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Guide to Finding a Unique Wedding or Engagement Ring

Some women prefer the traditional styles of engagement rings, which makes sense as they are ageless and wonderfully beautiful. However, some women desire something a little more distinctive.

Take Mary-Kate Olsen as an illustration. She was shown wearing a classic Cartier ring from 1953 that she had bought at a Sotheby’s auction when she became engaged to Olivier Sarkozy earlier 2014. This made us consider the ideal strategy for finding a unique engagement ring on our own. A standard cut simply isn’t appropriate for every woman, and if you’re prepared to get off the beaten path, you might find that you can acquire something you adore for less.

Following are some suggestions for choosing unique wedding bands and engagement rings that will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd.

Choose Vintage Style

Extending your search back by a decade… or eight is one effective method to find a ring that no one else has. If you want vintage glitz, perhaps a 1930s art deco object or a 1900 elaborate Victorian jewel will suit your tastes better. Maybe you (or your sweetheart) want to use a family treasure that has significant sentimental value.

For instance, gold wedding bands have traditional and classic feel. Its soft, inviting hue will convey your affection and convince her to accept your proposal. Whether rose gold, white gold or yellow gold band really matches colored emerald-cut diamond, which makes them vintage. More: The Guide to Vintage Jewelry.

Estate sales, auctions, eBay, and antique jewelry stores are other places to look. The thrill of the hunt is key to this, so set aside a substantial amount of time to track down the ideal ring or wedding band. Remember that you shouldn’t give too much weight to size. You can certainly get it adjusted at virtually any jeweler for about $50 if you locate a lovely stone, but it keeps falling off your finger. Before shelling out a ton of money, confirm with the jeweler that the ring you’ve chosen can be re-sized.

Check Out Local Boutiques

Your ring will be even more unique if you have it made or designed by a small, local business instead of a large chain. In this approach, you can locate a style that was produced in small quantities (or perhaps is only one made) and will likely be gone again by the following season, when the artisan will have to focus on a new collection.

If you’re looking for high-end boutiques that cater to an individualistic clientele, you can do a search for your metro area on a shopping website, or you can try shopping from indie stores online. Most trendy high-end boutiques have solid online shopping options.

Give Up the Diamond

Choose an alternative gem if cost is a concern or if you disagree ethically with the diamond business. As an alternative, use a different center stone with tiny diamond accents if you must have some ice.

There are many beautiful stones with as rich a history of engagements as diamonds. In reality, the custom of diamond ring is quite recent; it wasn’t until the second half of the 19th century that they gained widespread acceptance.

Before that, enamel cameo rings were common, as were opal rings (before they got a bad rap in the 19th century), and sapphire rings were well-liked since they stood for loving devotion. Use your birthstone (or lab-grown diamond) as a substitute and go back to a more traditional era. More: What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Get It Custom-Made

Or perhaps you’re a complete go-getter who is quite certain that unless you do it yourself, you won’t obtain the authentic look you desire! There are many possibilities for having your ring manufactured to order in that instance. On websites, almost all mass-market jewelry retailers provide a DIY option where you can choose your diamond, settings and metal. Since white gold rings are both exquisite and reasonably priced, you could choose a white diamond as center stone without break your bank.

Of course, these ring designs are restricted to fairly typical variants on a normal rock, so don’t expect to truly get out of the box until you go to an independent jeweler, whose pricing will undoubtedly be higher, but whose abilities are likely more suited to personalized designs.

Wedding Band/Ring vs. Engagement Ring

While a wedding band and a wedding ring are identical, there is a distinction between these rings and engagement rings. An engagement ring features a single gem (typically a diamond). When you propose marriage to the person you love, you give them this ring.

The wedding band (or ring) is the name given to the combination of the wedding ring and engagement ring once they have been soldered together, which is frequently done to make wearing them more comfortable.

As previously indicated, during the wedding ceremony, the wedding band or ring is exchanged. The majority of couples purchase wedding ring sets, so the rings are complementary. This isn’t always the case, of course. Knowing what your partner likes and feels comfortable wearing will help you choose the ideal ring for them. They might favor a simple wedding band made of titanium, ceramic, or gold. If you want to give them a bit more glitter, think about giving them jewelry that is set with precious stones.

You should look for wedding rings that both reflect your style and personality and fits you well. Finding the ring (or band) that makes you happy is the most crucial step in the process because wedding bands are symbols of your love to one another.

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