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The Complete Guide to Emerald Ring Gold

The Complete Guide to Emerald Ring Gold

An emerald ring gold is not only a magnificent piece of green jewelry, but it may also be green for the environment and help couples keep more green in their budget. Emeralds are a lovely and colorful alternative to diamonds. With so many benefits, no couple needs to be envious and can instead take pleasure in their own emerald engagement ring.

Emeralds: History's Most Ancient Treasures

The earliest emeralds are about three billion years old. On the other hand, emeralds were initially mined in Egypt circa 1500 BC, when it was thought they symbolized fertility and rebirth. In order to symbolize perpetual youth, mummies were frequently buried with them. These deep green stones were also prized by the Incas and Aztecs, who revered them as gods.

Therefore, it is maybe not unexpected that South America produces the best emeralds in the world. More than half of the world’s emerald supply is being mined in Colombia.

Why Are Emerald Diamonds Green

Why Are Emerald Diamonds Green

Emeralds are made of beryl, one of the four gemstones that are universally recognized as “precious” (the others being diamonds, sapphires, and rubies). They include trace levels of vanadium and/or chromium, which give them their green color. Even though their shades range from deep jade to yellow-green, emeralds are always green, unlike other precious stones, which come in a variety of colors.

The lightest gemstones are actually green beryl, not emeralds. Blueish-green to green hues with vibrant saturation and a medium to medium-dark tone are the most sought-after emerald colors.

Rarer and More Expensive Than Diamond

In spite of the fact that most of us immediately picture diamonds when we hear “expensive and rare gemstones,” emeralds are actually more expensive on average since they are over 20 times rarer than diamonds. However, emeralds are an excellent option for those who want to maximize the size of their stone without breaking the bank, as their lesser density makes them appear larger than diamonds of the same carat weight.

One of the largest and most famous emeralds ever found was the 858-carat Gachala, which was unearthed in Colombia in 1967. The Mogul Mughal, at almost 200 carats, is the largest engraved emerald in the world, and it bears a prayer written in Naskh script by a Shi’a Muslim. At auction in 2001, it fetched a price of $2.2 million.

Most Emerald Rings Contain Inclusions

Inclusions are normal in emeralds, unlike diamonds where clarity greatly influences a stone’s value. In fact, they are present in 99% of genuine emeralds, so if you come across one without them, it probably comes from a synthetic source. The inclusions, which emeralds acquire throughout the crystallization process and are frequently regarded as good characteristics, are made up of gases, other minerals and crystals, and liquids. They can produce eye-catching designs and ensure that no two stones are exactly same, which actually raises the value of the gem. In the trade, they are known as “jardins” (French for gardens). Emerald clarity is measured by how the stone appears within and is often done without the use of a magnifying glass. Emeralds naturally include inclusions, so they are frequently treated with oils or resins to increase their clarity, quality, and grade.

Emeralds Are Softer Than Other Gems

Emeralds Are Softer Than Other Gems

Even these inclusions can improve the overall appearance of an emerald, they can increase the likelihood that it will break if it is dropped or exposed to sudden changes in temperature. Therefore, to stop chipping, cracks in most emeralds are filled with oil. Because of this, an emerald should never be cleaned with chemicals or an ultrasonic equipment. Instead, you should just wash it down with some warm water to get rid of the dirt and grime, then dry it off and wipe it off with a soft cloth. Applying a little layer of baby oil over an emerald can help prevent the stone from becoming overly brittle.

They are Said to Possess Unique Qualities

It was once believed that placing an emerald under your tongue would enable you to glimpse into the future. There was a widespread belief that wearing emerald jewelry would aid in one’s intuitive abilities and help keep one’s recall. Additionally, it was thought that emeralds may serve as a kind of truth potion, enabling one to determine whether a partner was being honest when making a vow.

Emeralds with the Royal Seal of Approval

Emeralds with the Royal Seal of Approval

There is a connection between monarchy and emeralds, ranging from Cleopatra to the Duchess of Cambridge. For Queen Victoria, Prince Albert ordered a diamond and emerald tiara with gothic styles in 1845. It was created by royal jeweler Joseph Kitching and had 19 emeralds inverted pear shapes, the largest weighing 15 carats. A beautiful Art Deco emerald choker that would later be handed to Princess Diana as a wedding gift by Queen Elizabeth was worn by Queen Mary for the grand Delhi Durbar in 1911. The British royal family of today is also a major fan. Earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet are all part of the Duchess of Cambridge’s collection of emerald and diamond jewelry. Additionally, Princess Eugenie wore the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara, which has six emeralds on either side, to her wedding to Jack Brooksbank in 2018. The 1920s social host Margaret Greville wore a tiara designed by Boucheron in the Russian imperial “kokoshnik” style. The tiara was the bride’s “something borrowed,” as it was a gift from the Queen. She wore it with drop earrings her husband had given her, which were made of emerald and diamond.

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Famous Emeralds

Famous Emeralds

In 1953, John F. Kennedy proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier with a diamond and emerald baguette ring that weighed four carats total. It wasn’t quite royalty, but it was as good as Stateside. The future president spent a cool $1 million on the Van Cleef & Arpels-created ring. It was given to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum upon Jackie’s passing. The President once more chose emeralds for the couple’s 10th wedding anniversary, which fell in the year he was killed, and commissioned an eternity ring with 10 stones to symbolize each year of their union. Naturally, Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry would be included in any collection of legendary jewels. The Hollywood legend, who was passionate about all gems, possessed several emerald items. In 2011, one of her emerald pendant necklaces sold for $6.5 million, or nearly $280,000 per carat.

Celebrity Effect

Many of the celebrities who attended the Golden Globes in black last year in solidarity of the Time’s up campaign opted to accessorize their monochromatic outfits with green jewelry. Coincidence? Or deliberate? Although no one can say for sure, it’s certainly likely that Debra Messing, Zoe Kravitz, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Ashley Judd utilized their jewelry to make a statement because emeralds have long been associated with hope, rejuvenation, and growth.

So, if you’re looking for anything to symbolize your love and perhaps give it additional meaning, consider emerald gold rings. They are entrancing and mysterious. Check out our amazing selection of jewelry made with the most precious and unusual emeralds. Your pals will be envious to the max…

Popular Emerald Gold Rings of 2023

Popular Emerald Gold Rings of 2023
Emerald Gold Ring Oval-Shaped Emerald Rope Engagement Ring Dainty Ring

No matter what your day looks like, this adorable stackable ring will be perfect addition. When combined with other rings, the twist band in 10k yellow gold looks stunning. An oval-shaped miniature emerald that is positioned vertically is set in the pattern’s center.

0.50ct Emerald Ring Gold Eternity Ring With Emeralds Womens Wedding Band

This May birthstone ring is half-eternity thin and exquisitely made in 18k yellow gold-plated silver with round emeralds. In this genuine emerald pave ring, total 0.5ct of green colored gemstones are displayed. Wear this exquisite piece of designer jewelry as a fashion ring, an anniversary ring, an emerald wedding band, or as a stacking ring with some of our stackable rings.

Emerald Engagement Rings Gold Real Emerald Stacking Ring With Cubic Zirconia Accent

This chic fashion ring is a lovely and thoughtful present for the birthday girl born in May; it will excite and delight her. The Radiant Cut bright green emerald, which is surrounded on either side by trios of sparkling cubic zirconia, catches the attention because it is so gorgeous in 14K yellow gold.

Gold Emerald Ring Created Emerald Two-Stone Ring for Women in 14K Yellow Gold

Featuring 2 laboratory-grown center stones totaling 1 carat in round checkerboard cut, rich forest green and sparkling brilliance. Twenty accent pavé rhinestones totaling 0.20 carats set in the 14-karat yellow gold ring, exceptional in design, craftsmanship and finishing.

Yellow Gold Emerald Ring Diamond Emerald Ring Halo Engagement Ring

Available in yellow, rose, and white gold, this stunning free form emerald stone is surrounded by 14k solid gold and pave diamonds. Wear it up or down; it’s timeless and expertly constructed. This ring is a real superb statement item.

How to Care for Emerald Gold Ring?

How to Care for Emerald Gold Ring

The hardness of this jewel is between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale. This indicates that it is remarkably durable. The majority of emeralds do, however, have imperfections or inclusions, and they frequently receive treatment to enhance their brilliance and clarity. As a result, it’s crucial to keep the following things in mind when taking care of this priceless gem ring

  • Store properly
  • Use with caution
  • Avoid using chemicals
  • Clean at home
  • Hire a pro to do it for you

Store properly

As a general guideline, keep your emerald gold ring separate from your other accessories in a velvet-lined jewelry box or a soft linen pouch. By doing this, it will be protected from being scratched by harder gems.

Use with caution

Emerald is a priceless stone, therefore it makes sense to conserve any big statement pieces you own for special events. But if you intend to wear it frequently, whether as a ring, stud earrings, or something else, be sure to remove the jewelry before taking a hot or cold shower. Remember that interior cracks might develop as a result of severe heat. Emeralds also have a feature called “gemstone cleavage” that makes them breakable if they receive a strong blow. Therefore, put your jewelry in a safe place before engaging in any strenuous activity.

Avoid using chemicals

Unsurprisingly, the chemicals found in common goods could eventually cause your emerald gold ring to lose its shine. These ostensibly safe things include many kinds of make-up, hairsprays, and perfumes. Consequently, we advise putting them on first and wearing your emerald gold ring last. As a result, less of your accessories will come into contact with the chemicals directly.

Clean at home

Emeralds should not be cleaned using steam or ultrasonic technology. This is due to the possibility that the oil or unhardened resin may sweat out of the fractures due to the heat generated by the steam. On the other hand, the emerald’s structure, which might already have internal fractures, could be weakened by the ultrasonic machine’s vibrations.

Therefore, you’d better perform the following if you want to clean this jewel at home:

Start by dipping the jewelry item into a dish of room-temperature water mixed with a very small amount of mild soap solution.

Use a soft cloth dipped in the same solution to gently scrub the item. Since most of the dirt and grime collects there, pay special attention to the edges and areas surrounding the prongs.

After that, rinse off any soap residue by running clean water over the attachment.

Use a lint-free cloth to gently pat the surface dry.

Hire a pro to do it for you

If you’re not confident in your ability to properly clean your emerald gold ring at home, it’s best to take it in once a year for a professional cleaning. If the piece has a loose setting or any surface damage, they can fix that, too.


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