuine healing raw stone is fully untreated.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Ring Australian Black Tourmaline October Birthstone Ring Open Band Ring

Intricately crafted from glistening jewels, this spinner ring is a work of art. This cluster-themed open band ring set in sterling silver is sure to turn heads. You can pair this spinning ring with anything in your wardrobe because it is the piece of class and luxury.

Bezel Set Ring Round Shaped Black Tourmaline Ring Womens in Sterling Silver

This ring features a 6mm round cut stone bezel set on a thin plain band. Wear it alone or mix and match it with other rings to make something truly special. Its refined simplicity will make you appreciate the finer things in life.

Black Tourmaline Engagement Ring Raw Crystal Ring in 18K Gold Plated

This is a gorgeous statement cocktail ring in black and gold. It works wonderfully for any celebration or party. A stunning chunk of natural black tourmaline has been soldered on a wide band to create a one-of-a-kind statement ring for jewelry enthusiasts. Further, if you want to give an ethnic flavor to your western attire, it looks elegant with that too. Wear this ring to draw attention to your fingers and complete your glitzy ensemble.

How to Care for Your Black Tourmaline Ring?

How to Care for Your Black Tourmaline Ring

Keep black tourmaline ring away from harder gemstones and other objects that could rub against it and harm it in storage. Protect black tourmaline ring from nicks and blows that could break it, like you should with other gems. Avoid extreme temperature changes as well, as these might lead to crystal fracture (such as leaving it near a heater vent or in a hot car).

Never use a home ultrasonic cleaner to clean black tourmaline ring! You may clean tourmaline jewelry at home using a mild mixture of water and mild dishwashing soap. After soaking the black tourmaline ring for 10 to 20 minutes, wipe it down firmly but delicately with a washcloth.

Cleanse Black Tourmaline Ring

Even though black tourmaline is a tough and durable gemstone, the black tourmaline ring should nevertheless be cleansed as frequently as feasible.

Although it is frequently employed in practice to calm the mind, body, and spirit, each application may expose the stone to energies that may be misaligned. Cleansing black tourmaline ring is essential for people who think that crystals have an energetic component and emit natural vibrations into their surroundings because it allows the stone to recharge and return to its original state.

Black tourmaline ring can be cleaned most effectively by submerging it in running water for a minute or two before laying it flat to dry. The stone may become harmed by prolonged contact with water or minerals like salt.


FAQs of Black Tourmaline Ring

Which tourmaline hue is the most expensive?

Any tourmaline with a rich color, such as the pink/red rubellites, is regarded as desirable. But when compared to other green and blue tourmaline gemstones, high-quality black tourmaline can easily cost more than other tourmaline kinds. They are one of the most sought-after diamonds in the world due to their scarcity and dark black hue.

Who should wear stone tourmaline?

Anyone can wear it; there are no restrictions on who can do so. Left-handed folks should wear a tourmaline stone on their little finger, whereas right-handed people should do the opposite. A full moon on a Wednesday at 12 o’clock would be the best moment to wear.

Can you wear black tourmaline ring every day?

Black tourmaline ring can be worn every day, but with caution, as it has a Mohs hardness value of 7 to 7.5. We advise against wearing any tourmaline rings if you frequently work with your hands to lessen the possibility of unintentionally knocking it against something harsh. If you want to wear tourmaline jewelry every day, earrings and pendants are always good choices.


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