Let’s get to the point quickly. Are sapphire engagement rings a decent option? Absolutely, especially sapphire and diamond ring. They can be found on the fingers of kings and famous people, women’s sapphire rings are stylish and available in almost any color imaginable. Along with ruby and emerald, sapphire is known as the “Big Three” gemstones in jewelry. One of the best ways to exhibit this lovely stone is as purple sapphire rings. Its durability and romantic vibe draw jewelry purchasers to this sturdy stone, and it also fits well in sapphire wedding rings, such as blue sapphire ring.

Sapphire rings

If blue is your preferred hue, it’s not hard to imagine that you wear a ring set with sapphires. You couldn’t help but keep staring at the blue sapphire ring that now adorns your right ring finger.

Naturally, as is the case with most other gemstones and even diamonds, a gem’s value increases as its clarity and color saturation improve. Even though sapphires appear in a variety of hues, the most common one is blue. Princess Diana’s (now Kate Middleton’s) royal blue sapphire engagement ring is the most well-known example of its kind in contemporary history. The ring’s 8-carat central sapphire and 14 diamond embellishments have earned it worldwide acclaim for their regal, feminine beauty. But these princesses weren’t the first to flaunt sapphires’ striking blue color. Sapphires, one of the earliest discovered gemstones, have been favored by royalty for centuries due to their rarity, durability, and symbolic importance. Sapphires have a hardness of 9 on Moh’s Scale, making them extremely scratch-resistant.

Sapphires were extremely important to the Ancient Persians, who thought the world was constructed on top of a massive blue one. They thought the sky was blue because the diamond reflected the color upwards. The sapphire has a long history of religious and cultural significance for other civilizations due to their shared belief that it has healing properties.

It is often reported that sapphire rings worn by royalty are a symbol of enlightenment, good fortune, holiness, and other positive traits. Using a sapphire as an engagement ring stone also symbolizes loyalty and honesty. Aww, isn’t it nice?

Choose a stunning sapphire ring as an alternative to the traditional all-diamond engagement ring or wedding band. Love at first sight, and every year thereafter, is guaranteed with such enduring beauty.

Safire ring

If you’re the eclectic type and want to make a statement with her engagement ring, a safire ring is a great choice. The late Princess Diana made sapphires fashionable in jewelry in 1981, and now Kate Middleton wears her engagement ring.

Safire, a member of the corundum group, is an adaptable gemstone. The September birthstone sapphire was once thought to have mystical properties.

Safires, in contrast to diamonds, are prized for their plethora of colors. Safire rings are popular not because they are less expensive than diamond rings but because of their dazzling range of colors, which includes everything from a deep indigo to a pale aqua, a colorless white to a vibrant orange, and even a green.

Sapphire diamond

It’s no secret that both sapphires and diamonds are beautiful and frequently used in jewelry. Both are available in an attractive palette of colors and are so hardy that they can be worn every day without fear of damage. Sapphires are distinctly different from diamonds in a number of ways.

Diamonds, with their brilliant brilliance, and sapphires, with their icy blue color, are two of the most well-known gemstones in the world. Both stones, however, are available in a wide range of colors and offer striking visual variation.

Several key distinctions exist between white sapphires and colorless diamonds. Because of their unique light-reflection properties, diamonds are often perceived as more dazzling than sapphires of equivalent quality. Differences tend to be less noticeable at lower scales.

If you like both stones, why not put sapphire diamond together in one ring. Two-tone gemstone rings are a popular trend in recent years.

Sapphire eternity band

A perfect, brilliant sapphire is unparalleled in beauty and brilliance. With one of sapphire eternity bands, your heart will forever be joined to your significant one.

A magnificent sapphire eternity band features high grade diamonds set between two startling blue sapphires. You can buy her this sapphire eternity band as a memorial gift, if her birthday is in September.

Sapphire band

If you want to make a splash, the next time should be with a cocktail ring like sapphire band, that everyone will be talking about. Straightforward yet stylish, gorgeous sapphire band is sure to bring a smile to their face. All of the adorning natural diamonds stand for the unwavering strength, undying love, and radiant health, and the traditional blue natural sapphires used as accents because of their remarkable quality and uniformity of hue. The alloys of nickel, zinc, silver, and copper in white gold combine sapphire band, making for a beautiful hue.

Sapphire wedding rings

You see yourself in your dream wedding, complete with the ideal ring, gown, and celebration. Oftentimes, engaged couples deliberate over the ring’s design, metal, setting, and other minute details that only they would notice. Having a one-of-a-kind sapphire wedding ring made particularly for you is only one of the many ways to make your ring stand out.

Excluding ruby, sapphire is the common name for all other colored corundum gemstones. Alumina is the primary ingredient in this rock. Most people think of blue sapphire when they hear about this category of gems. To a extent, its name comes from the present of color. Sapphires can come in a variety of other colors, including pink, yellow, white, green, and even multicolor. Custom sapphire wedding rings adorned with some accents can really make you stand out from the crowd. For the bride who wants to make an impression, nothing beats a sapphire wedding ring.

Sapphire wedding bands

It’s true that engagement rings are the center of attention, but wedding bands are just as important. Those who have chosen to marry may wear sapphire wedding band as a symbol of their commitment to one another and their love for one another. While though engagement rings are more commonly associated with the proposal, sapphire wedding bands have become a symbol of a non-traditional couple’s commitment to one another.

Today, this unique sapphire wedding band may be found in a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes to better reflect the spirit of contemporary weddings. In today’s market, couples can select sapphire wedding bands that are a perfect expression of their individual personalities and relationships.

Durable saphire wedding rings

While saphire is quite hard, diamond can be cleaved with a single hit. In terms of hardness, sapphire is second only to diamond, and it is also quite resilient. Is it really so durable? If you want to find the laser that scans the bar code on your cans and bottles the next time you go to the supermarket, search for the transparent window. That window is made of sapphire, so it can take years of being thrown around without getting chipped or scratched. As a matter of course, we expect you to be more careful with your saphire wedding ring now that you have married. But, the elegance of a saphire wedding ring will endure for centuries. Take this 30-carat sapphire, which was given to Archduke Marie Anne of Austria as a wedding gift in 1902.

3 Reasons Why Sapphire Engagement Rings Are a Good Alternative

The sapphire engagement ring may be the perfect way to declare your undying devotion. Even though diamonds are the more popular choice, a sapphire engagement ring is a beautiful and meaningful one. Top models and celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Hurley, Penelope Cruz, and Heidi Klum all have sapphires in their engagement rings. Although diamond engagement rings are beautiful, we can think of three reasons why sapphire rings are a wonderful option.


The most popular engagement ring material is diamond. So, you quickly stood out from the crowd by opting for a sapphire. The distinction of your sapphire engagement ring, though, goes beyond the absence of them on your Instagram page. Each sapphire has a unique personality and comes in a broad variety of colors. Unlike to diamonds, which range from colorless to slightly yellow, sapphire can be light blue to midnight blue, somewhat purple, or teal, warm or chilly, saturated, or barely noticeable. (And all of that is sapphire. Also available in pink, yellow, orange, green, purple, colorless, and any shade in between, this gem is incredibly adaptable.)


The impressive 18-carat blue sapphire engagement ring that Prince Charles gave Princess Diana holds the record for the most famous engagement ring in the world. The one that William gave to Kate Middleton. Napoleon proposed to Empress Josephine with a sapphire ring, continuing the royal tradition of giving sapphires as engagement rings. A pinkish-orange padparadscha sapphire is worn by Princess Eugenie. Selecting a blue sapphire is not just rare but also imperial.


Engagement rings set with sapphires have been used for longer than those with diamonds because of the meanings associated with the stone. True blue comes from the ancient meaning of sapphire, which is a vow to remain faithful. Bishops in the Middle Ages often sported sapphire rings, a mark of their marital status with the Church. A sapphire, the “jewel of the soul,” is an appropriate token of affection for your eternal companion. Let’s be honest, a sapphire engagement ring is the best way to show how seriously you take your commitment to each other.

Sapphire engagement rings on hand

Even better, despite sapphire’s superiority to diamond in every measurable category (beauty, uniqueness, tradition, symbolism, and durability), its price per carat is lower. In the same budget, a larger sapphire means more freedom in terms of shape. Either be subtle, or be grand and theatrical. Choose a color that is out of the ordinary, or one that is more conventional. You might go for a classic style or try something new. The cost of a sapphire engagement ring won’t break the bank no matter how great your dreams are. We are confident that once you see beautiful assortment of sapphire engagement rings on hand, you will agree that sapphire is the best stone for an engagement ring.

Emerald-cut sapphire engagement rings

Sapphire, whether mined or created in a laboratory, can represent many lovely things. It’s no surprise that this beautiful stone has become associated with elegance and peace.

In addition to this beautiful symbolism, the cut of a sapphire can also provide information about its owner. What does wearing an emerald cut sapphire engagement ring say about you? If you’re wondering, it says that you have excellent taste. The style of this cut is daring yet refined, modern yet timeless. The wearer, like the jewelry, is understated yet eye-catching with its shine.

Having good company while you sleep is a nice bonus. Many famous people, including Jackie Kennedy, Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, and Grace Kelly, have worn engagement rings in the emerald cut. These famous actresses are living proof that this style has stood the test of time. Consider an emerald cut sapphire engagement ring, if you want a one-of-kind sapphire ring.

Gold sapphire engagement rings

Choosing a metal for a piece of jewelry requires thought into how it will be worn and what other metals you already own. For instance, many brides choose wedding bands made of the same metal as their gold sapphire engagement rings so that their jewelry always looks coordinated. There is no hard and fast rule here, so feel free to experiment with a variety of metals to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece. In addition, if you do manual labor, it’s best to avoid the typical gold sapphire engagement ring and go instead for something more durable like tungsten or platinum.

White gold sapphire engagement rings

White gold is by far the most popular metal for sapphire engagement rings, but additional hues, such as yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and palladium, have also increased in popularity throughout the years. With a heart pattern on the gallery and a filigree-style shank, a genuine white gold engagement ring is set with a stunning natural blue sapphire. The blue sapphire round center stone is complemented well by the stunning white gold band.

Yellow gold sapphire engagement ring

Do you find that traditional yellow gold appeals to your sense of style? Yellow gold has been one of the most valuable and sought after precious metals since the dawn of civilization, even if rose and white gold have recently become increasingly popular alternatives. King and queens, as well as wealthy commoners, have worn jewelry crafted with this glimmering for millennia because of its unrivaled classic elegance. The sapphire is the perfect complement to yellow gold ring, whether you’re buying them for yourself or a loved one. Yellow gold sapphire engagement ring calls to mind the sight of the sun rising over a deep blue sky. Yellow gold is a refined and opulent complement to dark blue sapphire tones such as cobalt or navy.

Sapphire halo engagement rings

This ingenious setting tricks the eye into thinking the sapphire is larger than it actually is. It can be used for a variety of purposes. Most sapphire shapes have the option of having a hidden halo added to them. Also, the main attraction is elevated above the band line, making it easier to stack than a conventional halo.

There is no shortage of glitz in high-profile sapphire halo engagement rings, but there are also drawbacks. A halo’s design makes it more prone to collisions with flat surfaces like countertops and door frames. The gloves or sweater may get caught on it, and it may be a pain to wear. While my clumsiness would make me crazy under these conditions, a more graceful lady would probably be just fine. Or you could simply remove sapphire halo engagement ring before tending to the yard.

Simple sapphire engagement rings

There’s a refined elegance in simplicity, and the simple style sapphire engagement rings offered at Elleroses are truly spectacular. Simple sapphire engagement rings feature impeccably sleek designs that make the center stone the star of the show. These rings offer a versatile design that pairs well with any sapphire shape. Plus, the thinner design of the bands makes the sapphire seem larger. View selection of simple sapphire engagement rings, and customize your design to fit your aesthetic and your budget.

Sapphire engagement rings tiffany

Not only does Tiffany make beautiful sapphire engagement rings, but you can even pick up a ring for every finger if you’d like. Stack or wear two or more gold, silver, platinum, or diamond rings side by side on each finger for a show-stopping look. Sapphire engagement rings, worn on the ring finger, are a timeless classic that may be personalized to create a one-of-a-kind heirloom. A full hand always wins when it comes to Tiffany sapphire engagement rings.

Blue sapphire rings

Sapphires are well-liked colored gemstones, and their deep blue color is what makes them stand out. They’ve been favored by A-listers and nobility for centuries, and their jewelry has a storied past. The Blue Giant of the Orient is the largest faceted blue sapphire in the world, and it is only one of many magnificent legendary sapphire jewels.

For millennia, sapphires have been used to adorn the garments of clergy and kings as a sign of prestige and status. Sapphires were thought to shield their wearers from jealousy and danger among royalty in ancient Greece and Rome. Blue sapphires were associated with the afterlife and good fortune throughout the Middle Ages because of this myth. Sapphires have a long and illustrious history of symbolism, and as a result, they continue to be connected with prosperity, aristocracy, and safety in modern culture.

A blue sapphire ring is ideal for an engagement ring since it combines traditional elegance with modern flair. What’s more? Although Kashmir and Ceylon blue sapphires are the most highly prized, sapphires occur in a wide range of colors, including purple, pink, yellow, green, orange, brown, black, and even white.

Blue sapphire engagement rings

The wearer of a blue sapphire engagement ring pledges their unwavering honesty, sincerity, and fidelity. It’s also said to keep marriages healthy and prosperous. Blue sapphires are ideal for engagement rings because of the beautiful symbolism and meaning behind them.

Although sapphires can be found in a wide range of hues, the blue kind is by far the most sought after. A blue sapphire, with its beloved rich and deep color, was formerly the most popular center stone choice for engagement rings due to their significance. Blue sapphires have been worn as a symbol of loyalty, honesty, knowledge, and good fortune for thousands of years. However, blue sapphire engagement rings have recently had a renaissance in favor, which is likely attributable to Kate Middleton’s sapphire and diamond ring, which formerly belonged to Princess Diana.

In addition to factors like carat weight and quality, the price of a blue sapphire engagement ring can vary widely. While sapphires typically cost less than diamonds, with a range of $ 500 – $ 2,000 per carat, the sky’s the limit.

Blue sapphire diamond ring

According to myth, sapphires represent superior intelligence, noble character, and luck. During their engagement, Prince Charles presented Lady Diana Spencer with a blue sapphire diamond ring. The Duchess of Cambridge now regularly wears this ring, which centers on a stunning sapphire and is encircled by a halo of diamonds. Sapphire diamond rings have a long and storied history of being worn by royalty as a mark of piety and devotion.

Blue sapphire wedding ring

As individuals, we sometimes seek for opportunities to stand out from the crowd, whether by bucking convention or displaying our individuality. What’s wrong with trying something new for a wedding ring? You’ve found the rare and fascinating thing you’ve been seeking for in blue sapphire wedding rings.

Whether you’re considering a pure sapphire ring or a diamond one with blue sapphire embellishments, Elleroses as some terrific design to make your blue sapphire wedding ring the talk of the town.

Blue sapphire wedding band

The traditional meaning of a blue sapphire is one of inner perception and mental clarity. Sapphires have long been revered as talismans of healing and communication throughout many faiths and cultures. The ocean spray blue of blue sapphires has been associated by some cultures with a connection to the holy. There is no correlation between the size of your blue sapphire and its effectiveness. Wearing a blue sapphire wedding band is not only a bold statement, but also a guarantee for your relationship.

Sapphire and diamond ring

You can still choose sapphire as an accent stone in your ring if your heart belongs to sapphire but your mind is still set on a diamond center. A fantastic method to achieve this is with a three stone setting. Sapphires come in a variety of shapes that are ideal for side stones, including marquise, kite, baguette, and princess cuts.

We won’t even try to hide it: sapphire and diamond rings are our absolute favorite, and we’re confident you’ll come to feel the same way. Sapphires are a beautiful and hardy mineral called corundum, which rates a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. When compared to diamonds, this places sapphires and rubies (which are a red kind of corundum) in second place. To this day, diamonds remain the only gemstone to achieve a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale, although sapphires are a close second and can withstand normal, everyday use without any problems.

Sapphire diamond ring

A popular way to combine sapphires and diamonds in a ring is halo. It complements your sapphire like a miniature diamond crown. Who wouldn’t want their center stone to look bigger while also adding additional sparkle?

A halo-set sapphire diamond ring is one in which a smaller diamond is surrounded by a larger sapphire, sometimes made of smaller diamonds, called pavé or melee. The traditional halo design calls for just one row of diamonds to frame the gem in question. In addition to making your centerpiece sapphire appear larger, this ring of diamonds will also safeguard it from damage. This seems like a win-win situation to us.

Sapphire and diamond band

A sapphire and diamond wedding band exemplified the essence of understated beauty. Sapphires are a perfect match with diamonds. The addition of the settings made it look a little more extravagant without detracting from the ring’s timeless design. The cost is also really reasonable.

Those who aren’t office workers or who are clumsy will appreciate the durability of a sapphire as a centerpiece stone. Blue sapphire is often used as a secondary stone to complement a diamond rather than as the primary stone in an engagement ring. The sapphire is given a more understated but no less stunning appearance as a result of this. To stand out, a sapphire and diamond ring is an excellent choice.

Diamond and sapphire wedding band

Generally speaking, wedding bands with small alternating diamonds and sapphires are more understated. If you want a one-of-kind yet elegant with low- profile wedding band, consider diamond and sapphire wedding band.

Diamond and sapphire engagement ring

Halo rings are by far the most common type of sapphire engagement ring. The combination of sapphire and diamond is as beautiful as the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring. Sapphires are most popular when cut into elaborate forms. Many people like the vintage appeal of emerald, pear, and oval diamond and sapphire engagement rings. Consequently, yellow gold is typically more sought after than white. If your special someone has a penchant for antique jewelry, an exquisite yellow gold diamond and sapphire engagement ring could be the perfect gesture.

Womens sapphire rings

Stunning in its timeless elegance, womens sapphire rings are sure to capture the hearts of all who lay eyes on it. Sapphires can be found in a wide variety of colors, including the less-expected pink, green, yellow, and orange. Cornflower blue sapphire is the rarest and most expensive color of blue sapphire. Even more so, some of the less common hues of sapphire are quite scarce. The Padparadscha fancy sapphire is the rarest variety of fancy sapphire because of its beautiful balance of orange and pink. Because of the wide color palette, every sapphire is unique. All of above can be made for womens sapphire rings, making them stand out from the crowd.

Sapphire rings for women

Sapphire wedding rings for women strike the ideal mix between cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind design. Blue sapphires were traditionally used in wedding rings, and their use dates back to antiquity. In the past, if a prospective fiance couldn’t afford a diamond ring, they would be proposed to with a sapphire ring. Because of its magnificent blue color, sapphire is now commonly used in engagement rings.

Sapphire wedding bands for her

Sapphires have a long and illustrious history, and royalty has long favored them. Today, sapphires rank among the most sought-after gemstones in both bridal and fashion fine jewelry, second only to diamonds.

Sapphire wedding bands for her are a fantastic choice due to their durability and hardness as well as the fact that they are full of symbolism and meaning. Sapphires are thought to stand for morality, faithfulness, and sincerity, all of which are crucial characteristics in a marriage. Sapphires have always been associated with protection, luck, and spiritual insight by royalty. It stood for strength, power, goodness, and good judgment. Read on for more sapphire wedding bands for her.

Sapphire wedding rings for women

Sapphires are a very sought-after gemstone because of their stunning royal blue hue, level of hardness, longevity, and brilliance. Thus, if you’re thinking of picking sapphire wedding ring for your woman, know that you’re making a wise decision. And let’s face it, if it worked for Kate Middleton and Princess Diana, it most certainly works for the rest of us mere mortals.

Sapphirewedding rings look fantastic in any environment. Whether you favor simple, modern designs or vintage-inspired ones, both elegantly display the brilliance of a sapphire. It looks best in white gold or platinum, and the blue Sapphire really pops with diamond embellishments.

Sapphire engagement rings for women

Good fortune in your marriage might be wished for by buying a sapphire engagement ring for her. If you want to discover harmony in your marriage, you can also wish upon a sapphire. The rare blue sapphires are a symbol of class, riches, and generosity. One lovely option to incorporate blue sapphires into your everyday life is with an engagement ring.

What is Sapphire

Corundum is a type of mineral that occurs naturally in both sapphire and ruby forms. Despite the fact that blue is the most common hue of corundum, the term “sapphire” is used to describe corundum in any color, even the colorless kind, which is known as “white sapphire” in the jewelry industry.

The Violet Sapphire or Plum Sapphire is a type of Purple Sapphire Gemstone that comes from the Corundum mineral family. These sapphire stones, which range in color from bluish-purple to purplish-pink, are colored by chromium, iron, and even traces of titanium. Since it forms trigonal crystals, it is part of the trigonal scalenohedral class of crystals. The shape of the crack looks like splinters or a shell.

Learn More: What Is A Sapphire?

Violet (Purple) Sapphire Gemstone

Violet Purple Sapphire Gemstone

In addition to the renowned and well-known color blue, the captivating and alluring Sapphire also comes in stunning hues of yellow, pink, white, and violet. Each one contains unique metaphysical patterns and properties and is a Stone of Wisdom in and of itself.

The sapphire stone, which is associated with the higher intellect, intuition, and self-mastery, is thought to give its user spiritual insights and clarity. The Crown chakra, the heart of our spirituality, is opened up by violet sapphire, which also helps reduce unwarranted anxiety. This gem is a great aid to meditation since it fosters a sense of peace and unity. Vanadium gives the Violet Sapphire form of corundum, an aluminum oxide mineral, its violet tint, giving it hues ranging from lavender to violet to deep purple.

Corundum is a mineral that is found all over the world and is often utilized in cutting processes in industry. The most notable and well-known sapphires come from Kashmir and Sri Lanka, whereas the most notable violet sapphires are found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

Purple (Violet) Sapphire Gemstone Uses and Benefits

Purple Violet Sapphire Gemstone Uses and Benefits

Violet sapphire, especially in the milder tints, is the embodiment of smart leadership and integrity in commercial dealings, since sapphire serves as a professional support stone. This stone is good for female business owners and executives.

This gemstone strengthens our spiritual convictions and discernment because it is the stone of awakening.

Brings Peace of Mind

Wearing a Purple Sapphire stone can do wonders for your body and mind’s tranquility. The exceptional smoothness of this therapeutic stone is well known, as is its calming effect. For optimal gland function, it fortifies veins and treats blood-related diseases. Wearing this amazing stone will undoubtedly help those who regularly experience unwarranted negative emotions and worries to reaffirm their faith and regain mental equilibrium.

Boost Your Self-Confidence

The secret to your personality is confidence. Natural Khooni Neelma activates the Crown Chakra by improving Chakra therapies, helping you restore lost confidence, get over inferiority complexes, and sharpen your mind. The stone helps to stimulate and balance the Crown chakra, opening our doorway to the extended world that is much beyond our comprehension. Our energies are balanced when this chakra is in harmony. This extraordinary purple diamond bestows upon its bearer the wished-for sense of self-assurance and sound judgment via its supernatural cosmic energy.

Foster Spirituality

One of the many well-known advantages of wearing a Natural Purple Sapphire stone is its powerful support of spiritual energy, which makes meditation one of its many well-liked uses. Khooni Neelam, known as the stone of enlightenment, encourages the instillation of spirituality and wholesome values. This stone helps the wearer focus and meditate with ease thanks to its exceptional relaxing energies and soothing characteristics.

Ensured Business Success

According to Vedic astrology, this priceless stone is connected to the karmic planet “Saturn,” also known as Lord Shani, who is renowned for rewarding people for their deeds. Therefore, wearing a genuine purple sapphire gemstone is the best option for individuals looking to overcome stagnation, particularly in their careers, and turn their fortune around. It is regarded as advantageous for female business owners and IT experts who want to succeed in their respective fields.

Benefits of Astrology

The karmic planet Saturn, also known as Lord Shani, is connected to purple sapphire in Vedic astrology, making it highly advantageous for people born under this solar sign. It helps someone go through the most challenging Sade Sati Dasha. However, due to its pinkish or reddish hue, some astrologers link this purple stone to the planet Mars. This priceless jewel bestows a powerful spiritual vision in addition to good health and a happier mind.

But it’s important to keep in mind that Purple Sapphire, a potent gem, should only be worn on an astrologer’s advice. Without sufficient advice, wearing a Khooni Neelam might have negative impacts on one’s life.

Designs For Sapphire Engagement Rings

kay jewelers

Halo settings are by far the most well-liked design for a sapphire engagement ring. The magnificent engagement ring that the Duchess of Cambridge wears is a fantastic example of how nicely sapphire and diamond go together in jewelry. Fancy cuts are most popular in Sapphires. Many people like the vintage appeal of emerald, pear, and oval sapphire engagement rings. In a similar vein, yellow gold is typically more sought after than rose gold. If your special someone has a penchant for antique jewelry, an exquisite yellow gold sapphire engagement ring could be the perfect gesture.

Best Purple Sapphire Engagement Rings of 2023

sapphire bands

Trying to find something that will never be duplicated and will last as long as you do? Couples who choose purple sapphire engagement rings opt this colorful and captivating crystal to symbolize their love and express their individuality and creativity. Here is just a small sampling of the many stunning engagement rings we have available with genuine purple sapphires. If you haven’t found the right pattern yet, you may always ask us to customize a special one just for you.

Purple Sapphire Rings 14K Yellow Gold Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

A great way to wear jewelry made from real amethyst. Feel the radiance of a stunning genuine Amethyst. The band of this elegant, ethereal ring is set with round purple sapphires and has the appearance of weaving vines and leaves. This ring is very gorgeous and ideal for a lover of nature because it was inspired by nature.

Purple Sapphire Ring in 14K White Gold Pear Shape Stone Engagement Ring Halo

This 14k white gold ring, which is a real statement piece, with a pear-shaped sapphire in the center and a diamond halo around it. Remarkable brilliance is provided by the pave-set diamond band.

Purple Sapphire Engagement Rings Emerald Cut Engagement Rings in 14K White Gold

This stunning ring features an emerald cut and each captures the lovely hue. The ring’s modern design allowed the gemstone to take center stage. With its alluring beauty, this purple sapphire ring is prepared to decorate your hand. A deeply saturated violetish blue with hints of deep red is the excellent hue for sapphire. To keep its long-lasting brightness, the ring is made of 14K White Gold over sterling silver. The prong setting provides its secure hold to keep the gemstone in place for a brilliant shine.

14K White Gold Oval Engagement Rings Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring

Oval cabochon star sapphire with four round accent diamonds in a 14k white gold setting, certified by the GIA. Natural, no treatments, GIA certified. One translucent, naturally purplish pink sapphire with purple splotches weighs approximately 2.2 carats total.

Cushion Cut Purple Sapphire Engagement Rings Halo Engagement Rings in Platinum

This gorgeous classic halo engagement ring may be made for you with a sapphire of your choice and set in platinum 950, and it will make the proposal one to remember forever. The unique cushion-cut center stone shapes create a stunning array of colors and sparkles that precisely reflects the wearer’s unique character.

How Can Purple Sapphire Be Used in Jewelry?

The Purple Sapphire is a gorgeous stone, and wearing it in jewelry easily draws attention to it. This breathtakingly lovely gem has a captivating violet-purple color and may be used to embellish any item of jewelry, such as a bracelet, necklace, ring, earring, pendant, or any other accessory. We will do our best to help you if you have any questions about who should wear it or how to wear it.

How to Wear Purple Sapphire Gemstones

How to Wear Purple Sapphire Gemstones

When it comes to gaining the benefits of astrology, the purple sapphire gemstone should always be in contact with your skin, whether you are wearing a ring, earring, pendant, or bracelet.

In addition to displaying the stone’s most stunning splendour, matching it with platinum, silver, or gold in your preferred layout can also help you uncover the greatest amount of astrological advantages in every area of your life.

Astrologers and even contemporary therapists advise wearing this healing crystal in at least one-fifth of the wearer’s total weight for good health and professional success.

Although it is relatively similar to Neelam stone, purple sapphire is typically recommended to be worn in the middle finger of the right or working hand. However, you should consult an expert astrologer regarding the ideal carat or Ratti weight and finger according to your horoscope specification.

Note: Because Saturn and Mars, two unfavorable planets, are aligned with purple sapphire, also known as Khooni Pukhraj, it is crucial for the user to speak with a professional astrologer about the jewelry’s compatibility before donning it.


What Does It Mean When The Engagement Ring Has Sapphires?

Sincerity, honesty, and loyalty are all symbolized by a sapphire engagement ring. It’s also thought to keep a marriage healthy and full of good fortune. The unique allure of sapphires as engagement ring gems lies in the fact that they represent so much.

Why Do People Choose Sapphire Engagement Rings?

Sapphires, according to urban legend, represent enlightenment, royalty, and good fortune. In order to symbolize their future together, Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana Spencer with a ring set with sapphires and diamonds. The Duchess of Cambridge now regularly wears this ring, which centers a stunning sapphire and is encircled by a halo of diamonds. For many years, sapphires have been a sacred symbol of the royal family.

Where To Buy Purple Sapphire Rings?

If you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, a purple sapphire ring is a fantastic option. Khooni Neelam Ratna is a valuable investment, so go ahead and order some online. Only true purple sapphires may aid in development, restoration, upliftment, and better embodiment of one’s being, and are therefore always favored. However, it’s important to get individualized advice first. It’s also not prohibitively expensive and may be found in a middle price range. All you have to do is put in a little bit of research time to compare costs, sizes, and styles to get the right sapphire for you to cherish.

Are Gemstone Engagement Rings Popular?

Around seventy-five percent of the diamond engagement rings sold are round brilliant cuts. Choosing sapphire gemstones for engagement rings is a colorful expression of individuality, much like your love.

Does Sapphire Have Any Special Meaning?

The September birthstone is a sapphire. As a result, they are a fantastic gift for a September birthday, a September engagement, or a September wedding.

What Metal Should An Engagement Ring With a Sapphire Be Set In?

A sapphire’s vivid purple color complements the white metal’s gleaming appearance. White gold is the best metal choice if you’re on a tight budget for a sapphire engagement ring. Platinum engagement rings are the best option if you’re looking for something that will last a lifetime.

Is Sapphire Ring a Good Investment?

If you’re drawn to the deep blue of sapphires, you might want to consider adding one to your wedding band collection.

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