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Opal Wedding Ring Set: The Complete Guide 2023

Opal Wedding Ring Set The Complete Guide

Anyone who has seen an iridescent, shimmering opal understands how captivating the stone’s cosmic hues are. Opal wedding ring set is now a popular choice for brides with a bohemian aesthetic looking for a dreamlike substitute to diamonds because they are ethereal and unexpected. We at Elleroses would like to celebrate October’s enchanting birthstone, the opal, and all that makes it a lovely option for an engagement ring as Christmas creeps into the air and we inch closer to 2023.

What is Opal?

Opals mined in Australia are among the most stunning gemstones found anywhere. The play of color, a remarkable movement of diffracted colors seen in opals, includes every color of the rainbow.

Because of this, opals are unlike any other gemstone, and opal engagement rings are growing in popularity as an alternative to the traditional diamond. Opals, in contrast to diamonds, are truly uncommon; they are sold almost as quickly as they are mined. Even if diamonds are abundant, the market value of each stone is protected by massive hoarding and tight supply management.

Unlike diamonds however (which are exceedingly hard 10/10 on the Mohs scale), opals are a rather soft gemstone. On the Mohs scale, which measures mineral hardness, opals are at 6. To put this into perspective, opals are just a little tougher than glass. Keeping this in mind is the single most crucial consideration when shopping for an opal as an engagement ring. Mishandling or rough handling can cause an opal to crack or break. Opals are not fragile by no means, but they do require special care to ensure they last a lifetime of wear.

When our customers inform us they are looking for an opal engagement ring, we always ensure they are aware of this factor before they start their search. There are a lot of ways you can assure the utmost security and longevity of your opal, and you should check the advise of professionals before going ahead and buying an opal ring.

Types of Opals

Types of Opals

You can choose an opal that fits your budget and your aesthetic preferences. You can find opals in a broad variety of colors and textures, from practically transparent crystal opals to the deep, mysterious black opal. Most opal engagement rings have natural opals with a base tone ranging from colorless to medium gray. Looking for a more natural feel? Boulder opal is a mixture of host rock and opal that forms in nature. Peruvian or blue opals are found in cooler tones of blue green, whereas fire opals, also known as Mexican fire opals, are transparent to translucent and include vibrant hues of yellow, orange, and red. The blackest and rarest of the opal variety, black opals command a price tag that reflects their rarity and darkness. Synthetic opals, like many other types of gemstones, are available; nonetheless, their uniform silica patterns help to set them apart from real opals.

Black Opal

Because of its rare and beautiful color combinations and patterns, black opal is among the most valuable opals. To what extent, though, is black opal the rarest of all opals? Black opal is a popular gemstone, but high-quality black opal is hard to come by due to the strong color contrast between the black body tone and the rainbow flashes that sparkle brilliantly across the gemstone.

Black opal gemstones are extremely rare, and almost all of them come from Lightning Ridge in Australia. All the colors of the rainbow are present in the color bar, or “play of color” with red being the rarest and most valuable. Iron oxide is added to a Crystal Opal to create a Black Opal. It can range from very dark black to gray. Without a color band on top, this black potch or ordinary Opal has no value.


Unlike other types of opal, the host rock in boulder opal really forms an integral part of the gem itself. There is typically only a tiny thread of precious opal present. Boulder opal is typically found in ironstone boulders, where it fills in crevices and cavities. Depending on the angle at which you look at it, boulder opal can appear either dark or transparent. When a Boulder Opal is cleaved, it “splits” into two pieces, each of which has a naturally polished face.

Crystal Opal

South Australia and New South Wales are home to the translucent, opaque, and fossilised Opal that are rare and exquisite.

When held up to a bright light, you can see directly through Crystal Opal since it is translucent and does not contain any oxides, the substance that gives an Opal its white or black color.

When appraising an opal, crystal opal frequently possesses many of the most desired (valued) characteristics. Large blocks of color that can be vivid enough to be visible in very low light are typically multidirectional (meaning that color may be viewed from a variety of angles).

Peruvian Opal

Peruvian opal, often known as blue opal, is a blue-green stone that ranges from translucent to opaque and is often cut into a visible matrix. It lacks pleochroism properties. The Owyhee region of Oregon and the Virgin Valley area of Nevada are also sources of blue opal.

White Opal

Light opal refers to white opals with a base tone that is colorless to medium grey. Although the term “white” is commonly used, it should only be applied when the body color is extremely milky. The more common white opal does not display color as well as the rarer black opal due to its lighter body tone. However, if a high-quality white opal is discovered, its color can be stunning.

Fire Opal

Fire opal is a type of opal that ranges from see-through to translucent and has a vibrant range of warm colors in its body, from yellow to orange to red. Even though stones rarely display color play, every now and then some vivid green flashes will appear. Although the phrase “fire opal” is rarely used Down Under, the state of Querétaro in Mexico is widely recognized as the world’s preeminent producer of this striking gemstone. Jelly opals are another name for fire opals that don’t display play of color. It is not uncommon for Mexican opals to be cut and polished directly in their ryholitic host material if it is hard enough to do so. Cantera opals are a specific variety of Mexican opal.


Hyalite, also known as Muller’s Glass, is a type of colorless opal that has a glassy appearance. On rare occasions, a hint of color can be seen (blue, green or yellow). When it comes from Mexico, it is also sometimes called water opal. Oregon and Mexico are the two most famous places to get this opal.

The bluish glow or sheen of girasol opal, which is a kind of hyalite opal, shifts as the stone is moved in different directions.

Doublet Opals

Due to the rarity and value of Australian opal, we frequently slice larger opals to create more affordable rings, pendants, and earrings.

Not everyone can afford a pendant or ring that costs tens of thousands of dollars. We are able to provide an entirely natural piece of Opal in all of its splendor and beauty and make it affordable by taking a “slice” (or piece) of an Opal and laying this against a background of Boulder Opal (or Black Opal) “potch” (Opal without color).

Doublets and triplets are the two forms of improved opals that we produce and sell. These opals are not only gorgeous, but they also cost about 1/30th as much as black opals, making them less expensive alternatives to the expensive subcategories of opal. On the back, a layer of potch (black common opal) or ironstone is frequently combined with a thin layer of crystal opal to enhance the color of the opal.

Meaning of Opal Engagement Ring

Meaning of Opal Engagement Ring

Opals have a rich and varied history, making them a meaningful choice for an engagement ring. Opals have been shrouded in mystery ever since the Middle Ages, when its enchanted light first caught the attention of the world. Opals have varied reputations in folklore, from being associated with bad luck to being used to ward off evil spirits. Caesars in ancient Rome gave opals to their wives as good luck charms because they thought it was the most valuable and potent gemstone. And it is precisely this romantic meaning that has survived till the present day. Opals have evolved into a modern emblem of loyalty and a help to the creative process. Opals, with their non-replicable nature, are very desirable for couples seeking a really unique engagement ring since they are a wonderful depiction of the distinctive spark and fire of your connection.

Popular Opal Engagement Rings

Popular Opal Engagement Rings

Opals known as “fire opals” are treasured for their stunning orange, yellow, and red “fire” colors and come from Mexico or Brazil. Fire Opal Engagement RingThe most expensive examples are uniformly colored and have a bright red or orange hue. If the Opal dries out, milkiness may occasionally be noticed; regrettably, this might cause the Opal to break.

Although “fire Opals” frequently lack the color play that distinguishes Black Opals, buyers admire them for their stunning hues and typically lesser price. However, because they are prone to cracking and consequently less appealing, these are less common as opal wedding set rings.

Blue and blue-green hues can be seen in the gemstone opal type known as “blue opal.” Be aware that the phrase “blue opal” is occasionally used to describe a mainly opaque, teal-hued variant of common opal that can be found in Peru.

Peruvian blue opal is so common in the nation that it was designated as the national gemstone. The increasingly uncommon Paraiba opal, a bluish-green variation resembling sea glass, is particularly well-known in Brazil, a neighboring nation of Peru. Recently discovered Owyhee opals from Oregon have calming mild or dark pastel blue tones.

Blue Opal Engagement RingThere are common and priceless kinds of blue opals. While common opals lack play-of-color, precious opals do.

Numerous cultures and civilizations, from ancient Greece and Rome to the Incas, have mystically interpreted blue opal.

Opals were regarded in ancient Greece as channels for powers akin to oracles, giving the wearer clairvoyant abilities. Opals were additionally regarded by the Greeks and Romans as celestial gifts of protection that could ward off ailment or bad luck. According to Greek mythology, Zeus, the sky god, created blue opals from his happy tears after defeating the Titans.

In fact, many prehistoric cultures gave opals names that referenced the mystical or mythological, like “Pandora” and “The Eye Stone.”

In Europe, blue opals came to represent youth and promise. Opal was associated with hope in some cultures even more, and it was frequently set in the metal as an engagement ring or wedding ring set.

Luck is the most prevalent theme in blue opal ring meaning. Almost all societies that had access to this jewel regarded it as a lucky charm.

It is said that blue opals are the most effective stones for emotional healing. Blue stones are associated with calm, insight, and enlightenment.

You can wear blue opal ring to help you get over an emotional hurdle, such as a breakup or a tough decision that involves your heart. The stone can help you relax and gain the clarity of mind you need to make decisions and take action. In addition, the stone has the power to imbue confidence, so you’ll be able to make a choice with absolute conviction.

Lightning Ridge Black Opal from Australia is the most well-known variety of opal found in Australia. Loose Black Opals that have been hand-cut in Sydney, New South Wales, and have a “named” pattern are 5000 times rarer than diamonds.

Black Opal Engagement RingBlack Opal is the most costly and well-known of all opals. About 5% of the total is black opal, which is discovered near Lightning Ridge in northern New South Wales. Because of the black or gray iron oxide impurities in the opal that give the stone its black basis, it is known as Black Opal.

A black opal portends peace and a prosperous future. The harmony and unity represented by the colors glowing together. The opal, which stands for good faith and a bright future, makes for an outstanding engagement ring.

Black opals are a more delicate gemstone and black opal engagement ring could be worn every day. The price of a genuine black opal is $10,000 per carat. Since real black opals are so uncommon, they frequently occur in tiny, elegant cuts that are perfect for an engagement ring.

It’s no surprise that black opals shine brightest when used as the featured centerpiece of an engagement ring or as an adorning accent stone. Opal jewelry can be worn in a few different ways; one option is to have black opal gemstones cut into unique pieces. For the best possible finished opal jewelry, this is your best option.

In contrast, black opal necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces feature beautiful arrangements. Keep in mind that opal is a delicate gemstone, so a secure bezel or prong setting is necessary to preserve the opal’s beauty and durability.

Although a vintage opal engagement ring has the potential to be beautiful, inexpensive, and morally sound, it may not be the greatest decision for everyone. You can take it into account by weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a vintage-style opal engagement ring.

You should give careful consideration to the person who will be wearing the vintage opal ring before making your final decision. Although a vintage opal engagement ring may be one of a kind and include beautiful detail and craftsmanship, it may lack the sharp refinement of more contemporary styles. A more contemporary ring may be preferable if your significant other has a penchant for minimalist, on-trend styles with a touch of glitz. A vintage opal ring, on the other hand, is a great choice if they value history and romance with an aura of old-world elegance.

Each vintage style opal ring was handcrafted by skilled artisans and craftsmen, and this personalized attention frequently gives vintage rings more distinctive designs like lace or filigree detailing, basket settings, halo arrangements, and other one-of-a-kind options that are more difficult to find from other jewelers.

When compared to brand-new, modern rings, this type of ring can offer couples some surpising deals and lesser prices to pick from, especially when comparing prices per carat of the ring’s stones. A vintage opal engagement ring can be a fantastic deal for couples on a tight budget or with more thrifty purchasing habits without sacrificing the size of the stone or the ring’s design.

Opal Engagement Ring With Diamonds

The main benefit of a diamond accent setting is that it enhances the center opal and gives the impression that your ring is larger. The halo setting is made to add size and sparkle to the opal in an economical method, enhancing its beauty. The diamond setting directs attention more toward the opal if the accent and center stones are two different colors. It improves its aesthetic appeal through color contrast and brilliance.

Opal Engagement Ring With DiamondsAlthough a halo diamond setting will make the center opal appear bigger (saving money on the actual stone), it isn’t necessarily the more affordable choice. In comparison to more straightforward styles, such solitaire or three opals, the style is more expensive since it uses more metal and jewels. Halo diamond settings require extra caution since the tiny diamonds that surround the larger opal are prone to falling out. Additionally, pairing an engagement ring set with an opal wedding band may be a bit challenging due to the form of a halo and how it creates an edge around the central stone.

How to Pair a Precious Metal With Your Opal?

There are many factors to think about when selecting an opal engagement ring or wedding ring set, including the opal’s cut, size, the style of mounting, and the total cost. Furthermore, you should think about the ring’s band color.

Opals have a variety of reactions to the various metals. In certain cases, they enhance the opal’s play-of-color, while in others, they dull its sparkle.

One of the things that makes opals so special is their ability to show off a phenomenon known as play-of-color. The opal is the birthstone for October and is formed in places like Australia after seasonal rains have dried up. Here, you’ll learn which precious metals are best suited for each opal color category, as recommended by jewelry experts.

White Gold Vs. Rose Gold Opal Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a token of your love that your future spouse will wear and treasure forever. That’s why it’s so important to get the ring right the first time around. It’s not just the cut of the stone or the style of the setting that matters, but the color of the metal as well.

People often choose yellow gold, but did you know that white gold and even rose gold are also popular for opal engagement rings? Which option should you select? Read on.

Rose gold rings are popular at the moment, making them a good choice for those who value staying on trend. But the timeless appeal of white gold cannot be denied. The look and feel of rose gold wedding set is more intimate and one-of-a-kind. Thus, a rose gold engagement ring set can be the best choice if you want to wow your significant other with your affection.

In addition, rose gold rings combine nicely with colored opals, so a multicolored band is simple to create. Rose gold rings, like white gold ones, might cause an allergic reaction in certain people because of the copper they contain. Rose gold rings are more long-lasting than their yellow or even white gold counterparts because of the addition of copper during the manufacturing process.

White gold is a great option if you don’t want yellow gold but can’t afford platinum. It will resemble a platinum ring in appearance but will cost roughly the same as a standard gold ring. White gold’s increased durability can be attributed to its combination with other metal alloys, such as silver or nickel.

However, even with the plating, white gold rings can turn dull over time since metals like silver tarnish easily. To keep it looking its best, you should have it professionally cleaned and polished once every few years. Dark opal lovers, take note: white gold engagement rings are a great choice because they complement the sparkle of the precious stone.

Some people are allergic to nickel, which is found in white gold rings, as was discussed earlier. You’ll want to get your fiancée a white gold that doesn’t contain nickel if that’s a worry. Platinum is the finest metal available and is hypoallergenic, so it’s a great choice if you or your fiancé have metal allergies.

Final Thoughts Choosing White Gold Vs. Rose Gold Opal Wedding Ring Set

It is not a simple task to decide between white gold and rose gold opal wedding ring set while shopping for an engagement ring. Besides the items we’ve mentioned, there can be other considerations to consider as well. Your spouse’s taste in ring design, for instance, or a predilection for a certain hue; similarly, their sense of style, habits, and preferences in white opals, accessories, and so on. A rose gold engagement ring is a safe bet if they already have many vintage style and elegant jewelry in their collection.

Best Opal Wedding Ring Sets of 2023

Best Opal Wedding Ring Sets
Opal Wedding Ring Set With Cubic Zirconia Accent Stackable Rings in 18K Gold Plated

The gemstone opal stands for commitment, assurance, and distinctiveness. This nature-inspired set of opal rings features two thin bands, one of which houses a round opal with five smaller cubic zirconia floating beneath it. Another ring comes with small diamonds in a triple flower shaped setting. It is the perfect gift for a loved one or for oneself on any occasion.

Opal Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets Teardrop Wedding Ring in Sterling Silver

Our Stardust Opal Ring Set, which has stunning Cubic Zirconias and White Opal, is a distinctive item that will shine brightly for wearer. This stunning Ring, which doubles as a sparkling engagement ring, is swiftly growing in popularity and will stand out and dazzle on your fingers!

Rose Gold Opal Wedding Ring Set Oval Engagement Rings With Wedding Band

A part of the design that was inspired by Europe’s crown jewels has a genuine opal adjacent to a row of nine white topaz stones. The marquise white Topaz gives a hint of glimmer that will make you glow with assurance.

Opal Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set Blue Fire Opal and Moissanite Wedding Ring Set

For any special event, this vintage-style ring made of Moissanite and natural blue fire opal is a great option. This Vintage Round Blue Fire Opal and Moissanite Wedding Ring Set in 18K White Gold over Silver will have you looking stylish. Even though it is made with a genuine Blue Fire Opal and true 18k gold over silver, this October birthstone ring is quite reasonably priced. This exquisite opal wedding ring set, which is thought to represent fidelity, inventiveness, and confidence, is a stunning way to declare your love. A gorgeous center stone made of real Opal weighing one carat is put in this dainty opal bridal sets, and a variety of moissanites with round brilliant cuts serve to emphasize it even more.

Opal Wedding Ring Set Vintage Opal Engagement Ring Set in 14K Gold

This Halo Twist Opal Engagement Ring Set, which is made of 14k dazzling white gold, has a central opal that measures 6x8mm and is gracefully around by a halo of sparkling round moissanites. A distinctive twist style band is further embellished with round moissanites. This pear-shaped Opal and Moissanite ring, which was inspired by a classic style, is the ideal substitute for engagement, anniversary, or promise rings.

Tips For Buying Opal Engagement Ring

Select a bezel (rub-over) setting.

This is essentially a “must” for engagement rings that feature opals because rub-over settings offer considerably superior security and protection for your opal. The edge of the stone is followed by a thin gold bezel that protects it from damage and keeps it firmly in place. Particularly in rings, claw settings are much less durable, offer minimal security, and can loose over time.

The boulder variety of opal is more durable.

Queensland boulder opal is superior to other forms of Australian opal because its backing is made of extremely strong natural ironstone. Boulder opal is a fantastic choice for an engagement ring because of its durability and beauty. Although not as durable as boulder opals, black opals, crystal opals, and white opals can also be used. Boulder opals, with their unconventional, ‘free,’ shape, also allow for more innovation in jewelry making.

Choose a gem with a shallow cabochon (i.e. dome on top).

A flat or low cabochon on top of your opal can protect it from damage more than a high one would if it were hit by something.

In conclusion, if selected carefully and treated with care, an opal can create a stunning, long-lasting engagement ring. We have experience making opal engagement ring set for our customers, and we can quickly create designs based on the information you provide in an email.

Your opal ring’s final price will be determined by factors such as the size of your ring, the quality of the stone, and the type of setting you select. If you’re interested in discussing the possibility of a custom-designed opal engagement ring, please get in touch with us. Check out our selection of opal rings in the meanwhile, or read up on opals.

Opal Engagement Rings: Maintenance Tips

Opals, as one of the most delicate gemstones, require special care when being cleaned. It’s important to keep in mind that synthetic opals have a bit more power than their natural counterparts. Opals are more delicate than other gemstones, so be gentle when wearing your ring. Having the ring cleaned by a professional jeweler is recommended, as they will know how to polish the opal without damaging it.

Elleroses suggests treating your opal jewelry with the tender loving care it deserves so that it can be passed down through the generations. “You shouldn’t wear them when rock climbing, swimming, or cleaning with chemicals.”


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