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The Best Vintage Ruby Rings Guide

The Best Vintage Ruby Rings Guide

The search for the ideal vintage ruby ring may seem daunting, but here we offers some helpful tips to make the experience more pleasant.

For what reason is the ruby so highly prized? This flaming gem is nearly as tough as a diamond and is considered to be the most beautiful and desirable of all valuable stones. Love, passion, security, and prosperity are all represented by the diamond, making it a popular choice for engagement rings.

What Makes Ruby Red

What Makes Ruby Red

The presence of the metal chromium in minute quantities gives the ruby its distinctive red hue. Ruby, a kind of the mineral corundum, can be any shade of red, from the darkest cochineal to the palest rose. Sunlight’s ultraviolet rays cause the chromium to fluoresce.

Colors like orange, pink, and purple can sometimes be found in ruby gemstones. Pigeon-blood red rubies, which are vivid red but also have a hint of purple, fetch the highest prices. The presence of chromium in a stone determines how intensely red it will be.

The mineral corundum includes the sapphire, the September birthstone. Corundum is a gemstone whose purest form is colorless; all other hues are classified as sapphires.

How Colors are Graded

There are three features of a ruby’s color that are considered when assigning a grade to its color – saturation, tone, and hue. Hue describes the actual color of the ruby to the human eye. The color’s visibility is determined by saturation. Light or dark? Finally, the tone reveals the color’s purity. No secondary colors will exist if it is a pure tone. If it isn’t a pure tone, it might also contain one or more secondary colors like pink, purple, or orange.

Ruby’s Value

Similar to diamonds, a ruby’s worth is determined by its “4Cs” (color, clarity, cut, and carat). Value is mostly determined by color, just as it is with diamonds of different hues. The most valuable and coveted rubies are those with deeper, more vivid colors. The value of clarity cannot be overstated. The absence of any needle-like rutile inclusions in a ruby can be an indication that the stone has been treated, however stones that are completely clear will sell for exorbitant amounts.

What Rubies Stand For

Since the dawn of time, rubies have been associated with affluence, power, and regal status. In addition, it was widely believed that rubies had defensive properties. It was believed that donning a ruby ring would safeguard not just wealth, but also one’s health and well-being.

Benefits of Ruby Stones

Benefits of Ruby Stones

Natural rubies, particularly those of exceptional size and quality, fetch a high price. If you’re ready to settle for a smaller stone, there are stunning royal rubies, prestigious rubies, and simple bright colors available at affordable prices. They are a great substitute for diamonds because of the optimistic tone of their color. It’s not just because it’s the birthstone for July that the red stone is so special. It has long been held that wearing a ruby will increase the wearer’s awareness, concentration, and alertness. Some people also think the stones can help with circulation and vision issues.

Ruby jewelry was favored by aristocrats and worn by kings and queens throughout history. They represented power and wealth. People now think that if they wear a ruby, they would automatically be treated like royalty. There is a common belief that wearing a ruby can assist shy people feel more comfortable expressing themselves because of the stone’s association with love and passion. One’s sense of balance may also improve while wearing them. The traditional red diamond has been a source of comfort for those who suffer from melancholy and insecurity. It can also aid in introspection and the recognition of one’s life’s ultimate purpose. Gifts of rubies are always well received and may be given for any occasion, but they have a specific place in romantic occasions.

How to Choose Vintage-Style Ruby Rings

How to Choose Vintage Style Ruby Rings

When searching for a ruby ring, it’s important to consider the style. You basically have two options. You can purchase a vintage engagement ring or have a custom ring made. On Elleroses, a number of settings will make your ring unique. She would undoubtedly adore a vintage ring if she has a strong interest in antique, unusual, or valuable jewelry.

For instance, the singer Katy Perry is renowned for her original and cutting-edge sense of style, so it makes logical that her engagement ring would reflect this. In the halo setting of her ring, an oval ruby weighing about 2 carats is encircled by 8 white diamonds. Though its designer is unknown, this ring is thought to be antique.

Vintage jewelry designs are easy to pair with today’s hottest trends while adding extra flair to any outfit, they are also simpler to incorporate into fashion-forward ensembles to create unique statements. Ring design can be called “vintage” or “Art Deco style” when describing jewelry. Look for the terms Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco if you want an authentic antique ring for an engagement.

Know Terminology

Know Terminology

Vintage vs Antique

The rule of thumb is that jewelry must be at least 20 years old before it can be called vintage. When an item of jewelry reaches the age of 100, it is considered an antique. Jewelry of any vintage or age can be quite expensive, but an antique piece of comparable quality and age and in good condition will always fetch a higher price.

Style Eras

Do you think your item dates back to the art nouveau era of the 1900s? Period of art deco, the ’30s? Antique Bakelite from the ’40s? Is it a blatant example of the “new look” of the ’50s or the dramatic color blocking of ’60s mod? Knowing the aesthetic of various time periods can help you determine the period of manufacture, which is a major factor in finding your ideal vintage ruby ring.

Costume Jewelry vs. Ruby Jewelry

Rubies, a wide variety of other precious and semiprecious gemstones are used in the creation of fine jewelry. Using high-quality settings like gold, sterling silver, or platinum, it is meticulously crafted to last a long time.

In contrast, costume jewelry is typically mass-produced and crafted from less expensive materials. Gold and silver plating, rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, plastic, glass, wood, and other inexpensive materials can all be used to create beautiful pieces. Designed to come and go with the fashions of a given era, costume jewelry is typically more ostentatious than fine jewelry.

Costume jewelry is also valuable, although not as high as precious metals or ruby gemstones. When in good shape and of a highly sought-after design, vintage costume jewelry can bring in a high price.

Consider a Piece's Weight and Finish

Although they may look fragile, the highest-quality vintage ruby rings are crafted of real gold, sterling silver, or platinum and feel much heavier and more substantial in the hand.

If the piece contains halo,bezel or prong setting, see how the rubies are set into place. Do they appear to be glued on, or do they have pronged settings to keep them in place? The settings of the rhinestones and glass diamonds can help highlight the style of ring and center stone.

Consider Ruby Cut

Consider Ruby Cut

Vintage ruby rings can be made with a variety of cuts. The round brilliant cut is by far the most well-liked. The most adaptable cut in terms of its applicability for different situations is undoubtedly the round brilliant. It looks excellent in all designs and practically works in every one.

Another common cut is the emerald cut, which by definition is an octagonal shape with trimmed corners and a step cut. There is no good or bad, just your preference. As long as the ruby cut complements the vintage setting and band, you just get the great piece of jewelry.

However, some cuts do work better on some hand shapes than others. For someone with tiny hands, oval or marquise cuts can aid to lengthen the fingers. Due to its significantly shallower profile, which makes more of the ruby visible from above, some cuts can give the impression that the gem is larger.

Take the Metal into Account

Take the Metal into Account

This is equal parts simple and challenging, if the bulk of her current rings are made of yellow gold. Instead of just being a matter of personal preference, there may be a number of factors at play. The vibrant yellow tint of yellow gold suddenly creates much more of a statement when utilized in vintage rings. It might therefore be too much for her liking.

Platinum or white gold might be a better choice unless you have concrete evidence that she prefers yellow gold. Both are flawless with rubies as well as diamonds.

Avoid rose gold as it is not suitable for vintage styles. Rose gold is yellow gold that has been alloyed with more copper to give it a matte pink hue. In all areas, but particularly in engagement rings, it is becoming more and more fashionable. It delivers a little bit more than sterling silver and white gold but lacks the vibe of oxidized gold. But keep in mind that fashions come and go, and jewelry is no exception. Although rose gold has been around for a while, there is no guarantee that it will continue to be popular as a material for engagement rings.

Talk To An Expert

A vintage ruby ring’s high price can be attributed to a variety of things. The first is, of course, the size, and the second is unquestionably the stone’s incredible color. We’re already talking about extraordinarily exorbitant costs when you consider that the stone is natural, untouched, and of exceptional grade. If you are unsure if your ruby ring is genuine, it is recommended that you seek professional advice.

The most expensive rubies are usually those from the Mogok deposit in Myanmar because of their intense, rich red color. Not all rubies need to be the same sizes as the auction stones, nor do they need to come from places as reputable and in-demand as Mogok. Each person can find the vintage-style ruby ring that best meets their demands if they have a defined budget and a list of goals.

5 Best Vintage Ruby Rings of 2023

5 Best Vintage Ruby Rings of 2023
Round Shaped Vintage Ruby Ring Created Ruby Split Shank Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

This stunning ring features a round cut ruby gemstone mounted in a split shank oxidized rope design that is reminiscent of a bygone era. This bohemian ring is made of nickel-free sterling silver.

Vintage Ruby Rings Oval Shaped Birthstone Art Deco Engagement Ring Silver Cocktail Ring

This stunning ruby cocktail ring is set in an art deco-style design, highlighting the oval gemstones superb coloration. Detailed in sterling silver and delicate engraved shank.

Vintage Ruby Engagement Rings Genuine Round Ruby Filigree Engagement Ring in 10K Yellow Gold

This one-of-a-kind ring features a genuine, round Ruby that weighs 0.9 carats. The ring seems like it was made back in the Victorian era, what with all the hand carving and filigree. This beautiful piece of jewelry, made of 10k Yellow gold, is a great addition to any collection.

Oval Art Deco Vintage Ruby Rings 5.52 ct Ruby Cocktail Ring in 10k Yellow Gold

This 10k yellow gold Ruby ring includes an oval cut gemstone flanked by pavé-set brilliant diamonds. This high-quality craftsmanship is inspired by Art Deco era. This ring is vintage and simple, making it perfect for big events.

Vintage Ruby and Diamond Ring Oval Shaped Ruby Victorian Wedding Ring

This Victorian-era ruby ring evokes a more ardent era. The 14-karat gold ring has a ruby and 12 smaller diamonds placed in a Victorian-style setting by hand. This vintage-style Ruby ring is a chic addition to any jewelry collection.


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