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Rainbow Moonstone Ring: The Complete Guide

best 5 rainbow moonstone rings 2023

The rainbow moonstone ring is not only beautiful to wear but also highly potent, and it is well known for its calming energy and capacity to restore equilibrium. Having this gemstone, according to some, is like carrying a rainbow around with you because of the optimism and hope it inspires.

What Is Rainbow Moonstone?

A milky stone with a peaceful and unwinding aura is called a rainbow moonstone. It is recognized for its flashes of color and has an iridescent character. The crystals can be milky white or have a marbling of black and white. It is a well-known stone that is used to align all the chakras in order to create a state of harmony and peace.

You’re not the only one who has been curious about this intriguing stone. We’ve got the answers for you, whether you’re interested in learning more about the metaphysical qualities of moonstones or the most effective approach to cleanse them.

Rainbow Moonstone Properties

rainbow moonstone properties

Metaphysical Properties

The visionary’s stone is another name for moonstone. It makes things clear for us to see. In addition to fostering creativity, compassion, endurance, and inner confidence, rainbow moonstone is said to promote balance, harmony, and hope. In particular, rainbow moonstone is said to help us see things that aren’t immediately visible and to boost our psychic sight and intuition. We are able to notice different options because it avoids tunnel vision. It’s similar to an epiphanic moment that happens when we stay alert and calm. We can have life-altering inspirations more easily when we wear rainbow moonstone ring.

Geological Properties

A feldspar with a pearly and opalescent schiller is moonstone. Orthoclase and albite, two feldspar species, make up moonstone. The newly created mineral cools after the two species are mixed, and the two species then separate into layers. This phenomenon, known as adularescence, is named from the old word for moonstone, “adularia,” which describes how the light scatters in various directions when it falls between these thin, flat layers.

Moonstone deposits can be found in Armenia, Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, India, Sri Lanka, the United States, and the Alps in Austria.

What is the Meaning of Rainbow Moonstones?

Depending on one’s culture and location, moonstones can have a variety of different meanings.

Moonstone’s healing qualities and symbolic significance are universally known and appreciated. Moonstone is a stunning gem, thus some people choose to wear it. Others have seen the positive effects it can have on your life and acknowledge its potency.

Moonstone has a symbolic meaning in some civilizations as an embodiment of yin, or the feminine principle.

The name “moonstone” comes from the belief of some that the stone carries the calming influence of the moon. Like the moon, moonstone has a mystical, otherworldly quality.

Still others rely on the stone to help them unwind and find equilibrium.

Benefits Of Rainbow Moonstone

benefits of rainbow moonstone

One of the oldest gemstones in existence is moonstone. Our ancestors discovered special Moonstone benefits and its link to the Moon thousands of years ago. Moonstone was prized by the ancient Romans, Greeks, Chinese, and Indians who saw it as a source of feminine energy and love as well as a gemstone of serenity and pleasant dreams at night.

Due to the unparalleled advantages that moonstone ring may provide to its wearer, it is now frequently utilized in jewelry and as standalone crystals at home.

Emotional Balance

Moonstone energy balances a person’s life and heals emotional scars. It strengthens positive interactions with those around you and soothes agitated emotions.

Physical Effects

Moonstone makes the body of the wearer use all natural forces and live in accordance with the cycles of nature, helping to normalize all biological clock rhythms.

It removes toxins, and regenerates skin, hair, and eye cells in addition to treating digestive system illnesses. It’s no secret that it’s incredibly helpful for women’s reproductive systems and for overcoming any problems with reproduction.

Boost Feminine Power

Moonstone, which has a close relationship with the Moon, stimulates Kundalini energy and the Feminine, bringing forth the strength of every woman. Moonstone also aids in improving men’s sensitivity. And it helps everyone’s intuition grow. Shamans and Healers frequently use it because of this.

Calming Effects

Because of its calming energy, moonstone is well known. It is also highly recommended for soothing children.

Deep Rest

It encourages sound sleep and eliminates nightmares. It was additionally employed to combat sleepwalking in Ancient China.

The Love Stone

One of the most widely used gemstones in engagement rings today is moonstone. At least one good reason exists for this. Moonstone was a customary gift even in ancient India, and people there believed that doing so would encourage love and harmony in a couple’s future union.

How To Wear A Rainbow Moonstone

how to wear a rainbow moonstone

Moonstone is a Gemstone with a Mohs hardness of about 6, making it on the softer side. This means that the Moonstone should be treated with the utmost care at all times, since any damage or contact with other surfaces could cause the gemstone to split.

Make sure the Moonstone is securely set in the jewelry and remove it before engaging in any strenuous activity each time.

Putting on the Rainbow Moonstone ring made of Sterling Silver is the ideal method to take advantage of the stone’s healing properties. Even Astrology suggests that the little finger on the right hand is the finest place to wear a Moonstone.

You will feel the benefits of wearing the Moonstone silver ring after only four days. After two years, you should get a new Moonstone because the effects will have worn off.

The Moonstone ring may not be one you want to wear every day. In the meanwhile, you can take a break and, say, just wear it on Monday mornings or during the Full Moon.

Read on to find out which rainbow moonstone ring fit you perfectly.

Best 5 Rainbow Moonstone Rings 2023

best 5 rainbow moonstone rings 2023
Rainbow Moonstone Ring Sterling Silver Moonstone Wedding Ring

The essential thing for a date is the moonstone. The genuine Moon Magic Moonstone from our range of raw crystal rings is given a dash of glitter and modern flair by White Topaz. An irregular moonstone has four prong set in the center with extending round cut white topaz.

Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Ring Emerald-shaped Moon Engagement Ring

It can help you maintain your grace and elegance with wearing this ring. Our Moon Magic Moonstone Ring – Feline radiates grace, power, and solidity, with emerald-shaped step cut moonstone set in the center. The Moonstone’s crown serves as a subtle reminder to always be true to who you are, Queen, and to carry yourself with pride.

Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring Pear Shaped Ring in Sterling Silver in Metal Silver

Feel the wonderful, romantic and energetic vibe of our moonstone rings. There is a pear-shaped brilliant cut moonstone set in the sterling silver band. 18KT rose gold vermeil and 18KT yellow gold vermeil are also available. Genuine Moon Magic Rainbow Moonstones will appear hazy and translucent, which is a representation of love and caring.

Rainbow Moonstone Wedding Ring Moonstone Engagement Ring Set in 18KT Rose Gold Vermeil

Three is the magic number when it comes to lovely things. A real oval-cut Rainbow Moonstone is set in the center of the Moonstone Ring with white topaz extending down the band. The center is delicately encircled by the popular Wreath and Archer bands to raise the bar for luxury and refinement.

Rainbow Moonstone Ring Pear Shaped Moonstone and Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Solid Gold

The AAA Moon Magic Rainbow Pear-shaped Moonstone in rose cut set in the middle of this lovely Moonstone Ring With Diamonds, which is encircled by 29 brilliant Diamonds. The halo setting makes moonstone larger and more brilliance. This is the perfect souvenir to cherish forever.

How To Cleanse Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Wash your moonstone ring under running water, such as in a river, to clean it on a vibrational level. The Moonstone can also be charged by water’s energy.

If there isn’t a river nearby, just submerge your Moonstone ring in a bowl of purified water for the night. The Moonstone should then be rinsed under clean running water. It is not recommended to use the water more than once, so please discard it after use.

You could be searching for alternatives to wash away all the bad energy your crystal has gathered because many people are skeptical whether it is safe to use water to cleanse your crystal. It is customary to cleanse your rainbow stone ring with salt water, particularly from the sea, if you have a large, robust stone. Overnight soak your diamond in seawater, then towel-dry it the following morning. Although the stone can deteriorate in water, this often happens only after being left for a long time.

You can also clean your rainbow gem ring with the ground if you’d rather not take a chance with the salt water. Create a little hole in a new section of ground, and be sure to mark it so you can find it again quickly. Fill the hole with earth after inserting the stone. All the negative energy will be sucked back into the earth if you’re gone for a day or two.

Using Aroma Sticks is our recommended method for cleaning the energy of your moonstone rings besides above. You can accomplish this by burning a smudge stick or incense. To release any stored energy, place your moonstone in the smoke and hold it there for about a minute. Sweetgrass, sage, and sandalwood are the most popular substances for expelling negative energies.

FAQs about Moonstone Rings

faqs about moonstone rings

How do you choose the right Moonstone ring?

It is expected to find many imitation items on the market today given the gem’s rising popularity. We strongly advise doing the actions listed below in order to avoid being conned.

1) Confirm the vendor’s legitimacy.

It can be difficult to determine whether a company is reliable or not, especially if you’re new to the gemstone and jewelry business. But a great way to do this is to look up the business on Google and check its social media pages. To learn more about the reputation of the brand, we also suggest reading customer reviews.

Before placing your order, don’t forget to review the warranty and return guidelines. If you are unhappy with the product in any way, a reputable company will let you exchange it or get a refund.

2) Verify the authenticity certificate.

This significant document contains important details about the gemstone. It typically emphasizes all the important information about the jewel, including its approximations of its size, carat weight, quality rating, and enhancements (if any). In this manner, you are certain of what you are bringing home.

Is a moonstone ring a good gift?

Yes. Moonstone is helpful for igniting feminine intuition and creative power, which enables you to connect with your true emotions. As a result, it can help you feel calmer and more at peace. The moonstone’s serene energy encourages innovation, healing, and maternal protection.

However, compared to gems like sapphire, diamond, or amethyst, moonstone is less durable. If accidently struck against a hard surface, it is prone to scratching as well as chipping or cleaving. It is not advised to wear moonstone rings while working out or playing sports.

Are moonstone rings expensive?

For styles identical to this one, those can start at roughly $700+. The type of setting you select will also affect your price. White gold, yellow gold, and rose gold bands are more expensive than sterling silver bands. Additionally, the price will increase if there are diamond accessories like a diamond halo.

Is Moonstone a birthstone?

Moonstone is recognized as the June birthstone along with Pearl and Alexandrite, which is associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini. For women, it is the ultimate panacea because of its curative properties. Those with the Cancer zodiac sign, who are already known for their loyalty and devotion to their families, would benefit the most from this.

Discover the meaning and history of birthstones by month and add a personal touch to any ensemble with our collection of birthstone jewelry.

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Final Word

The moonstone clearly holds its own in a world where rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are commonplace. It is a fantastic investment that you will undoubtedly treasure for a very long time thanks to its lovely appearance and soft radiance. We also hope that this article will make buying much simpler for you.

Even if moonstone isn’t your birthstone, elleroses has plenty of other options, such opal stone jewelry, for celebrating your special day. More about opal ring: Sterling Silver Opal Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide in 2022

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