Getting engaged is a truly special time, because it signifies that you and your partner are ready to take your relationship to the next level by committing to spending the rest of your lives together. You want your engagement ring to be perfect since it is a symbol and representation of your commitment. As your significant other is one of a kind, the ring should reflect that. Maybe raw stone engagement rings (eg. raw diamond ring, raw gemstone ring, natural stone ring) are your best option! You may find a wide variety of one-of-a-kind 14k gold, uncut diamond, and crystal engagement rings, even crystal wedding rings at Elleroses.

What is raw diamond?

A raw diamond is a precious stone that hasn’t been polished or cut and molded with a cutter into any particular shape. Uncut or rough diamonds are other names for unpolished diamonds. High-quality raw diamonds go through the cutting process after being mined. While buying jewelry, most women prefer polished and uncut diamonds. How about uncut stone? In essence, they are less expensive per carat than cut diamonds. Cutting is an extremely expensive and challenging operation. Here’s how to estimate a diamond’s worth in its uncut state.


It describes how many and how obvious the intrinsic defects are in a raw diamond. Raw diamonds are more expensive than diamonds with several common faults because they have fewer common inclusions.


A brownish or yellowish-tinted rough diamond is stronger but less expensive. Conversely, a diamond with less color is far more valuable. It is quite difficult to find transparent and colorless diamonds. They are therefore highly expensive.


A raw diamond’s carat is a weight measurement, with 1 carat equaling 200mg. Larger stones are more costly and rarer. The fact that larger carat raw diamonds cost more than smaller ones is irrelevant.

Even a larger carat of a rough diamond cannot make it more expensive than a smaller or cleaner stone if it has numerous obvious faults that should be taken away. In summary, clarity, along with other characteristics, is very important for determining a diamond’s price. Make sure you purchase the genuine one if you want to adorn your appearance with such expensive motifs. Instead of risking your money on a fake diamond, you may consult an expert.

Raw diamond rings

The Elleroses online shop celebrates the imperfect, natural, and one-of-a-kind. Here, the diamonds are not selected using the traditional criteria of Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Instead, the uncut, raw diamond rings themselves take center stage, with their unique beauty, personality, and spirit.

There are no such things as “twin” diamonds in the world of uncut stones. For example, Maya Bjrnsten, the brains behind, is always on the lookout for “sisters,” or pairs of rough diamonds that share the same character. This is both the allure and the challenge of cutting raw diamond rings.

Diamonds are a unique natural beauty, and their creation require special circumstances. Perfect conditions are required for both the production of jewelry from rough, uncut diamonds and your own personal search for the ideal stone. Exploring our Elleroses boutique is like discovering a hidden gem.

Raw cut diamond rings

Although raw cut diamonds don’t sparkle in the conventional sense, many of them have a more muted sheen that catches the light at different angles of the stone’s asymmetrical surface—the ideal look for understated brides seeking a one-of-a-kind diamond. A wider market for these raw cut diamond rings have recently emerged, leading to an increase in the use of raw, natural diamonds by jewelry designers.

Why choose raw diamond engagement rings

We’re going to suggest something revolutionary: Not every bride desires to wear a huge, dazzling diamond ring. If you concur, you’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking for an unconventional engagement ring that fits your personality better. If you fully disapprove of blingy, generic rings, raw diamond engagement rings are a lovely alternative.

Several people opted to use raw diamonds in their engagement rings to symbolize their unwavering devotion. Why? the eternities involved in diamond formation. Diamonds that have not been cut are exactly as Mother Nature intended them to be at least 900 million years ago. They are now older than the dinosaurs and more deserving of serving as a powerful emblem of your enduring love.

Love is eternal, much like diamonds. And we think that love is the greatest healer. Your spirit will be nourished for a lifetime if you can learn to appreciate flaws.

The nicest experience, in our opinion, is when an engagement ring finds a new loving home and becomes a part of a unique love story. Elleroses’ raw diamonds waited over 900 million years for selected.

Every one of our one-of-a-kind raw diamond engagement rings are made from unique rough diamonds. Here, our jewel experts put in a lot of effort to realize your dream rings. Working with the uneven rough diamonds in a simple design takes time, effort, talent, and devotion. Also, no two raw diamond engagement rings are alike because no two raw diamonds are the same. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want it.

We create several styles of rough diamond engagement rings upon request, so be sure to get inspired by what’s in our store.

Raw diamond wedding ring

Every raw diamond wedding ring has a unique tale to share. It represents a lot of love. Looking at the raw diamond wedding ring on our finger, it brings back precious memories from our wedding day The rough, unpolished, and uncut shapes that give diamonds their unique appearance that is far removed from the traditional notion of a classic round brilliant diamond in terms of shape and color. And the image of an uncut, flaw, kind of cloudy usually springs to mind when we mention the word “raw diamond.” But it is still unique, right?

Natural diamond ring

Natural diamond rings are more valuable than lab-grown diamond rings because natural diamonds are scarcer, whereas lab-grown diamonds are more readily available. Natural diamonds are mined, cut, and polished after being produced under the pressure of the earth’s crust over the course of millions of years.

Earthy engagement rings

Those who have a deep connection to the natural world, who enjoy nature, and who want the same enchantment in their jewelry, earthy engagement rings are a good option for them. Another good news is that they can save money by purchasing earthy engagement rings instead of conventional ones.

Witchy engagement rings

These witchy engagement rings usually have the appearance of some exquisite treasure you would discover in the ocean’s deepest regions. It has a mystical, mermaid-like aura.

This exquisitely thin band is constructed from a cast of a historic ring setting that has been reimagined in sterling silver that is dark gunmetal grey. Either a stunning Inverted Black CZ or rose cut garnet is set in the ring. The oxidization will fade over time; nevertheless, if you want to keep it, I would advise purchasing some Liver of sulphur.

This kind of witchy engagement ring would look stunning on your engagement day! A stunning witchy engagement and wedding ring set might be created by stacking it with the sea witch solitaire stacker and the sea nymph stacker rings.

How do you know if it is an unpolished diamond

Raw diamonds are diamonds that have not been polished, cut, or subjected to any other processes or treatments after being extracted from the ground. After being discovered in the dirt, they are precisely as they were. Unpolished diamonds, raw diamonds, and natural diamonds are other terms frequently used to describe rough diamonds.

Check the diamond for rounded edges and tiny triangle dents using a loupe or microscope. On the other hand, cubic diamonds will have parallelograms or squares that have been rotated. A genuine unpolished diamond should have the appearance of being coated in vaseline. Cut diamonds will have pointed edges.

Rustic engagement rings

The rustic diamond rings, which are primarily nature-inspired and maintained natural in terms of style, will make you feel like you made the best decision ever. Due to the numerous inclusions in rustic diamonds, rustic engagement rings are more reasonably priced than their more flawless counterparts. The value of a rough diamond rises in proportion to the rarity and cleanliness of its inclusions. They won’t go quite as high as regular diamonds, though, because there are so many of them. Even while traditional diamond rings are more in demand than their rustic counterparts, we can’t ignore the fact that the latter are becoming sought after as well.

Uncut diamond

As its name implies, an uncut diamond is a diamond in its raw, unaltered state. An uncut diamond is one that has not been subjected to any of the human manipulation that occurs during the cutting process, which is used to improve the diamond’s proportions, symmetry, and polish.

The natural flaws found in unpolished diamonds are something to be celebrated. That, in our opinion, is where the true beauty of raw uncut diamonds lies—in their confidence to shine through without any enhancement. That’s the charm of accepting and appreciating reality.

Yet, raw diamonds have little value outside their uniqueness. Since their unpolished, rough edges impair the efficiency with which light is refracted, uncut diamonds are often worth less than properly cut diamonds. Because of this, they lose some of their luster and brilliance and are worth less.

Most uncut diamonds are rough and lack of structure. Although they’re not to everyone’s taste, some people actually seek out uncut diamonds as a symbol of their commitment to one another because of the beauty and rarity they represent.

Uncut diamond rings

Uncut diamond rings may lack luster, but this will not reduce its value. The truth is that the value and quality of the diamond you see in your jewelry depend greatly on the quality of the uncut diamond. The quality of a diamond’s cut significantly affects its price. The value of a rough diamond is based mostly on its carat weight, hue, and clarity. The bigger the carat number, the more expensive the diamond. Assuming its quality is as high, this makes sense.

If you believe that uncut diamond ring is the best choice for you, browse through our various designs for every taste and price range. These stunning raw diamonds have inspired many jewelers to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Due to their organic qualities and ethical origins, uncut diamond rings are becoming a new fashion trend.

Two milky rose cut diamonds sit atop two champagne or dark brown colored cushion-shaped uncut diamonds. It’s aesthetically pleasing and distinctive.

Raw uncut diamond

Raw uncut diamonds are precious stones that were unearthed from the ground without any prior processing. Diamonds offered in jewelry stores have typically already been cut, polished, and faceted to get their desired shape. In contrast, raw uncut diamonds have not been shaped or polished in any way. That is to say, they have not been tampered with or changed in any way since their discovery.

There are three distinct categories of raw uncut diamonds: gem quality, crushing-boart, and industrial quality. In fact, only around 20% of the world’s raw uncut diamond production goes toward the jewelry industry. The remaining 80% are categorized as being used for industry, but these are gem-quality.

Raw uncut diamonds are gems that have not undergone the polishing procedure or been fashioned by a professional cutter into any certain size or shape. Although their quality is relatively excellent once they have been mined, they still need to be cut and polished before being utilized in jewelry.

It’s important to note that a significant portion of uncut, raw diamonds have a brownish or yellowish color. Thus, the value of the stone decreases as the color becomes more intense. This implies that uncut diamonds with a fainter tint or hue are more valuable than those with a more pronounced tint. Moreover, there are colorless diamonds, which are extremely rare and extremely expensive. They are known as white diamonds, and they sell for astronomically high sums.

Uncut diamond engagement ring

The one-of-a-kind forms of raw and uncut diamonds make setting them a challenging chore for jewelry designers because they are naturally unique. There is a lot of consideration that goes into making your engagement ring as unique as possible, whether you choose a modern solitaire or a vintage-inspired cluster. You can’t disagree with a uncut diamond engagement ring that was created exceptionally well, right?

Crystal engagement rings

There is a perfect crystal engagement ring for every aspiring bride thanks to their wide variety of styles. To embody everlasting beauty, choose a solitaire crystal engagement ring in a classic design. The woman who serves as your queen will be pleased if you choose a princess-cut setting. Choose from a wide range of metals and styles, such as solitaire or domed.

Crystal engagement rings are available in a variety of metals, including white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, silver, and platinum. Also, you can choose from a number of stone widths and sizes to get the ideal look and feel. Offering an exclusive variety of wedding jewelry is one of Elleroses’ claims to fame. Our cobalt crystal engagement ring, featuring a stunning white crystal inlay, is a prime example.

Crystals are less expensive than other precious stones but just as beautiful and dazzling. Every single one of Elleroses’ crystal engagement rings is hand-cut and polished to perfection. While most pieces are made with white stones to mimic diamonds, any color can be chosen for a unique design.

Crystal wedding rings

The round diamond in traditional wedding ring, is a trend that has undoubtedly worn thin by now. But just because the rest of Pinterest has gone on to accent-tier rings doesn’t mean you can’t have crystal wedding rings at your wedding.

Crystals, which can take years (if not thousands of years) to develop, are some of the most timeless elements you can add to your wedding ring; and, depending on the type of crystal, they may even boost the mood of the wedding due to their spiritual powers. Some crystals are connected with trust and support, while others are thought to offer heart-warming and heart-opening properties.

Crystals have always been a popular option for wedding rings because of their beauty. Whether or not you go with a crystal wedding ring is, ultimately, a question of taste. A stunning, surprising, and functional option is a crystal wedding ring.

Raw crystal rings

If you’re a fan of colorful gemstone rings but lack the financial means to purchase one, these raw crystal engagement rings colorful stacks are for you. Most of them have unusually colored crystals that set them apart from standard diamond jewelry. These raw crystals range in hue from dark gray to gray to milky white to red.

The popularity of raw crystal engagement rings is likely to increase either now or in the near future. In a world full of the mundane, wearing crystal engagement rings that does not blend in can be a refreshing change of pace.

Crystal wedding rings

Crystal wedding rings are all the rage right now; its understated elegance is turning heads in the fashion market. The beautiful crystal stones and gold band make it the ideal wedding band to dress up any outfit. The delicate crystal wedding rings will be your secret weapon for elevating any outfit.

Unique crystal engagement rings

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, a unique crystal engagement ring or crystal wedding rings is the way to go. You can select unique crystal engagement rings or crystal wedding rings that suit your taste thanks to the wide range of cuts and band styles available.

Stone engagement rings

There are various gemstone selections available for stone engagement rings, with something to suit every taste and budget in practically any hue imaginable. But there are instances when you just want to stick with the traditional gems, such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. The most well-known and conventional options for stone engagement ring designs are these four. All of these gems have a high price tag but are also excellent jewelry stones with enduring appeal. Learn more about the characteristics of these widely used gemstones.

Of course, diamonds are the most widely used gemstone for traditional stone engagement rings. Diamonds come in a variety of colors, however white diamonds (colorless to faintly tinged yellow) are the most popular. They also have fancy colored diamonds, such as well-known pinks, blues, as well as extremely rare reds and greens.

The price of fancy yellow diamonds is more comparable to that of white diamonds, despite the fact that fancy colored diamonds can be highly expensive. In addition to being the hardest jewel on Earth, yellow diamonds will give a classic diamond engagement ring a vivid touch.

Several people have compared sapphire stones to heaven because of their heavenly blues and violets. This gemstone has been linked to aristocracy, loyalty, and eternity throughout history. Royalty like the Empress Josephine and Princess Diana have sported it as an engagement ring stone. Sapphires can be found in all colors, with the exception of red, while being most famous for their blue hues. All sapphires are also extremely strong and long-lasting ring stones.

In Sanskrit, ruby is referred to as ratnaraj, or “the king of precious stones,” since it is the most expensive type of corundum. All other colors of corundum are referred to as sapphires, whereas red corundum gems are referred to as rubies. The most valuable ruby hue is known as “pigeon’s blood,” so named because it resembles drips of just slaughtered pigeon’s blood.

Emeralds, which range in color from medium to dark green to blueish green, are the most valuable gemstone sold in the market. Emeralds have been prized for thousands of years, and numerous myths and legends have been based on these stones. Emeralds have long been a favorite of royalty, including Cleopatra, the Mughal rulers, and the Duchess of Windsor. Even the word “emerald green” has gained popularity. Despite their high Mohs hardness (a measure of their ability to resist scratching), emerald engagement ring requires more specific care than any other traditional gemstone engagement rings.

Tips for Choosing a Rustic, or Rough Raw Stone Engagement Rings

uncut crystal wedding rings

Fortunately, there are certain similarities between shopping for a polished stone and a raw stone. When making a purchase, the carat size must be specified. Your financial constraints will be your primary guide here.


The stone’s color is another important factor to think about. Each raw-cut stone is one-of-a-kind because of its hue. Raw stones, which can range in color from brown to yellow to even gray, are a beautiful and affordable alternative to a colorless diamond. Having a warm, golden tone is often considered unfavorable in polished diamonds, but can be quite attractive in raw diamonds. Diamonds of unusual colors and cuts, such as amber’s rich brown or pink’s soft hues, can be found and used to great effect in engagement rings. When shopping for a raw stone, you can pick the perfect stone to reflect who you are.


You may want to select a halo setting of crystal for your ring instead of a raw or rough-cut crysta because they lack the same element of brilliance. The eye-catching sparkle of other crysta can be amplified with the help of a halo setting or a pavé band. If you want to show off your one-of-a-kind stone with other stones, like sapphires or other colorful stones, you may always go for a cluster setting on raw crystal engagement rings.


You should also consider the possibility of polishing the stone on your own. Depending on your preferences, you may wish the stone’s sharper edges smoothed or reshaped. Including this in your spending plan is essential.


The origin of your raw gemstone should be the last thing on your mind before making a purchase. Those interested in purchasing raw gemstone can do so from the mining or wholesale gemstone companies, which view the material as a “offcut” (albeit a lucrative one). We advise you to make sure the business you are making deal with can provide evidence of their ethical and environmentally responsible practices.

A raw stone is a stunning gemstone that should not be disregarded while shopping for an natural stone engagement rings. Your stone will be one of a kind and tailor-made for you and your significant other, and you’ll also save a ton of money in the process. We think that’s quite sweet.

Reasons for Unique Raw Stone Rings

uncut crystal wedding rings

It can be challenging to select a design that captures your unique sense of style and speaks volumes about your relationship, given the plethora of possibilities. We have compiled four reasons in favor of using raw or rough diamonds when constructing an engagement ring:

1. The most ethical choice is a raw gemstone engagement rings

Making the decision to spend thousands of dollars on a gemstone for an engagement ring is difficult enough without adding the stress of knowing if your gemstone contributed to the human rights violations, brutal conflicts, child labor, or environmental degradation that are endemic to the gemstone trade.

The good news is that Elleroses only obtains genuine, conflict-free gemstone, so your search for an ethically sourced stone for your ring may be put to rest. Our raw gemstone engagement rings are conflict-free because we follow the Kimberley Process to the letter and only buy them from legitimate siteholders.

And remember, natural stones are not cut! Therefore, the widespread problems associated with using underage labor and poor working conditions among cutters and polishers simply does not exist. As a result, you may rest assured that your stone comes from a responsible source.

2. A natural stone ring is absolutely unique

The one-of-a-kind nature of a ring set with a rough gemstone

The natural stone engagement ring you choose for your future spouse should reflect the special tale you share together. Using a raw gemstone in an engagement ring is a cool and unconventional option for the bride. Why?

The uncut stone is one of a kind and has never been seen before.

Because of the unusual form of the diamond, the jeweler must carefully put the stone into a special mounting, making the ring a one-of-a-kind creation even if it’s deceptively simple.

Due to the variety in natural stone forms, the design possibilities for a natural stone engagement rings are virtually limitless.

In fact, at Elleroses, you have complete freedom over the design of your natural stone engagement rings, down to the choice of gemstone, metal, and, if desired, engraving font. The unique engagement ring with the special stone is a lovely symbol of your special love as you begin a new chapter in your lives together.

3. A raw crystal engagement ring is a metaphor for your relationship

Crystal are said to last a lifetime, but what does eternity actually look like? We think that the untamed beauty of a raw crystal represents the untapped potential of your relationship and its ability to last for a lifetime.

Each uncut crystal is an unaltered, one-of-a-kind biological formation that took millions of years to develop beneath the earth’s surface. In its raw, unaltered form, its faults are what make it so appealing. A crystal cutter then comes along, examines the stone carefully, and cuts it on multiple sides to make it more brilliant and attractive.

If your relationship is a raw crystal, you and your significant other, through your shared experiences, will shape and refine it. As you build a life together, your love story will blossom into its full, unique, and perfect form, ready to be showcased to the world. Wearing a raw crystal engagement rings whose essence reflects purity, possibility, and potential is a beautiful way to always be reminded of the growing journey you and your spouse are on.

4. Raw crystal engagement rings are often budget-friendly

Rough crystal are more affordable than polished ones because they haven’t been subjected to the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of cutting and polishing. That doesn’t make them any less useless, though; as we’ve already established, their charm is precisely in their raw, unrefined state. After all, attractiveness is subjective.

The origin of a natural crystal, its shape before cutting, its color, clarity, carat weight, and carat weight are only few of the aspects that go into establishing its value. If you read our piece on how the price of a raw crystal is established, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re getting for your money and why it’s not simply all about the size of the stone.

You can put those savings toward other important expenses, like the wedding, the honeymoon, and your future together. See if any of our raw crystal engagement rings and uncut crystal wedding rings grab your eye and their prices.

When you picture your wedding, you probably see the ideal ring, dress, and occasion. Many couples consider the wedding ring’s style, metal, settings, and minute, detailed elements that most people won’t see until they are up close. One of the finest ways to personalize your ring is to have a unique piece fashioned especially for you.

Custom stone wedding rings are a great way to break the mold if you really want to stand out. Gemstones come in a range of colors and form wonderful jewelry. The most popular gemstones are turquoise, which has a teal color, and ruby, which is a stone with a red color.

Couples can utilize gemstones to symbolize various moments and phases of their romantic journey when choosing their personalized wedding rings. For instance, they can choose rings with gems that stand in for the month they first met, their preferred holiday place, or the most important characteristic about either of them.

Unique stone engagement rings

Every pair has a special, heartwarming tale to tell, and your engagement ring ought to symbolize and express that particular tale. Using a unique stone in an engagement ring is a fantastic and unusual wedding option for achieving true individuality.

In addition to the more commonly used stones, there are still several unusual stones that can be set in an engagement ring.

Morganite: Like emeralds and aquamarine, morganite is a beryl stone. They come in many pink hues, with salmon being the most recognizable. Typically, their hue is weak and bright. This jewelry is thought to inspire and prolong love when worn as an engagement ring.

Garnet: The birthstone for January is garnet, which typically comes in a variety of colors, including blue and green. Garnets are symbolic of passion, devotion, and friendship—all qualities that make for a great marriage.

Natural stone engagement rings

Buying an engagement ring diamond may be a stressful decision even in the best of circumstances. This is especially true if you don’t know whether your diamond may have contributed to the widespread human rights violations, violent conflicts, child labor, or environmental harm associated with the diamond industry.

The good news is that Elleroses finds really conflict-free natural stones, all but removing your worries. You are undoubtedly interested in finding an ethically sourced stone for your ring. As a result, we highly recommend our natural stone engagement rings.

Raw gemstone engagement rings

Simply put, raw gemstones are more affordable than their polished counterparts since they have not through the costly cutting and polishing process. This does not imply that they are any less magnificent; rather their beauty lies in their raw, unrefined appearance. After all, everyone has their own definition of beauty. You may put more money into your wedding, honeymoon, and future together with the money you’ve saved on your diamond!

But most significantly, raw gemstones are not cut! You can be guaranteed that your stone was mined ethically as a result.

Rough diamond rings

Even though a rough diamond ring lacks brilliance, its value is unaffected. The truth is that a rough diamond ring’s value has a significant impact on the value and quality of the center diamond you see in your jewelry. The quality of a diamond’s cut significantly affects its price. The carat weight, color, and clarity of a rough diamond are the main factors determining its value. To differentiate designs from more conventional rings, Elleroses incorporates raw diamonds in their pieces. On Elleroses, there are a large variety of raw and rough diamond rings.

Rough cut diamond

For their unadulterated purity and pristine beauty, rough diamonds are highly regarded. Many people are unaware that the price of a polished diamond is actually determined by the cost of the rough diamond, despite the fact that their value is derived from both their beauty and their raw material.

The price of a diamond is only slightly increased by the expense of cutting and polishing it. The value of the diamond in its original, natural rough form still determines the price of the polished diamond even if it later undergoes polishing. Although it is a frequent misconception that a diamond’s cut is the most crucial cost determining factor, even the most ideal cut would only contribute a modest proportion to a diamond’s overall value.

Rough diamonds are evaluated using the same criteria as their polished counterparts. If the brilliance of a one-carat diamond is extraordinary, for instance, it could be worth more than a two-carat diamond of equal color and clarity.

Unpolished rough diamond

Rough diamonds, which are used in many engagement rings, are mined lawfully under KPC’s program and are therefore considered ethically sourced diamonds. They’re in high demand presently, and for good reason: their lawful sourcing practices keep them there. Hence, unpolished rough diamonds are the way to go if you want to buy diamonds from a reputable supplier. The uniqueness of each unpolished rough diamond is its most remarkable quality.

Rough cut diamond engagement ring

Making an engagement ring by hand that perfectly fits a particular rough cut diamond requires an expert eye. Elleroses selects each diamond and carefully considers each one before deciding to use one of them to craft a distinctive, one-of-a-kind rough cut diamond engagement ring. Elleroses designs and makes jewelry that complements each one’s individuality.

Raw large rough diamond

As unique as the raw large rough diamond ring itself are the colors of the raw diamonds. Unique rough diamonds interact with the warm colors of yellow and brown, and the strong black and fine green diamonds are also interested in participating. They are stunning on their own, but even more so when mounted in a sophisticated rough diamond ring.

Rough diamond jewelry

Rough diamonds in their unpolished, uncut form, dating back at least 900 million years. That makes them even more significant as a representation of your everlasting love because they are older than the dinosaurs. It’s a good idea to gift your partner rough diamond jewelry.

What Is a Raw Stone?

uncut diamond, crystal wedding rings

The term “raw stone” refers to a stone that has not been treated in any way, including cutting or polishing. These stones are as close to their original state as possible, and as a result, they have a foggy look due to inclusions.

These natural form stones may not sparkle in the conventional sense, but many have a more muted shimmer that catches the light at different angles of the stone’s uneven surface, creating the ideal effect for low-key brides looking for a really unique diamond. There has been an increase in the demand for rings like this, prompting more jewelers to work with uncut, natural diamonds. Raw diamonds provide items by designers like Bario Neal and Sofia Kaman a distinctive edge above more conventional jewelry. Additionally, Elleroses is a great place to find raw stone, raw crystal engagement rings or raw crystal wedding rings of all sizes.

Setting raw and rough-cut diamonds is a difficult undertaking for jewelers because each stone is completely unique. Whether you choose a modern solitaire or a cluster in the vintage style, a lot of time and effort is put into making your ring unique and special. You can’t argue with such a beautifully crafted ring, can you?

5 Raw Stone Engagement Rings as Beautiful Ring Option

uncut diamond, crystal wedding rings
Raw Stone Engagement Ring Herkimer Diamond Ring for Women Minimalist Ring in 14k Gold Filled

A very stunning, artisanal appearance. The most beautiful raw diamond is the sole focal point of this April birthstone ring. Not to mention, it’s very stunning!

Raw Stone Engagement Rings 3 Stone Emerald Engagement Ring

A must-have for the free spirit in all of us is this raw emerald ring. The raw beauty of this ring featuring with real emeralds, is just what you need to feel strong and confident. Something stunning in its untamed state.

Black Herkimer Diamond Ring Set Raw Stone Engagement Rings

These stunning crystal ring holders are a cool addition to any jewelry collection or thoughtful present for a loved one, as Quartz is known to foster sentiments of self-love, acceptance, inner healing, and calm.

Raw Stone Engagement Rings Blue Stone Rings for Women

A gorgeous blue apatite crystal, expertly carved into a ring holder specifically for you. Bringing natural stones back to life while retaining their original shape. This uncut, all-natural gemstone is truly unique.

Raw Stone Engagement Rings Aquamarine Stone Ring in 18K Rose Gold Plated

This ring is made of 18K rose gold plated and features genuine aquamarines. What a very unique engagement ring! Each stone is wrapped by a bezel setting to keep it in place.


FAQs of Raw Stone

Do raw crystal wedding rings cost less than polished stones?

Raw crystal wedding rings or rough-cut stones are typically less expensive than their polished and cut counterparts, despite the fact that they require more labor to set. A raw crystal may cost you roughly $50, while a typically cut crystal may cost you around $100. As a result, raw and rough-cut crystal may be the best option if you’re looking for a crystal wedding rings but have a limited budget.

Can you count on a raw or unpolished diamond to last?

Diamonds, whether raw or cut, are just as hardy as those that have been polished. Because diamonds are the hardest and most scratch-resistant gemstones commercially available, your ring will look as good as new for decades to come.

May you tell me where I can buy a raw crystal engagement rings?

You can start your search on Elleroses or at other small merchants, but be careful to only buy from reputable sellers.


To sum up, we think raw stones just like raw diamond ring or uncut crystal engagement and wedding rings are the way to go for brides who like a more unique style of engagement ring. They’re the greenest option, they’re one-of-a-kind, their natural beauty is breathtaking, and they’ll even help you save money, so there’s really no downside to considering them. If you are thinking in adopting a raw food diet, please get in touch with us.


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