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The Ultimate Guide to Gay Men’s Rings in 2022

Congrats! Having found “The One,” it is now time to select your wedding and engagement bands. Before you buy, consider our comprehensive guide on selecting gay wedding and engagement rings:

Engagement rings and wedding bands are unquestionably a tradition to cherish, whether you adore tradition or take pride in your uniqueness. Rings are a terrific way to declare to the world, “This one’s mine,” and a tangible indication of your devotion. What do you want to represent your shared life other than a circle that has no beginning and no end, representing eternity and wholeness?

Which Finger For My Gay Wedding Ring?

The traditional left hand

In fact, in the Western world, the custom on wearing engagement and wedding rings on the ring finger of the left hand dates all the way back to Roman times. This specific finger was given special meaning since it was thought to have a vein that sent blood straight to the heart. It’s a popular choice for many couples and, as the finger on which the wedding ring is worn, it clearly communicates your relationship to the world.

The modern right hand

It’s customary to wear the engagement or wedding ring on the right hand in several cultures and religions. For instance, the wedding band is frequently worn on the right index finger in traditional Jewish communities.

In recent years, same-sex couples have increasingly preferred to wear their rings on their right ring finger in place of the customary left finger. This is meant to protect the intimacy and privacy of their relationship for some couples. Others use it as a proud declaration of how special and different their love is.

Alternative options

There isn’t really a fixed rule for which finger you should wear your wedding rings on, and there are many additional possibilities to take into account. Some people choose to wear their rings around their necks on chains, which also has a practical benefit if you work in an office or a medical facility. Married men in Victorian times were expected to wear their wedding bands on their pinkie fingers. They would wear this signet ring on top if they also owned one.

Others could decide to wear their engagement ring on their non-dominant hand so they can play musical instruments, write, or use their preferred hand in different ways without it getting in the way. Depending on your personal preferences, you may both choose to wear your rings on the same finger on the same hand, or you may both prefer to wear them on different fingers.

Any of these options is appropriate for any kind of relationship, and you are free to wear your wedding and engagement bands anyway you like. Your love is ultimately fully up to you!

To Match or Not to Match

Even though many gay couples like to wear matching bands, many other couples opt for complementary rings or even completely different bands from their partner. Are you two a perfect match? Select matching wedding rings to symbolize your unity. A pair of matching rings may represent how similar or in tune you are with one another.

Despite not having any interest in eternal twinning ring, do you want your rings to match? To distinguish one ring from another, you can choose two rings that are otherwise identical but have a different finish, band width, or metal. Coordinating rings can honor your marriage while also showcasing some of the individuality that makes each of you special.

Do you and your partner provide evidence that opposites attract? Look for rings that reflect your own personality and sense of style. Without compromising a bit of your individual style, mismatched rings also can represent your bond.

Do whatever seems right for the two of you. The significance of the rings you choose counts much more than whether or not they match. Elleroses has a huge selection of styles, whether or not they match, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

Wedding Bands, Engagement Rings, or both?

As a same-sex relationship, embrace the opportunity to develop your own customs. The day when exclusively women wore engagement rings is long gone. Both men and women are equally capable of rocking a rock! You can decide on a wedding band, an engagement ring, or both. Some couples opt to wear the same band on the right ring finger up until the ceremony and then swap it to the left finger after getting hitched. This allows them to wear the same ring for both the engagement and the wedding. You can wear them stacked or one on each hand if you decide to wear an engagement ring and a wedding band. You can also choose to wear simply wedding bands rather than an engagement ring. Whatever you choose, don’t feel constrained by the conventions!


When it comes to the design of homosexual wedding rings, the options are endless. Your primary purchasing guide should be your particular preferences. For any taste, there are numerous options.

Simple polished bands come in a range of metals and are both conventional and timeless.

To otherwise traditional rings, brushed, matte, or scratch surfaces offer a dash of modernism.

When you can’t decide between two different metals or materials, a two-toned design adds depth and visual appeal.

Similar to this, you can select two different metals for the same ring by using an inner band that contrasts with it.

A colored inset adds an eye-catching pop that is guaranteed to draw attention, while a touch of carbon fiber, either on the inside or outside of a ring, lends an edgy and daring feel.

Are you a bold person who isn’t scared to stand out? A black ring can be the ideal choice for you.

A bracelet with diamonds will undoubtedly satiate your glitter hunger if you enjoy luxury.

Who doesn’t enjoy extra? Any ring can benefit from a beveled edge, step down edge, or milgrain accent.

Although a broader band makes a statement and places your ring front and center, thin bands can nevertheless possess their own quiet beauty and draw attention.


You have a wide range of excellent options when deciding on the material for your homosexual wedding rings. Elleroses uses premium materials that are built to last a lifetime and perform well under the demands of daily use. The most important considerations when deciding which material is ideal for you should be your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Gold – Gold is a priceless metal that stays beauty with regular use. Gold can be classic or contemporary and appeal to a wide range of outfits. It comes in a variety of hues, including white, rose, and yellow.

Silver – Silver is just as ageless as gold and can be either conventional or modern, appealing to a wide range of tastes and styles.

Titanium – For those who want a more contemporary material, titanium is a strong, scratch-resistant, and lightweight metal. It is a great metal for wedding and engagement rings because it is anti-corrosive and hypoallergenic.

Tungsten – Tungsten wedding bands are known for their strength and endurance, making them ideal for daily wear, especially for men who perform manual labor but do not wish to take their ring off every time they go to work.

Tantalum – Tantalum, another modern metal, is heavier and stronger than the majority of other metals used in wedding bands. Tantalum rings are both rare and resistant to corrosion.

Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is a strong, corrosion- and tarnish-resistant, and hypoallergenic metal that is also modern. It can be plated in a variety of finishes, from satin to shining, and in a range of hues, from black to gold. A robust and adaptable material option is stainless steel.

Cobalt – Cobalt is really smooth, bright, and sparkly, and it feels wonderful on your finger.

Carbon Fiber – Carbon fiber, a highly contemporary material choice, is an extremely strong fiber weave that is widely employed in automotive, aviation, and many other industrial applications. Strong and edgy, carbon fiber wedding bands are a great choice.

Diamond – Diamonds are a timeless option because they are precious and rare. They are adaptable, have a lovely shine, and may comes in a variety of hues.


It’s time to pick whether or not you want your engagement rings to be inscribed after you’ve found the ideal pair for you and your partner. Your rings can become absolutely unique by engraving, taking them from gorgeous to amazing. Any Elleroses ring can be personalized, making personalization a desirable and accessible choice. What you want to be inscribed on the inside of your bands is now the only thing left to determine. That ought to be simple, right?

Wearing Gay Men’s Ring

Your rings you can wear however you want. Wedding bands and engagement rings have traditionally been worn on the left ring finger. The notion that the left ring finger carried the vena amoris, or “vein of love,” which connected directly to the heart, has been debunked. The left ring finger is a conventional and romantic choice because the heart is slightly on the left side of the body. Traditionally, the wedding band is worn next to the heart rather than the engagement ring. In the past, before homosexual marriage was legal, many LGBTQ couples chose to wear their wedding bands on their right hands for a variety of reasons, including tradition-breaking, personal expression, and other reasons. Wear your gay wedding bands or engagement rings however makes you feel most comfortable—there are no right or wrong ways to do it!

5 Amazing Gay Wedding Rings (With Reviews)

Ellroses is pleased to provide a wide variety of gay and lesbian wedding bands and engagement rings to help you begin your life together with your special someone and best wishes to you.

Here they are:

18K White Gold Men Gay Wedding Rings Pave Diamond Men's Ring in Metal 18K White Gold

This contemporary ring has an uneven diamond groove that only wraps partially around the band. The ring’s interior is circular (1/5 total carat weight), making it more pleasant to wear.

18K Yellow Gold Engagement Rings for Gay Men in Metal 18K Yellow Gold

This square band has a hand-hammered finish in addition to its high polish, which gives it visual texture. People who are frequently on the move will appreciate its sleek style and snug fit.

18K White Gold Gay Men Wedding Rings Black Diamond Wedding Ring in Center Gemstone Black Diamond and Metal 18K White Gold

Thanks to its thin vertical row of black diamonds and matte brushed finish, this modern band is elegant and stylish. The rounded inner edge raises the level of comfort.

18K Yellow Gold Gay Men Engagement Rings 4mm in Metal 18K Yellow Gold

This compact design wedding ring is 4 millimeters broad, with rounded corners. The interior edge’s softer, rounder design is a great improvement.

18K Yellow Gold Gay Engagement Rings 5mm Matte Comfort Fit Wedding Ring in Width 5mm and Metal 18K Yellow Gold

The matte texture and rounded inside border of this traditional 5mm domed wedding ring promote comfort.

Don't Know His Ring Size?

You’re keeping your engagement a surprise, but you don’t know his ring size.

Size 9 rings are typically worn by guys, so that’s a decent place to start. And don’t worry, if the ring does not fit perfectly, Elleroses offers free size exchanges for any men’s engagement ring that has not been individualized or customized within 30 days after the purchase.

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