If you want a beautiful and pleasantly unique engagement ring, tear drop diamonds are a fantastic choice. Any woman with a distinctive or daring sense of style should choose an engagement ring with a pear-shaped center stone. Discover amazing pear cut models from the Elleroses collection as well as more information on tear drop engagement rings’ symbolic implications!

What Is a Tear Drop Ring?

The teardrop ring, often called a pear diamond or pendeloque diamond ring, is a rare and unusual shape. One end is rounded like an oval, while the other is pointed like a Marquise cut cut; this hybrid shape is known as a modified brilliant cut. Its recognizably sleek form has won widespread adoration.

Pear Ratio

Although there is no official cut grade for pear cut diamonds, the chart below can be used as a general reference for evaluating the cut of a pear shape diamond.

The ratio of pear-shaped diamonds is a matter of taste and fashion. A larger ratio results in a narrow, elongated pear form, whereas a lower ratio results in a more rounded, wider pear shape. The choice depends on you.

The distinctive shape of pear-shaped diamonds resembles a teardrop. It successfully blends the look of the round and marquise cuts in one style since it is tapered on one end and rounded on the other.

A pear-shaped diamond typically has beautiful symmetry, with the curves on each side of the stone being the same and the point of the tapered end perfectly aligning with the center of the rounded edge. Pear diamonds don’t have a set length to width ratio, but the traditional measurements are 50% longer than they are wide.

Pear diamonds should, as a general rule, have excellent or very good symmetry so that the point of the pear aligns with the centre of the rounded end.

At Elleroses, we frequently choose source stones based on their aesthetic appeal and boldness. Not specs. Regarding pears, that only denotes one thing: chubby. You’ll hear us talk about “chubby” pears as a dream ring quite frequently.

So what exactly is a chubby pear?

A pear that is bottom-heavy and more stout than it is long is referred to as chubby.

Pear Diamond Color

Which color of diamond works best for a pear shape?

Customers may prefer the warmer tones of color grades G-H to the icy cool tones of color grades D-F. This affects how color is evaluated in pear-shaped diamonds.

In fact, it can be challenging to distinguish between these two color grade ranges, especially with the naked eye. The pear form itself, however, tends to have color that is more apparent at the tip. We advise a color grade of H or higher to guarantee a consistent tone across the stone.

What diamond clarity is ideal for pears?

Clarity in pear-shaped diamonds depends on personal preference, just like it does with other diamond shapes.

Others may insist on a technically flawless appearance for absolute perfection, while some people may be perfectly content with a diamond that has clarity attributes that aren’t evident to the naked eye.

History Of Teardrop Diamond

The first pear-shaped diamond was created in 1475 by jeweler Lodewyk van Bercken, who popularized the design. Van Bercken is no stranger to diamonds; he also created the instrument used to precisely cut and polish diamond facets. Given that facets are what give a gemstone its light-emitting properties, his tool completely altered the diamond industry and how people viewed gemstones. Pear cut diamonds, which are typically cut with 58-fascets, continue to have such a bright appearance and incredibly stunning sparkle!

The history of pear-shaped diamond engagement rings is illustrious and spectacular. In fact, this rare cut can be found in one of history’s most renowned diamonds. The 69-carat pear-shaped Taylor-Burton Diamond was bought for actress Elizabeth Taylor by her former husband, Richard Burton. This opulent diamond, which has a value of around $20 million, was worn around the neck of the well-known actor on multiple red carpet occasions!

Why Choose a Pear Diamond?

When compared to round brilliant cuts, the pear’s faceting structure is very comparable. This means it still has the coveted fire and brightness of a diamond.

The pear shape is one of juxtapositions since it can be worn on the finger with the tip facing up or down. There’s a vitality to the form, and it’s both timeless and bold.

Stars like Katherine Heigl, Victoria Beckham, and Cardi B all rock pear diamond engagement rings, so clearly the trend hasn’t gone overlooked.

Due to the way the diamond is cut, some pear-shaped diamonds could have a bow-tie effect, which happens when light doesn’t bounce into the center of the diamond. This can be seen as a bow-tie-shaped black spot in the diamond’s center.

Although most people concur that this adds to a pear diamond’s beauty, serious effects are undesired. Each of our diamonds is manually examined to make sure there isn’t a pronounced bow-tie appearance.

The popularity of pear-shaped diamonds extends beyond Elizabeth Taylor. Pear-shaped engagement rings have been seen on well-known fashionistas including Victoria Beckham, Anna Kournikova, and Princess Charlene of Monaco. There is no way to go wrong with this look!

Special Meaning

Being unique in a world when everything is captured on camera and instantaneously shared is more crucial—and challenging—than ever. The pear cut style will appeal to women who like to stand out and don’t want a ring that looks like everyone else’s.

The diamond’s teardrop form is thought to represent tears of joy, and the design itself is a testament to a lady who is fearless and follows her own path. For a strong woman with a flare for romanticism and elegance, this look is ideal.

Benefits Of Pear Cut Diamonds

For those who adore the conventional shape of the round Old European cut but also desire something a little more distinctive, vintage pear cut diamond engagement rings are perfect. More benefits of the pear cut include the following:

  • It appears fantastic even at lesser clarity levels because of its facets.
  • Because of its curvature, fingers seem longer and slimmer.
  • A variety of side stones look beautiful complements the pear cut diamond.

Pear-Shaped Diamond Settings

You may choose a pear-shaped engagement ring that matches your taste and price range, whether you want solitaire, three-stone, gemstone, art deco, vintage, platinum, or gold jewelry. We’ll demonstrate some of our favorite pear diamond jewelry styles for you.


A timeless option that really lets the diamond’s distinctive shape shine.

Side Stones

Consider side stones to add a delicate touch of character to your setting. There are several methods to do this, including little stones placed in beads on the ring shank or do side stones that are slightly more substantial.

Vintage & Ornate

If you’re lucky enough to find a totally vintage engagement ring with a pear diamond, you’ll probably see the pear diamond exhibited in a number of different ways.

The design may be elaborate and intricate or subtle and straightforward, depending on the era of the piece. Here are a few of our preferred real vintage rings with pear-shaped diamonds:

Saffron ring. Like a chandelier on a finger. A fantasy of a genuine vintage piece with lovely stones and a distinctive and fantastical shape!

Crown jewelry. Such a wonderful, genuine antique item. The ring occupies a lot of space because it rests so low on the finger. The rubies bring a much-appreciated splash of bright color!

Ellen ring. Such a great accessory with stunning stones. The ring has a modest profile and is incredibly comfortable to wear.

Pear Shaped Gemstones

If you want to stand out, look into a ruby, emerald, or sapphire with a pear cut. Gemstones are an excellent alternative to diamonds due to their lower relative cost, allowing for greater carat weight for the same expenditure.

Some of our favorite antique and colored pear rings include:

Zinfandel 3.60. For a sleek and bold style that’s heavy on the gold and deep in emerald color, this gorgeously hued emerald is securely set in a wonderfully hefty bezel.

Kiara 3.59. A vivid emerald with a flawless OEC that sparkles to each side creates a ideal finger span.

Perry ring. Stunningly unique jewelry that will draw attention to everyone. Extremely finger-length, with exquisite gemstones.

Find the Best Pear-Cut Teardrop Ring

These glistening tear-drop-shaped gems exude a royal air and a mysterious allure. In addition to our extensive selection of various styles, Elleroses is pleased to present our curated range of vintage and vintage-inspired pear cut engagement rings.

14K White Gold Tear Drop Engagement Rings Pear-Shaped Diamond Wedding Ring

Your future wife will love this diamond engagement ring, which is all she could have wished for. The 1/5 carat pear-shaped diamond in this lovely 14k white gold piece is surrounded by smaller round diamonds, and then another frame of larger diamonds.

14K White Gold Tear Drop Rings Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Your future wife will like this antique-style diamond engagement ring. An elegant 1/5 carat pear-shaped diamond is framed by two smaller diamonds in this 14k white gold ring. Additional diamonds are set into the marquise-shaped shank that features delicate milgrain detailing. This diamond engagement ring with a 1/2 carat total weight is lovely.

Plated Platinum Wedding Ring Tear Drop Pear Shaped Solitaire Ring

Make this stunning diamond ring your collection. A beautiful contrast between the round, pave-set cubic zirconia simulated diamonds down the band and the pear-shaped Diamonique simulated diamond in the center makes this ring stand out.

14K Rose Gold Tear Drop Wedding Rings Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

A 1/4 carat pear-shaped diamond is set in rose-colored 14-karat gold and encircled by more diamonds and milgrain. Diamonds also adorn the ring’s split shank. Buffed to a brilliant luster, this tri-sided engagement ring features half a carat’s worth of diamonds.

14K Rose Gold Tear Drop Engagement Ring Pear Cut Moissanite Chevron Teardrop Wedding Ring in Metal 14K Rose Gold

There is a pear-shaped diamond set in an illusion setting at the heart of this stunning teardrop engagement ring, with a cascade of smaller diamonds extending down the shank for even more dazzle.

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How To Wear a Teardrop Ring Correctly?

The pear shape is one of the most sought after fancy cuts, making it a popular choice for engagement rings. Many people have come to appreciate this particular diamond cut because of its unusual shape, which is both contemporary and exquisite.

Let us help you choose the proper method to wear a pear-shaped ring if you have recently been proposed by one or are shopping for one.

The Common Way to Wear the Pear Shape

Your pear shape will look different depending on how you wear it, in contrast to a more balanced design, like a round engagement ring. So, which way should we wear? Up or down?

Most pear shapes should be worn with the pointy end toward the fingertips and the rounder bottom toward the hand. This causes it to stand erect, like a pear or a teardrop that has just fallen.

A pear-shaped diamond can be worn in either orientation, although this is the most common one. There is, strictly speaking, no “correct” method.


There may be a “correct” way to show off your pear-shaped engagement ring, but it’s not that one. The versatility of a pear cut diamond means it can be worn in a variety of settings. If you find both styles to be equally attractive on your hand, you can switch between them at will.

It doesn’t matter which way you wear this elegant cut, as it’s gorgeous either way.

To sum up, there is no single correct way to display your ring. In the end, it’s all in the eye of the observer. Because everyone is unique, you should wear your ring anyway you choose.

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