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Halo Engagement Rings: Ideal To Get More Bling

Halo Engagement Rings Ideal To Get More Bling

I believe halo engagement rings might be sage if you wished to purchase gorgeous and reasonably priced engagement rings. These ring designs are stunning because they have diamond embellishments and center stones. While providing the impression that the center stones are larger, the whole design produces a ring that is genuinely brilliant and stunning. These rings are available in a variety of unique and stunning designs. In addition to being affordable, they come in a variety of styles, giving you a lot of options.

You may have all the radiance of a high-end engagement ring from a halo band without breaking the bank, thanks to its extra shine and retro/modern aesthetic.

What is Halo Engagement Ring?

What is Halo Engagement Ring

A halo ring is a type of engagement ring in which a larger center stone is encircled by a band of smaller pavé-set diamonds; they first gained popularity in the 1920s and 1930s (or occasionally other gemstones). The objective is to make the focal point stand out, so that it appears larger than it actually is.

A halo ring is a timeless classic; it exudes glamour yet is surprisingly affordable.

Why Are Halo Rings So Popular?

Why Are Halo Rings So Popular

By making a diamond shine out, halo rings enhance its attractiveness. A halo ring exists to highlight and accent a center stone while adding more sparkle and fire.

Budget-conscious purchasers favor halo rings because they are less expensive than other ring styles without sacrificing extravagance because they often include a single, modestly-sized focal diamond.

Because they are distinctive and differ from other engagement rings in look, halo rings are still in demand. With echoes of the flash and glamor of the Roaring ’20s, they’re the ideal option for people who enjoy the sparkly side of jewelry. For even more dazzle, some halo designs also incorporate pavé diamonds on the band.

Even though they cater to more contemporary tastes, current halo rings nonetheless evoke those vintage styles.

Let’s first tease you with a few of our best-selling halo diamond engagement rings before we go into all the advantages and disadvantages of halo engagement diamonds. All of these were sold at Elleroses.

5 Best-Selling Halo Engagement Rings

Best Selling Halo Engagement Rings
Princess Cut Halo Engagement Rings Cluster Engagement Rings in 18k White Gold Over Silver

Natural moissanite is prong-set in a double halo of 18k gold over sterling silver in this breathtaking engagement ring. This engagement ring also has moissanites on either side of the main moissanite.

Cushion Halo Engagement Rings London Blue Topaz Solitaire Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

The center stone is a lovely cushion-cut London blue topaz, encircled by a halo of white topaz, and embellished with a rope pattern that runs down the shank. Try wearing this sterling silver cocktail ring to add a pop of color to your look.

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings Lab-Created Emerald and Diamond Bridal Set in Sterling Silver

The eye-catching engagement ring is made of sterling silver and has a cushion-cut lab-created emerald that measures 8.0 x 6.0mm. It is surrounded by smaller sparkling diamonds, all set in a diamond-paved shank.

Round Halo Engagement Rings Pink Morganite and Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in 10K Rose Gold

This gorgeous engagement ring features a 6.0mm round pink morganite with white diamond accents and is crafted from 10K rose gold. This ring is a gorgeous accessory since it has been polished to a mirror shine.

Oval Halo Engagement Rings Lab-Created White Sapphire and Diamond Antique Engagement Rings in 10K Rose Gold

The lab-created white sapphire in this magnificent design, which is constructed of 10k rose gold, measures 9.0 x 7.0mm and is encircled by a bezel set of fine milgrain. Dazzling with a total weight of 1/6 carat in diamonds and a superior polish.

What Benefits And Drawbacks Do Halo Rings Have?

What Benefits And Drawbacks Do Halo Rings Have

There are several benefits that make thinking about a halo ring worthwhile, as well as a few drawbacks that are as vital to take into account.

The advantages of halo rings:

Even little stones will appear enormous and significantly more spectacular because the halo will increase the size of the focal stone.

The advantages of halo ringsWhen a diamond or colorful gemstone is surrounded by a halo of diamonds, the contrast between the stones allows them to complement one another.

Several smaller diamonds will increase the total carat weight, but they won’t cost as much as one larger diamond of the same weight.

Halo rings can have distinctive and unique looks and are full of personality.

The core stone can be shielded by a halo, preventing accident injury.

Halos can be made to fit various shapes and are not constrained by the shape of the central stone. What’s more alluring than a diamond? Many diamonds!

The disadvantages of halo rings:

Halo rings are fashionable right now, but it’s impossible to predict whether they’ll remain so in ten years. Nevertheless, they’re not expected to lose much of their worth.

Halo rings are perceived as being distinctly feminine, so if you’re looking to give one to your male partner then you might feel limited in design. With so many smaller stones in a halo ring, it naturally increases the chances that you may lose one, but with proper care, you can avoid that.

A halo engagement ring’s shape makes it challenging to improve the size of the center stone in the future. It’s likely that you also need to purchase a new setting if the stone you’re upgrading to is 10% or higher in size.

Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky?

Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky

Halo engagement rings going out of style has been a recurring theme lately. No. The demand for halo diamond engagement rings is very high (thanks to unique contemporary halo engagement ring designs). They remain one of the most popular styles of engagement ring settings, and they are also developing in novel ways that appeal to the modern bride. Halo engagement rings now have more appeal than ever.

Halo History

The history of this well-known engagement ring design demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that the halo engagement band is everything but a fad.

The history of halo engagement rings dates back to the Georgian jewelry era (1714-1837). Then, during the Victorian era(1837-1901), they gained even more popularity. However, these so-called “ancient” halo engagement rings were not exactly what we now recognize as a halo engagement ring.

The 1920s, during the Art Deco era, saw the first appearance of the modern, traditional halo setting. These modern halo engagement rings have a central stone surrounded by concentric circles or other geometric forms. They have geometric designs and are symmetrical.

The halo engagement ring has consistently ranked second among engagement ring designs since the 1920s. They have, of course, generally gained popularity over the years, but their enduring appeal cannot be disputed. This is evident if you look at Hollywood’s A-listers. Halo engagement rings have been worn by celebrities for years upon generations to decorate their ring fingers.

So it is absolutely odd to term halo engagement rings a trend or even think of them as being out of style given their lengthy and rich history. Any claim to the contrary is ludicrous because the halo engagement ring is timeless. Like the solitaire engagement ring, they will never go out of style. The setting is also one that just makes sense since it is so deeply ingrained in the industry. In terms of design, it is quite adaptable. It’s a subset that is too big and a category that is too broad. Furthermore, a halo engagement ring is similar to a sneaker in that it will never be out of style.

Modern Halo Engagement Rings

The halo engagement ring reached the pinnacle of its popularity in the 2010s, becoming particularly commonplace.

Today, there is a change, but it has less to do with the popularity of the halo engagement ring and more to do with the designs.

Modern halo engagement rings have quite distinctive designs that add a touch of the Georgian and Victorian eras to the traditional Art Deco composition. But it goes beyond that; we are now witnessing halo engagement rings that are unheard-of in history. It is the ideal synthesis of the previous, present, and future.

The new halo engagement rings we are seeing from top designers and private label jewelers are altering the game, even though the traditional halo engagement rings we have known and loved for decades are still in demand. Simply because of the setting’s versatile, complex nature, we predict that the halo engagement ring will win the title of “the most popular engagement ring setting.”

8 Reasons Why Halo Engagement Rings Are Forever In Fashion

8 Reasons Why Halo Engagement Rings Are Forever In Fashion

Halo engagement rings are timeless for a variety of reasons. Let’s go through some additional reasons to guarantee that halo engagement rings will always be in vogue.

1. For a diamond band, the halo setting is the ideal choice

Many women desire a dazzling engagement diamond from every angle. More diamonds are better, obviously.

So, how do you go about doing that? A diamond band that is pave or channel set.

Additionally, a halo setting enhances a pave diamond band’s appearance, which is better than a solitaire setting. Halo settings and diamond bands go together. They practically were meant to be together. Therefore, if you believe that halo settings are outmoded, diamonds on bands are too.

There are many minimalists, but let’s face it, lots of women just can’t get enough diamonds. Is it cheesy? We believe NO… It’s gorgeous!

2. Wider bands and split shanks make halo settings appear their finest

A halo setting also makes wide bands, split shanks, and three-row bands appear better overall. Even more so when these broad bands are set with diamonds, it gives well-proportioned look.

Similar to bands with diamonds set into them, split shanks, wide bands, and three-row bands are now more popular than ever, which has increased the number of halo-set engagement ring designs.

Nowadays, it seems that bigger is better. When will it change? Probably not anytime soon, given that this trend has been last for years.

3. Halo settings enhance additional hues and contrasts

Contrasts and colors are crucial components in jewelry design. They distinguish things by giving them a unique quality. A small amount of color or contrast may have a huge impact.

Halo settings give ring designers greater possibilities. For instance, they could utilize a different precious metal for the halo’s prongs (imagine a rose gold halo setting on a white gold ring), a different diamond shape, such as a step-cut diamond, or gemstones like sapphires or exotic color diamonds. A ring will be extremely distinctive as a result of all these features.

Overall, when it comes to experimenting with color and contrast, there is no better option than a halo setting. We anticipate seeing an increasing number of contemporary halo setups with distinctive details as the future moves toward more colors and distinctive designs.

4. Cost-effectively boost size with Halo settings

Both men and women have known this since the beginning. The “illusion” of a larger center piece is provided by the halo engagement ring.

The nicest aspect is how inexpensively lovely halo engagement rings are. That’s because, although having an equal total carat weight, smaller diamonds are far less expensive than larger diamonds. It all comes down to how few there are larger diamonds. They obviously cost more as a result.

As a result, you will pay far less for a 3-carat (total combined) halo engagement ring than a 3-carat solitaire engagement ring. BUT the “acreage” you receive will remain unchanged. In fact, you frequently get a little bit extra (depending on the cut).

5. Halo settings provide better security

Not everything is about appearing larger. Halo settings also—and maybe most significantly—offer centerstone protection.

Many people are unaware that diamonds can fracture. Diamonds are extremely resistant and durable, however under some circumstances they can be fragile. Particularly those diamond cuts with edges or points.

Therefore, solitaire settings provide the least protection for your diamond while halo settings provide the most. This explains why pear and princess cut diamonds in halo settings are so common. It takes away the chance that the diamond’s edge or tip will chip.

This further supports our claim that halo engagement rings will never go out of style. They are not only beautiful, but also useful.

6. Halo settings provide amazing glitter

Engagement rings with halo settings glitter a lot. The halo’s countless tiny diamonds serve as a mirror, reflecting light back into the centerstone to increase sparkle.

Overall, the halo setting shines brighter than any other.

7. All diamond shapes can be used with halo settings

Halo settings come in a wide variety. Any diamond shape can use a halo setting, even though certain diamond shapes appear better in solitaire settings and others in halo settings.

This adaptability only strengthens the halo engagement ring’s popularity.

8. Royalty and celebrities adore halo setups

Celebrities set the tone for the fashion world, whether you like it or not. This is due to their connections with prestigious designers.

What does it signify that designers are developing and promoting halo settings and that celebrities are donning halo engagement bands on their fingers? Well, it implies that the rest of the globe will do the same.

Currently, it is known that highly famous figures from both the past and the present have halo engagement rings on their fingers. As a result, the halo engagement ring is a classic style.

And some of the most powerful princesses in history have worn halo engagement rings, so it’s not just celebrities that do.

The halo engagement ring is undeniably royal-worthy, as seen on Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton, and Princess Diana.


faqs of halo engagement rings

Is Hidden Halo worth it?

It’s worth it to look for hidden halos. They enlarge the appearance of the diamond, which is unquestionably a major bonus. Additionally, even though they won’t be seen from the top, they will make your ring dazzle from all other angles. Few other settings give the ring the same depth and originality that they do.

The ring of side stones in a hidden halo setting sits below the central stone. The halo is hidden from view when looking at the central stone from above, therefore the name. The halo is evident, though, when viewed from the side.

Should I get a hidden Halo to my engagement ring?

It all comes down to preference. Consider a hidden halo engagement ring if you want something a little more special because they are less typical than conventional halo engagement rings. Some people like the conventional halo engagement ring because it gives the appearance of having a larger diamond, which can be advantageous for people on a tight budget.

Do Halo rings cost more money?

The size of the main stone is basically what determines this. It would be less expensive to purchase a halo setting with a total volume (including accent diamonds) equal to that of a non-halo, solitaire ring. That’s because a diamond with a higher carat weight would be far more expensive than one with multiple accent diamonds of the same weight. Therefore, a solitaire engagement ring will cost considerably more than the halo engagement ring as the halo diamond band will have a smaller center stone, if you want a diamond ring that is a total width of say 1cm.


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