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How To Pick The Perfect Opal Stone Ring

How To Pick The Perfect Opal Stone Ring

Anyone who has seen an iridescent, shimmering opal understands how captivating the stone’s celestial hues are. Opal stone ring is now a popular choice for brides with a bohemian aesthetic looking for a dreamlike substitute to diamonds because they are ethereal and unexpected. We at Elleroses would like to celebrate October’s enchanting birthstone, the opal, and makes it a lovely option for an engagement ring.

Everything you need to know before purchasing one will be covered in this blog, including the various types and colors, how to recognize them, maintenance and cleaning, and hydrophane opals.

What is Opal?

What is Opal

Opals have a broad variety of species and prices, making them one of the most intriguing gemstones. Black opals cost $10,000 per carat, while common opals start at $20 per carat.

Opals are softer stones and need more maintenance because their hardness ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 on a scale of 10. Due to the presence of valuable opals, the stones exhibit iridescent color play (the flashes of color within the stone). They are referred to as common opals if they are opaque and devoid of any.

Types of Opal

Types of Opal

Light opal, which makes up the majority of mined opal, may be the variety that customers are most familiar with. White, milky white, and light grey are some of the foundation colors, with varied degrees of color play dancing on top.

If the opal’s body is transparent, sometimes referred to as a light crystal opal, the color patches beneath the surface can be seen. These varieties are the ones that fetch extraordinarily high prices.

You can choose from a range of opal options, depending on your preferences in terms of color and price range. Opal kinds differ widely, from nearly transparent crystal opals to the somber, dark black opal. Most of the stones in opal engagement rings are natural opals, which typically have a base tone ranging from colorless to medium gray. Want a more natural stone? Boulder opal is an opal and host rock concoction that forms naturally. While Peruvian or blue opals occur in many degrees of blue green, fire opals, also known as Mexican fire opals, are transparent to translucent and have warm colors of yellow, orange, and red. The darkest and rarest opals are black opals, and their cost reflects their relative rarity. Synthetic opals are also a choice, like many gemstones, and may be distinguished from real opals due to the uniformity of the silica patterns.

Is Opal a Good Choice For Engagement Rings?

If you’re looking for significance in an engagement ring stone, the opal’s rich history won’t let you down. Due to their brilliance, opals have been shrouded in mystery since the Middle Ages. Opals have a wide variety of mythical histories, from being used to ward off evil spirits to being cursed. Opals were considered the most expensive and powerful gemstone in ancient Rome, which is why several Caesars presented them to their wives as lucky charms. Such a romantic meaning has survived to the present day. Opals are currently thought to encourage creativity and represent faithfulness. Opals make an ideal engagement ring because they perfectly capture the special spark and fire of your connection, and their rarity makes them very appealing to people looking for truly unique jewelry.

Why Choose Opal To Be Center Stone?

Why Choose Opal To Be Center Stone

No two opals are the same

While opals’ diversity is one of their selling points, it can be difficult to know where to begin researching the gemstone. The different variables makes it impossible to provide universally applicable criteria for evaluating opal. Considering the interplay of color, the pattern, the body tone, the brightness, and the origin, to name a few!

Play of color

Opal’s mesmerizing ‘play of color’ is unlike any other gemstone. The term “play of color” describes the way the opal’s colors interact with one another in a three-dimensional galaxy effect.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Opal Stone Ring

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Opal Stone Ring

The variety of hues included in an opal has a significant impact on its value. The more the variation in color and design within a gemstone, the higher its value. The value of an opal can be diminished if its hues are pale and muted.

Patterning found inside an opal. You should consider both the color palette and the arrangement of those hues. The alignment of the silica spheres is what gives an opal its pattern. Rarely do you find stunning patterns when they aren’t absolutely homogeneous throughout the stone. The value of an opal rises if its pattern is uniform throughout and there are no dead zones (areas where the opal lacks color due to impurities).

Opal’s pristine nature is a testament to its rarity. There are 3 different types of opals. Opals can be found in a variety of different forms, including solid opal, boulder opal, and matrix. Simply said, an opal that is solid throughout is made entirely of opal. You can’t find anything more valuable than it. Next, we have boulder opal, which can be spotted interspersed with other stones in a vein-like pattern. Matrix opals are pieces of opal that have other stones embedded in them.

It’s crucial to know how recently an opal was cut before making a purchase. Since opal is not yet stable after being mined, this is the case. They must be let to dry for at least three years before being put up for sale. Lack of drying time can cause noticeable shifts in color and opacity. A good indicator of this is the gradual development of a cloudy or milky appearance in an opal that was once transparent. Sometimes the colors will change to ones that are less attractive. All reputable sellers will be familiar with this gestation period and will be able to give you sell-by dates for their precious stones.

Popular Opal Stone Rings of 2023

Popular Opal Stone Rings of 2023
Opal Stone Ring White Fire Opal Engagement Ring With Flower Design in Silver Plated

This exquisite White Fire Opal Petal Ring features a red center stone and 6 sparkling opal stones that are prong set in silver. It provides affordable luxury and makes a sparkling October birthday present.

Opal and Cubic Zirconia Cluster Engagement Ring Opal Stone Gold Ring in 18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver

Our art deco-inspired ring is made for contemporary ladies who value their inner strength and feminine beauty equally. It is balanced with elegance and clarity. A sharp-minded woman who is frequently sensitive in heart, the cubic zirconia accents wrap around the polished oval center with a modern outline in contrast to the absolutely smooth shape of the center stone.

Nature Inspired Engagement Rings With Opal Stone Art Deco Engagement Rings

When you view this ring, the first thing that springs to mind is, “One of a kind engagement ring for a woman.” This Art Deco design is inspired by natural flowers surrounding a center white opal. We have no doubt that your significant other will adore this item.

Opal Stone Wedding Ring Teardrop Shaped Engagement Ring October Birthstone Rose Gold Opal Ring

A thin round band with a teardrop Natural Ethiopian Opal measuring 7x5mm is set in rose gold plating over sterling silver. For stacking, the opal is positioned in a thick bezel on top of the band.

5.00 ctw Ethiopian Opal Three Stone Ring With White Zircon Accent Halo in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

With this gorgeous Ethiopian opal ring, you may elevate your sense of style and command attention. This ring has an extravagant appeal and is glistening with real white zircons. This opal ring has a chic, feminine appearance thanks to the opal’s kaleidoscopic appeal and the zircon’s dazzling border.

How To Clean & Care For Your Opal Stone Ring?

How To Clean and Care For Your Opal Stone Ring

Tips On Caring For your Opal Stone Ring

It is not advised to submerge Opal Triplets or Doublets in water. These Opals are made by sandwiching glue between the thin opal and the backing. Water is not a problem today as it was in the past because contemporary techniques are employed to attach the Opal. However, we still advise against using any water sports when wearing Opal Doublet or Opal Triplet ring.

Never wear opal stone ring when engaging in physical activity or gardening. The Opal can break from any severe blows or scratches from dirt particles.

Take into account the kind of jewelry worn and the kind of ring setting the opal is in. The corners of the Opal are better protected by bezel settings than by claw settings. Opals can be placed in any manner but they may not be often subjected to harsh conditions when they are worn in pendants and earrings.

Claw-set opal rings need to be handled with special caution. These kinds of rings are typically cocktail rings that are occasionally worn. Please be warned that there is a potential the Opal in a claw-set Opal ring could become entangled with something if you intend to wear it every day.

Purchase quality opals from an experienced merchant or jeweler. Someone who cuts opals would be ideal. The stone you buy is just as vital as the care you give it, despite the fact that this may seem like bizarre “care” advice. This is why. Many jewelers don’t know one opal from another and can’t provide you the proper care instructions for your opal. Knowing what you have will help you take care of it.

What effects do oils have on an Opal? If you mean to wear it while you pack the wheel bearings or change the oil, the grime and potential for scratching would be the main issue. The oil won’t seep into the stone or harm it in any way. Oily hand and face creams, on the other hand, won’t harm the stone except that they could accumulate around a ring and make it appear unattractive.

What should I do to protect an opal from harm? Wearing it when gardening is not recommended since the sand or soil may dull the stone’s polish or, if you become very active, you may smash the stone against a rock, and Opals don’t enjoy being treated that way. Additionally, there is always a danger that the gold or silver claws will be harmed and you’ll lose the stone entirely. If you are performing any type of operation that can expose the stone to hard surfaces, remove it.

What should I do if my opal stone becomes scratched or loses its polish? Now, this is the reason we advise you to purchase from experienced merchant or jeweler. Most jewelers or a polisher at a lapidary club can polish opal if it becomes scratched after a few years.

What is the best way to keep my Opals safe for the long term? As long as the area is not excessively hot, you can usually store them away safely. Consider storing them in a plastic bag with a damp cloth in case they dry out.

Diamond-accented opals require special attention. Even after cleaning, any diamonds that come with your opal jewelry will look dull after some time. This is especially true for rings. The reason for this is primarily due to the fact that most people only clean the top of the ring. To clean your ring, simply pour some pure washing detergent into the back and scrub it with a soft toothbrush and warm water. As long as you don’t do it too often, the Opal will be fine, and the diamonds will shine brightly once more.

Look over your jewelry. Regularly check your jewelry for claw damage. If you have a magnifying lens, you can accomplish this yourself. It’s not mysterious in any way. It’s best to take action if you see that the claw is slack and the stone is moving slightly. If the stone is particularly loose, you can hear it rattling when you hold the object up to your ear and shake it.

Cleaning gold jewelry. Any metal polishing paste or fluid will do the job just as well on gold or silver. To remove the paste, simply use a soft cloth and buff the surface. Then, apply some dishwashing liquid, scrub it with a fine toothbrush, and rinse it under hot water. This process will restore the gold to its original state.

Methods of Cleaning Opal Jewelry

To clean your opal jewelry, never use any chemicals, toothpaste, or abrasives. Using a warm, soapy water solution is the best cleaning approach for your opal jewelry.

Jewelry Cloths

Opal jewelry should be cleaned with jewelry cloths. To keep your Opal’s brilliance, use a silver cloth for silver jewelry and a gold cloth for gold jewelry. Try not to use the side of the cloth that has become stained with black residue. To prevent contamination from dust particles, store your cloth in a zip-top bag.

The majority of professional cleaning solutions for silver jewelry don’t harm opals. Commercial gold cleaning dips that help the metal shine brighter are acceptable, but try to avoid using them on triplet or doublet opals.

Ultra Sonic Cleaners

It’s likely that an ultrasonic cleaner will be used when you bring your Opal jewelry to a jeweler for cleaning. Please never use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean Opal Doublet or Opal Triplet jewelry. These devices run the risk of weakening the adhesive bond and causing your Opal to break.


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