Some of the most well-liked modern wedding band set designs are tungsten rings for men and women. You may find them in a rainbow of hues and designs, each one is special thanks to the countless inlays and etchings available. Tungsten rings, such as tungsten mens wedding bands, are more popular because of how easily they can be personalized. This metal is more mysterious than gold or platinum, despite the fact that many are aware of their durability and suitability for making tungsten wedding bands and carefully designed jewelry. We hoped that by sharing some lesser-known facts about the tungsten carbide rings, we could lift some of the veil and allay some of the fears.

Why Are Tungsten Rings Popular?

popular jewelry for men

Rings made of tungsten are becoming common, but they are still surrounded by uncertain. This is largely due to the fact that tungsten is seen as an unconventional option to more traditional metals like gold and silver.

Tungsten’s endurance and hardness make it a desirable option. Tungsten is extremely hard and scratch-proof, with a Mohs hardness scale rating of 8.5 to 9. It won’t lose its luster or its form with time and will be around for quite long time. Because of these characteristics, tungsten rings are commonly used as wedding bands.

Tungsten rings are stylish when worn alone, but they may greatly enhance a woman’s image when she also dons a bracelet or a designer pendant. You might also choose to wear it with additional tungsten accessories or jewelry, including cufflinks or a pair of earrings. Tungsten carbide has the unusual ability to stand out while also being subtle since it is bright and perpetually looks new.

A tungsten carbide ring is ideal for the woman who values her look and wants a fashionable addition in her collection.

A tungsten ring is not the typical accessory you might buy at a clothing store. The actual beauty of tungsten rings, which are often made of the carbide alone, is in the variety of inlay possibilities.

Tungsten rings are available with a variety of styles, from basic materials like wood to the more exotic, like caribou antler and meteorite, for men who prefer their style and accessories to be “manly.”

Tungsten rings are the ideal accessory in many respects, from their toughness and longevity to their capacity to bring edge to your appearance, not to mention the possibility for some outstanding inlay materials.

Tungsten symbolism

The new titanium in the realm of men’s jewelry is tungsten. Tungsten is a metal associated with perseverance and dedication. It’s easy to see why this style of jewelry has grown so popular among modern guys. It’s sturdy, can’t be scratched, and weighs a lot. So, basically, all the traits of humans in fiction and history are embodied in the new-age metal rings.

Tungsten has a higher hardness and durability than any other metal. Tungsten jewelry, in contrast to more traditional metals like gold and silver, will retain its luster forever. It’s an industrial metal originally developed for the toughest jobs, but now styled for aesthetic appeal. Tungsten rings, to put it plainly, last a lifetime.

Black tungsten rings

More and more individuals in recent years have recognized the unique beauty of black rings. If you’ve been looking into getting a black ring, you’ve definitely seen that there are always new designs hitting the market. In your search for the perfect black ring, you’ve likely discovered that black tungsten is typically the best option. Black tungsten rings, in contrast to more traditional metals like silver or gold, make a statement. Furthermore, black is a timeless color that complements every aesthetic.

Tungsten is a naturally grey metal and cannot be manufactured in a black finish. Truth be told, “black tungsten” doesn’t accurately describe what Black Tungsten is. Small, jet-black titanium zirconium alloy particles are fired on tungsten rings at mach speeds. The titanium zirconium basically imbeds itself onto the tungsten ring, turning it black. The outside surface of black tungsten rings is titanium, which is not as strong or scratch-resistant as tungsten, hence the ring itself is not as scratch-resistant as tungsten itself. Be wary of any jewelry store that advertises its black tungsten rings as scratch-proof. They are lying to you.

Wedding bands should be both fashionable and long-lasting. Tungsten rings are favored by some due to their low maintenance costs. Others, however, like a precious metal for the ring they plan to wear forever. In terms of hardness, tungsten is second only to zirconium. Black tungsten rings, then, outlast and outperform their gold and platinum counterparts by a wide margin.

Tungsten diamond ring

Make a statement with a brilliant diamond, or keep it simple with a polished Tungsten band. A flat finish creates an extremely contemporary appearance, while a classic style bridges the gap between the old and the new. Tungsten diamond rings are classic and go well with any groom’s style. Tungsten is a strong metal that doesn’t scratch easily. Because of this, it is often used for men’s wedding bands. But you should know that most tungsten diamond rings are not made of pure tungsten. Instead, they are made of a tungsten carbide mixture. Before you buy any jewelry, make sure to buy from a trusted seller and carefully check the quality and other details of the piece.

Tungsten wood ring

Rings, necklaces, and other jewelry have all been fashioned from wood for countless millennia. This organic material lends a sense of individuality to any jewelry creation. After all, real wood has distinct grain textures and patterns in addition to gorgeous natural colors. Black tungsten rings with wood inlays bring together two seemingly opposite materials: the cool metal and the warm wood.

The wood inlay can give the ring a natural and unique vibe, while the tungsten carbide makes it strong and resistant to scratches. Even though tungsten is a very hard metal, it can break easily if it is hit hard or put under a lot of pressure. So, you should be careful with tungsten wood rings so you don’t hurt the wood inlay or the tungsten carbide band.

Tungsten rings with wood inlays are handcrafted by jewelers using a variety of woods. Each type of wood has its unique range of tones and feel. Black walnut is a dark brown wood with a sumptuous appearance, while ash is light and has a somewhat darker grain. The deep crimson tones of padauk and mahogany are quite similar. Koa wood, found exclusively in Hawaii and harvested from naturally fallen trees, is rare and beautiful due to its rich brown hues and distinctive grain.

Custom tungsten ring

Most gold and silver wedding bands are really plain, especially if you’re looking at more classic styles. The original tungsten rings had the same problem. However, you may be able to provide specific design ideas or artwork to create a truly unique ring. Tungsten is a relatively new material, despite the fact that it has been used for years in jewelry production.

Tungsten’s rise in popularity over the past decade has been unrelenting. As the market for tungsten rings has expanded, so too have their variety of styles. Custom tungsten ring once again competed with other precious metal rings for available styles as jewelers experimented with a variety of material combinations.

Silver tungsten ring

In their natural state, tungsten rings have a gunmetal gray hue. Tungsten carbide is inert, thus the rings won’t fade even after prolonged sun exposure. The well-known gunmetal gray now comes in new colors, such as tungsten black and white tungsten. The latter is characterized by a unique and significant silver shine. It has the appearance of white gold and platinum but is far more affordable.

Black and silver men’s wedding bands come in a variety of styles. Black tungsten wedding bands with silver stripes and an authentic abalone inlay are also available, in addition to rings made of matte-brushed black tungsten with polished silver edges. Or a silver groove set in a black ring. There are even more complex patterns to choose from. A black tungsten ring with a silver Celtic design is one option.

Tungsten jewelry

Tungsten jewelry is composed of tungsten carbide, which is harmless and will not create any problems to the wearer, unlike pure tungsten, which can be toxic and cause complications.

One of most popular tungsten jewelry is tungsten carbide ring, which is so durable that it cannot be resized, therefore it is important to get the right size the first time. When one band grows too big or too tiny due to weather changes or normal wear and tear, or for any other reason, most individuals simply opt to acquire a second ring. Nearly half of men will lose their wedding rings, according to research; therefore, an inexpensive tungsten carbide ring is a perfect alternative.

Tungsten rings for men

Tungsten rings seem to be forever on trend, but why do you think so? Our investigation shows that this is in part due to the fact that Tungsten has not been utilized for sophisticated patterns up to this point, and in part due to the fact that the rings can be worn by either gender. While diamond and emerald rings have always been associated with the more feminine gender, these spectacular tungsten rings for men are the perfect accessory for any fashionista.

The main reason to choose tungsten over white gold and platinum is that it is cheaper. This is the most clear reason to choose tungsten rings for men, but there are a few more on this list.

Tungsten rings are easy to change the way they look. You can give tungsten rings for men to your stylish friend who likes different kinds of jewelry. They are great for weddings and birthdays. You can ask your jeweler to engrave your rings with names, quotes, or other words to make them more unique.

Most of the time, carbon fiber tungsten rings come in many different colors and styles. If you want something that stands out and is easy to see, you should choose black carbon fiber inlays. This makes your regular tungsten ring for men less likely to get scratched and more tolerant of cracks.

If you want to add more designs, colors, and textures to your regular tungsten rings for men, the carbon fiber accents are a must. From shiny white to bright blue, you can give your rings glossy sheen that don’t hurt their strength.

These rings are both big and hard to put on. Both men and women can wear tungsten rings. They look good on both men and women and can be worn every day.

IP coating on tungsten carbide rings. This makes the rings even stronger. It is quite thick, which means that the metal won’t change shape or lose its shine for at least a couple of years.

Diamond is almost as high as black tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is interesting because jewelers polish it like a valuable stone. This means that your black tungsten ring for men will be both stunningly beautiful and strong.

Even though they are not expensive, buying them is a good idea. This is mostly because they don’t need much or any upkeep and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

Why love tungsten carbide rings

Tungsten carbide is the form used in the jewelry industry. This metal alloy is among the toughest found in jewelry. Tungsten is too soft to be used in its pure form in jewelry. Tungsten carbide, like gold, is an alloy made by combining several metals.

There are a lot of good things about tungsten carbide rings. The price of these wedding bands is much lower than that of gold or platinum, and they are hypoallergenic and won’t scratch or fade. Tungsten carbide rings are also exceptionally durable on their own. It’s a special quality that you won’t find in any other metal, not even gold or silver. They’re cumbersome, simple to work with, and low-maintenance. The shine of tungsten carbide rings can be maintained “just purchased” even after years of frequent wear. They are low-maintenance and may be updated with minimal effort.

Their inability to adjust their size is possibly the sole drawback. However, you won’t have to break the bank to replace them. High pressure has been shown to split tungsten carbide rings, which is surprising given how hard tungsten carbide is to break. Strong tungsten carbide rings can be damaged by accidental drops onto hard floors or by slamming them against other solid objects.

Tungsten carbide ring price

Tungsten carbide is the metal alloy used to make tungsten rings. There is no reduction in tensile strength despite the alloy’s high hardness and stiffness. Diamond tools are used to cut and polish each tungsten carbide ring. Tungsten is both thick and hard.

The durability and enduring appeal of tungsten carbide are assured. Tungsten rings are permanently polished, meaning they may be polished to a mirror sheen and will not scratch like other metals. Tungsten carbide rings are indestructible and won’t lose their form.

Tungsten abundance makes it a bargain compared to gold. Tungsten carbide ring price is less expensive, and if you have an allergy to gold or nickel, tungsten is a great alternative.

Pros and Cons of Tungsten Wedding Bands

pros and cons for men


Durability and Strength

The tungsten’s strength and durability are adored by many grooms. A tungsten wedding band won’t flex as easily as other precious or nonprecious metals and will be scratch-resistant due to the metal’s toughness. Bonus: Because tungsten won’t lose its shine over time, you can count on the ring to be beautiful long after your wedding.

Unique Look

Compared to traditional wedding bands made of gold and platinum, tungsten has a distinctive appearance. The metal is great for guys who want to avoid the conventional gold or silver colors because it is available in white, gray, and black. The metal’s slick, manly, and modern appearance appeals to many couples.


Tungsten bands are an inexpensive substitute for rings made of precious metals, much like alternative metals. High-quality tungsten rings can be found for under $200, whereas gold and platinum bands can cost upwards of $1,000. In the unlikely event that you shatter a tungsten ring, buying a new one won’t drain your money.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Nobody will experience an allergic reaction to tungsten. A tungsten band is safe for couples who are normally allergic to other metals, such as gold.


Brittleness and Breakability

Inconveniences come with tungsten’s extreme toughness. In fact, the harder is, the more brittle and breakable a metal it is (unlike gold, which is soft and malleable, meaning it will bend rather than break). A tungsten ring may break or crack if it is dropped or unintentionally slammed against a hard surface. Because shattered tungsten cannot be restored by a jeweler, an incident like this renders the ring permanently unwearable. So, before buying a tungsten wedding band, any man who does handicraft should think it through.

Can't Be Resized

Another drawback of tungsten’s hardness is that wedding bands made of it cannot be sized. Adjusting the metal will only result in breakage. Since the band can never be altered for a perfect fit, this feature can cause issues in the future.


Because tungsten is a dense metal, it weighs a lot. This is where individual taste comes into play; although some men enjoy substantial, heavy jewelry, others could feel that the metal drags down their finger.

How much do tungsten rings cost, then? It’s true that tungsten rings are less expensive than more conventional options, but if you shop, you can find one that’s a good value.

Mens tungsten wedding rings

Wedding bands made of pure Tungsten are far more scratch-resistant than their gold counterparts. Tungsten rings are an alloy of Tungsten and Carbide in equal proportions. The resulting metal outperforms both steel and titanium in terms of strength. In reality, it has a long history of service in military hardware. Tungsten’s durability has made it a favorite among grooms with active lifestyles. Perhaps mens tungsten wedding rings are what you’re looking for.

Elleroses offers mens Tungsten wedding rings in a variety of colors and designs, including white, yellow, rose, black, and blue and red inlay. Tungsten Carbide rings are fairly indestructible, but colored Tungsten rings require more attention. Ion plating, in which the ring’s surface is coated with atomic-sized particles to create a hard coating in the desired color, is used to impart color. While Tungsten itself is scratch-proof, the color covering may wear away with time. Scratching the Tungsten ring deeply enough will reveal the metal’s true color. You should exercise some additional caution with a Tungsten ring that features a wood inlay.

Tungsten may be found in a rainbow of hues and patterns. Wedding bands for men in black and silver are less striking than those in black and gold, but they nevertheless have a striking color and material contrast. Typically, the silver coating on such rings is highly polished. This adds a stunning shine to the ring and emphasizes the striking contrast between the black tungsten and the white gold.

It’s best to take off your tungsten wedding bands for men made of tungsten before washing with chlorine, ammonia, or any other harsh solvent. No of the material, it’s best to remove a mens tungsten wedding band before operating machinery or working with electricity.

Tungsten engagement ring

Modern and sleek or more conservative and traditional? There’s a tungsten engagement ring here for every taste and every finger size. Tungsten engagement rings can be traditional in appearance, resembling 14K gold, or they can have a more modern look and feel. Black tungsten rings are popular among today’s males, while yellow gold and rose gold are preferred by those who like tradition. When you’re a “no-frills” kind of man, nothing beats natural Tungsten.

Polish tungsten by using a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap, then rubbing it on with a soft cloth. Use a fresh cloth to dry it off. This ring may be polished to seem like any other precious metal.

Why Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten carbide rings are notoriously long-lasting and tough, making them ideal for women who do manual labor but do not want to take their ring off every time they go to work. It’s nearly impossible to scratch, so it will always look great no matter what you do for a living. The only things you should really avoid are chemicals like cleaning materials, but in that case, you’d wear gloves anyway, right?

Can Tungsten Ring Be Used As Wedding Ring?

tungsten jewelry for men

People frequently ask us at what characteristics create the ideal tungsten wedding bands for both men and women. We respond by saying that the ring you can wear forever makes for the ideal wedding band. And for this reason, tungsten rings are ideal as wedding bands. Tungsten rings and wedding bands are ideal for men and women because they are fashionable and contemporary but timeless and strong enough to stand the test of time.

Despite the recent rise in popularity of matching wedding band sets, many people prefer a clear distinction in style between their wedding ring and their partner’s band. Many people find it difficult to discern between what constitutes a men’s ring and a woman’s band because there are so many different kinds and types of rings available. There are some conventional differences between men’s and women’s rings, even though it should truly come down to your own decision for the ring style you want to wear forever.

Thinner widths for ladies, wider widths for men.

Men’s hands benefit from simple designs, while women’s thin fingers look beautiful with elaborate rings.

Choose Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands and Tungsten Rings if it’s for you or your darling wife because both men and women want a scratch resistant ring!

Men's Tungsten Rings vs. Women's Tungsten Rings

Elleroses Jewelry

Material Composition

Gold or other precious metals were traditionally used to make wedding bands. Many men and women still choose gold rings as their wedding bands nowadays, staying true to tradition. White gold women’s rings have grown in popularity recently due to its lighter, more feminine appearance. Men, on the other hand, are increasingly choosing platinum for their rings. A more robust and masculine band is produced by the combination of platinum’s darker appearance and its harder substance.

White gold and platinum bands scratch easily and lose a lot of their brilliance over time because they are precious metals. These weaker metals just cannot withstand daily use, it is a fact. And while many women can wear gold jewelry and be gentle with their rings without any issues, many men’s daily activities have increased the popularity of stronger alternative metals. As a result, men’s wedding bands made of tungsten have increased in popularity. Men’s tungsten bands are preferred by men searching for a durable, every day wedding band due to the dark gun-metal finish, more manly style, and superior scratch resistance.


The majority of us can agree that men have larger hands than women without sounding cliché. The majority of the time, men have longer, wider fingers, whilst women often have much more slender fingers and knuckles. Additionally, men and women typically don’t wear rings of the same size.

A woman’s hand may be the ideal size for a 2mm wedding band, but a man’s hand would be much larger for the ring. Men like something a little wider, and the most popular widths for men’s tungsten wedding bands are 6mm and 8mm. We frequently link broader bands with men’s fashion and more slim bands with women’s fashion as a result.


Diamond wedding bands are still without a doubt the most preferred type of wedding band. Diamonds are, as the adage goes, “forever,” and “a girl’s best friend.” Additionally, while traditionally a woman’s wedding band has a more understated design than her engagement ring, more women nowadays are choosing to have diamond settings added to even their wedding rings.

However, men’s tastes typically do not align with diamond settings. Even if the man-gagement band has grown in popularity, men still choose wedding bands and engagement rings that have a more understated appearance than what a diamond setting would offer. Brushed surfaces, beveled edges, the subtly positioning of a solitary diamond, and precious metal inlay are popular styles tungsten wedding bands for men.

What Is The Value Of a Tungsten Ring?

what is the value of a tungsten ring

Numerous tungsten ring choices are available from both online and brick-and-mortar jewelry retailers. The average price of a tungsten ring sold online is $5. Tungsten rings are always inexpensive and rather affordable.

However, if you’re looking for a tungsten ring for a special occasion, like a wedding, it might not be a good idea to focus just on price. Keep in mind that the quality and service you receive will greatly affect the genuine worth of your tungsten ring.


Tungsten engagement rings vary greatly in quality. Check out the ring’s construction materials before you buy it. Tungsten carbide, formed by heating tungsten and carbon together, is preferable to pure tungsten due to the latter’s fragility.

True tungsten carbide rings are the only option if you’re looking for maximum toughness and longevity. Although some retailers promote low-priced tungsten bands as genuine tungsten carbide, this may not be the case.

The design and quality of the ring’s construction are just as important as the materials it’s made from. Mass production is typically the reason that tungsten rings are so inexpensive. A more expensive tungsten ring should be well worth it if it features an intricate design and fine craftsmanship.


Even though they may seem identical at first glance and touch, some tungsten rings might cost hundreds of dollars more than $5. The rings may look similar, but the service and guarantee are what set this store apart. Tungsten ring consumers may usually expect a lifetime sizing guarantee from reputable retailers.

Due to its inability to be manually resized, tungsten rings necessitate this service before purchase. If your ring size ever changes, just return it back to the store where you bought it and they’ll replace it with a new one, free of charge, as long as you save the original receipt.

Prices for such jewelry often start at $199 and go up from there. We’re not suggesting you should never buy a cheap ring, but if you’re looking for something that will last a lifetime and give you piece of mind, your best bet is to stick with trusted vendors.

While tungsten rings may seem like a more wallet-friendly option than silver or gold bands, it’s best to steer clear of super inexpensive options that might not even be made of tungsten carbide. You should instead do some research and only buy from vendors who have a track record of selling high-quality rings and giving exceptional customer service.

Top 5 Tungsten Rings For Women

top 5 tungsten rings for women
Tungsten Rings for Women 6mm Satin Wedding Band Rose Tungsten Carbide

This wedding band has polished edges and a gleaming surface. Tungsten carbide rose band, 6 mm wide. Both men and women are fit to wear this wedding band.

18K Rose Gold Plated Tungsten Ring for Women Comfort Wedding Ring

If you like the great outdoors while still maintaining your sense of style, this ring is for you. The Woodland Rose may be used for a wide range of events because it is made of tungsten carbide and has a natural koa wood inlay.

Tungsten Carbide Rings for Women Wedding Band Rose Tungsten Carbide 8mm

This wedding band’s rose-tone tungsten carbide is brushed in the middle and has fine engraving on it. You can get this wedding band in either men’s or women’s sizes.

Black Tungsten Ring Rose Gold Tungsten Engagement Ring Black Ring for Women

While tungsten has become the most durable wedding band material to date, gold is one of the oldest precious metals known to man. Get the best of both worlds, why not? The traditional rose gold inlay is wrapped around the polished center and two straight bevels of this tungsten carbide wedding band.

Silver Tungsten Ring 4mm Purple Tungsten Wedding Rings for Women

The Purple Tungsten Wedding Ring is direct and stylish. Silver tungsten ring with stunning Purple Interior is covered by brushed matte finish. This Tungsten ring is ideal for daily wear thanks to its well distributed weight, flawless curves, and uninterrupted finish.

In addition to the aforementioned tungsten rings for women, elleroses also offers classic mens tungsten rings. Men's wedding bands made of tungsten are both strong and stylish. Presently, the most cutting-edge trend in men's wedding bands is tungsten carbide bands that feature stones set inside, contrasting metals, or engravable backs.

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