A marquise engagement ring with wedding band is a striking option for any couple to wear because of its graceful length and precise detail. The marquise shape, however, has a lot more significance and meaning than most couples are aware of, and being aware of these subtleties can help couples select the ideal ring to showcase their particular connection.

What is a Marquise Diamond?

What is a Marquise Diamond

Marquise diamonds were particularly popular for engagement rings in the 1970s and 1980s, although this cut’s origins can be traced all the way back to France in the 18th century. Marquise diamonds have a long, thin shape, and because of their numerous facets, it appears as though they are larger than they actually are. The marquise cut gained popularity in the 1970s and 1980s due to its adaptability and ability to be set in a number of ring designs. They can be used as accent stones as well as being positioned vertically or horizontally. In order to suit varying setting sizes in other jewelry items, they can even be trimmed to different widths.

The marquise diamond cut once had a lot of appeal, but that appeal has waned recently, and some people who own one are attempting to repurpose it to fit contemporary ring settings.

Marquise Shape Meaning And Symbolism

The marquise diamond cut can be associated with many various kinds of symbolism, and couples can interpret their unique connection, tastes, and style in any manner they want to emphasize  this distinctive shape.

Shape Symbolism

The marquise cut’s distinctive shape is associated with lemons, making it the perfect choice for a couple who may have fond memories of lemonade-filled picnics or whose proposal may have roots in citrus-growing areas like California’s lemon groves or Italy’s Amalfi Coast. The shape might also represent a football, making it an excellent option for football fans. It is also reminiscent of a cat’s eye, making it an excellent option for cat lovers. Couples who appreciate the symbolism of the boat-shaped stone may associate it with a romantic voyage or other aquatic experiences they have had.

Royal Symbolism

Since the marquise cut was inspired by the lips of a marquise which  is the rank of nobility between a count and a duke, it is a symbol of nobility and the old world aristocracy. Since this shape is also featured in several crown jewels, it lends an air of royalty to whatever engagement ring it adorns.

Geographic Symbolism

France’s Paris is where the marquise diamond was first created. Marquise diamond engagement rings can have a hidden meaning for couples with ties to the City of Light, or they can symbolize a desire to spend their honeymoon in Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Personality Symbolism

Marquise diamond shapes are frequently related to creative, dramatic personalities or to people who prefer a little drama with a dash of glitz. The stone’s pointed edges also give off an air of edginess, making it a fantastic choice for a bride-to-be with a robust personality and a keen sense of personal flair.

Vintage Symbolism

Different jewelry fashion eras have made extensive use of the marquise or navette cut, which can give couples a little of that historical flair. The marquise shape is common in floral Victorian engagement rings and can be seen in some Art Deco designs. The marquise form is occasionally used in mid-century modern designs, and a rise in appreciation for the cut in the 1980s has made it common in vintage and estate rings.

Prominence Symbolism

When couples notice that their favorite celebrities are wearing marquise cut rings, it gives them a hint of Hollywood flair. Many well-known people, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Ashlee Simpson, Eliza Limehouse, and Portia de Rossi, have worn marquise-shaped engagement rings.

Marquise Engagement Ring With Wedding Band For Everyone

Marquise Engagement Ring With Wedding Band For Everyone

These time-honored rings have a rich history, regardless of the era that you prefer, unique character, and is a legacy to pass on to future generations. They also have a timeless beauty and elegant appeal.

The marquise cut wedding ring set are available with a range of 1/2 carat, 1.5 carat, 2 carat, and so forth, echoing the state of passion and enticement. Marquise cut diamonds complement the set of a ring with a matching band well because of their brilliant cut and tapering ends. A marquise cut diamond wedding ring set, exquisitely made by Elleroses, holds diamonds and gemstones of your choice, ranging from rubies to orange sapphires, in a variety of metals, from yellow gold to white gold. The lovely marquise wedding ring sets are featured in a variety of exquisite patterns, including vintage-inspired, nature-inspired, and more. The marquise cut bridal outfits are stunning and noteworthy, and you may also explore the numerous customisation possibilities offered here.

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Best Marquise Engagement Ring Sets 2023

Best Marquise Engagement Ring Sets
Marquise Engagement Ring With Wedding Band Halo Engagement Rings With Wishbone Wedding Band in Silver

This halo wedding engagement 2 piece split shank ring set is made of high-quality 925 sterling silver that has been given a rhodium plating for extra durability and shine. A marquise-shaped center stone with a halo of smaller round brilliant-cut stones and wishbone ring of this lovely set serve as its focal points.

Marquise Engagement Ring With Wedding Band Sterling Silver Wedding Ring Sets

Thanks to the marquise shape of the center stone and the two-tone design, it is a one-of-a-kind expression of love. Round stones arranged in a diagonal pattern embellish the sterling silver band. It serves as a reminder of your promise to love and care for her forever.

Chevron Wedding Band With Marquise Engagement Ring Aquamarine and Diamond Vintage Wedding Ring Set

The 3.7 x 7.7 mm marquise-cut aquamarine is mounted on a 10K white gold ring. Along the ring’s shank, lovely diamonds are arranged in an openworked and lined pattern. This bridal set’s marquise-cut engagement ring serves as a sparkling memento of the happiness your love has brought to the world.

Solitaire Marquise Engagement Ring With Wedding Band Moissanite Bridal Set Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

Six prongs support this marquise-cut stone for maximum dazzle. This platinum solitaire Marquise set which is retro-inspired style, features a Forever One moissanite stone that will sparkle brilliantly for many generations.

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring With Wedding Band Twisted Engagement Ring in 10K White Gold

The 3/8 ct. marquise-cut diamond is set in a bezel of smaller diamonds in the 10K white gold engagement ring. Round diamonds, one on either side of the center stone, are set into the split, twisted shank, which is also set with diamonds.

How To Pick a Marquise Diamond

How To Pick a Marquise Diamond

A Marquise cut diamond should be H+, VS2+, under 62% depth, with a beautiful outline, even contrast/brilliance, and no dark bow-tie in order to seem “white, eye clean,” and extremely sparkling. It seems like a lot, yes? You’ve got us, so no worries. Find out which Marquise-cut diamonds are the most brilliant and reflective after reading these recommendations from the experts.


Your Marquise’s “ratio,” or proportionality, will look either slim or chubby depending on your own preference. Measured in terms of its length divided by its width. According to conventional industry advice, the diamond’s ratio of plump to skinny should range from 1.7 (plumper) to 2.2(skinnier). But I’ve seen gorgeous marquises that didn’t adhere to those rules, so you should do what you think is best.


Focusing on the outline is more important than maintaining the correct proportions. A graceful marquise would have elegant curves rather than severe angles. Marquis diamond has wings. In other words, you should look for arcs and acute angles in the “wings” of the diamond, the area between the cusp and the base. A diamond’s appearance will be diminished if its wings are overly twisted. In contrast, a diamond with undeveloped “wings” will have an unattractive, excessively sharp profile (and also prone to breakage). Decide to aim for “just right”!

Contrast / Brilliance

The maximum amount of shine will be achieved by your diamond if it has an even distribution of bright (brilliance) and dark (contrast) parts. Yes, you did read it correctly; the stone you select should have a certain amount of darkness. Contrast is crucial because light objects, such as sparkle, require reflections from dark backgrounds in order to be seen; otherwise, the sparkle is obscured. It’s a good idea to compare the milk in both white and dark mugs. It’s the contrast you want!


Although contrast is desired, it must not be concentrated into a dark, ugly bowtie in the center. Due to the special shape of a marquise diamond ring, if the angles aren’t just right, the diamond will appear dark in the middle and light on the tips. Keep in mind that even contrast and shine are desired. Therefore, pay attention to the diamond’s center. Can you confirm that it is dark in color and has a bowtie design? Or the middle part is watery without any contrast? They are both less than ideal.

Carat Weight

Marquise cut diamonds look bigger than all other shapes combined! Your diamond will hold its carat weight well, so you’re in luck. That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to its depth (below 62%) and simply pick the size that seems most appropriate to you. I often suggest that partners use a piece of paper that has been measured and cut to fit their ring finger. This makes it easier for you to picture how your marquise diamond ring might look with that carat weight!


Marquise stones are bright, so you can get away with wearing less white while still seeming white. That often signifies H+ or I+ for white metal and yellow metal, respectively. It’s crucial to avoid having your color concentrate on the stone’s points, though. Color can occasionally appear warmer in a marquise’s points than in its center due to the difference in faceting. Additionally, this is annoying. Therefore, be careful to focus on the diamond’s core!


Marquise is also good at hiding clarity problems (or “inclusions”)! As a result, VS2+ stones are frequently eye-clean, and occasionally SI1 stones as well! The simplest way to guarantee that your stone is eye clean is to make sure that any imperfections are hidden beneath the side (or “crown”) facets of the stone. Clarity defects are effectively concealed behind these facets by the marquise’s intense glitter.

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FAQs about Marquise Engagement Rings

FAQs about Marquise Engagement Rings

Can Marquise Diamonds be Recut?


This is a good news for longtime owners of marquise diamonds. There have been reports of these cuts breaking and chipping over time. Unfortunately, the pointed ends of marquise diamonds are notorious for breaking. Recutting the diamond is a fantastic way to reuse it in this situation. A marquise can be repurposed by being sliced into a more fashionable shape, which increases its demand. For that reason, recutting a marquise diamond is a fantastic alternative for oval and pear shapes.

The good thing is that our gems can vary as taste does.

How Can You Recut Your Marquise Diamond?

If you decided to have your marquise diamond recut, you must now find out where and how to do so. The good news is that it won’t take you long to locate a neighborhood jewelry shop that will take care of this for you.

But if you want the best outcomes, speak with the knowledgeable jewelers at Elleroses. They may assist you in reshaping your marquise diamond to its ideal form. Contact us right now for further details.

Do Marquise Diamonds Appear Larger?

Yes! The marquise faces up larger than any other diamond cut because of its lovely lengthy length. Since marquise cutting makes it appear larger, marquise are actually the greatest option for couples with a tight budget and a little carat weight. The marquise’s graceful length also makes fingers appear longer.

Do Marquise Diamonds Cost More Money?

No, the marquise is one of the least expensive shapes. They are a fantastic value when you consider that marquise cuts have a greater appearance than other cuts of similar weight.

Is The Marquise Diamond Outdated?

The marquise has “fashion moments” that are occasionally in style and other times are less well-liked. Marquise diamonds are currently experiencing a revival in popularity after experiencing a peak in the 1970s and a decline in the 1990s and 2000s. Additionally, well-cut stones with a lot of shine are always in style.

What Kind Of Setting Is Ideal For Marquise Diamonds?

We advise basic, traditional settings since they guarantee your diamond will be flawless. Find out more about traditional engagement ring design here!


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