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The ideal western wedding rings will complement both your and your partner’s personal tastes, giving you the impression that you two are a perfect match. Our handcrafted western engagement rings, western wedding bands, and country wedding rings, western style wedding rings are ideal for western couples that value a rustic aesthetic with a refined feel. These exquisitely coordinated wedding sets contain western style wedding rings and engagement rings that are appropriate for any bride and groom. Sterling silver and 10 karat gold complement lovely gemstones and a classic western design.

Since each handmade western style wedding rings are made from scratch, it has slight variations that make it special and exclusively yours.

With your handcrafted jewelry, you and your spouse will enjoy riding off into a traditional western sunset. Look no farther than our collection at Elleroses if you want western wedding bands with distinct personality and artisan craftsmanship.

Western Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Looking for the ideal western-style engagement ring for your future wife? Perhaps you want it to be unique and particularly exceptional. When selecting the ideal western engagement ring for your bride, consider these choices.

Western Wedding Rings for Her: Get enamored with Elleroses

When it comes to women’s western engagement rings, you may think about hyo silver rings at first. Beautiful silver western wedding bands and classic engagement rings from Hyo Silver are the perfect way to commemorate your love. With western elan and timeless style, hyo silver wedding rings have semi-precious and sparkling cubic zirconia accents that give them a striking, bright look. On top of aged black, silver, or oxidized silver backgrounds, their western wedding ring sets are stunning works of art crafted from brilliant shades of sterling silver and yellow or rose gold. Now, you can also choose one perfect western wedding ring at Elleroses.

Select a western engagement ring that genuinely symbolizes you while incorporating Hyo silver ring distinctive design aspects, such as the shape, color, and size of the stone, the silver or gold metal, the background color, and the rope, circular, or beaded border designs. When worn, the subtle differences in each Western sterling silver engagement ring crafted by an artisan suggest a sense of identity. This gorgeous collection of Western ring designs is the result of the designers’ collaboration with expert artisans and inspiration from the geometric beauty of life and nature.

Round Stone, Cigar Style, Hand Engraved, Sterling Silver Western Styled Engagement Ring

It is one of a western-style engagement ring. The ring stands out due to its hand-engraved appearance and western rope edge.

Square Stone, Hand Engraved, Tappered Style Band, Sterling Silver Western Engagement Ring

Another style of a western engagement ring. Once more, the western rope edge and hand engraving are present, but this time they are incorporated into a tappered style band.

Square Stone, Hand Engraved, Slim Style Band, Sterling Silver Western Engagement Ring

The minimalist style of this kind of ring is part of its beauty. The exquisite engraving enhances the stone beautifully and makes it shine.

Wide Band

Wide Band

A wide band may have a distinctly western aesthetic. These rings stand out in part due to the hand engraving. Moreover, they look great with or without a stone, whether or not it has a rope edging, when worn at a broad width.

Ring Band Widths

Ring width and size are frequently confused. Ring diameter, which also reflects finger size, is known as ring size. The band’s actual thickness is referred to as the ring’s width. The majority of women and men choose wedding and engagement bands with a width between 1.6 and 8 millimeters, though they can be as wide as 20 millimeters. Any metal can be used to make a ring band, but the width will influence which options are the strongest and most long-lasting.

There are some conventional sizes for men’s and women’s rings, but the width you choose will always be a question of preference relating to personal considerations, visual flair, and physical comfort.

Women’s rings often have thin bands that are 1.6 or 1.8 millimeters wide and range in size from half sizes to 4 millimeters.

Typically, men’s rings range in width from 4 millimeters to 7 millimeters.

Colored and Unique Stones

Colored and Unique Stones

A western themed engagement ring is perfect with sapphires, turquoises and other similarly strong gemstones.


Some of history’s most well-known jewels include emerald stones. Emerald has a captivating quality befitting of royalty. Unsurprisingly, the pricey emerald was Cleopatra’s preferred jewel. From Cleopatra to Angelina Jolie, these glistening green stones have been used to create stunning jewelry.

In addition to being attractive in color, emeralds are also fairly sturdy and scratch-resistant. Emeralds have a Mohs hardness between 7.5 and 8, making them durable enough to wear on any occasion. Emeralds are a great option if you desire classic western style with contemporary finesse.

In the meantime, people from all walks of life sought emeralds for their healing and spiritual powers. Emeralds can assist you in both healing illnesses and manifesting the life of your dreams.


The color sapphire blue is synonymous with the gemstone sapphire, which is a member of the corundum mineral family. The gemstone’s availability in a wide range of colors, however, makes it a popular option for jewelry. There is much to learn about this well-known diamond, including how minerals affect color, how provenance affects value, and the significance of the gem’s vivid colors.

Sapphires are renowned for their intense hue, but they also have desirable qualities in terms of shine, durability, and hardness. As far as gem-quality minerals go, sapphires are second only to diamonds in terms of hardness. Most of the time when people refer to sapphires, they mean the blue variety. Blue is undoubtedly the most well-known color. However, there are many other kinds of sapphires, if you’re seeking for a substitute for a colorless diamond, you might want to think about a white sapphire.

You really can’t go wrong with a sapphire stone for your ring given its 9 hardness rating, vivid, intensely saturated hues, durability, and timeless appeal.

Learn More About Sapphire Rings


Turquoise Stone

Turquoise, also known as the cleansing stone, naturally protects you from anything that isn’t good for your body, mind, or spirit. King, religious figures, and soldiers have all worn this brilliant blue crystal as a talisman. It is one of the oldest stones that have been discovered by humans. (It received its name when Turkish warriors brought the stone to Europe while wearing it as an amulet.) Its use spread across many civilizations and continents, probably because it appeared so early in human history. It is frequently used in contemporary jewelry and is believed to provide good fortune, protection, and power.

Turquoise is particularly effective at letting go of harmful habits and negative energy because it is the stone of cleansing. Turquoise is a relaxing stone that can promote inner tranquility and revive downcast spirits. Turquoise is thought to enhance cleansing of the body in addition to helping to clear unwanted emotions from the mind. Turquoise is a fantastic stone to wear while meditating since it promotes calmness and protection.


A diamond, perhaps? A moissanite, perhaps? As long as you’re in love with your stone, who cares? If you desire a diamond but don’t want to pay the high cost, moissanite is a fantastic alternative.

Moissanites have many characteristics with diamonds, including their 9.5 hardness rating, lack of color, and stunning brilliance. They resemble diamonds so much that when they were initially discovered, people mistakenly thought they were diamonds!


Tourmaline stones have a unique color scheme that isn’t quite teal, not quite blue, and not quite green. Whether you prefer warm or cool tones, Tourmaline has a vibrant hue for you!

Brides of the new era like tourmaline stones for their engagement rings because they combine vintage charm with western style. Did we mention that considering its hardness, it holds up fairly well? Tourmaline, which rates between 7 and 7.5, is an excellent substitute for emeralds. There is no better way to combine the old and the new than with a sparkling tourmaline.

Metal - Copper!


Copper, did I say that? Certainly! Copper’s attractive color and beneficial characteristics make it one of my favorite metals. I also find that the hue it takes on as it ages and tarnishes is very appealing. Additionally, this ring is a top seller for us.

Other Metals


Pure gold is alloyed with other white metals, such as palladium and silver, to create white gold jewelry, which has a lovely sheen and brilliance. White metals like white gold make a beautiful setting for diamonds. Rhodium is typically used to give white gold rings their beautiful white luster. The white gold is protected by a hypoallergenic layer of rhodium plating. Rhodium is a robust metal, yet it ages over time. Re-plating is an easy procedure that can be carried out whenever whiteness has to be restored.


Due to its low price and its malleability, it is a favorite for jewelry because it is a precious metal. But it’s vital to remember that compared to other metals, silver will tarnish and scratch more quickly. Silver has historically been valued and was once regarded as being more valuable than gold. It is currently the most affordable precious metal. In order to make sterling silver more durable, pure silver is actually combined with copper or another metal. Despite being one of the softer metals and being harder than pure silver, it is still one that is easily scratched and marked.


COBALT Western Wedding Ring

This naturally white alloy was developed for use in the aerospace and medical fields, but it is currently now offered as a modern metal for high-end bridal jewelry. Cobalt rings last a lifetime because the hypoallergenic metal is nearly four times tougher than platinum.

Cobalt has the look of platinum since it is a dazzling white metal. It has a heavier feel for people who prefer weight to their wedding jewelry because it is heavier than other alternative metals (like titanium).

Rings made of cobalt are fairly scratch-resistant. In contrast to some of the other modern metals currently available on the market, it is also a metal that enables simple resizing.

Hand Engraved Bands

Hand engraved wedding bands are not just for the bride in the West. They are desirable both on their own and as an addition to a more conventional engagement ring. These bracelets will definitely be the focal point of your hand.

Western Rings: Every Stage of Your Relationship

Partnerships have a variety of milestones, and nowadays, a present is available for practically every one of them. When making a statement about your relationship, rings are a timeless option. But which ring should you choose for which situation? The promise rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings of western style are the 4 primary categories that we recommend.

Western Promise Rings

Western Promise Rings

Promise rings are a wonderful choice for couples who aren’t quite ready to make a long-term commitment to an engagement. “We aren’t getting married just yet, but we will someday in the near future,” a promise ring reads.

As a token of dedication to the partnership, they can therefore be given at any moment, which is a thoughtful gift. Style-wise, a promise ring has no set rules; therefore, anything you like, such as country promise rings which are more understated appearance that highlights your rural ancestry, will do. You don’t need to get on one knee to give your loved one a promise ring; it can be given to them on any finger. don’t feel forced to spend the same amount as on your wedding or engagement rings; reserve that for a more significant occasion.

Western Engagement Rings

Of course, one gives these when requesting a person’s hand in marriage. As it is believed that a vein travels directly from this finger to the heart, this sort of ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand. Although the tradition is still very much alive today, however, this vein does not actually exist. Giving engagement rings is a tradition that stretches back to the ancient Egyptians, who selected the circular form because it symbolized eternity. So how much money should you spend and what should the ring look like?

Although fashions have evolved throughout the years, an engagement ring nowadays is often a white gold or platinum band with a diamond put in it. At Elleroses, we provide a bespoke service that enables you to create the ideal engagement ring on your own.

Other jewels like sapphires or rubies are occasionally offered, but traditionalists may find them to be a little odd. But gemstones are frequently less expensive than diamonds and might be a wonderful substitute if your loved one is not very interested in tradition. It’s important to consider what your spouse like; if you’re unsure, you can always consult a friend or a family member, unless doing so would ruin the surprise.

The alternative is to create something that matches your partner’s personality. Western country wedding rings or cowgirl engagement rings are a few styles which is suitable for bold and unique couples.

Western Wedding Rings

Western Wedding Rings

Keep in mind that when buying an engagement ring, you’ll also need to buy a western wedding band soon because wedding rings, also known as wedding bands, are exactly that – rings that each couple exchanges and receives at the wedding ceremony!

A western wedding band is frequently a plain band without a gem or diamond set into it, which is much simpler than an engagement ring. The two are frequently “stacked” together because they are worn on the same finger as the engagement ring. Some nontraditional couple choose western wedding sets instead of traditional gold or platinum band for their wedding rings.

One thing to keep in mind while selecting a wedding ring is the profile. This is a reference to the band’s metal’s shape. The band is practically indented when the profile is “concave,” whereas the D shape, as its name implies, is the exact opposite and looks like a half circle on top of the band. Since most western wedding bands don’t contain a fancy gemstone or diamond, they are typically less expensive. If you want some delicate engravings and rustic pattern on your ring, check out country wedding rings. Prices vary, and there aren’t really any rules anymore, just like with engagement rings, so spend what you think is appropriate for you.

Western Eternity Rings

Another great gift you can present to your particular someone is an eternity ring. These are symbols of your love and continued devotion that are typically presented after marriage and serve as a reminder of your vows. They frequently mark important moments in a partnership, such as wedding anniversary.

When you browse our collection of anniversary rings, even if you and your spouse have been married for a while, you can still express your love for her with a particular piece of jewelry. These lovely anniversary western rings have rather more understated patterns than our bridal jewelry. These can be worn on the opposite hand or with a current bridal ensemble. Several of these anniversary bands made of sterling silver or rose gold plating have a row of engravings and geometric pattern that blend perfectly with your wife’s current rings.

Women’s Western Wedding Rings

Women's Western Wedding Rings

The elegance of a traditional wedding ring is everything. The majority of conventional wedding rings feature a plain band and let the diamond take center stage. That might not always be the case, though. Western wedding rings women’s style is the one that is emerging and adored by nontraditional people. Although the intricacies of the rings may vary somewhat, the overall shape and meaning never changes. The term “traditional engagement rings” refers to these designs that have been popular for many years.

For the unconventional bride, Elleroses offers a wide variety of looks. A bride can have an updated band without sacrificing its timeless appeal to adhere to engagement and wedding ring customs.

Cowgirl Wedding Rings

The collection of engagement rings and country wedding rings from Elleroses is sure to have the ideal sterling silver bridal jewelry for any cowboy who is prepared to make his cowgirl his wife. With an emphasis on eternal love, these lovely cowgirl wedding rings are made with the same rigorous attention to detail as our sterling silver jewelry that is more casual. Each one draws inspiration from the American western style wedding rings and is designed with romanticism in mind. These rings have a Western feel to them while yet being suitable as bride wedding rings thanks to symbolism like intertwined ropes and wild blooms. These western country wedding rings are made with sterling silver of the highest quality, lovely rose gold, and brilliant cubic zirconia stones.

We offer a variety of solitaire rings, three-stone rings, and country wedding rings covered with jewels in our collection of country wedding rings with a Western design influence. Some of them have patterns that are meant to symbolize enduring love. Others, like the halo setting ring, dazzle your future wife with their additional shine thanks to their enormous center stones and several smaller stones lining the band’s sides. Several of our engagement rings have matching wedding bands, which can be joined to make beautiful bridal set rings. These engraved country wedding rings in sterling silver and rose gold-plated sterling silver blend beautifully with the rest of our bridal jewelry.

Western Turquoise Wedding Rings

Western Turquoise Wedding Rings

Turquoise may be the most important stone can have in western style engagement rings, yet not shining as brightly as western diamond rings do. Turquoise is frequently connected to the American Southwest, although it truly has a long history that is global in scope. Turquoise, which translates to “Turkish Stone,” got its name from the trade route that passed via Turkey to bring the instantly identifiable blue-green stone to Europe. Because turquoise is one of the first known minerals, it is believed to have been worn by ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Aztecs, Persians, Mesopotamians, and Chinese. Almost every sort of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and earrings, are made of turquoise, which is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Yet, many people equate turquoise with rustic country wedding rings that are big, gaudy, and black rather than with lovely, delicate engagement rings. Contrary to popular assumption, western wedding rings with turquoise can very much adopt these conventional features, and the stone itself has a profound significance that makes it more than suited for the most symbolic of jewelry items.

Every couple hopes that luck, money, and faithfulness will be a part of their lives together, and each turquoise stone contains the essence of these three things. When it comes to engagement rings, the significance of turquoise is most strongly associated with a reliable partnership. Turquoise western style wedding rings can symbolize this trust and serve as a continual reminder throughout your marriage. The basis of any happy marriage is trust.

Turquoise also has the well-known symbolism of fostering happiness. Marriage has its ups and downs, but the focus should always be on making each other happy. From the moment of the proposal until the wedding and beyond, this experience is a source of immense happiness. A couple needs to be reminded of their pleasure during their hardships, and turquoise engagement rings can serve as that reminder.

Men’s Western Wedding Rings

Men's Western Wedding Rings

The wedding ring is among the most important jewelry items in a man’s life. Despite the fact that bold wedding bands are currently the norm for men, we enjoy making non-standard wedding rings, for example, country wedding rings, western wedding rings and cowboy wedding bands are our recommendations.

You and your future spouse can select the ideal wedding band to symbolize your love before exchanging your vows. Western wedding rings are a fantastic choice with a classic design that will last a lifetime. Here are some designs to assist you in finding distinctive men’s wedding bands.

Wedding bands for men don’t have to be plain. Many men like rings with ornamental elements. The ultimate commitment is symbolized by the wedding band, so make sure it’s something you adore! Finding a wedding band that accurately captures your style is incredibly important. Instead of opting for the traditional plain ring, some men choose to add details to their wedding bands. Your ring will have a bit more personalized with the addition of a few engravings. Nevertheless, it remains a reasonable wedding band! Your ring will be stunning and unique thanks to these smaller nuances.

Cowboy Wedding Rings

Do you possess a cowboy’s heart? Do you adore cowboy culture? Many fashionable western wedding bands are available in Elleroses’ collection of men’s wedding bands, which could be used to symbolize your commitment to one another. Cowboy wedding ring is one of style for men’s western wedding bands. This style of country wedding rings is a tough design that instantly makes a wedding ring more hip.

Top 5 Best Western Wedding Rings in 2023

Top 5 Western Wedding Rings
Western Wedding Rings Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring Bridal Set in Sterling Silver

This gorgeous design has a princess cut solitaire engagement ring, and the enhancers are adorned with additional princess cut stones to complete the look. It represents fidelity and unflinching commitment. You can express all the love you have in your heart with this gorgeous ring set.

Western Style Wedding Rings Vintage Engraved Wide Wedding Band in Sterling Silver

Beautiful vintage Hyo Silver design elements are combined in this stunning engraved silver ring. You’ll like the classic western design of this oxidized and sterling silver engraved ring!

Western Wedding Ring Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

A stunning princess-cut stone is set in silver rope and hand-crafted scrolls in the Western Silver & Rope Solitaire Ring.

Western Turquoise Wedding Rings Princess Cut CZ Stone Engagement Ring With Wedding Band

This bridal set is the height of elegance and the ideal complement to her cutting-edge appearance. Beautiful engagement ring with a round Cubic Zirconia and an inlay row of genuine antler. Turquoise Rose Atoll Ring and Vintage Stacking Ring offer a bohemian twist.

Western Wedding Ring Sets Diamond Frame Vintage-Style Bridal Set in 10K White Gold

The 1/8 ct diamond on the engagement ring, which is set in 10K white gold and has milgrain detailing, is encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds. Down the elaborate shank, rows of three diamonds are set, each one set off by milgrain “S” curves to give it an ancient appearance.


I’m happy to hear that you found this article on western engagement ring styles interesting. Wishing you success in your wedding planning and success in your shopping!


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