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Purple Sapphire Ring: The Complete Guide

Purple Sapphire Ring The Complete Guide

Along with ruby and emerald, sapphire is known as the “Big Three” gemstones in jewelry. One of the best ways to exhibit this lovely stone is as a purple sapphire ring. Its durability and romantic vibe draw jewelry purchasers to this sturdy stone, which is also the September birthstone.

What is Sapphire

Corundum is a type of mineral that occurs naturally in both sapphire and ruby forms. Despite the fact that blue is the most common hue of corundum, the term “sapphire” is used to describe corundum in any color, even the colorless kind, which is known as “white sapphire” in the jewelry industry.

The Violet Sapphire or Plum Sapphire is a type of Purple Sapphire Gemstone that comes from the Corundum mineral family. These sapphire stones, which range in color from bluish-purple to purplish-pink, are colored by chromium, iron, and even traces of titanium. Since it forms trigonal crystals, it is part of the trigonal scalenohedral class of crystals. The shape of the crack looks like splinters or a shell.

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Violet (Purple) Sapphire Gemstone

Violet Purple Sapphire Gemstone

In addition to the renowned and well-known color blue, the captivating and alluring Sapphire also comes in stunning hues of yellow, pink, white, and violet. Each one contains unique metaphysical patterns and properties and is a Stone of Wisdom in and of itself.

The sapphire stone, which is associated with the higher intellect, intuition, and self-mastery, is thought to give its user spiritual insights and clarity. The Crown chakra, the heart of our spirituality, is opened up by violet sapphire, which also helps reduce unwarranted anxiety. This gem is a great aid to meditation since it fosters a sense of peace and unity. Vanadium gives the Violet Sapphire form of corundum, an aluminum oxide mineral, its violet tint, giving it hues ranging from lavender to violet to deep purple.

Corundum is a mineral that is found all over the world and is often utilized in cutting processes in industry. The most notable and well-known sapphires come from Kashmir and Sri Lanka, whereas the most notable violet sapphires are found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

Purple (Violet) Sapphire Gemstone Uses and Benefits

Purple Violet Sapphire Gemstone Uses and Benefits

Violet sapphire, especially in the milder tints, is the embodiment of smart leadership and integrity in commercial dealings, since sapphire serves as a professional support stone. This stone is good for female business owners and executives.

This gemstone strengthens our spiritual convictions and discernment because it is the stone of awakening.

Brings Peace of Mind

Wearing a Purple Sapphire stone can do wonders for your body and mind’s tranquility. The exceptional smoothness of this therapeutic stone is well known, as is its calming effect. For optimal gland function, it fortifies veins and treats blood-related diseases. Wearing this amazing stone will undoubtedly help those who regularly experience unwarranted negative emotions and worries to reaffirm their faith and regain mental equilibrium.

Boost Your Self-Confidence

The secret to your personality is confidence. Natural Khooni Neelma activates the Crown Chakra by improving Chakra therapies, helping you restore lost confidence, get over inferiority complexes, and sharpen your mind. The stone helps to stimulate and balance the Crown chakra, opening our doorway to the extended world that is much beyond our comprehension. Our energies are balanced when this chakra is in harmony. This extraordinary purple diamond bestows upon its bearer the wished-for sense of self-assurance and sound judgment via its supernatural cosmic energy.

Foster Spirituality

One of the many well-known advantages of wearing a Natural Purple Sapphire stone is its powerful support of spiritual energy, which makes meditation one of its many well-liked uses. Khooni Neelam, known as the stone of enlightenment, encourages the instillation of spirituality and wholesome values. This stone helps the wearer focus and meditate with ease thanks to its exceptional relaxing energies and soothing characteristics.

Ensured Business Success

According to Vedic astrology, this priceless stone is connected to the karmic planet “Saturn,” also known as Lord Shani, who is renowned for rewarding people for their deeds. Therefore, wearing a genuine purple sapphire gemstone is the best option for individuals looking to overcome stagnation, particularly in their careers, and turn their fortune around. It is regarded as advantageous for female business owners and IT experts who want to succeed in their respective fields.

Benefits of Astrology

The karmic planet Saturn, also known as Lord Shani, is connected to purple sapphire in Vedic astrology, making it highly advantageous for people born under this solar sign. It helps someone go through the most challenging Sade Sati Dasha. However, due to its pinkish or reddish hue, some astrologers link this purple stone to the planet Mars. This priceless jewel bestows a powerful spiritual vision in addition to good health and a happier mind.

But it’s important to keep in mind that Purple Sapphire, a potent gem, should only be worn on an astrologer’s advice. Without sufficient advice, wearing a Khooni Neelam might have negative impacts on one’s life.

Designs For Sapphire Engagement Rings

Designs For Sapphire Engagement Rings

Halo settings are by far the most well-liked design for a sapphire engagement ring. The magnificent engagement ring that the Duchess of Cambridge wears is a fantastic example of how nicely sapphire and diamond go together in jewelry. Fancy cuts are most popular in Sapphires. Many people like the vintage appeal of emerald, pear, and oval sapphire engagement rings. In a similar vein, yellow gold is typically more sought after than rose gold. If your special someone has a penchant for antique jewelry, an exquisite yellow gold sapphire engagement ring could be the perfect gesture.

Best Purple Sapphire Engagement Rings of 2023

Best Purple Sapphire Engagement Rings

Trying to find something that will never be duplicated and will last as long as you do? Couples who choose purple sapphire engagement rings opt this colorful and captivating crystal to symbolize their love and express their individuality and creativity. Here is just a small sampling of the many stunning engagement rings we have available with genuine purple sapphires. If you haven’t found the right pattern yet, you may always ask us to customize a special one just for you.

Purple Sapphire Rings 14K Yellow Gold Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

A great way to wear jewelry made from real amethyst. Feel the radiance of a stunning genuine Amethyst. The band of this elegant, ethereal ring is set with round purple sapphires and has the appearance of weaving vines and leaves. This ring is very gorgeous and ideal for a lover of nature because it was inspired by nature.

Purple Sapphire Ring in 14K White Gold Pear Shape Stone Engagement Ring Halo

This 14k white gold ring, which is a real statement piece, with a pear-shaped sapphire in the center and a diamond halo around it. Remarkable brilliance is provided by the pave-set diamond band.

Purple Sapphire Engagement Rings Emerald Cut Engagement Rings in 14K White Gold

This stunning ring features an emerald cut and each captures the lovely hue. The ring’s modern design allowed the gemstone to take center stage. With its alluring beauty, this purple sapphire ring is prepared to decorate your hand. A deeply saturated violetish blue with hints of deep red is the excellent hue for sapphire. To keep its long-lasting brightness, the ring is made of 14K White Gold over sterling silver. The prong setting provides its secure hold to keep the gemstone in place for a brilliant shine.

14K White Gold Oval Engagement Rings Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring

Oval cabochon star sapphire with four round accent diamonds in a 14k white gold setting, certified by the GIA. Natural, no treatments, GIA certified. One translucent, naturally purplish pink sapphire with purple splotches weighs approximately 2.2 carats total.

Cushion Cut Purple Sapphire Engagement Rings Halo Engagement Rings in Platinum

This gorgeous classic halo engagement ring may be made for you with a sapphire of your choice and set in platinum 950, and it will make the proposal one to remember forever. The unique cushion-cut center stone shapes create a stunning array of colors and sparkles that precisely reflects the wearer’s unique character.

How Can Purple Sapphire Be Used in Jewelry?

The Purple Sapphire is a gorgeous stone, and wearing it in jewelry easily draws attention to it. This breathtakingly lovely gem has a captivating violet-purple color and may be used to embellish any item of jewelry, such as a bracelet, necklace, ring, earring, pendant, or any other accessory. We will do our best to help you if you have any questions about who should wear it or how to wear it.

How to Wear Purple Sapphire Gemstones

How to Wear Purple Sapphire Gemstones

When it comes to gaining the benefits of astrology, the purple sapphire gemstone should always be in contact with your skin, whether you are wearing a ring, earring, pendant, or bracelet.

In addition to displaying the stone’s most stunning splendour, matching it with platinum, silver, or gold in your preferred layout can also help you uncover the greatest amount of astrological advantages in every area of your life.

Astrologers and even contemporary therapists advise wearing this healing crystal in at least one-fifth of the wearer’s total weight for good health and professional success.

Although it is relatively similar to Neelam stone, purple sapphire is typically recommended to be worn in the middle finger of the right or working hand. However, you should consult an expert astrologer regarding the ideal carat or Ratti weight and finger according to your horoscope specification.

Note: Because Saturn and Mars, two unfavorable planets, are aligned with purple sapphire, also known as Khooni Pukhraj, it is crucial for the user to speak with a professional astrologer about the jewelry’s compatibility before donning it.


What Does It Mean When The Engagement Ring Has Sapphires?

Sincerity, honesty, and loyalty are all symbolized by a sapphire engagement ring. It’s also thought to keep a marriage healthy and full of good fortune. The unique allure of sapphires as engagement ring gems lies in the fact that they represent so much.

Why Do People Choose Sapphire Engagement Rings?

Sapphires, according to urban legend, represent enlightenment, royalty, and good fortune. In order to symbolize their future together, Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana Spencer with a ring set with sapphires and diamonds. The Duchess of Cambridge now regularly wears this ring, which centers a stunning sapphire and is encircled by a halo of diamonds. For many years, sapphires have been a sacred symbol of the royal family.

Where To Buy Purple Sapphire Rings?

If you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, a purple sapphire ring is a fantastic option. Khooni Neelam Ratna is a valuable investment, so go ahead and order some online. Only true purple sapphires may aid in development, restoration, upliftment, and better embodiment of one’s being, and are therefore always favored. However, it’s important to get individualized advice first. It’s also not prohibitively expensive and may be found in a middle price range. All you have to do is put in a little bit of research time to compare costs, sizes, and styles to get the right sapphire for you to cherish.

Are Gemstone Engagement Rings Popular?

Around seventy-five percent of the diamond engagement rings sold are round brilliant cuts. Choosing sapphire gemstones for engagement rings is a colorful expression of individuality, much like your love.

Does Sapphire Have Any Special Meaning?

The September birthstone is a sapphire. As a result, they are a fantastic gift for a September birthday, a September engagement, or a September wedding.

What Metal Should An Engagement Ring With a Sapphire Be Set In?

A sapphire’s vivid purple color complements the white metal’s gleaming appearance. White gold is the best metal choice if you’re on a tight budget for a sapphire engagement ring. Platinum engagement rings are the best option if you’re looking for something that will last a lifetime.

Is Sapphire Ring a Good Investment?

If you’re drawn to the deep blue of sapphires, you might want to consider adding one to your wedding band collection.


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