Consider a diamond wishbone ring if you’re looking for a engagement ring or wedding band enhancer. Wishbone ring is one of stunning ring enhancers with deep significance. Ring wraps are a distinctive item of jewelry that are ideal for diamond ring enhancers and will stand out from the crowd. Want to know more about simple rings trend? Read on. You may learn all here to know about wedding ring enhancers.

Wishbone Rings

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A item of jewelry with a “V” shape is called a wishbone ring. Due to its shape resembling the wishbone of a chicken or turkey, wishbone rings got their name. The wishbone in a chicken or turkey is traditionally broken by two persons in the United Kingdom or the United States (particularly at Thanksgiving). Whoever was left with the larger bone fragment was considered the ‘fortunate break,’ and their wishes were said to be coming true shortly.

Wishbone ring meaning

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In the early 1900s, wishbone jewelry rose in popularity; you could often find them on postcards and greeting cards. Later, the wishbone became a representation of love, and people would hang them above their doors in an effort to attract a mate.

The wishbone is a lucky symbol for many people. Wishbone jewelry is a wonderful present for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. Wishbone rings with diamonds are thought to provide the wearer luck and happiness that lasts a lifetime.

Gold wishbone ring

With wishbone rings in different gold tones and oval rose-cut stones, you can spread waves of fashion across your fingers and create a lovely flow of details. A half-prong gold wishbone eternity ring is the perfect present for your special someone on any occasion, especially on their birthday or anniversary. The round diamonds are prong-set, and they line the ‘V’ of the ring for added dimension. The ring can be customized to your specifications, with a choice of four metal colors and a platinum finish.

Wishbone wedding band

A gold wishbone wedding band is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something understated yet elegant. The ring is also offered in yellow gold and white gold if rose gold isn’t your thing.

Diamond Wishbone Rings

The wishbone diamond wedding ring enhancers, one of the most popular wishbone ring designs, is ideal as a wedding band. Here is wedding band guide. In addition to being fashionable, it is also practical.

The wishbone band’s V-shape makes it easy to fit next to an engagement ring and leaves room for the jewel found in the center of most engagement rings. The engagement ring and a common wedding band usually clash and compete with one another. Additionally, it can feel extremely uncomfortable and the rings are frequently slightly out of alignment.

However, the wishbone design tends to feel more comfortable and prevents your engagement ring from being scraped by the wedding ring enhancers.

A popular choice for wedding bands is wishbone diamond eternity rings because of their meaning and beauty. In an eternity ring, the entire band is covered in diamonds (or other precious stones). Another option is a half-eternity ring, which has only half of the band covered in diamonds.

So if you’re seeking for a special wedding band, a diamond wishbone ring is the best option. The most well-liked ring settings for the diamond wishbone ring type are Channel, Pave, Micropave.

The Chevron Symbol's History

The wishbone ring, commonly referred to as a chevron ring, features a traditional inverted V design. Jewelry and silverware designers frequently draw influence from traditional symbols. These symbols reveal a great deal about the values and ideas held by individuals in prior eras. This is also true of the chevron. The chevron ring gained trendy in 2015 as more people started wearing them as stacking rings. Although stacker rings can make a strong jewelry statement, you may not be aware of all the other benefits of chevron rings.

Since 1800 BCE, when this V symbol first appeared, it has been in use. It is a typical heraldic symbol. Additionally, it is a part of badges and uniforms worn by the military and police to indicate years of service. The Greek Spartans also used it as a significant signal; they wore the image of it on their shields as they charged into combat. It symbolized the arrowheads the Celts used for defense and hunting, and served as a symbol of a warrior or hunter. The climbs and falls we experience in life are also considered to be symbolized by the chevron.

A chevron ring can have many meanings depending on how it is worn; for example, if the chevron points down, it symbolizes Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Its upward orientation makes it sacred to Mars and other gods of battle. Such rings (made from relatively cheap materials) were worn by Spartan, Roman, and Greek soldiers as a symbol of protection while on the battlefield.

Due to its symbolic meaning of luck and hope as well as its adaptable design, the wishbone is ideal for use in jewelry. During the Victorian era, when people favored elegant, symbolic jewelry, wishbone rings rose to prominence.

Pandora wishbone ring

Despite the wishbone’s symbolic meaning serving as PANDORA’s inspiration, the company has changed it into stackable shapes that can be used to produce chic chevrons that can lend sophistication to any outfit. The shape stands for ambition, hope, and promise because it is modeled after the famous wishbone and its symbolic meaning.

Pandora sparkling wishbone ring

Wishbone ring’s design has been given a more contemporary connotation by PANDORA to express not only individual wishes but also distinctive personal style. Wearing your wishes and bringing them to life to create lovely expressions is the theme of the PANDORA sparkling wishbone ring collection. There are more designs of wishbone ring at Elleroses, read on.

What are ring enhancers?

Ring enhancers are specially made rings designed to be worn with solitaire diamond rings. They are also known as ring guards, ring wraps, or curved rings. A ring enhancer’s main function is to increase the size and appeal of a solitaire engagement ring by adding more diamonds or precious stones to a diamond solitaire ring. The two rings look like one larger, multi-stone ring when they are worn together.

2 Types of diamond-ring enhancers

Wrap rings and insert rings are two of the most well-liked ring adornment types. Ring wraps are made up of a single band that has been shaped to go around a solitaire diamond ring, exposing diamonds on either side of the main stone. This style of diamond enhancer “wraps” around the solitaire diamond, but does not entirely encircle the gem. Split double shank setting rings typically have a space between the two shanks to accommodate the solitaire diamond ring. The accent stones in this form of enhancer often entirely encircle the main stone.

Ring wraps

Wrap rings have a variety of uses. They can be worn in conjunction with a wedding band or in place of the actual wedding band to create a pair of matching wedding rings. Gifts of wrap rings are popular for anniversaries and vow renewals. Wrapping an enhancer around a solitaire diamond ring, such as an engagement ring passed down from a mother, is a popular choice. These rings are often used to accentuate the visual appeal of a straightforward solitaire diamond ring.

Princess-cut ring enhancer

In order to protect the princess-cut diamond from damage, ring guards are made to look like an integral part of the ring itself. So, they are excellent substitutes for traditional wedding bands that can pair with the bride’s engagement ring.

Can you wear ring enhancer before and after wedding?

You can save money on your wedding day by forgoing a traditional wedding ring and instead opting for an enhancer instead. Then again, if you’re going all out and still want a wedding band, an engagement ring enhancer can serve the same purpose as a wedding band: a special-occasion accessory.

Gold ring enhancer

While selecting the ideal gold ring enhancer, consideration must be given to the size and shape of the center stone or stones. The one you select should be able to suit the stone’s shape without sustaining excessive wear.

Vintage ring enhancer

High-quality wedding and engagement bands are built to last a lifetime. They are frequently passed down from one generation to the next and persist much longer. These family rings are prized not only for the valuable metals and diamonds they contain, but also for the memories they hold.

Due to improper fit, breakage, or outmoded beauty, the majority of heirloom rings are regrettably never worn. We are delighted to inform you that if you have inherited an engagement ring, you can buy a vintage ring enhancer to update it so that you can wear it and admire its beauty with others.

Unique ring enhancers

You can find the different unique types of Ring Enhancers by looking or searching online. It’s one of the well-liked looks that comes in split and double bands. In this design of ring adornment, the diamond or gemstone in the center is entirely encircled by smaller accent stones.

Affordable moissanite ring enhancer

Because it is made in a lab, moissanite ring enhancer is less expensive than diamond ones. It is produced on-demand in the precise quantity, quality, and location that the organization requires rather than passing through a great number of hands and a never-ending amount of red tape.

Zales ring enhancer

There are a variety of styles of ring enhancer at Zales. To find a huge selection of ring wraps and enhancers at the most reasonable costs, visit Elleroses.

Kay jewelers ring enhancers

Kay Jewelers offers ring enhancers for adding story of your love.For more designs visit – Elleroses.

Emerald-cut ring enhancer

To update the style, try pairing an emerald-cut diamond ring with some non-traditional accent stones set in ring enhancer. Using baguettes will inject some Art Deco flair into your look. Diamonds cut into a half-moon shape are cut into a modern lozenge shape. Or, for a true party, gather a couple rounds in there. Alternately, use emerald cuts for the ring enhancer and a step cut for the central stone. If you let your imagination run free and experiment with this form, you will come up with a look that is all your own.

Marquise ring enhancer

Those with more artistic, dramatic, or glitzy tendencies are often preferred by marquise shapes. The stone’s pointed edges also give off an air of edginess, making it broken easily, so pick a marquise ring enhancer is a good option.

Pear-shaped ring enhancer

It’s crucial to select an enhancer shape that matches the shape of your current ring. If you want to update your conventional ring, for example, pick a ring enhancer that exactly matches the pear-shaped’s shape.

White gold ring enhancer

You have complete control over the metal’s type and color. Either you choose a metal that matches your wedding band in color or you mix metals, but it should look good with your skin tone. Make sure to avoid pairing two contrary metals, such as gold and silver, which can ruin the appearance of your ring. Also, you must consider the type of skin. Avoid the metal combining option if you have a specific metal allergy. Always choose a metal type that feels well against your skin.

Yellow gold and light-colored metals like palladium are combined to create white gold. The technique known as “rhodium plating,” which is given to white gold ring enhancers to enhance its color and shine, involves dipping the finished white gold jewelry item into a rhodium solution to give it its final chrome sheen.

White gold ring wrap

White gold ring wrap is a fantastic choice for a bride-to-be with a modern feminine personality and a keen sense of personal flair.

Benefits of white gold ring guard

In addition to the lovely chrome shine, wearing white gold ring guard can be useful for a variety of reasons:
A less expensive to platinum is white gold; if you want the platinum look but don’t want to spend a fortune, white gold is the ideal choice.
White gold’s rhodium plating shields the underlying gold from minor dings and scratches.
Because white gold ring guard is chrome white in color, it pairs well with a wide variety of colored stone and diamond rings.

Yellow gold ring enhancers

Anybody looks beautiful wearing yellow gold ring enhancers. Any skin tone will match its warm color, but those with warm skin tones will match it most. Because of how the metal’s warmth contrasts with diamonds, gems, and even other metals, yellow gold ring enhancer can be worn with just about everything.

Engagement Ring Enhancers vs. Wedding Band: What is the Difference

A wedding band or ring enhancer can be worn on the big day, but they aren’t interchangeable. While you conventionally don’t need either on your wedding day, most people will opt for one or the other.

The most obvious distinction is that enhancers are designed for engagement rings while wedding bands are intended for actual weddings. If you want to save money, though, you can use the same ring for both your engagement and wedding.

Engagement ring guard

If you’ve recently received a sparkling new engagement ring, it’s likely that you want to take all precaution possible to preserve it and keep it looking stunning for years to come. Buying a ring guard is a terrific way to increase security and add some extra glitter.

Sadly, ring guards rarely shield the setting’s stones, so your center stone and accent stones could still be lost. They can, however, aid in preventing your ring from coming off or getting damaged. The advantage of protection is usually considered to be accidental.

Engagement ring jacket

Ring jackets may be fully encrusted with diamonds, precious stones, or both. For instance, sapphire and diamond stones show out stunningly against white gold or platinum settings. They can even be crafted specifically for you out of precious stones that hold special meaning for you, like your birthstone. A ring enhancer is the ideal technique to integrate another metal color into your engagement ring if it just has one tone of metal, creating the illusion of a two-tone ring. The combination of white gold with both yellow and rose gold produces a bright, three-dimensional look. Not only can you mix different stone types, but you can also mix different stone shapes to give your ring a little more glitter and individuality.

Engagement ring wraps

A ring wrap used to be somewhat restrictive because it could only be worn as a complete set because a woman wouldn’t wear one without her engagement ring. But since that ‘open space’ ring designs are so popular, the wrap actually serves as a distinctive element that may also be worn by itself.

Choosing wedding ring enhancers

When purchasing a wedding ring enhancer, pay attention to the following factors:


The most crucial thing to keep in mind when buying a ring enhancer is to get the correct size for it. It’s too simple to choose the wrong size because the width of the enhancer is a factor, and a size that initially seems appropriate may often feel constricting when worn frequently. The size of the enhancer should be somewhat larger than the finger, according to experts. Given that you’ll be wearing the enhancer every day as your wedding band, this is particularly crucial.


Although it is not required, using the same metal as your solitaire is the safest choice. When they sit together on the same finger, it’s crucial that your enhancer blends nicely with the metal of your solitaire. In some circumstances, combining dissimilar but complementary metals, such as yellow gold with white gold, turns out to be a better move. On the other hand, a sound appeal might not be achieved by combining gold and silver.

These were a few elements or considerations that you ought to bear in mind when choosing a ring insert for your wedding band or engagement ring. You can use these suggestions to get a high-quality ring enhancer without breaking the bank.

Functions of wedding band enhancers

The original purpose of wedding band enhancers was to safeguard solitaire rings. Nonetheless, they are currently one of the most stunning and expensive jewelry pieces in demand. Many folks these days have opted to use ring enhancers as their wedding bands. These are a fairly common choice for anniversary presents.

Wedding ring wraps

There is definitely a fine line when it comes to the stacking trend. Women are now becoming more deliberate when choosing their engagement rings and wedding bands, and they are considering how they will style their engagement rings once they are wed. Instead of waiting for their husbands to buy the wedding ring wraps for them, many of female clients are buying them on their own.

Wedding band wraps

The days of wearing a straightforward wedding band on your ring finger by itself are long gone. Today, the focus is on perfect wedding band wrap. The layering trend, in which you mix and match wedding bands, engagement rings, and other jewelry, originally originated during the time of our grandmothers, but it has just come back into vogue.

3 stone wedding ring enhancers

People frequently struggle with the question of whether colored gemstones or gemstone wedding ring enhancers will enhance or detract from the design of their rings. About this, numerous well-known designers from all over the world make it clear that “wearers don’t have to limit themselves to the diamond.” In fact, the combination of gemstones and diamonds can not only effectively update the appearance of your old ring, but wedding ring enhancers can also call attention to your fingers and enhance them.

Wedding bands for square rings

There is no “wrong” way to match your square ring with your wedding band; rather, you should do whatever makes you happy. But if you’re at a loss, you can always rely on some tried-and-true combinations, such as curved, chevron and beaded wedding band.

What do you call a ring that wraps around wedding band

Ring guards, also known as wedding band enhancer, wedding ring enhancers, jackets, or wraps, are the ideal method to make it more unique and give it a little extra glitz and glamour.

Picking wedding band inserts that fit your finger

What could be a better way to update your wedding ring or anniversary band than by purchasing a Ring Insert? It is one of the best and most affordable ways to give your worn-out rings a fresh look. A wedding ring enhancers is made with more diamonds and gemstones to enhance the design and appearance of your ring.

Wrap wedding band for halo ring

One of popular combinations is a pavé-style wedding band enhancer with a halo engagement ring. Getting the most glitter out of life is easy with this option. In case you’re having trouble deciding on a wrap wedding band style, pavé designs are a classic option that goes well with almost any ring.

Diamond ring enhancers

Diamond ring guards are a kind of wedding ring enhancers, just like diamond ring wraps. As their name implies, they accentuate engagement rings by putting more stones on them, giving them more stability, and highlighting their appeal.

Ring enhancers aren’t just for holding your solitaire ring when you get married, you know. In recent years, it has become increasingly common for engaged couples to exchange rings consisting of a solitaire accompanied by a wrap wedding band. The end product is pretty attractive and offers a unified appearance commensurate with an engagement’s progression toward a wedding. Also, you have the option of updating your vintage solitaire ring with ring wraps, guards, and enhancers. A decent ring enhancer will not only give it the necessary support, but also bring out its greatest qualities.

Solitaire ring enhancer

Your solitaire ring’s main stone’s size and form will play a significant role in selecting the best enhancer. Designers only make ring enhancers to accommodate the most typical patterns because not all stones are of the same shape and size. Your solitaire ring’s diamond cut will determine whether or not a ring enhancer looks good with it. If you can’t locate one that fits your diamond’s cut, you can have one specially made for you. Always ask the store what size the enhancer can accommodate for the center stone. Although selecting the best enhancer is difficult, it is possible with a little effort.

Solitaire ring wrap

When paired with a solitaire engagement ring that has a plain band, a ring wrap is a simple and understated approach to add some sparkle to the ensemble. You might go the usual route by matching your solitaire engagement ring with a curved ring wrap, or you can take a page out of Blake Lively’s book and design a unique ring stack.

Solitaire ring guard

Ring guards are typically worn with solitaire rings for the purposes of both protection and aesthetic enhancement. However, you can also use them in place of regular wedding bands if you like.

Add ring enhancer for solitaire

Think about including an engagement ring enhancer if your solitaire is starting to seem a little lonely.

Solitaire ring enhancer before and after

Maybe you’re in a position now where you can afford a bigger ring than you could when you were first married. Perhaps your tastes have evolved over time, and plain solitaire seems a little monotonous these days. Regardless of the cause, you can be sure that there are many ways to modernize your engagement ring and fall in love with it once more.

Enhancers for solitaire engagement rings are made to fit your current ring perfectly. They’ll come to resemble one stunning ring when combined.

Diamond wrap ring

Ring wraps typically encircle the solitaire ring, offering support from both above and below, while ring guards typically rest below it. In hot, sticky weather, enhancers of all kinds keep the ring in place and keep it from rolling over. It is recommended that you choose a larger size when purchasing diamond ring wrap. Resizing a ring guard is an extremely challenging and unusual procedure. For a snug fit around the ring and the gemstone, it’s best to get ring guards that are a touch larger than your ring size. The metal should be compatible with your engagement ring, but it’s up to you.

Ring enhancer for square diamond

This look caters to the glitzy bride. The greatest ring enhancer to complement an emerald cut, square-shaped engagement ring is an eternity band because it is so extravagant. Stones in emerald, princess, or asscher-cut diamond ring can be perfectly paired with ring enhancer.

Diamond ring jackets

Ring Jackets, usually referred to as ring enhancers, were created to be worn alongside another band, typically an engagement ring, rather than by themselves. The intention behind the development of the ring jacket was to give your existing engagement ring an additional dose of elegance. Your ring should fit perfectly into the void within the jacket, creating the appearance of two bands flanking the outside of it. These gorgeous rings, which should not be confused with wedding bands, make wonderful presents for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. When you see the final product, you may not even notice that you are wearing two unique rings, thus they can be perceived as a breath-taking ring update.

Ring enhancer for pear shaped diamond

Rings set with marquise or pear-shaped stones always spark lively discourse. The modern look of these outfits can be paired with a chevron ring enhancer, which is formed like a pointed v. This wedding band enhancer can be worn with a pear-shaped engagement ring either nested.

Wrap around diamond ring for protection

Jewelers create a personalized ring guard to meet your demands. Your diamond ring can be protected by stacking or wrapping ring guards around it.

Diamond ring guards

Very likely, you already understand what a Ring Guard is. Ring Guards are designed to be worn with solitaire rings to enhance their beauty while protecting them on one or both sides. They are offered in bridal sets that have been carefully created for them.

Jacket rings

With so many lovely selections available, it’s advisable to give these a try in person at your neighborhood jeweler before deciding which one best matches your engagement ring. Below is a condensed version of the information that goes into selecting the ideal ring jacket to give you an idea of how the various types affect the overall look. Some are made to go with solitaire styles, while some function better with a halo. If the center stone has an extended shape, split shank engagement rings demand a larger type ring jacket, so you should look for a design that won’t detract from or cover up the beauty of your center stone. It’s crucial to make sure the jacket will allow the engagement ring to go in smoothly with a cathedral design band because the stone is sitting higher.

Ring jacket jewelry

The two most common ring jacket designs—Insert rings and Ring wraps—were born. A Ring Wrap is a single, custom made ring wrapped around the solitaire ring. Insert Rings are different rings layered above and/or under the solitaire.

Wishbone Ring Styles

The wishbone ring, with its traditional V-shape, is available in a wide variety of designs.

Just Metal Wishbone Rings

Wishbone wedding ring enhancers are simplistic and straightforward when fashioned entirely of metal. They are ideal for minimalist wedding ring enhancers or stacking rings. Although the width of the ring determines how obvious and statement-like it is, the thickness of the metal can make all the difference. These rings are quite adaptable in terms of style and are ideal as an above-knuckle ring as well.

Gemstone Wishbone Rings

Wishbone rings are also frequently used when the design is combined with gemstones. Gemstones can give the ring greater meaning in addition to adding a dash of color.

For instance, selecting your birthstone adds an additional layer of symbolism to the wishbone’s meaning of luck and optimism.

How Should A Wishbone Ring Be Weared?

If your engagement ring is a wishbone shape, you should put it on last, with the “V” facing your wrist. The wishbone ring looks wonderful when worn alone with the ‘V’ pointing up the finger. However, how you wear a wishbone ring is totally up to you.

Recommendation of Wishbone Ring

Recommendation of Wishbone Ring wedding ring enhancers wedding band enhancer
Flair Ring

This band is elegant and regal, resembling a crown, and it sparkles beautifully next to any solitaire diamond ring. The V-shaped ring has beaded accents and five stunning diamonds. Design in Sterling Silver and add lab-created diamonds. For a personal touch, this handcrafted wishbone ring is stunning on its own or stacked with other bands to create a unique bridal set.

The Zoey Ring

This captivating and refined contour ring is the ideal addition to your diamond engagement ring. The 1.2mm width, 14k rose gold plated silver used to make this ring was fashioned by hand. Hand-tumbled for durability in daily use and hand-polished to a stunning high sheen.

Veronika Ring

Whether worn alone or in combination with her other favorite pieces of jewelry, this stunning diamond contour ring is stunning. Brilliant round diamonds are prong-set in a traditional v-shape.

Dreamweaver Ring

This gorgeous ring has a chevron shape band that is adorned with sparkling pavé CZ stones. It has a thin plated gold band and 5 accent stones.

The Sweetheart Ring

This elegant V-shaped band is beautifully fashioned to match an engagement ring, stack with other rings, or wear by alone.

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