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Guide to Wishbone Ring (a.k.a. Chevron Rings)

Consider a diamond wishbone ring if you’re looking for a wedding ring or engagement ring.

Wishbone rings are stunning pieces of jewelry with deep significance. Wishbone rings are a distinctive item of jewelry that are ideal for minimalists and will stand out from the crowd. Want to know more about simple rings trend? Read on. You may learn all here to know about wishbone rings.

What Is A Wishbone Ring?

A item of jewelry with a “V” shape is called a wishbone ring. Due to its shape resembling the wishbone of a chicken or turkey, wishbone rings got their name. The wishbone in a chicken or turkey is traditionally broken by two persons in the United Kingdom or the United States (particularly at Thanksgiving). Whoever was left with the larger bone fragment was considered the ‘fortunate break,’ and their wishes were said to be coming true shortly.

What Does Wishbone Ring Mean?

In the early 1900s, wishbone jewelry rose in popularity; you could often find them on postcards and greeting cards. Later, the wishbone became a representation of love, and people would hang them above their doors in an effort to attract a mate.

The wishbone is a lucky symbol for many people. Wishbone jewelry is a wonderful present for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. Wishbone rings with diamonds are thought to provide the wearer luck and happiness that lasts a lifetime.

The Chevron Symbol's History

The wishbone ring, commonly referred to as a chevron ring, features a traditional inverted V design. Jewelry and silverware designers frequently draw influence from traditional symbols. These symbols reveal a great deal about the values and ideas held by individuals in prior eras. This is also true of the chevron. The chevron ring gained trendy in 2015 as more people started wearing them as stacking rings. Although stacker rings can make a strong jewelry statement, you may not be aware of all the other benefits of chevron rings.

Since 1800 BCE, when this V symbol first appeared, it has been in use. It is a typical heraldic symbol. Additionally, it is a part of badges and uniforms worn by the military and police to indicate years of service. The Greek Spartans also used it as a significant signal; they wore the image of it on their shields as they charged into combat. It symbolized the arrowheads the Celts used for defense and hunting, and served as a symbol of a warrior or hunter. The climbs and falls we experience in life are also considered to be symbolized by the chevron.

A chevron ring can have many meanings depending on how it is worn; for example, if the chevron points down, it symbolizes Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Its upward orientation makes it sacred to Mars and other gods of battle. Such rings (made from relatively cheap materials) were worn by Spartan, Roman, and Greek soldiers as a symbol of protection while on the battlefield.

Due to its symbolic meaning of luck and hope as well as its adaptable design, the wishbone is ideal for use in jewelry. During the Victorian era, when people favored elegant, symbolic jewelry, wishbone rings rose to prominence.

Wishbone Ring Styles

The wishbone ring, with its traditional V-shape, is available in a wide variety of designs.

Diamond Wishbone Rings

The wishbone diamond ring, one of the most popular wishbone ring designs, is ideal as a wedding band. Here is wedding band guide. In addition to being fashionable, it is also practical.

The wishbone band’s V-shape makes it easy to fit next to an engagement ring and leaves room for the jewel found in the center of most engagement rings. The engagement ring and a common wedding band usually clash and compete with one another. Additionally, it can feel extremely uncomfortable and the rings are frequently slightly out of alignment.

However, the wishbone design tends to feel more comfortable and prevents your engagement ring from being scraped by the wedding ring.

A popular choice for wedding bands is wishbone diamond eternity rings because of their meaning and beauty. In an eternity ring, the entire band is covered in diamonds (or other precious stones). Another option is a half-eternity ring, which has only half of the band covered in diamonds.

So if you’re seeking for a special wedding band, a diamond wishbone ring is the best option. The most well-liked ring settings for the diamond wishbone ring type are Channel, Pave, Micropave.

Just Metal Wishbone Rings

Wishbone wedding rings are simplistic and straightforward when fashioned entirely of metal. They are ideal for minimalist wedding rings or stacking rings. Although the width of the ring determines how obvious and statement-like it is, the thickness of the metal can make all the difference. These rings are quite adaptable in terms of style and are ideal as an above-knuckle ring as well.

Gemstone Wishbone Rings

Wishbone rings are also frequently used when the design is combined with gemstones. Gemstones can give the ring greater meaning in addition to adding a dash of color.

For instance, selecting your birthstone adds an additional layer of symbolism to the wishbone’s meaning of luck and optimism.

How Should A Wishbone Ring Be Weared?

If your engagement ring is a wishbone shape, you should put it on last, with the “V” facing your wrist. The wishbone ring looks wonderful when worn alone with the ‘V’ pointing up the finger. However, how you wear a wishbone ring is totally up to you.

Recommendation of Wishbone Ring

Recommendation of Wishbone Ring
Chevron Wedding Band Cubic Zirconia Wishbone Ring in Sterling Silver

This band is elegant and regal, resembling a crown, and it sparkles beautifully next to any solitaire diamond ring. The V-shaped ring has beaded accents and five stunning diamonds. Design in Sterling Silver and add lab-created diamonds. For a personal touch, this handcrafted wishbone ring is stunning on its own or stacked with other bands to create a unique bridal set.

Rose Gold Wishbone Ring Chevron Engagement Ring

This captivating and refined contour ring is the ideal addition to your diamond engagement ring. The 1.2mm width, 14k rose gold plated silver used to make this ring was fashioned by hand. Hand-tumbled for durability in daily use and hand-polished to a stunning high sheen.

Diamond Wishbone Ring Round-cut Diamond Anniversary Band in 10K White Gold

Whether worn alone or in combination with her other favorite pieces of jewelry, this stunning diamond contour ring is stunning. One-tenth carat worth of brilliant round diamonds are prong-set in 10K gold in a traditional v-shape.

Gold Wishbone Ring Round Cut Diamond Wedding Band in 10K Solid Gold

This gorgeous ring has a arched shape band that is adorned with sparkling pavé diamonds. It has a thin polished gold band and 26 accent stones.

18K Yellow Gold Crescent Diamond Ring Round and Pear Shaped Wishbone Rings

This elegant crescent-shaped band is beautifully fashioned to match an engagement ring, stack with other rings, or wear by alone (1/10 total carat weight).

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