It’s a common query among modern couples who are increasingly building new fashion in place of older, more established ones. Whether to buy his and her engagement rings or just the ones you like. We do agree on one point, though: whatever you decide, it should be a true expression of you and your significant other.

In a nutshell, the answer is no, your wedding bands do not have to be identical. However, if they do, it will be a symbolic act representing the union of two lovers through the exchange of rings. When a couple becomes engaged, they often buy wedding bands that match or are quite similar in style to show how deeply they care about one another. As a result, if you’re wondering if you’re wedding bands should go together, the answer is that it’s totally up to you. You and your spouse can choose wedding rings that are either plain or patterned, depending on the aesthetic you prefer.

What is a Trio Ring Set?

What is a Trio Ring Set

Each set of wedding rings includes the three bands a couple needs to get married: an engagement ring for the bride, a wedding band for the bride, and a wedding band for the groom.

Our matching wedding bands for him and her feature a sleek, unified design to represent the timeless marriage of two hearts and minds.

Match Bands by Style

Historically, couples have exchanged wedding bands that matched each other, but this practice has faded for a variety of reasons. Perhaps one partner prefers a stronger, more scratch-resistant metal than the typical yellow gold.

Match by Metal

You probably already know that white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, and platinum are the most classic metal choices. These styles are timeless and conventional, and have been the standard for wedding rings for generations. Tungsten, stainless steel, and titanium are more recent additions to the wedding band market.

Match by Gem

Wedding rings can be purchased set with a wide variety of stones, the most popular of which is diamonds, if a minimalist band is not to your liking. And yes, even for males wearing rings made of different metals!

Why Do Modern Couples Prefer a Trio Ring Set?

Why Do Modern Couples Prefer a Trio Ring Set

The modern couple does not decide to be married after receiving a lavish proposal and pricey engagement ring. Today’s couples spend more time together, live together first, and even help each other in their employment. When a couple decides they want to spend the rest of their lives together, it frequently happens by chance. They are now starting the next phase of their journey by purchasing their wedding rings together.

Couples shouldn’t be required to spend or buy as if it’s 1995 since they don’t get married that way. There is no more better choice when looking for rings together than a perfectly matched three ring set! Matching rings typically have design features that are shared by all three rings, such as the way the diamonds are set or the miligrain or etching on the bands. A single matching style to symbolize the couple’s bond is the best representation of this if a wedding honors the union of two souls. While a wedding band proves your union, a matching ring reveals WHO you wed!


Trio ring designs are less expensive than unmatched rings since they can be made together rather than separately, which reduces the expenses to the store of making the rings. Couples benefit from these savings when they purchase ring set. Purchasing individual rings from various jewelers also makes it more difficult to bargain for discounts akin to “buy two, get one free.” By going direct to couples and cutting out middlemen, distributors, and retailers, Elleroses is able to offer wedding ring sets at even deeper rates. A matching triple ring set is a terrific choice for couples trying to keep within their predetermined wedding budget because there are so many conflicting priorities in life.


It’s simple to find your ideal style, shop online, and move on to life’s other vital responsibilities thanks to the widest collection of matching rings, HD videos and images, and even hundreds of reviews.


Trio rings offer a unique contrast to other jewelry’s dull and traditional styles. A three ring wedding set is a popular choice among thousands of happily wed and engaged couples as a token of their devotion to one another.

The Symbolic Meaning of Wedding Ring Set His and Hers

The Symbolic Meaning of Wedding Ring Set His and Hers

Since the eighth century B.C., the durable and enduring emblem of infinity, the circle, has been employed in weddings. Of course, back then, women were more viewed as a property than an equal, and marriage was more of a business transaction meant to combine wealthy families and acquire land or fortune. The emphasis has shifted from romance to loyalty to love over time, but the custom of exchanging rings has persisted, and matching wedding rings are becoming more and more common.

There is no requirement for couples to match their rings; it is entirely up to you. While wearing matching wedding bands symbolizes your union with your husband, wearing different bands allows you to express your individuality and prevents one of you from feeling compelled to select a band you don’t truly adore. In either case, it’s crucial that the couple agree on this choice before picking a band.

Wedding bands are available with and without diamonds or other precious stones, in a variety of metals and hues (rose gold is a popular option). Here are some suggestions for choosing his and her wedding bands that are the ideal reflection of your particular taste if you’re looking to buy a ring set that was made to match.

His and Her Engagement Rings & Bands in 2023

His and Her Engagement Rings & Bands in 2023
His and Hers Engagement Rings Red Cubic Zirconia Matching Rings for Couples in Black Gold Filled

Red Cz Women’s 3pc ring sets and men’s matching wedding bands made of black gold-filled. Rings for a perfect couple, allergy-friendly and never green. Paved with AAA+ Grade Genuine Brilliant Cubic Zirconia Gemstones. Each red zircon is inlaid and will not come off.

Engagement Ring Sets His and Hers Couple Rings Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men and Women

Tungsten rings are incredibly strong and light. You are welcome to wear it every day. It has a sporty look and is simple to wear because to the lightweight construction. This rose gold tungsten ring with engraving is perfect as a daily accessory! It is excellent in resisting fading, flaws, and rust.

His and Hers Engagement Ring Sets Natural Koa Wood Engagement Ring With Cubic Zirconia Accent

There is no better symbol of love and commitment than this stunningly original Hawaiian Koa Wood Wedding Ring Set. Inlaid with high-quality cubic zirconia diamonds and crafted from genuine Hawaiian Koa wood.

The women’s ring is crafted from surgical stainless steel and set with genuine Koa wood and Cubic Zirconia stones of the highest possible quality. The set of another dazzling engagement ring for women is crafted from stainless steel and set with a princess cut Cubic Zirconia. This metal band for men is extremely durable and long lasting.

His and Hers Engagement Rings Matching Ring Set Black Ceramic Wedding Band With Rose Gold

Black ceramic wedding bands with a brushed surface and a rose gold groove. Ceramic rings are a great alternative to stainless steel since they are hypoallergenic, resistant to heat, and long-lasting. This is ideal for the couple who work with their hands all day. Sizes 4-15 are available in widths of 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm. There is a wide range of sizes available.

His and Her Engagement Rings Titanium Claddagh Wedding Ring Set

In addition to the traditional claddagh design (hands, heart, and crown), our Titanium Claddagh Wedding Rings also incorporate four trinity knots and four celtic knots. Depending on the ring’s size, the Celtic knot may be shorter or longer in order to best match its setting.

How to Choose Matching His & Her Wedding Rings

How to Choose Matching His AND Her Wedding Rings

This phase can be challenging because, more often than not, our personal preferences differ. What happens if you love sparkle but your partner prefers a more understated look? They might prefer something simpler even though your ideal wedding band sparkles with each movement.

The good news is that there are many options available when selecting matching wedding bands for a couple. Keep in mind that not all elements of matching wedding ring sets must be identical. Instead of trying to perfectly match, you can look for similar characteristics or aesthetics and coordinate. A wedding band covered in stones and set with diamonds, for instance, could have various metal colors. Or perhaps you have a diamond ring that is made of the same metal as a plain band. Or perhaps both of you could have stones, but with varying widths? There are countless options.

Non-Matching Engagement Rings are also Good

Matching wedding rings for him and her may be nice or not. However, selecting rings that are special to the two of you truly expands your options, but with so many alternatives, it can be challenging to decide which wedding ring type to pick. Do you choose a curved wedding band that accommodates your engagement ring, a traditional, unobtrusive wedding band, or a two-tone wedding ring that combines several colored metals? If you choose non-matching rings, you have countless possibilities, which may be confusing. Our recommendation is to select a wedding band that immediately captures your heart. In fact, selecting a wedding ring is comparable to selecting a wedding dress or suit. It could not be the one you anticipate. When you try on a ring, you may have an idea in your brain about the kind of ring you want, but you change your mind, which is perfectly acceptable. So, have an open mind, don’t be scared to defy or adhere to tradition, and consider whether you will always adore this ring.

Should You Wear Engagement Ring Everyday?

Should You Wear Engagement Ring Everyday

The day your lover asks you to marry him is one of the most romantic days of anyone’s life. A candlelit supper and a stunning ring are used to celebrate your love for one another.

An engagement ring is a declaration of love and a reminder of your unwavering commitment to one another.

Of course we all want to show everyone our gorgeous, brilliant diamond engagement ring!

But a lot of people frequently inquire, “Do you wear your engagement ring every day?” Along with many other issues, I also wonder if it will be safe to wear and how well it will keep clean.

In general, wearing your engagement ring every day is very safe. However, if you are engaging in any type of strenuous activity like gardening, cleaning, sports, or the gym. It’s not a good idea to wear your rings to bed since the diamonds could become loose or catch on the sheets. Take them off before taking a shower.

How To Store Engagement Rings

Therefore, even while routine daily activities won’t destroy your engagement ring, it’s just fine to flaunt your gorgeous solitaire engagement band!

But as we’ve already indicated, rough handling and harsh chemicals can damage it, so it’s better to take it off in those situations. You should also take it off before using potentially toxic cleaning products or working hard in the yard.

Make sure to keep your engagement ring in appropriate jewelry containers before beginning your cleaning tasks or organizing your garden.

The best cases contain a cotton interior lining or have distinct compartments for various types of jewelry.

If you must keep them in a plain box, make sure to tissue each piece. Keep your jewelry from rubbing against one another. Chips and scrapes could result from this.


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