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Everything You Need to Know About Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Everything You Need to Know About Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

You should absolutely look at a hidden halo engagement ring if you are familiar with halo diamond rings and are thinking about buying one. The primary distinction between the two is that the ring lacks a halo when viewed from the top. However, the hidden halo will make the diamond appear up to 15% larger when you look at the ring from almost any side angle. These rings are fashionable, elegant, and will be noticeable on the wearer’s ring finger.

What is a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

What is a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Diamonds surround the center stone’s base in a hidden halo engagement ring. You won’t be able to notice the concealed halo when looking at your engagement ring from above, but you can see it from the side. Any diamond shape will support hidden halos. A hidden halo will offer breath-taking artistry and guarantee shine from extra angles, even though it won’t necessarily make your center stone appear larger.

Should I Select a Classic Or a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

It all comes down to preference. Consider a hidden halo engagement ring if you want something a little more special because they are less typical than traditional halo engagement rings. Some people like the conventional halo engagement ring because it gives the appearance of having a larger diamond, which can be advantageous for people on a tight budget.

What is a Halo Setting?

A center diamond is surrounded by smaller accent diamonds in halo settings, which produce a beautiful appearance. In addition to creating the appearance of a larger diamond, these smaller accent diamonds also offer sparkle, flash, and light. This highlights the diamond ring itself more. Women all across the world love them.

Halo Ring vs. Hidden Halo Ring

Halo Ring vs Hidden Halo Ring

The diameter is the primary distinction between the halo ring and the hidden halo ring. A ring is referred to as having a halo if the diamonds or gemstones that surround the center stone have a diameter that is greater than the center stone itself. It’s a hidden halo setting if the halo’s diameter is less. When the center stone’s table is facing you and the halo is hidden, you won’t be able to view it. If you tilt the ring, the halo will appear as a hidden halo. The hidden halo ring’s stones face sideways in contrast to the halo ring’s stones, which are oriented upward.

Pros and Cons of a Halo Ring

The halo ring is a traditional style. Your center stone will appear even bigger than it is because of the halo effect. Something about the halo design adds just the proper amount of additional glitz to your ring. It strikes the ideal balance between old and new. However, one of the most common settings is the solitaire ring. Even though halo engagement rings are so well-liked right now, others contend that fashions come and go. Some people may feel that the halo ring is too showy for them.

Pros and Cons of a Hidden Halo Ring

The wearer gets a contemporary twist with a hidden halo. A hidden halo ring will likewise give the impression that the center stone is larger, much like the halo ring. The hidden halo is notably out of the ordinary for anyone seeking for a distinctive ring setting, in contrast to the usual halo ring. Additionally, compared to the top perspective of the conventional halo design, you will see more sparkles from more angles. The diamonds in the concealed halo, however, are more difficult to access and clean. Due to the hidden halo ring needs a higher setting, finding a wedding band that matches could also be difficult. The hidden halo ring could easily be damaged or snagged by the higher sitting ring.

Reasons To Choose a Hidden Halo Diamond Ring

Reasons To Choose a Hidden Halo Diamond Ring

Celebrities with Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Here are a handful of our favorite celebrities who have hidden halo engagement rings.

Jasmine Tookes

The 7-carat oval-cut diamond on the model is surrounded by an unnoticed halo. Juan David Borrero, her fiance, and Ritani collaborated to design the magnificent ring. They got married in September 2020.

Hailey Baldwin Bieber

In 2018, Mrs. Bieber’s roughly 10-carat oval-cut diamond engagement ring became viral online. The gorgeous hidden halo is a highlight of the yellow gold solitaire engagement ring. After getting engaged, Hailey and Justin were married in just two months.

Demi-Leigh Tebow

Tim Tebow gave the 2017 Miss Universe winner a massive 7.25-carat round-cut diamond engagement ring in January 2019. This stunning ring has a hidden halo and a band covered in diamonds, which adds to its brightness. One year later, the two got married.

Kim Kardashian

In 2013, Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian a cushion-cut engagement ring that will never be forgotten. A hidden halo, a tiny diamond band, and compass-point prongs were used to set the unusual 15-carat cushion-cut diamond ring. Sadly, the couple’s marriage did not continue after they were married in 2014.

You desire to break up custom

Diamond halo rings with a standard design have been popular for a while. The hidden halo has gained popularity and appeal recently. It’s a fantastic method for someone to make their ring and halo stand out a little bit more. The D, E, and F color grades of colored diamonds work particularly well with these hidden halo diamond rings. You may get hidden halo diamond rings at Elleroses that are distinctive and have the ideal color grade.

They are great to distinguish a marriage proposal or the wedding itself

In addition to being worn during engagements and wedding ceremonies, hidden halo diamond rings are occasionally worn to mark a key anniversary or other relationship milestone. Some people decide to buy a hidden halo for an engagement and afterwards get a more modest wedding band. Some people will buy a simpler engagement ring and a hidden halo ring separately for their wedding.

Almost any sort of diamond will look fantastic on a hidden halo ring

Almost any sort of diamond will look fantastic on a hidden halo ring

A hidden halo ring will likely complement your preferred diamond cut. Your ring will shine whether the stone is emerald, princess, or asscher cut. In fact, you could even think your ring shines brighter now. Setting a baguette cut stone on a hidden halo band might make the stone appear larger and more expensive than it actually is.

Hidden halo rings have a “2 to 1” appeal

From above, your hidden halo ring will look like a standard solitaire, while from the side, it will resemble a classic halo. When you wear this ring to a cocktail party, everyone will take notice.

The hidden halo around your diamond will make it appear larger than it actually

If your diamond is mounted on a hidden halo and appears 15% larger than it actually is, this also translates into karats. A diamond set on an engagement ring with a hidden halo will typically appear 0.5 karats larger. A double halo is an option that some individuals may choose, which might make your diamond appear to be 1 carat larger than it actually is.

Hidden halo rings are a great investment

Hidden halo rings are a great investment

Engagement rings and wedding bands with hidden halo designs are so luxurious. Their one-of-a-kind venue sets them apart from other bands and ensures that your proposal or wedding will be remembered for years to come. You may find a diamond that just below the critical weight in these types of hidden halo rings. This frees up the jeweler’s time and energy to concentrate on putting the remaining diamonds in the halo so that they sparkle brightly and an air of sophistication to the setting.

You can find your perfect metal

White gold and platinum are two popular alternatives that some choose. Both of these metals are able to speak volumes. Platinum, being a somewhat stronger metal, makes the hidden halo a little more approachable for those who are busy in their day-to-day lives. Some folks may prefer white gold instead because it is more affordable.

A wonderful history behind hidden halo designs

For whatever reason, the hidden halo appeals to certain people more than other options and they choose to go against the grain and adopt it. Halo rings, however, have been worn since the Georgian period (1714–around 1820), and their popularity skyrocketed during the Victorian era. The geometric and symmetrical design of a halo ring helped propel its popularity in the 1920s.

These Hidden halos elevates the beauty of the day

These Hidden halos elevates the beauty of the day

A hidden halo diamond that will make the bride’s fingers sparkle on her wedding day. The sun’s rays will catch the diamond’s sparkle beautifully at your outdoor ceremony. The diamond will still shine brightly and beautifully even if the ceremony and reception take place indoors. Rings with a hidden halo are not as frequent as other types of diamond settings, but their uniqueness will provide a special touch to the special day.

Find the ideal hidden halo diamond ring with the help of Elleroses

The most sophisticated hidden halo rings may be found at Elleroses. Conflict-free diamonds, diamonds with the highest possible color grades, and flawless diamond shapes can all help your ring stand out.

Popular Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Popular Hidden Halo Engagement Rings
Hidden Halo Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Ring in Sterling Silver

For a splash of glitz on any occasion, this contemporary ring with a platinum-plated finish blends the accuracy and quality of glittering cubic zirconia with a classic and beautiful design. With its sizable eye-catching center emerald cut stone, surrounded by delicate hidden halo stones, the spectacular ring makes a not-so-subtle statement.

Cushion Cut Hidden Halo Engagement Ring Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Ring in Sterling Silver

This stunning centerpiece features a 6 carat simulated diamond, unique and attractive. There are many intricate designs on this gorgeous ring. The captivating Alongated Cushion is tucked inside a brilliant basket of small pavé-set stones with an open design that lets you see the stone’s culet (point) up close. Brilliant white stones that extend 3/4 of the way down the shank adorn the delicate band on three of its sides. Extremely stunning because only the highest grade, highly polished 14K Gold Plating was used for the setting and band.

Micro Pave Hidden Halo Engagement Ring Princess Cut 1.50ct Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Engagement Ring

This stunning engagement ring features a cathedral shank, clean, seductive lines, with the most delectable 1.7 carat Princess Cut cz in the middle. All stones are set in black plating sterling silver , with a ring shank adorned with round stimulted diamonds. This ring is a straightforward design that may be worn alone or with other items as a basic accent or an original, conversation-starting accessory.

Hidden Halo Engagement Ring Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

She’ll be mesmerized and astounded by this magnificent engagement ring. She’ll be amazed by the alluring shimmer that emanates from the spectacular round cut Moissanite raised by the excellent cathedral setting and displayed by a band covered in a gallery of gorgeous accent stones placed in the pavé method.

Hidden Halo Engagement Rings 6.5 mm Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Choose a 14k gold engagement ring with a classic style. The side profile of this piece, which features a hidden row of diamonds beneath your choice of a blue saphire center stone, is gorgeous from every angle.


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