Any bride-to-be can choose an exquisite vintage oval engagement rings, and once couples get the meaning and symbolism of this traditional diamond shape, they will see how perfect it will be to symbolize their union.

Why Choose Oval-Shaped Engagement Ring

why choose oval shaped engagement ring

Oval engagement rings have a timeless elegance that is difficult to match. We have a particular place in our hearts for this timeless shape. Even outside of engagement rings, oval diamonds complement nearly every piece of jewelry, from necklaces to dangle earrings.

If you’ve decided on an oval-shaped center stone, the variety of possibilities may be too much for you. The versatility of the gemstone’s cut contributes to the popularity of this ring design. As the focal point or halo accent stone, an oval diamond looks stunning.

Simply said, there are many options available to you when it comes to oval engagement rings. The right ring should be chosen, and anyone browsing the market can find a great design choice among elegant oval rings.


Beyond the passion, romance, and commitment of one relationship, an oval shaped engagement ring conveys a variety of other messages. This particular stone’s form stands for originality, individuality, and pushing the limits while still recognizing and respecting tradition. The oval stone shape also represents fertility, rebirth, and family because it resembles an egg. This may be the best option for a couple looking to create a family together or who are recommitting to a new relationship following an engagement, marriage, or breakup in the past.


Aside from encouraging harmony and completion, the elegant curves of an oval shape also develop a sense of connection and community. For couples who “complete” one another and are forging their relationships, this has a romantic significance. An oval is a modified circle that also symbolizes eternity, making it the ideal shape for the everlasting promise of an engagement ring.

Round vs Oval Diamond, Which is Right For You?

round vs oval diamond

It is evident that the shape is what distinguishes an oval diamond from a round diamond. However, there are other factors to take into account besides only the shape, since changes in shape and cut also affect other features of the diamond, such as brilliance, flaws, size, and even price.

As a result, the following criteria will be used to compare round and oval diamonds:


Oval and round diamonds have both been produced since the 17th century. The present round and oval brilliant shapes, however, are inventions of the 20th century that we all know and adore.

Marcel Tolkowsky invented the round brilliant diamond in 1919, while Lazare Kaplan invented the modified brilliant oval diamond in 1957.

Oval-shaped diamonds and round brilliant diamonds were instant classics from the start. Each one of them has a timeless classic look. Both round and oval diamonds will always be in fashion.

However, if forced to distinguish between these two “styles,” we would argue that the oval is traditional yet distinctive, and the round brilliant is more conventional, traditional, and normal.

Consequently, a round brilliant is the best option if you want a diamond that is utterly conventional, gorgeous, and unfailing. It is the industry norm and the classic diamond shape. However, the oval diamond is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a stone that is more distinctive yet still unmistakably classic and elegant. Even though the oval diamond has a distinctive appearance, it is still far more subtle and adaptable than other fancy diamond shapes like marquise and heart.


The round cut diamond is the most brilliant of all diamond cuts in terms of sparkle, also known as brilliance. This is as a result of the concentrated shape and faceted design of round brilliant diamonds. You will obtain the most fire, brilliance, and scintillation with round brilliants.

Oval diamonds are likewise exceedingly brilliant, yet the round brilliant diamond still sparkles the most. It is a superb cut diamond, after all.

Round brilliant diamonds with a modified shape are known as modified brilliants, while brilliant cut diamonds use a similar faceting technique (many small facets). The only factors influencing the degree of sparkle are shape and symmetry. The diamond’s ability to reflect light is significantly influenced by its shape and depth. Not only facets.

Overall, both round and oval diamonds will glitter exquisitely, but a round brilliant is suggested if you want the most sparkle possible.


The size of a diamond is described by the word “carat weight.” Diamonds are available in a wide range of carat weights, both round and oval.

Additionally to carat weight, there are dimensions. A diamond’s proportions can affect how huge it appears to be and how well it performs in light.

The depth and size of the table are the two most crucial factors to consider.

For a round brilliant, the optimal table percentage is 54-57%, while the ideal depth percentage is 59-63%.

For an oval diamond, the ideal table percentage ranges from 53-63%, and the appropriate depth percentage is less than 68%.

You may maximize both sparkle and size by looking for a diamond in this price range.


The most common diamond cut is the round diamond, and for good reason. They produce the most exquisite, sparkling engagement rings that are ageless. There will always be a larger selection of round cut diamonds in various quality levels.

Due to lower demand, oval diamonds are much less common. They are therefore more rare than round cut diamonds. However, finding an oval cut diamond that meets your desired criteria might be more difficult because ovals will vary so much in shape while round cut diamonds won’t.

Elleroses Tip: Explore a wide variety of diamond shapes and select the ideal cut for your engagement ring. Related: Diamond Shape Buying Guide.

5 Tips To Choose The Best Vintage Oval Cut Diamond

5 tips to choose the best vintage oval cut diamond

Particularly for engagement rings, oval cut diamonds are becoming more and more popular these days. Oval diamonds are just as elegant and sophisticated as round diamonds, which are timeless. The round brilliant and pear-shaped diamonds are combined to create the oval diamond shape. An oval-cut diamond has 58 facets, just like a round-cut diamond, giving it tremendous shine.

Here are some suggestions to assist you pick the best oval-cut diamond ring if this is your first time purchasing one.

1. Decide On The Ratio

There is no set measurement for an oval form. The ratio of its length to width is what determines it most. The diamond’s shape will appear either wide or narrow depending on the length and width you select. The diamond’s setting and your own preferences will determine the shape you choose.

A thin cut diamond works well for earrings and pendants, while a conventional oval cut diamond makes the ideal center stone for engagement rings. Additionally, a wider oval cut diamond is your best choice if you wish to add a side stone to your engagement ring.

2. Pay Attention To The Stone's Symmetry

A stone with an oval cut must be symmetrical. An oval-cut diamond must not only have an identical side, but also perfectly rounded edges that gracefully slope towards the ends. The fact that an oval-cut diamond makes even the smallest bit of disproportion exceedingly evident is one of its main drawbacks. Since creating an oval cut diamond requires a great level of talent, it is advisable to purchase one from a reputable store.

3. Avoid The Bow-Tie

The bow-tie look is one of the main issues with buying an oval-cut diamond. This effect describes the darkening region that, when viewed from specific angles, resembles a bow tie and appears in the diamond’s center. Most oval-cut diamonds contain some bow-tie appearance, which can range in severity from obvious to barely perceptible. The simplest technique to determine whether a diamond has a bow-tie or not is to carefully examine it. You should select another stone if the bow-tie is the first feature that draws your attention.

4. Select Color Grade

Oval diamonds are good at masking color because of their cut. You can choose a diamond with a lower color grade thanks to its great faceting design. The D-G colorless grades are one of your best options if you don’t have a defined spending limit. The less color a diamond has, the better; the D-G colorless grades have amazing fire and brilliance. However, you have more choices, such as diamonds in the colors M, H, and K.

5. Check The Degree Of Clarity

An oval cut is excellent for concealing flaws in the diamond, particularly those around the edges. This implies that you don’t necessarily need to choose a high clarity to get a lovely oval-cut diamond. High clarity diamonds cost far more than low clarity diamonds. Therefore, you can simply save some money by choosing a stone with a lesser clarity grade without sacrificing the stone’s beauty.

Overall, oval cut diamonds are a great option for engagement rings, stud earrings, pendants, and other jewelry. To find a superb and gorgeous oval cut diamond, use the aforementioned advice.


faqs about vintage oval engagement rings

You are, we guarantee, one step closer to selecting the ultimate engagement ring. Let’s first go through some significant FAQs.

Are Oval Shaped Engagement Rings Popular?

Serena Williams, Ariana Grande, The Kardashian family. What ties all of these folks together? Oval-shaped wedding bands.

You’ll find that engagement rings experience trends in the same way that other accessories do when looking through various engagement rings online or in person. A princess cut diamond may be fashionable one year, but the following year it may be replaced by a different shape or design.

Oval-cut engagement rings have gained appeal recently despite being a fading fashion trend. In fact, over the past five years, oval engagement rings have been the most popular ring cut on the internet.

Additionally, it doesn’t appear that the popularity will decline any time soon. Oval engagement rings are consistently a good option for people attempting to find the ideal style due to their timeless design and understated sophistication.

How Much Are Oval Engagement Rings?

Budgets are a common consideration while looking for an engagement ring. Oval engagement rings can be expensive or inexpensive, depending on where you buy it.

Depending on the stone’s cut, clarity, and color, a standard 1-carat diamond oval engagement ring can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 in price.

Are Oval Diamonds Less Expensive Than Round Diamonds?

One of the most expensive gemstone cuts is the brilliant round diamond. The good news is that oval rings are much more attractive while costing less money.

The cost of oval engagement rings is typically 20% less than that of round diamonds. We call it victory.

5 Best Vintage-Inspired Oval Engagement Ring

5 best vintage inspired oval diamond engagement ring

In order for you to discover some of the most distinctive and gorgeous styles, we’ve selected some of our all-time favorite vintage oval engagement rings.

Vintage Oval Moissanite Engagement Rings Platinum Plated 925 Sterling Silver Halo Ring

A stunning vintage cathedral setting with an oval cut moissanite measuring 6x8mm is attached. With its marquise shaped moissanite stone and shimmering halo, this anniversary ring embodies passion. This vintage engagement ring has a tendency to diffuse light, making it shine brightly.

Oval Moissanite Engagement Rings Vintage Halo Engagement Rings in Sterling Silver

She will be impressed by this diamond ring in a classic design. The 1.5 ct. moissanite is set in a double diamond-lined frame in this 10K white gold piece with exquisite halo borders to highlight its size and brilliance. The ring’s shank is lined with conflict-free simulated diamonds.

Oval Vintage Engagement Rings Opal Rings for Women in 14K Gold

Total weight 0.75 carats. On a vintage-style, a natural oval cut white opal and diamond are placed elegantly. This Ring is a classic item that will never get old. The bright halo setting, which has a very modern and romantic aesthetic, benefits from the addition of gemstones.

Vintage Oval Engagement Ring With Side Stones Lab-Created White Sapphire Rings in 10K White Gold

Express her appreciation for elegance by gifting her this classic design ring. This sophisticated item is made of 10K white gold and has an oval-shaped lab-created white sapphire that is 8.0 x 6.0mm in size and is surrounded by a halo of smaller round brilliant diamonds.

Vintage Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14K Gold

Every time you wear this sapphire and diamond ring, you’ll feel like a queen. An oval blue sapphire measuring 8.0 x 6.0 mm sits in the center of this gorgeous 14K gold ring, which also has a succession of brilliant round diamonds totaling 1/3 carat in weight.

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