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Simple Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

Simple Engagement Rings The Complete Guide

If flashy engagement diamonds aren’t your thing but you still want to show off your love for one another, you’re in luck: donning simple engagement rings doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on style. Consider the stunning simplicity of Mila Kunis’ and Julia Stiles’ solo attire. These famous women’s rings show that there is no substitute for a timeless classic, whether it be a five-carat stunner like Mila’s or a more subtle stone like Julia’s.

Jeweler Megan believes modest designs go with more outfits and jewelry than flashier ones.

Why Bride Love Minimalist Engagement Ring

Why Bride Love Minimalist Engagement Ring

Women used to be overjoyed to receive an elaborate engagement ring set with a huge, sparkling gemstone. In the past, it was common practice for engaged women to flaunt the size of the diamond in their engagement ring.

There have even been instances of social stigmatization of brides because of the size or style of their engagement ring. Even while this snobbery can (and often does) occur in the present day, modern brides are nevertheless breaking with tradition by opting for engagement rings with smaller center stones.

Truth be told, brides can and do come from many walks of life, and each lady has her own preferences when it comes to a show-stopping engagement ring. That includes her idea of the perfect ring; not all women want or feel the need to wear a huge diamond on their finger.

For financial reasons, many modern women like lab-grown diamonds or gold engagement rings with a more delicate, simple design. Actually, the fire in a smaller diamond is more intense than that of a larger one. Therefore, while it may have been the norm in the past for women to wear a massive engagement ring, modern women are branching out and choosing smaller, more delicate accent stones. These rings are great for everyday use because of their beautiful brilliance and luster. Whether you’re planning a low-key proposal at home or a grand celebration, a simple engagement ring might be the cherry on top.

The Most Practical Stone Cuts For Simple Engagement Ring

The Most Practical Stone Cuts For Simple Engagement Ring

Simple engagement ring are better off with shapes like ovals, cushions, and rounds. Because they are fit with solitaire stone design, and has no sharp corners or jagged edges to accidentally run into or knock against something. Cracking, chipping, and scratching are all more likely to occur on or around these pointed ends. If your stones are ovals, cushions, or rounds, they are less likely to get caught on garments or to scratch your ring while you’re trekking or skiing.

Simple Engagement Rings: What to Look For

Simple Engagement Rings What to Look For


The importance of a simple engagement ring lies in the center stone. Everyone’s staring at that beautiful unique gemstone. The perfect stone is the one you can’t take your eyes off of.

Especially on 14k or 18k white gold or platinum, “the diamond is the only highlight,” adds jeweler Hung, “and the tone of the diamond is most pronounced.”

To Megan, a solitaire ring is the perfect combination of simplicity and versatility. A large or little center stone can be chosen based on the bride’s choices, she explains. “An alternative to the brilliant round diamond is the cushion cut diamond. Despite their apparent simplicity, solitaires offer an enormous variety of possibilities.”


Bands come in a variety of metals and styles, allowing you to highlight the stone’s natural color and shine. Hung recommends using white gold or platinum because it makes a white diamond appear brighter and more brilliant, especially when worn alone.

For a more eye-catching look, consider pairing the simple setting with an engraving or elaborate design on the band to make your diamond or gemstone the focal point.


The adage “less is more” has been around for quite some time, and for good reason. Even though fashions come and go, a timeless minimalist piece will be passed down through the generations. Nothing is more meaningful than an engagement ring that represents not only your personal love story but also the love stories of your future loved ones.

Best Simple Engagement Ring Styles

Best Simple Engagement Ring Styles

It’s not necessary to break the bank to get a stunning engagement ring. There is no shortage of unique engagement rings that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a minimalist engagement ring that is both beautiful and within your budget, for your convenience, we’ve listed our top 4 favorite simple engagement ring styles that won’t break the bank down below.

1. Solitaire Engagement Rings

There’s nothing quite as timeless and dainty as a solitaire design. Because there is only one diamond or gemstone displayed, the price is lower than that of any other type of engagement ring. Searching for solitaire styles is a good place to start if you want to find a simple engagement ring.

2. Engagement Rings With Elongated Center Stones

I bet you didn’t know that some diamond shapes give the impression of being larger than they actually are. A larger percentage of some diamond shapes’ surface area is located in the table (their top). Diamonds with longer tables than average will appear to be larger in proportion to their carat weight when set in jewelry, as this is the angle from which the stone is viewed. Ovals, emerald cuts, marquises, and pear shapes, among others, benefit from their larger size because of this. In addition, fancy shaped diamonds tend to be less expensive than their round brilliant cut counterparts. Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget for a simple engagement ring, consider using an elongated beautiful diamond as the centerpiece.

3. Pavé Diamond Engagement Rings

Adding pavé diamonds to your engagement ring is a simple and cost-effective approach to make a big impact with the sparkle. Pavé band rings are a great choice if you’re looking for a simple engagement ring that nonetheless stands out thanks to the human eye’s tendency to interpret greater brilliance as being larger.

4. Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings, especially ones set with vivid stones, are a truly special and beautiful accessory. Moreover, they are usually significantly less than diamond engagement rings, making them a beautiful and inexpensive alternative.

5 Simple Engagement Rings with Perfect Minimalist Style

5 Simple Engagement Rings with Perfect Minimalist Style

Want a simple engagement ring that speaks to your individuality? Here is a collection of timeless rings that we adore due to their elegant simplicity.

Here you can see that many of the rings we make are one-of-a-kind designs, so if you see something you like but can’t locate it on our site, please contact us.

Simple Engagement Rings Round Opal Minimalist Engagement Rings in 18K Gold Plated

Small, round opal crystal mounted on a fine band. Opal is a stunning gemstone whose surface resembles a metallic rainbow. It is believed that this stone will bring its wearer love, hope, luck, and happiness. Our rings are treated with a protective coating and available in 18k yellow gold, rose gold, white gold plating.

Simple Dainty Engagement Rings Amethyst Ring for Women in Sterling Silver

Flourishing in the center of this little solitaire ring is a beautiful amethyst. They fit nicely together in a stack. Already one of the rarer shapes for engagement rings, the marquise amethyst is becoming increasingly uncommon. Put it on its side and face east or west for a unique perspective. Don’t listen to those who say you have to choose between being creative and keeping the design of your ring simple.

Simple Engagement Ring Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Dainty Minimalist Ring

This gorgeous, simple design is timeless and graceful. The use of yellow gold gives this classic design a vintage twist. It is the ideal complement to the attire of any woman who appreciates fashion.

Simple Women’s Engagement Rings Moissanite Stackable Ring in Solid 10K Gold

Meticulously handcrafted with an emphasis on durability. That delicate ring is the gentlest thing you’ve ever seen. This moissanite ring, worn alone or stacked with others, can instantly boost your look.

Simple Diamond Engagement Rings 14K Gold Flat Wedding Ring

The Eternity Star ring is an exquisite piece of jewelry comprised of gold and white diamond engraved in the star-like bezel setting. A stunning band that can serve as a wedding ring or be worn alongside other bands.

Reasons To Choose Simple Engagement Rings

Reasons To Choose Simple Engagement Rings

An understated engagement ring could be the key to a happy marriage. Researchers found that the size of the diamond on a ring could have both good and negative effects on the longevity of a marriage. Those who go into debt or spend a lot of money on an engagement ring are less likely to remain married than those who buy something smaller and within their means.

Maybe this isn’t a universal truth, but it’s still worth thinking about. An expensive engagement ring can place a financial strain on a young couple’s finances right off the bat. However, reducing your financial outlays reduces stress levels. Plus, you’ll have extra disposable income to put toward other goals.

The meaning behind the engagement ring is often more important to a woman than the jewelry itself. It represents their commitment to one other and the love they feel for one another as they embark on this new journey through life together. A huge diamond or expensive setting isn’t necessary to make an engagement ring special.

When a woman receives an engagement ring that her fiancé has selected for her, she may feel even more cherished by the gesture because she did not have a hand in making the selection. It’s not the size of the ring that matters, but rather the care, affection, and meaning that went into purchasing it.

Some ladies were born to challenge convention. They are more than willing to tell convention to take a hike and show off their simple, meaningful engagement ring in defiance of societal expectations.

Women who identify as rebels enjoy taking risks and defying social norms. They march to the beat of their own drum and favor unusual accessories. These future spouses couldn’t care less about the cut, carat weight, or setting of their engagement ring. What’s most important is that their fiance picked it out just for them.

Avoid snagging or damaging your engagement ring. Particularly if you’re really physically active or have a job that requires you to use your hands frequently, you should take this into consideration. Extravagant engagement rings with a lot of carats have a higher propensity to catch on fabric and snag your clothes.

Another disadvantage is that the center diamond is more likely to sustain damage if something is unintentionally used to strike an object. However, simple engagement rings are less likely to be snagged or caught on something, and they often have a lower profile than rings with huge jewels.

If you have small hands, you should get a simple engagement ring. Your hand size won’t likely alter a lot as the years pass. You should probably choose a modest, delicate engagement ring if your hands are similarly small. If your fingers are quite small and delicate, going with a larger and more ornate piece of jewelry may look out of place. Poorly designed and potentially more easily broken, large engagement rings are never cute. There is a wide selection of suitable engagement rings for women with smaller hands. When searching for the ideal ring, it may be beneficial to try on several rings of varying sizes before settling on one.

You may spend less. It stands to reason. The cost increases when an engagement ring featuring a huge diamond which will be more expensive than one featuring a single smaller solitaire.

Not merely the number of carats in a ring determines its price. How much you spend on an engagement ring depends on a number of wow factors, including the metal, the style, and the level of detail. In order to avoid going into debt prior to the wedding, many couples opt for a more modest sized, understated engagement ring. That’s a brilliant move, especially considering the stress that financial difficulties now place on couples.

Your goal is to be true to your principles. A modest, simple engagement ring may be preferable if you are the type of lady who feels spending a lot on a large engagement diamond isn’t in line with your principles surrounding saving or your views on consumerism.

Some ladies would rather put the money they would have spent on a bigger ring into causes or experiences that mean more to them. It could be helping those in need. There’s nothing wrong with choosing an engagement ring based on aesthetic and moral preferences.

Engagement rings that aren’t flashy or complicated are what you’re looking for. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with opting for an understated ring for your engagement! The minimalist aesthetic is a favorite of certain modern women. A lot of people choose engagement rings that look a little bit older and more antique. It’s possible that some women just don’t care about having gemstones in their engagement ring at all and would prefer something else. Since no two women are alike, your engagement ring should be specially designed for you. Keep in mind how long you’ll be donning it: a long time!


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