The birthstone for the month of October is the opal, one of the most well-liked gemstones in the world. A good precious opal, like blue opal, can flash every hue in the rainbow with an intensity and color quality that rival diamond fire. Blue opal is used to create stunning jewelry. Opal can be found in many different varieties in different deposits all over the world.

This tranquil light blue gemstone has an appearance that ranges from translucent to opaque. It is recognized as a potent healing gemstone that aids in the healing of emotional wounds, low self-esteem, and tension in the mind.

What is Blue Opal?

A delicate diamond with exceptional beauty and ornamental value is the blue opal. Those who approach this stone are fascinated by its mysterious brightness and graceful aura. The blue opal is a mineral with water molecules inside that resembles quartz in composition. The Greeks said it sprang from Zeus’ tears of luck following his victory over the Titans.

Blue opals are a valuable stone that many people adore, and we have the chance to learn more about it today. Don’t pass up your chance to explore the wonderful world of blue opal-made jewelry and accessories. Don’t forget to share it if you find it beneficial. Let’s get it going!

Six Reasons Blue Opal Can Change Your Life

1.Acts As Birthstone

The star Aludra, which is situated at the last degree of the zodiac sign of Cancer, is related to the blue opal. It is regarded as a gem with extremely valuable and advantageous qualities. Particularly advised for individuals with the Sun in the last degrees of Pisces or Scorpio at birth.

2.Emotional Healing

The issue of love is unquestionably one of the numerous advantages that opal stone may provide for us. Draw love and enhance connections. Due to its vibration and powerful force, it has the capacity to make us feel at rest. The mineral responds to feelings, intuition, and problem-solving simultaneously. You may rely on this gem to help you discover your best qualities while assisting in the purification of your energies.

Try blue opal if you’re having trouble letting go of an emotional hang-up, such as one caused by a recent breakup or a challenging moral choice. The stone can calm the racing thoughts in your head and assist you in gaining the thoughtful insight you require for the future. Additionally, the stone can impart confidence, making you feel confident in your choice.

3.Reduces Stress and Anxiety

You can use the blue opal as a nightstand ornament. This stone emits a gentle, calming energy that helps ease physical stress and promote mental clarity. Additionally, it is claimed that this stone fosters interpersonal communication. Therefore, wearing it is highly advised for those who are reticent and introverted.

4.Supports Mental Health

Blue opal has a calming and tranquil effect, much like all blue stones. It is employed in the energy field to promote mental harmony and balance between the two hemispheres of the brain. Despite being a fairly common ornamental stone, it is used to make jewelry of various values, the cost of which is determined by the item’s quality. It is typically marketed either round or extended after carving.

5.Helps Protect Spirit

The blue opal is a precious stone prized for facilitating astral travel. By establishing a link that keeps the body and the spirit permanently bonded, it is said that you can protect the spirit.

6.Boosts Brain System

The blue opal acts as a harmonizer between the two cerebral hemispheres, influencing by way of bridging energy between the perceptions of the abstract mind (ideas, thoughts, memories) and the concrete mind (music, art, spirituality). It is seen as a widening of thought and a stretching of the mind.

Because this gem enhances reasoning and develops consciousness, it is highly suggested for persons who are short on sights and have limited ideas. The effects of this opal inspire travel, language study, and interaction with foreign nationals. They also produce exciting curiosity about the high or the strange. On the other side, it promotes gains or raises economic advantages.

The connotations of the opal, an old stone, are expanding as more time passes. You must understand that using a stone this exquisite involves carrying both its powers and its profound meaning in addition to using it.

Opals for Libras

One of the four potent jewels that supports Libras is the opal. The zodiac stone opal highlights the virtues of the Libra sign, especially their commitment to justice and cooperation. Libras benefit most from fire opal, which has an orange to red body tone. Fire opals, a stone of immense affection, direct Venus’s adoring energy toward Libras, particularly toward people who are near to them. More about fire opals: Things You Need to Know About Fire Opal Rings

These unique gemstones, according to astrologers, serve as pure conduits for all of that planet’s energies. The celestial or spiritual realm, where many people seek guidance, is frequently represented as the sky in literature. The water of the sea serves as a metaphor for our physical identities, which were created to be anchored to the planet.

This particular opal variety’s blues and greens reflect both the sea and the sky, making the stone an anchor for meditative excursions. Additionally, the representation of the two seemingly incompatible forces serves as a reminder that happiness depends heavily on balance.

The increased harmony and enhanced teamwork are encouraged by this unrestrained exchange of harmonising energy. In particular, they encourage emotional steadiness, dependability, and loyalty—all qualities that Libras need in a relationship to satisfy their deepest aspirations.

The Best Ways for Libras to Wear Opals

Opals can be worn by Libras in a number of different ways to accentuate their most powerful assets, according to crystal healers and astrologers. On the right middle finger, some advise wearing an opal ring that is 6 carats or more.

That might not fit for you because it is fairly high profile. Therefore, a more popular approach to wear an opal as a pendant. This channels energy through two of your most potent Libra energy centers—your throat chakra and heart chakra—keeping its strength near to you.

Being a heart-centered air sign, Libras seek to express their love and support for the ones they cherish.

Of course, you are free to style your opal jewelry however you like. You can’t go wrong if you pick an opal jewel that captures your attention.


Physical Properties Of Blue Opal Rings

The blue opal, a noble gem with the same morphological and iridescent qualities as the white opal, is one of the most attractive gemstones because of its unexpected color iridescence. The dominating hue in this case is vividly bluish with white, green, and yellow flashes.

Many of the physical and optical characteristics shared by all opals are present in blue opal. Its poor hardness and low toughness, like those of the other opal variants, make it a stone that is prone to breaking. Since blue opal has a high water content and is more prone to dehydration until subjected to high temperatures, its fragility is heightened. These diamonds may lose their vibrancy due to the heat and may even crack.

Spiritual Properties Of Blue Opal Rings

Although the Blue Opal has many unique qualities, it is important to emphasize that it also contains healing capabilities, which increase its significance. For instance, this stone aids in the improvement of cataracts and lowers eye irritation. Therefore, older folks who have a propensity to suffer from these eye disorders are the ones who tend to carry it the most.

It aids in the treatment of deadly animal bites and stings. It is quite effective for those who frequently go camping and are confronted by these dangerous animals.

On the other hand, the Blue Opal’s energy properties are a different matter. This stone has the capacity to grow psychic talents, which are excellent for starting to align everyone’s chakras.

By widening the mind and increasing perception, it encourages meditation and exceptional sensory experiences, which in turn stimulates the strength needed to maintain one’s composure under pressure. When you decide to have a Healing Day, this stone is a great companion. It actually ensures that you’ll be in an exceptional mood.

Depending on where you are and how you are feeling, the therapeutic qualities may change. Because of this, before using a Blue Opal, carefully consider why you want to carry it around. Otherwise, you risk having an effect that is completely opposite of what you intend.

Blue Opal Prices and Value

Despite not being as popular as black opals, blue opals are nonetheless in high demand because of their aquamarine hues and neon patterns. So, how much does blue opal cost? The body tone or background color of a blue opal has a significant impact on its value. Another important factor in valuing is the hue’s color density and intensity.

For instance, a darker-colored, duller blue opal can cost roughly $50 per carat. However, when the color intensity rises, that cost might quadruple. The brightest, most brilliant hues will flash over the most expensive blue opals, which will have a background that is incredibly dark, almost black. In actuality, a blue opal with blue-green hues may be more expensive than a boulder or crystal opal.

Each carat of these stunning blue opals can cost up to $250. In the end, the color intensity, backdrop, and gem quality of a blue opal will determine its value because opals are all completely unique.

A spectacular example of an amazing blue opal is this South Australian Andamooka Opal, which sells for hundreds of dollars due to its extraordinary color.

Uses of Blue Opal in Jewelry

A precious stone that may be utilized in a wide variety of accessories is the blue opal. In fact, some people always include it in their clothing since it gives them that ethereal, lovely, and modern touch.

Any garment you see may be made to look fashionable by using Blue Opal. Because of this, this rock is frequently used in rings, bracelets and earrings. Since the brightness of this stone is lovely and makes each earring look exquisite and, above all, enigmatic, ladies are the primary consumers of these earrings.

Everyone adores the huge, typically blue opal rings. In fact, because they are so attractive, they are quite well-liked by young girls. Blue opal rings, which are fashioned from the priceless gemstone blue opal, are a fashionable addition to a variety of outfits worn by both men and women around the world. A blue opal ring is regarded in mystical circles as a symbol of hope, innocence, and purity. It strongly evokes feelings of joy, fidelity, loyalty, and confidence. Additionally, women frequently favor blue opal necklaces.

There is a fashion trend where blue opals are used as the focal stone on headbands.

Top Five Popular Blue Opal Rings

Blue Opal Sterling Silver Ring Blue Opal Wedding Rings

This sterling silver ring, accented with blue opal stones made in a lab, adds the ideal splash of color to your look. The ring is an exquisite electric blue with green specks that shimmers beautifully when light catches the inlays.

Blue Opal Sterling Silver Swirl Ring Opal Ring Blue

This sterling silver ring has a swirl pattern created in a lab that features blue opal, giving it a striking elegance you’re sure to love.

Blue Opal Sterling Silver Swirl Ring Opal Ring Blue
Twisted Vine Opal Wedding Ring Natural Blue Opal Rings
Twisted Vine Opal Wedding Ring Natural Blue Opal Rings

This Australian opal ring has exquisite pink and green tones. It is really stunning. Crowned with glistening cubic zirconias that highlight the Opal gemstone’s bright flashes. Be confident in its durability thanks to its high-quality 925 sterling silver prong setting. This extravagantly colored Opal Ring never has a dull moment. This opal gemstone is ethical and completely real, coming from Australian quality mines.

Silver Oval Blue Opal Flower Halo Ring Blue Opal Engagement Ring

The ring is gorgeous! Your fiancé couldn’t have wished for a more stunning opal with diamonds all around. Naturally, it looks even better on her finger, and it really begins to shine with lovely colors when it catches the sunlight. This blue opal engagement ring is perfect for proposal if your girl doesn’t want a traditional diamond ring.

Silver Oval Blue Opal Flower Halo Ring Blue Opal Engagement Ring
Blue Green Opal Inlay Tungsten Wedding Band Set Blue Opal Tungsten Ring
Blue Green Opal Inlay Tungsten Wedding Band Set Blue Opal Tungsten Ring

This ring has beveled sides with a high polish and an unusual opal center inlay. The distance between the edges ranges from 4 to 10 mm wide, which depends on your preference. Just send us a message and we can make it in any size!

The blue-green opal inlay enhances the already brilliant individual parts, and the entire design radiates with limitless energy, signifying the enduring harmony that can exist between two loving hearts.

How To Care For Blue Opal Rings?

Clean Your Opal Rings

Opal rings should be cleaned at least every two months. A soft cleaning implement, such as a toothbrush or cloth, should be used to carefully clean a solid opal ring. Warm water, a few drops of mild, unscented dish soap, and the solid opal ring should be swirled together to create a frothy solution. This will clear the stone’s surface of any accumulated dirt or debris. Then, using a damp microfiber towel and the mild solution, gently wipe the ring down. Finally, use a dry microfiber cloth to completely dry your ring.

Do not immerse the stone in a doublet or triplet opal ring. Instead, gently clean the ring with a light cleaning solution on a microfiber jewelry cloth, then dry the ring with a microfiber cloth while being extremely careful not to scratch it. Opals that have been penetrated by water will seem cloudy.

Bring your stone back to an opal cutter if it develops scratches or loses its luster. An opal loses its shine and turns dull after years of use because of tiny scratches and scuff marks. An opal that has gotten dull or scratched can be given new life through professional polishing.

Storing Blue Opal Rings

Put your blue opal rings in a cushioned fabric bag for protection and storage if you need to put it away for an extended period of time. Put your blue opal ring in cotton wool with a few drops of water for extended storage periods, then, out of precaution, put it into a sealed plastic bag. As opal is impenetrable, the water is not intended to sink into the stone; but, if the stone is exposed to extremely low humidity surroundings, the water will prevent water from coming out of the stone (for example, zero humidity storage safes).


What does wearing an opal ring mean?

Due to their amazing color play, opals have been linked to love and beauty for a very long time. Opal engagement rings are a beautiful method for a couple to express their dedication to one another because they also represent the release of desires and restraints.

Do opals have a higher value than diamonds?

In general, diamonds are more expensive than opals, but the value of each gem varies greatly depending on its size and demand.

For instance, some high-quality opals are more expensive than most diamonds due to their rarity.

Are opals suitable for jewelry?

Blue opal rings for women are a stunning option for wearing on special occasions. The captivating stone will enhance your appearance and look great with a range of formal attire. Opals are relatively soft gemstones, therefore they shouldn’t be worn every day. When the night is over, be sure to carefully store your favorite ring in a jewelry box with felt lining.

What types of opal rings are popular now?

Elleroses has a wide selection of stylish and contemporary opal rings for men and women that you can wear with confidence. A sophisticated, straightforward ring with a single center stone is a multipurpose option ideal for cocktail events. You can’t go wrong with a dazzling opal encircled by a diamond halo or accented by diamonds for your most beautiful ensembles.

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