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The noble purple color of amethysts has long been a symbol of royalty, authority, and success. As the February birthstone, amethysts are full with romantic symbolism and make wonderful gifts for a special someone. Amethyst jewelry is incredibly rare due to their enigmatic deep purple color, which is the pinnacle of calming splendor. For all of life’s most memorable occasions, we have an exquisite selection of unique amethyst rings to suit your personal taste. If you want your amethyst rings for women to really dazzle, go with an imperial emerald or a huge oval cut. You can’t go wrong with amethyst rings gold setting. A vintage amethyst ring set in yellow gold was favored by the British royal family for its ostentatious style.

Best reasons for choosing amethyst rings

Although amethyst is the birthstone for February, everyone can express the romance and lovely symbolism with amethyst rings for women, whether or not they were born in that month. Amethyst is linked to serenity, spiritual insight, nobility, and even abstinence. Read on to learn more about amethyst rings.

Amethyst rings are lovely and reasonably priced.
Amethysts are durable because they are strong. You can wear your amethyst rings every day if you want, but you should take care to protect it from the harsh elements like sweat and sunlight.
Amethyst rings for women come in a wide range of shapes, settings, and colors to accommodate individual preferences.
Like all vintage jewelry, vintage amethyst rings for women are a sustainable option.

Amethyst has romantic connotations in many civilizations. The expression “born to the purple” derives from the association of amethyst with royalty in various European cultures. Mystically, amethyst is thought to comfort those in grieving by bringing a sense of peace and spiritual clarity. The effect is on the crown and third-eye chakras. Even spiritualists link it to the ethereal and mysterious.

How to style amythyst ring

Purple is not the easiest hue to work with when it comes to fashion. Amethyst ring is most flattering when worn with specific tones of clothing.

Similar tones of purple
neutral colors: black, white, gray, silver, and gold.

Fortunately, amethyst rings are a stone jewelry that may be worn by everyone. The neutral tones of amethyst purple make it a great choice for people of all skin tones. After carefully examining the diamond’s color and purity, the cut should be taken into account. Amethyst is a straightforward stone to cut, so it can come in a wide range of shapes. The heart shape is the most common form for amethyst. Another common cut for genuine amethyst is the round shape since jewelers can use it to hide any imperfections in the original.

The world’s jewelry wearers, celebrate! Wearing amethyst rings is a good omen.

Amethyst stone ring: Legend and History of Amethyst

The silicon dioxide crystal known as amethyst has a violet color. This gemstone is perfect for amethyst stone ring since it is both beautiful and durable enough to sustain daily use. Amethyst is a stone symbolizing enlightenment and contentment. For its breathtaking beauty, it has been prized for centuries, making it a top pick among semiprecious stones. Legend has it that amethysts have the ability to both enliven and calm the mind and heart.

The benefits of amethyst extend beyond its use as a birthstone. The ancient Greeks believed that whomever wore this gem was immune to poison and intoxication, hence the name a- (not) + methysko (intoxicating). Amethyst was used for both talismanic jewelry and in the form of cups said to reduce the effects of intoxication. Although we disagree, with all due respect to the ancient Greeks. Amethyst stone ring is intoxicating!

Real amethyst rings: How to tell if amethyst is real?

Real amethysts are transparent and have a deep, rich purple color with white or blue undertones, making them easy to spot. The color of a faux amethyst would be a dull purple. We will show you several methods to tell fake crystals from real ones to assist you in making your choice of amethyst.

Checking the color is one of the finest ways to determine if an amethyst is genuine. A real amethyst will feature color zoning rather than just one color. Amethyst typically has a purple or violet color. Some stones can appear to be a wine-shaded red or black, while others can be as light as lavender and speckled with white and blue tones.

This is true that there are numerous Amethyst variations, each with its own unique coloration. For instance, the combination of Citrine and Amethyst creates the strikingly banding on the gem known as Ametrine. Amethyst quartz can also contain milky and transparent coloring, especially at the crystal’s base. You might see all the various colors swimming and glinting just below the faceted surface of the quartz crystal if you hold it up to the light. This denotes a genuine amethyst.

Injected dyes
A fake Amethyst quartz may simply be a crystal that has been dyed to make it look like the real thing. This occurs when vendors or jewelers try to pass off quartz with injected dye to cover cracks as genuine Amethyst. Examine the gem carefully for locations where the fractures have modest quantities of pigments to determine if the quartz is an authentic Amethyst or not. Highly saturated amethyst geodes and intensely colored quartzes are also likely to be stained.

You can trust that you are buying real amethyst rings from us as all our stones come from reliable dealers.

Gems and minerals are typically created under extreme conditions, including high pressure and temperature. It stands to reason that this would lower the clarity, leading to subsurface bubbles and spots of discoloration. Many stones are like this, but Amethyst is not one of them. Since amethyst is a quartz stone, it is more likely to have threads than bubbles beneath its surface. In fact, bubbles and discolorations are extremely uncommon in quartz. Examine the so-called amethyst with a magnifying glass to see whether or not it is, in fact, made of quartz; if bubbles can be seen, the stone is likely not quartz, and if it isn’t quartz, it’s not an Amethyst. True amethyst crystals will have a transparency that allows the naked eye to see right through them. Your amethyst shouldn’t show any bubbles or major discoloration if you hold it up to the light and look through it.

Genuine amethyst ring

A genuine amethyst ring should have flaws and come in various shades of purple. Amethyst gems with just one color are almost certainly fakes. Purple, white, and blue color zones will be present in genuine amethyst stones. Even though a genuine amethyst stone won’t have bubbles, the inside may have threads and other flaws. Because amethyst is one of the most sought-after gemstones for jewelry, it is frequently created from synthetic materials. The gemstone industry is rife with both man-made crystals and natural stones.

Amethyst band rings

Because of its sedative characteristics, amethyst jewelry is beneficial to mental wellness and stress relief. It’s a great way to absorb knowledge and settle your nerves. Its beneficial effects on body and soul are evident even when wearing amethyst band rings. Because of this, genuine amethyst band rings are a good option for the fearful, the shaky, and the insecure. Not only does it look great, but it also enables you to avoid unpleasant thoughts by enabling you to see the world through pink (or rather purple) lenses. The countries with the largest semi-precious stone deposits include Madagascar, Brazil, Uruguay, Iran, the United States, Russia, and Uruguay.

Tsarina Catherine the Great and British monarchs each had their own scepters adorned with this rare gem. In addition, it is often seen on the papal and cardinal insignia. Our selection of amethyst band rings makes the ideal presents for anyone born under the signs of Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces. It is also a fantastic present for those with a November birthday.

How to take care amethyst crystal ring

Amethyst is not only a stunning gemstone, but also a very durable one, making it suitable for daily wear. According to the Mohs Scale of Hardness, it has a rating of 7, making it very challenging to scratch. Amethyst is a gemstone that can keep up with your active way of life. If you want your amethyst crystal ring to be worn constantly, there are a few things to keep in mind. Long periods of time in the sun can cause the edges and facets of amethyst crystal ring to get dull, so sunbathers should take breaks every so often.

Cleaning your amethyst crystal ring gently on a regular basis can keep them gleaming all year long. The ideal method is to combine a gentle jewelry cleaner with warm water. Do not put boiling water on an amethyst crystal ring because of its sensitivity to heat. Complete by giving it a quick once-over with a jewelry polishing cloth.

Amethyst ring with diamonds

Engagement rings often feature diamonds, but the price can be kept down by using an amethyst as the primary stone and diamonds as accents. In a word, an amethyst ring with diamonds can make a wonderful present. Amethysts are a beautiful addition to rings, bracelets, and necklaces. The hue of an amethyst can be brought out by surrounding it with either a row of white diamonds or a collection of purple diamonds. The gems utilized in this piece are stunning together. Although not as rare or valuable as a diamond, amethysts make lovely jewelry when paired with either colorful or white stones. That’s why so many people like amethyst ring with diamonds.

Kay jewelers amethyst ring

The addition of an amethyst ring from Kay Jewelers may elevate any occasion. Show her how much you care with a Kay Jewelers amethyst ring. However, Elleroses carries a wider variety of amethyst rings for women in both traditional and contemporary designs, making it an excellent destination for those in search of an engagement ring. We only sell conflict-free, all-natural amethysts. These rings are made from Natural AAAA quality amethysts from Brazil and Sri Lanka and are created with the utmost care to give you a taste of royalty.

Amethyst cocktail ring

Jewelry made from colored gemstones is increasingly in demand. There are several situations where one might don the attractive purple amethyst cocktail ring. The enduring Amethyst jewelry is prized for its potent astrological, spiritual, and therapeutic properties. Cocktail ring made of amethyst finest highlights the stone’s beauty and complements any outfit.

Zales amethyst ring

Zales has a great collection of amethyst rings, which are popular amongst jewelry. Zales is a good option if you’re looking for an amethyst ring, but Elleroses has better quality and service at a more reasonable price. Amethyst ring for women featuring genuine amethysts mounted in exquisite settings are available from Elleroses. Although the Zales amethyst ring is more visually appealing, the Elleroses ring is the superior financial choice. This is why Elleroses has more customers than Zales does when it comes to those looking to buy an amethyst ring.

Large amethyst ring

Rather than its carat weight, amethyst is prized mostly for the quality of its hue. This means that compared to other jewels, you might obtain a sizable diamond for a far more affordable price. So, choose a large amethyst ring for your significant one and show how much you love her.

Etsy amethyst ring

Because there are so many options, many customers purchase amethyst rings on Etsy. It might be difficult to pass up the inexpensive and alluring amethyst rings for women that Etsy offers. But if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind amethyst ring, Elleroses is the place to go because they have a far larger selection than Etsy amethyst ring. From traditional solitaire rings to elaborate cluster bands, Elleroses offers a large collection of amethyst rings.

Light amethyst ring

An amethyst is a lovely addition to the jewelry collection of a February baby or anyone who likes the majesty of purple and violet tones. Apart from the most valuable ones like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, many of us are not well-versed on all of the birthstones. All the birthstones, especially the amethyst, have their own unique charm, though. The stone typically has a purple hue, though the exact tone might vary widely. Colors like purple, crimson, and violet radiate heat and are therefore ideal for the colder winter months. If you don’t like dark tone, you can choose our light amethyst ring.

Oval amethyst ring

Amethyst is highly prized for its stunning purple color. The color purple, which has been used to signify royalty and authority since ancient times, is truly gorgeous. In most cases, amethyst is faceted so that its enchanting purple hue is exposed. The stone’s color, clarity, and sheen are all improved by the way it was cut.

The oval cut, which is essentially a more extended version of the round brilliant, is ideal for bringing out the best in amethyst. And an oval amethyst ring for women looks bigger than a round shape amethyst ring.

Blue amethyst ring

Most buyers like stones that are darker, with a tone percentage of between 75% and 80%. However, the best color to go with depends on personal preference. There are also lots of people like blue amethyst ring, which is relatively common and affordable when compared to blue sapphire ring.

Macys amethyst ring

The macys amethyst ring for women is lovely, however for those looking for something truly unique, Elleroses’ selections are superior. Look no farther than Elleroses, where every jewel is customized, if you’re seeking for a distinctive amethyst ring. When you purchase at Elleroses, your hunt for the ideal amethyst ring is done.

Amethyst jewelry

Amethyst is the quartz kind most frequently desired for jewelry because of its reputation for enchantment and mystery.

The amethyst for February is also incredibly symbolic. In the past, English monarchy reserved it for themselves because of its sacred powers, while Tibetan Buddhist monks thought it to be holy and made prayer beads from it. And due to the fabled St. Valentine, who wore an amethyst ring while performing unauthorized weddings, amethyst came to be known as the birthstone for February. This subsequently gave rise to the custom of giving amethyst jewelry as gifts on Valentine’s Day. According to contemporary lore, it is a potently shielding stone with energizing effects on the mind and emotions.

Amethyst is also a popular choice among red carpet celebrities, perhaps due to its royal associations but undoubtedly because of its beauty. For example, celebrities like Zoe Saldana and Diane Kruger enjoy wearing amethyst jewelry with purple clothes.

The violet tones of amethyst jewelry are striking, and they can range from a pale lilac to a deep, rich purple. Our exquisite selection of amethyst jewelry features stunning pieces for the wrists, neck, fingers, and ears.

Amethyst jewelry set

Deck your fingers in purple rings so you may add a touch of lavender to each motion. For stacking and regular use, pick a smaller stone, or go all out with a huge cocktail ring made of amethyst.

Two lovely purple jewels frame your face. People with blue and brown eyes appear especially stunning wearing amethyst earrings. Not to mention, people with violet irises will look positively ravishing in these!

It is said that whomever wears an amethyst around their neck would never have to settle for uninteresting jewelry again. Put your individuality on display with a one-of-a-kind purple gemstone set in fine metal.

Purchase an amethyst jewelry set mentioned above or just choose from any of the ones recommended by amethyst lovers.

Amethyst jewelry near me

Higher quality amethyst jewelry will have uniform color, exceptional clarity, and a flawless cut. Everything else about your ring should reflect your personal tastes and the style you’re going for.

Never buy amethyst jewelry near me from anyone who isn’t a member of a reputable jewelry trade organization. This is because there are imitations and synthetics of amethyst available for purchase. You need assurance that the amethyst you are purchasing is genuine.

Amethyst rings for women: how to choose ideal amethyst

The gemstone amethyst is considered semiprecious. Amethyst, a purple variety of the crystal quartz, is highly prized for its beauty and rarity.

Amethysts, once reserved for the nobility, are now one of the most widely used gemstones in amethyst rings for women due to their low price and wide availability. The price does not increase dramatically with increasing carat weight like it does with many other jewels. Instead, the color is the primary factor in determining its worth. Knowing what to look for when buying amethyst rings for women is crucial due to the lack of a global standard for amethyst grading.

Color is most important

Amethyst is a transparent to translucent quartz that ranges in color from pale lilac to deep reddish purple.

The purest amethyst has little color zoning and is a deep purple tint. Compared to artificial illumination, it appears better in the natural light. The richest hues are the darker ones, particularly a deep purple with rose flashes. The value of amethysts with weak or light colors or zones of light or dark purple color is significantly lower.

Deep purple “Siberian” amethyst with red and blue flashes has the highest price.

Clarity & Luster

Amethyst is a Type 2 gem, meaning it typically has minimal inclusions. The majority of amethysts are eye clean, or they don’t have any obvious inclusions. Eye-clean amethyst of the same color is typically seen as being more desirable.

Note to buyers: Since amethyst is widely accessible, purchasing stones with obvious imperfections is not necessary.


In all of our amethyst rings for women, we exclusively use the most stunning Natural AAAA Amethysts.

Natural AAAA
These represent the top 10% of all naturally occurring amethysts. They are eye-clean and brilliantly cut, and have a distinctive medium-dark purple hue.

Natural AAA
These represent the top 20%–30% of naturally occurring amethysts. They are medium dark purple in color with moderate to slight inclusions. Leading independent jewelers frequently employ them in their excellent jewelry.

Natural AA
These are the best 50%–75% of the available natural amethysts. They are highly to moderately included and have a light to medium purple color. Mall jewelers or small family-run jewelry stores frequently exploit this characteristic in their beautiful jewelry.

Tips for buying amethyst rings gold

Amethyst’s Worth Changes Based on Its Color

The distinctive purple hue of amethysts is a useful identifier. They range from a very pale lavender to a rich, deep violet. In addition to the primary colors, you may notice secondary colors like red or blue undertones.

One of the most crucial considerations when shopping for amethyst rings gold jewelry is the stone’s hue. A deeper, more concentrated shade of purple distinguishes the more expensive varieties from their less expensive counterparts. Your personal tastes should be the deciding factor.

It is recommended that you shop for your amethyst ring gold during the day. By seeing in natural light, you may more clearly perceive the stone’s flaws and its underlying colors. Websites with high-quality, up-close photographs of amethyst rings for women are your best bet while shopping online. Since amethyst is so widely available, there’s no need to overpay for poorly cut or included jewelry made from the stone.

A Poorly Cut Amethyst Ring Is Not Worth Much
Amethysts are so widely available that even badly cut stones with nice color aren’t given much value.

Different cuts draw attention to certain features of a particular gemstone. You want the cut on amethysts to bring out and intensify the color. Consider the intensity of the amethyst’s color when selecting the ideal cut.

Generally speaking, amethysts can be cut in any way that a diamond or another stone can be cut. Just make sure your faceted stone is cut with the proper symmetry and dimensions.

Particularly popular for amethyst rings gold is the cushion shape. This is due to the fact that it has a dazzling vintage cut, which sparkles brightly while maintaining a square shape.

The multi-faceted round cut is another attractive amethyst shape. It’s designed to optimize sparkle with facets at various angles.

Select a Setting that Suits You
You can choose the ring’s setting however you like. The amethyst is set in a metal ring, and the term “setting” refers to that. There are a ton of other settings available, each with its unique theme.

Depending on the style you choose, you can choose from old-fashioned to contemporary designs. Choose a prong setting if you want a more simple and traditional ring setting. It is the standard setting, simple but gorgeous, and the stone is often supported by 4 or 6 prongs.

A bezel setting could be an excellent choice if you need something practical. This is due to the fact that the gemstone is more secure in its bezel setting, which completely encircles the stone. The cost, though, is diminished sparkle performance in the dark. It’s unlikely that the amethyst will glitter as brightly as it would in a prong setting. You can pick from a wide variety of settings, so you’re sure to discover one that’s ideal for you.

Consider the Ring Band Metal
If you want your amethyst ring to last, make sure the metal band is at least 14k gold. The amethyst can be matched with your choice of white, yellow, or rose gold.

Rose gold amethyst ring

If you’re seeking for dazzling gemstones on the cooler end of the spectrum, rose gold and amethyst are a great match. Garnets accentuate the bright red hue of red gold, while amethysts highlight the softer pink hues. This all-female formulation exudes a feisty, fairy-tale allure.

This rose gold amethyst ring vividly displays purple, the color of royalty. It is set in 14k rose gold and has a lovely diamond halo around it. We adore this classic ring’s retro look. After all, amethyst was a highly sought-after stone a few centuries ago and is frequently used in antique jewelry today.

Pair your rose gold jewelry with paler amethysts if you want to completely avoid the pop of color. Although less dramatic, these still look stunning. The light amethyst is perfect and wildly popular for a reason. Blue amethyst is a fantastic option if you prefer a cool, opaque texture.

Silver amethyst ring

Amethyst is a powerful stone for overcoming personal demons. When worn next to the skin, such as in a silver ring set with amethyst, amethyst has a profoundly beneficial effect on the immune system. Its physical characteristics and the positive impact on health have been known for centuries. Joint and head pain may both be eased by wearing a silver amethyst ring.

A more affordable yet aesthetically option is rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver. Rhodium is a strong, silvery-white metal that is extremely uncommon. In addition to being one of the most expensive metals on the planet, it also possesses a high index of refraction. When taken care of properly, rings made of sterling silver and amethyst can last forever.

Amethyst rings white gold

It can be harder to pair rose gold with colorful stones. Since the metal has such a lovely pinkish-reddish color, clear, white, and brilliant stones are frequently used as the center stone for engagement rings. Because they are more neutral in color, yellow or white gold is typically the preferred metal for colored center stones in amethyst rings Without much thought, it’s simple to match them. In light of this, if you don’t want a retro style, opt for eye-catching and gorgeous amethyst rings white gold.

Gold is a suitable metal for wearing amethyst, however it is not the best color. Silver and platinum are the most widely used options. The warm metals make it appear more regal while the white metals emphasize its bluish overtones. White gold combines the durability of gold with the luster of silver, making it a perfect match for amethysts. Therefore, amethyst rings white gold are a wonderful option for modern beauty.

Amethyst yellow gold ring

Thanks to its regal hue, wide range of sizes and forms, low price, and attractive colors ranging from light lavender to dark purple, amethyst is simple to love. Amethyst pairs well with both warm and cold hues, so it looks good set in all four types of metal: yellow, rose, white, and silver. It complements everything in your closet and looks fantastic too. However, an amethyst yellow gold ring will give a more vintage vibe if you like.