Emerald Cut Engagement Rings, Rectangle-Shaped Carat Diamond Engagement Halo Ring, and Vintage Baguette Wedding Band for Your Special Moment

    Emerald Cut Rings

    The “emerald cut,” as its name suggests, was initially developed for emeralds, but it can also be used to great effect on diamonds. A stepped, rectangular cut with cropped corners is referred to as an emerald cut. This cut’s open style represents an open heart and self-awareness. It can used on emerald cut engagement rings, emerald cut diamond ring. Wearers have a great sense of fashion that matches their confidence and sense of self-worth. They are so aware of themself. The confident bride-to-be wearing this striking and elegant emerald cut ring emanates boldness.

    Emerald Cut

    When it comes to diamonds, the emerald cut has been around since the 1500s, making it one of the oldest shapes in existence.

    The step cut facet arrangement, which was originally designed for emeralds, was applied to diamonds because it reduced pressure during cutting and prevented chips in the gems.

    The most common shape for an emerald cut diamond is a rectangular one with squared-off corners, but the square version is also popular. They usually have 57 facets that run in a straight line along with the girdle of the stone. As the emerald cut isn’t created to highlight the gem’s inherent fire, brilliance, and scintillation, it seems duller than a brilliant cut stone would. The purpose of this cutting method is to highlight the transparency of the stone. The emerald cut, on the other hand, shines brighter and more dramatically than the brilliant cut.

    In the 1920s, as the cut became increasingly popular, the term emerald cut was coined. The emerald cut was extremely popular during the Art Deco era (1908–1935), when geometric and order pattern were prized. Since then, emerald cut diamonds have become a top option for engagement rings and other forms of fine jewelry.

    Why choose emerald cut solitaire ring?

    Women and men both enjoy wearing emerald cut diamond rings. Because of this, our vast assortment of rings features a wide variety of emerald cut designs. Because of its large table, this great cut is great for solitaire diamond setting. Does the bride prefer a solitaire ring over multiple diamonds? While using emerald cut, anything is possible. There is still a lot of vintage emerald cut in use since this cut style has also a sense of retro. Nonetheless, people believe that the ring has a more beautiful, masculine touch when it has a “worn” appearance over time.

    Is emerald baguette ring worth more?

    Compared to other emerald shapes, baguette emeralds are frequently more affordable. Due to the usage of lower-quality cuts, the price per carat for a Baguette emerald is likely to be lower than, for example, a round brilliant or an emerald cut. Like with any diamond, baguettes are graded based on the four Cs. As a result, the grade of emerald may affect the price.

    Is east west emerald cut ring popular?

    Although it might not seem important, the direction of your diamond might actually make a big difference. An east-west emerald cut engagement ring setting is a fashionable yet timeless, whether you glitz it up with diamond accents or go for modern minimalism.

    Make it sophisticated while still keeping it cool. There are several options for an east-west aesthetic with the emerald cut diamond. To get a whole row of brightness, you can choose a shorter emerald and add extra side stones. Or, choose an extra-long emerald (pay attention to the length-to-width ratio) and wear it alone to highlight its long, angular lines.

    Matching emerald cut gold band

    Gold ring band widths are sometimes disregarded because there is so much to consider about the settings and designs of emerald cut engagement rings. The jewelry you wear most frequently, however, will probably be your emerald cut engagement ring. In order for you to wear this engagement ring comfortably, it should not only look precisely how you want it to, but also be comfortable and fit your lifestyle.

    Even the smallest millimeter difference in ring band widths, once a ring is on your finger, can determine whether or not the ring is enjoyable to wear. While it will always be advisable to try on several ring band widths, you can determine in advance what ring band width you prefer.

    Pros and Cons of emerald halo ring

    There are several benefits that you can consider the emerald halo ring and some shortcomings.


    Even little emeralds will appear enormous and significantly more spectacular because the halo will increase the size of the focal stone.
    When a diamond or colorful gemstone is surrounded by a halo of diamonds, the contrast between the stones allows them to complement one another.
    Many smaller diamonds will increase the total carat weight, but they won’t cost as much as one larger diamond of the same weight.
    Halo emerald rings can have distinctive and unique looks and are full of personality.
    The core emerald can be shielded by a halo, preventing unintentional injury.
    Halos can be made to fit various shapes and are not constrained by the shape of the central stone.
    A single diamond is the height of glamour. Many diamonds!


    Emerald halo rings are fashionable now, but it’s impossible to predict whether they’ll remain so in ten years. Despite this, they’re unlikely to lose much of their worth.
    Emerald halo rings are perceived as being distinctly feminine, so if you’re seeking to offer one to your male partner then you could feel constrained as far as designs go.
    There are more opportunities for a lost stone in a halo ring due to the larger number of smaller stones, but with proper care, you can reduce this risk.
    A halo engagement ring’s shape makes it challenging to improve the size of the center emerald in the future. It’s likely that you also need to purchase a new setting if the stone you’re upgrading to is 10% or higher in size.

    Should I Buy emerald cut bridal set or engagement ring

    An emerald-cut bridal set, also known as an emerald-cut wedding set, consists of a wedding ring that matches your emerald-cut engagement ring. Rings are an important part of many ceremonies, including weddings and engagements. When both the engagement ring and wedding band are worn together, they form what is known as a bridal set.

    Generally, you can only buy an emerald-cut engagement ring to make a proposal. While using a bridal set to make a proposal is neither incorrect nor bad, it is not necessary. We advise letting your potential spouse choose their wedding band if the proposal is completely unexpected to make sure it meets their preferences.

    Why choose emerald bezel ring

    When compared to other types of emerald ring settings, this one is particularly secure. In this way, the stone’s most vulnerable parts, its edges, are shielded from harm. Bezel settings are ideal for square, rectangular, or elongated diamond shapes like princess, pear, or emerald-cut. Instead, softer gemstones like quartz, pearls, or tanzanite will benefit from this as well.

    If you have an active lifestyle, the emerald stone will last longer in a bezel setting. We don’t expect the stone to become dislodged or fall out. In contrast to a prong setting, this one won’t snag on your glove, shirt, or hair.

    Inclusions or edge chips on a diamond are effectively concealed by the setting. This is true only if the flaw is located on the stone’s perimeter. A flaw in the center will be emphasized by the bezel setting.

    Three-stone rings, whether halo, solitaire, antique, or pave, all look great when placed in a bezel setting.

    Emerald cut aquamarine ring

    Emerald cut aquamarine ring is a miracle of nature because of its crystalline clarity and ethereal blue and green tones. It should come as no surprise that these emerald cut aquamarine engagement rings are highly sought-after given their appearance as a serene and placid stone. You will find in this guide to discover the beauty of the ring.

    Learn More About Emerald Cut Aquamarine Ring

    Emerald cut moissanite ring

    Emerald-cut moissanite ring is an environmentally friendly option for your wedding band or engagement ring. Are you interested in learning more about this stunning emerald cut moissanite rings? Contact Elleroses specialists.

    Emerald cut engagement rings

    The demand for emerald cut engagement rings has skyrocketed. While shopping for a diamond engagement ring, the cut you decide on could prove to be the most important factor. As opposed to what most people believe, a stone’s cut has everything to do with the symmetry and proportions of its facets and nothing to do with the shape of the gemstone itself. A gemstone’s luster comes from the various facets that reflect and scatter light, making them essential to the cutting process.

    The emerald cut, introduced in the early 20th century and beloved by aficionados of the art deco style, is not limited to emeralds. The frustum cone shape from the side, cut corners, and rectangular shape all add to the purity, brilliance, and depth of the gemstone. The emerald cut is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, as its length elongates the finger. The contemporary emerald cut can be done with diamonds, gorgeous colored gemstones, and ethical moissanite. Emerald cut, which is more extravagant than the more usual brilliant round cut, works best with thin white gold band.

    Why is emerald cut engagement ring popular?

    Emerald cut engagement rings are popular because their large “tables” let more light into the stone, maximizing the center stone’s brilliance. The emerald cut is the best way to show off the natural purity and depth of precious jewels, though the highly faceted oval, pear, and round cuts are unmatched for light refraction.

    The longer sides of emerald-cut gemstones are frequently worn parallel to the ring finger. This will lengthen the appearance of your ring finger and provide you extra space on either side to add additional gemstones, such as real moissanite or diamonds.

    The emerald is shaped like a radiant but has a completely different cut. This stunning stone glows rather than sparkles and represents everything that is classy and exquisite. The emerald cut, which is the height of wealth and elegance, has been rocked by celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyoncé, Grace Kelly, and Anne Hathaway. For engagement rings and jewelry with colorful gemstones, the emerald cut is a popular option.

    3 cut-styles of rectangle engagement ring

    Cushion cut

    Cushion cut diamonds are square or rectangular in shape, but have rounded corners like a combination of a round and princess cut diamond. Cushion diamonds, often known as pillow cuts, have a gentle, ethereal quality.

    Emerald cut

    Emerald cut diamonds, like round and princess cut diamonds, have 58 facets, but the parallel facets give more attention to the diamond’s color and clarity. An emerald cut diamond has a distinctive hall-of-mirrors impression because of its rectangular shape, big table, and step-cut faceting. Just about 3% of the world’s diamonds are fashioned into the emerald cut, making it one of the rarest diamond shapes.

    Radiant cut

    Diamonds with a radiant cut are rectangular in shape with rounded corners. The brilliant-cut facets on this square gem are all the way around. Depending on the length-to-width ratio, a radiant diamond can also appear more rectangular. Solitaire diamond engagement rings with a prong setting and a radiant-cut diamond are classic and beautiful.

    Gold emerald cut engagement ring

    Did you know that the gold pairs perfect with the emerald cut engagement ring? Its conventional appearance is routinely manipulated by jewelers and designers to more than 10 different shades of gold complemented with different emerald-cut gemstones. White gold, champagne gold, and even green gold are also beautiful alternatives to the more common yellow and rose gold.

    Jewelry, clothing, and home decor have all been dominated by the trend toward rose gold and its sister color, millennial pink, in recent years.

    When comparing rose gold, white gold with yellow gold, there are several notable differences in their composition, durability, and hypoallergenic properties. Keep reading to check out the key distinctions between these three golds and find one best suits your emerald-cut engagement ring.

    Rose gold emerald cut engagement ring

    There has been a recent rebirth in the popularity of rose gold as a jewelry metal because of its romantic and pure qualities. Several people find attractive rose gold emerald cut engagement ring’s retro sense and uniqueness. You can’t go wrong with rose gold emerald cut engagement ring for any kind of celebration, from baby showers to engagements.

    Pros of rose gold emerald cut engagement ring

    Although though rose gold seems to be all the rage right now, its benefits have been recognized for years. What rose gold emerald cut engagement ring actually is:

    Ideal for a wide range of skin tones

    Suitable for use by either sexes and any event
    In comparison to metals with a lower yellow gold content, it is much more resistant to wear and corrosion
    A cheaper alternative to other precious metals
    An alluring and passionate shade of pink-red

    Cons of rose gold emerald cut engagement ring

    Rose gold is not hypoallergenic, which is important information for people who suffer from allergies. Those with nickel or other metal allergies should avoid wearing rose gold. Platinum, while more expensive than rose gold, is a hypoallergenic metal alternative for those with sensitive skin.
    Rose gold emerald cut engagement ring is a lot more unusual than yellow gold one. Rose gold is cheaper than other metals, but a unique design may be necessary to get the look you want.

    Yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings

    Emerald cut engagement rings frequently work with yellow gold because of its traditional color and richness. Yellow gold is commonly used for engagement rings, wedding bands, and other types of jewelry.

    Yellow gold’s composition is the ratio of gold to other metals, such as silver or copper, in the alloy. A 24-karat gold object has a purity level of 99.9%. You’re more likely to come across jewelry manufactured from the more durable 18-karat gold. 18 karat gold means the metal is 75% pure, while 14 karat gold is 58.3% pure.

    White gold emerald cut engagement rings

    One of the most common metals for wedding bands, white gold is a popular option for both men and women. White gold emerald cut engagement rings are beautiful, accessible, and inexpensive, but it isn’t ideal for everyone.

    Considering white gold emerald cut engagement ring? Before you say “I do,” read on following benefits and drawbacks.

    Pros of white gold emerald cut engagement ring

    In the first place, it’s a stunning precious metal
    Second, it’s more affordable than platinum
    White gold rings are more numerous, which is the third reason

    Cons of white gold emerald cut engagement ring

    White gold is a softer metal, therefore it doesn’t hold up as well as yellow gold
    The yellowing of your ring over time
    It requires regular rhodium plating
    White gold is not hypoallergenic

    Is emerald cut engagement ring gold band fit everyone?

    Traditional gold bands are gender-neutral since they can be worn in a variety of ways and, if necessary, altered down to a lower finger size. Emerald cut engagement ring with gold band are so adaptable that you can make a wedding ensemble that is uniquely you, or perhaps establish a new trend.

    Emerald cut halo engagement rings

    With added sparkle and a retro and contemporary appearance, an emerald cut halo ring provides all the brilliance of a high-end engagement ring while being kinder to your budget.

    The earliest halo rings appeared in the 1920s and 1930s, and they consisted of a larger center stone encircled by a band of smaller pavé-set diamonds (or occasionally other gemstones). The goal is to make the focal point stand out so that it appears larger than it actually is. By the way, it could protect emerald cut diamond from breaking when the corner of diamond crashed on some hard things.

    A halo emerald cut engagement ring is a classic design, with an appearance that denotes glamor while actually being more budget-friendly than some other designs.

    Wearing emerald cut engagement rings on hand

    Emerald-cut stones are surprisingly adaptable and make lovely focal points on their own or when combined with accent stones in baguette, round, or cushion shapes.
    Despite emeralds’ fragile appearance, gold emerald cut engagement rings are a very durable jewel that may be worn every day. Unless there is a solder line, a very narrow spot, or pitting, gold ring is extremely durable and will only crack under extreme stress.

    Vintage emerald cut engagement rings

    We at Elleroses have stunning selection of vintage emerald cut engagement rings, which are offered at unbelievable pricing.

    Which metal is suitable for emerald cut solitaire engagement rings? H4
    Solitaire rings with a single emerald cut stone are eye-catching. Your choice of alloy is also crucial. The most common options for engagement rings are still white gold or platinum. One of the key benefits of platinum is, of course, its natural white tone, a timeless tint that enhances the brilliance of a solitaire diamond. Platinum is a popular metal for emerald cut engagement rings among couples.

    Where to find emerald cut engagement ring set ?

    Find the best emerald cut engagement ring set to fulfill your requirements for both the engagement ring and the wedding band. Elleroses is the place to go to find a beautiful ring set in a wide range of designs.

    Why like simple emerald cut engagement rings?

    While extravagant engagement rings certainly turn heads, they aren’t for everyone. The engagement ring you choose to wear forever should feel like an extension of your ring finger and complement your individual style. Simple emerald cut engagement ring may be one of the best options.

    Who are fit with unique emerald cut engagement rings

    While many brides are still looking for a ceremony that fits the custom, there are also plenty of brides whose personal tastes don’t quite fit that custom. The best part of a wedding is that it’s an opportunity to showcase your unique sense of style. Our hope is that you’ll be able to find a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that perfectly captures the essence of who you are. If you’re looking for a unique emerald cut engagement ring, Elleroses is your one-stop shop.

    Celebrity’s emerald cut engagement rings

    The emerald cut is a popular style that has been seen on celebrities including Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez. It was first famous in the 1950s by Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly. Elizabeth Taylor’s emerald-cut diamond engagement ring was handed to her by Prince Rainier later, surpassing the size of Grace Kelly’s ring.

    Famous art deco emerald cut engagement rings

    This platinum Art Deco design from the 1930s features a 2.71 carats “Emerald Cut” diamond, also known as an Asscher-cut, that sparkles indefinitely thanks to the geometric juxtaposition of hand faceting; eight baguette-cut diamonds round out the classic look.

    Emerald cut wedding rings

    A wedding band, like an engagement ring, should reflect the wearer’s unique sense of style and character. We know how stressful it may be to find the appropriate wedding band design to complement an engagement ring since we have talked to many couples who want that. We hope that these factors of wedding bands for an emerald-cut engagement ring will assist you in making the right choice.


    Typical wedding bands from the classic era, they are simple yet elegant. Plain and diamond-studded versions of eternity and half-eternity rings are available. Because of their versatility and ease of matching, these rings go well with nearly every style of engagement ring, but notably those featuring a distinctive emerald-cut diamond.

    It’s no secret that pavé bands are a top pick when it comes to wedding bands. There are two types of pavé wedding bands: half-eternity bands, in which the diamonds are only set halfway around the band, and full-eternity bands, in which the diamonds are set all the way around the band. The glimmer of your engagement ring will complement the diamond inside of these rings.


    A custom-shaped wedding band will elegantly follow the contour of your engagement ring. These wedding bands wrap around the engagement ring, making them an excellent choice for larger engagement jewels (emerald cut or oval) or rings with diamonds set lower in the band. The engagement ring’s odd shape is accommodated by a little indentation in the center.


    Like a picture frame, a channel wedding ring frames a center stone with a row of smaller stones on either side. This protects the stones and the rounded corners are easy to pair with an emerald-cut solitaire engagement ring.

    Matching wedding band for emerald cut engagement ring H4
    If the engagement ring is emerald-cut, the wedding band doesn’t have to be as intricate. Take a look at some of our favorite matched wedding bands, ranging from classic plain bands to modern notched designs.

    Rectangle wedding rings

    Learn more about the Rectangle Wedding Rings Ideas For Brides In 2023. See more ideas about ring, dream, and wedding.

    Choosing emerald cut wedding band set

    The decision is ultimately yours, but these are some frequent combinations for Emerald-cut wedding band set. Explore your options and settle on one that best reflects who you are and how you like to live. You should check how it looks next to your engagement ring to make sure the two rings complement one other.

    Emerald cut diamond rings

    Many different settings can be used with Emerald Cut Diamonds, which are one of the most adaptable stones. This means that emerald cut diamonds, with their mirror hall effects, can be utilized in both vintage and contemporary engagement rings.

    Despite their cheaper price, Emerald Cut Diamonds are a great investment since their value increases steadily over time. That’s why you should consider them if you want to leave your ring to the next generation.

    It has been established that emerald cut diamonds are used infrequently in engagement rings and are an exceptional choice for those looking for something special. If your intended likes to make a bold statement, this is a terrific approach to cater to your proposal.

    Emerald cut diamond Ratios: Length, Width, and Depth

    Before purchasing an emerald cut diamond, you need be aware of two ratios: the length to width ratio and the depth ratio.

    What determines an emerald cut diamond’s silhouette is the stone’s length to width proportions. The longer a diamond appears with a higher ratio, the square it will seem with a lower one. Which proportion suits you best is totally subjective. The most popular ratio for emerald diamonds, by contrast, is between 1.45 and 1.55. Nonetheless, if you’re set on an emerald cut diamond that’s longer or squarer, feel free to stray from those parameters. In order to make a well-informed purchase, it is essential to fully grasp what this length to width ratio involves.

    The proportion of surface area to depth in an emerald cut diamond affects its brilliance. The best length to width ratio of an emerald cut diamond, then, is essentially a matter of personal preference, although there is a clear ideal depth ratio range. If you want your emerald-cut diamond to be as bright as possible, you should go for one with a depth percentage between 60 and 70 of the stone’s width.

    Are emerald diamonds more expensive?

    Emeralds are more expensive than diamonds because they are so much rarer. Diamonds may look like they’re the rarest and most expensive gemstones, but the reality is quite different. Given that they are 20 times rarer than diamonds, emeralds command a higher price. Hence, it’s perfect for those who are ready to up their jewelry spending.

    Can emerald diamond rings be worn everyday?

    Despite their delicate appearance, emerald diamond rings are a fairly durable jewel that may be worn every day.

    The term “durability” is used to describe a gemstone’s ability to withstand normal wear and tear over time. In the mineral world, emeralds are a subspecies of the beryl family. Without an official entry on the Mohs scale, beryl’s hardness ranges from 7.5-8 depending on its purity. This demonstrates that emerald is significantly more scratch-resistant than the majority of common materials.

    How much is a 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring

    The common cost of a 2 carats emerald cut diamond is $18000, with a wide range from $9,800 to $38000. It is worth more than double the value of a 1 carat diamond.

    1 carat emerald cut diamond ring design

    Everybody may agree that emerald cut diamond engagement rings have a rare and stunning beauty. A wide variety of styles, including elaborate designs like 1 carat emerald cut diamond three stone engagement rings, 1 carat emerald cut diamond halo engagement rings, etc., and more minimalistic styles like 1 carat emerald cut solitaire engagement rings, 1 carat emerald cut modern engagement rings. The 1 carat emerald cut diamond engagement rings can be made unique by choosing from a wide variety of gemstones, metals, center diamonds, settings, and more.

    How much does 3ct emerald cut diamond ring cost?

    Anything from $15,000 to $84,000 is the price range for a 3 carats emerald-cut diamond ring. The main cost is 3ct emerald cut diamond, which will vary widely depending on a number of factors, including as its color, clarity, cut, carat weight, and size.

    Is 3 stone diamond ring emerald cut popular?

    Rings featuring three diamonds in a horizontal row are called three stone diamond rings, trinity rings, or trilogy rings. Three stone diamond rings come in a variety of designs, and 3 stone emerald cut diamond rings are a popular choice for engagement and anniversary bands.

    Is emerald cut black diamond ring ok for engagement?

    There is a wide selection of black diamond jewelry to choose from. You can get black diamonds set in earrings, necklaces, and even engagement rings. Black emerald cut diamonds are a popular choice among vintage ring manufacturers because of their ability to complement a wide variety of settings.

    What are best emerald cut diamond settings?

    Setting won’t detract from the brilliance of the emerald-cut diamond itself, which is already quite beautiful. The emerald cut stone looks great in both halo and solitaire settings, and using this frame for the emerald-cut stone complements the overall design well.

    Baguette Vs. Emerald cut diamond ring

    Emerald and baguette cut diamonds appear to be very similar at first glance. Although these two cuts have some similarities, they also differ in certain ways. Let’s compare the differences between emerald cut and baguette cut diamond rings and see what factors to take into account while making a decision.


    Emerald cut and baguette cut diamond rings, like many other diamond shapes, can appear identical at first glance. Both are long and narrow like a rectangle, and feature a stepped facet pattern. The design differences are only discernible upon closer inspection.

    Both the emerald cut and the baguette cut produce diamonds with angular shapes due to the clipped corners of each.

    If the diamond has imperfections around its sharp corners, the baguette cut is less durable than other shapes.

    Cut and Facets

    The step cut family includes both the emerald and baguette shapes. They include a sizable table and a faceting setting that highlights the transparency of the stone. The emerald cut, on the other hand, is famous for producing an effect known as the “hall of mirrors,” in which the diamond’s facets appear to go on indefinitely as they approach the diamond’s center.

    The dissimilarity arises from the fact that the two have different shapes and aspects. Emerald cuts have 57 facets while baguette cuts have only 14.

    Fire, Brightness, and Flash

    Although emerald and baguette diamonds are both step cuts, the emerald cut displays more fire and brilliance than the baguette cut.

    The number of facets on a diamond’s culet affects the way light enters and leaves the stone, which accounts for the variation in sparkle. More polish can be achieved by adding more layers. Yet, the brilliant cut facet setting is made to optimize a stone’s fire, brilliance, and scintillation, thus neither the emerald nor the baguette can match with it.

    Color and Clarity

    A diamond’s hue is determined by its brilliance. In a comparison between two diamonds with discernible yellowish tints, the more brilliant diamond will appear less colored. Diamonds with an emerald cut shine brighter than those with a baguette cut.

    Therefore, the defects in an emerald cut diamond will be less noticeable than in a baguette. Both versions include open tables so that anything added to them may be seen. If two diamonds of the same carat weight and clarity grade are compared, the imperfections in the emerald cut diamond will be less noticeable because of the stone’s greater brightness.

    Rectangle Diamond Ring

    The hallmark of a rectangle diamond ring is its elongated, rectangular design with eight sides and squared-off corners (also known as an emerald-cut ring). Rings with diamonds cut in the shape of an emerald have been a popular choice for many years. Furthermore, appealing is the fact that an emerald cut diamond can be put in either a horizontal or vertical position.

    The round diamond used in engagement rings is cut in the brilliant manner, whereas the emerald cut diamond has step cuts. These step-cuts produce a stunning “hall of mirrors” effect within the diamond, maximizing its brilliance and sparkle.

    Can a rectangle cut diamond work in a wedding band?

    Yes, of course. The wedding band with a rectangular diamond is an option, which is produced using the same tried and principles of fundamental ring design. The metal content of your ring should be optimized for comfort and durability without being excessively heavy. Set the rectangle cut diamond at an angle that brings out its best features; for instance, diamonds look more elegant when placed at a diagonal than when set at a vertical.

    Is rectangular diamond ring worth to buy?

    Of all the diamond cuts, the rectangular-shaped diamond is one of the most timeless. It is elegant and lovely, especially given that it is advised to go for better colors and clarities; with an emerald cut, there is no hiding.

    What is rectangle cut diamond ring called?

    Emerald cut.
    An emerald cut is a rectangular shape with cropped corners and lengthy, stair-step-like facets that was first created for the gem of the same name.