Pinky Ring | Gold Pinky Ring Mens And Womens (i.e. mejuri rings) Buying Guide

The pinkie ring is currently the most common ring worn by men, next to the wedding ring. This special accessory gives your outfit flair and personality and works well as a source of unanticipated visual intrigue. Even though pinky rings are common, you might be wondering if one is best for you. Will it make you appear garish? Does it fit your own particular style? Do you even need a pinky ring? This guide will assist you in making that decision while introducing you to the fascinating history of pinky rings, the amazing diversity of pinky rings (i.e. mejuri rings), and the guys who wear pinky rings today. Not only gold pinky ring mens is on trend, but also pinky rings for women.

Pinky rings: history and meaning

The little finger, or “pinky,” is the little finger on either hand that may wear jewelry, therefore any ring worn there is technically a pinky ring. Because of the limited space available on the pinky finger, rings designed specifically for that finger are typically smaller than those designed for other fingers.

Pinky rings can use a range of metals and stones and come in a number of designs. Since they can be worn with many different looks, men’s pinky rings have been a style staple in recent years. If you wish to wear a pinky ring, you can find one that fits your style among the nearly infinite varieties available.

Men have been showing off their social position and keeping their cash close at hand by wearing rings for centuries. In the past, men had the option to wear any number of rings on any finger, however modern men in the West typically only wear one or two rings on a select few fingers. However, the pinky finger has continued to be a popular place to wear rings.

While rings were worn by many civilizations throughout ancient times, the Romans provide an intriguing legend on the significance and function of the pinky ring.

Roman philosopher and naturalist Pliny the Elder lived in the first century AD. He added his thoughts on Roman culture in his seminal work, the Naturalis Historia, which explains how the world works.

Pliny makes mention of the fact that Roman nobility occasionally wore pinky rings as a covert status insignia. It appears that the deliberate choice to wear a small ring on the smallest finger of the hand was a flex: the implication was that if the wearer was content to wear a less ornate pinkie ring, he is doing so knowing that he actually owned much finer, bigger, and more expensive rings that he did not bother to wear. In essence, the rings were a sign of even greater wealth that the wearer preferred not to display.

You should wear pinky rings for the same reason you wear the rest of your jewelry and accessories: because you enjoy them and want to express your individuality via your appearance. You can choose a pinkie ring that matches your style, no matter what it may be, because they come in such a broad variety of designs, hues, and possibilities.

Pinky diamond ring: which diamond shape to choose

The pinky ring, and especially a pinky diamond ring, has become synonymous with not only musicians (including gangster rappers) but also real and fictitious gangsters affiliated with the Mafia and other organized crime syndicates.

Pinky diamond rings are known for their minimalistic yet striking designs. However, different shapes of diamond gives different sense to a mejuri rings.


Choosing a diamond’s shape is typically the first step in the selection process. If you’re having trouble deciding, keep in mind that round diamonds are the most common because of their exceptional sparkle, fire, and light performance. About 75 percent of all diamonds sold are round brilliant cuts because of their superior brilliance.


Princess diamonds are second in popularity only to round brilliant diamonds, and their angular, modern elegance makes them look great in both traditional and modern settings. For a more classic look, go with a princess cut diamond, while radiant diamonds are a beautiful alternative for those who want a more square cut. Diamonds of the Asscher and emerald shapes are step-cut to achieve a sophisticated look. They are less brilliant than round diamonds but more see-through. Diamonds in unusual shapes like marquises, ovals, and pear cuts make fingers appear longer and thinner. True romantics tend to love heart-shaped diamonds because of the dramatic effect they have when conveying emotion. Since more of a marquise- or pear-shaped diamond is visible from above (when seen face-on), it might create the illusion of a larger stone.

David yurman pinky ring

David yurman pinky ring is a classic jewelry style, and stack it with other jewelry to lend a dash of sophistication to any outfit. Wearing specific rings on specific fingers has been used throughout history as a subtle way for the wearer to say something about her or his ambitions. Even though you should feel free to ignore this “secret language of rings” if it clashes with your particular style, being aware of the customs and traditions surrounding pinky rings will help you incorporate them into your appearance more thoughtfully and intentionally.

Pinky signet ring

For thousands of years, pinky signet rings have been a useful component of men’s apparel. A pinky signet ring was a valuable tool similar to a signature for wealthy and important men. The engravings on the ring were particular to the wearer, and if he used the face of the ring as a seal, he could stamp his symbol into ink, wax, clay, or other similar surfaces and leave a mark similar to how we sign documents today.

Those who are right-handed wear their pinky signet ring on the little finger of their left hand, whereas those who are left-handed wear theirs on the little finger of their right.

Pinky finger rings

Pinky finger rings do, in fact, convey a message. Men have worn them for thousands of years to signify status, money, loyalty, and affiliation. They may convey that you are unavailable, that you attended the Naval Academy (yes, Annapolis guy, I see your ring), that you are a member of a fraternal brotherhood, or that you come from a society that is not ashamed to show off material prosperity.

Wearing a pinky finger ring rather than the wedding band makes a statement, especially for men. But keep in mind that not everyone will understand if you wear a pinky finger ring.

Like many fashion choices, they draw attention from those who are paying attention, and part of the fun is being a member of the exclusive group who “gets it.”

Little finger ring

Many A-listers in Hollywood have been seen with rings on their pinkies, signaling the return of this once-popular accessory.

If you’re wanting to add a little finger ring to your stack, or if you just want to spice up your look with something a bit different, the pinky ring is for you.

Silver pinky ring

Wear a silver pinky ring for instant laid-back style. The silver pinky ring is an everyday indulgence. Each pinky ring is made from solid sterling silver and is rounded on the inside of the band for a one-of-a-kind look that looks well alone or stacked with other gemstone and textured rings.

Stacking multiple silver rings is a great way to make a statement with silver. You can make a quiet, impressive statement by stacking rings on both hands.

Size 3 pinky ring

When compared to the ring finger, the average person’s pinky is two sizes smaller. Keep in mind that the “two sizes down” rule isn’t universally applicable while shopping for rings. A woman’s pinky finger, on average, is a size 4 in the United States, which is equivalent to a size 6 ring finger. If you think your finger is thinner, you probably need a size 3 pinky ring.

Size 4 pinky ring

This size 4 pinky ring has received rave reviews and may be worn, layered, gifted, and enjoyed every day. The ultimate meaningful jewelry gifts, these average size ring designs are sure to become new favorites.

Look no further for the finest size 4 pinky ring; we at Elleroses take extra care to craft each item with sturdy prongs, eye-catching settings, and flattering shapes you won’t want to take off.

Pinki rings

Pinki rings are rings worn on the fifth finger (the pinky) of each hand. They are most commonly fashioned of 10K, 14K, or 18K gold or sterling silver. The Dutch term “pink,” meaning “little finger,” is the source of our English word “pinky.”

Mejuri rings

You always get what you pay for, especially when it comes to jewels, as the phrase goes. Although fine jewelry will last a lifetime, the high cost can be intimidating and, to be honest, unaffordable for the typical consumer.

On the other hand, inexpensive costume jewelry isn’t a good substitute because it’s often made of more nickel and plastic than precious metals. These objects tend to shatter quickly or tarnish, which can cause skin irritation and shorten their lifespan.

Here comes Mejuri, a fine jewelry company geared toward millennials and affordable buyers. Because Mejuri buys fine and semi-fine earrings, necklaces, rings, and other jewelry directly from jewelers, Mejuri rings are sold at a lower price.

Mejuri rings I’ve bought, given, or received as a present has pleased me with its quality, with the exception of the flimsy gold-plated Editor Hoops that broke after only 10 days of usage.

It’s important to note that I also greatly prefer the Mejuri rings designs to those I’ve seen at jewelry shops like Tiffany & Co. and department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom. As a 20-something woman who lives in a major city and doesn’t want to wear the type of jewelry sold at the mall, I find Mejuri rings’ designs to be straightforward yet entertaining, trendy yet exquisite, and they appeal to me.

Given that Mejuri rings are most known for its affordable costs, one may wonder how competitive they are. The straightforward response is that most Mejuri jewelry does, in fact, cost less than comparable jewelry from regular merchants, though not always significantly less.

Mejuri signet ring

Although gentlemen nowadays are less likely to wear jewelry than they were during the Golden Age of Menswear, mejuri signet ring remains one of the most popular types of rings to be worn. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for most men, especially for men who are just beginning to dabble in men’s jewelry.

Historically, only privileged noblemen wore signet rings, hence the fashion trend has a negative connotation nowadays. However, in truth, many different kinds of men wear rings for many different reasons, and mejuri signet rings are no exception.

Mejuri gold ring

Mejuri gold ring, I can say it is worth the money, especially if you are a fan of the current minimalist jewelry style.

You might be able to acquire items identical to those from Mejuri for less money if you’re willing to constantly search the internet for bargains, but not by much. You still need to bear in mind that with jewelry, as with most other purchases, you get what you pay for. For example, solid gold will last longer than gold vermeil, while diamonds and other precious stones will always be more expensive than average.

Mejuri pinky ring

Remember that mejuri rings are uncommon, so wearing one is a simple way to stand out from the crowd. They also don’t have any mechanical components, so you don’t have to maintain them like a watch, and they cost less than many wristwatches. Additionally, mejuri  rings go well with any level of formality in a dress code.

Gold pinky ring mens

Gold pinky ring mens were once regarded an expression of one’s personality as well as a status symbol, particularly for men. Gold pinky ring mens were often worn as a sign of membership to a noble family.

A person’s wealth, family, or allegiance might be symbolized by a variety of semiprecious stones, engravings, and precious metals. Men frequently wore numerous rings on numerous fingers during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to display their wealth and as a badge of rank, which was one of the accessory’s common purposes. Due to its relative distance from the hand’s busier side, the gold pinky ring mens has remained popular since it is less prone to sustain scratches or other wear-and-tear.

Eighteenth-century attention to etiquette and the rules of luxury, especially in England, led to a decline in the dominance of plain rings as jewelry in menswear. However, gold pinky ring mens was an exception to this rule, continuing to be quite popular and, in many cases, the only kind of ring that men habitually wore in the Western, and particularly Anglophonic, world.

Even though gold pinky ring mens had many different meanings in the past, today both men and women use them simply as a fashionable accessory. However, since they are worn more frequently as a symbol of independence, rings are becoming more and more significant to women. What significance you give your mejuri rings is entirely up to you, whether as a fashion piece for yourself or as a “Pinky Promise” with a lover.

Pinky rings for women: Meaning and Significance

Pinky rings were a sign of a person’s disinterest in marriage during the Victorian era. Suffragists in the 1920s and 1930s wore them as a symbol of self-appreciation.

In the 1930s, high-end jewelers like Cartier and Van Cleef began making rings for their customers. The iconic signet pinky ring was popularized by the likes of the late Coco Chanel and Princess Diana. Pinky rings for women have become popular among celebrities in recent years. They have been worn by Megan Markle, Rhianna, Kim Kardashian and many more.

The pinky finger is rather little, yet because of its location on the hand’s edge, it stands out. Therefore, communication and socialization are frequently linked to the pinky ring for women. In essence, pinky rings for women are a fantastic opportunity for women to express yourself to others.

Even when worn on the smallest fingers, the pinky rings for women can be seen as more appropriate for abstract concepts like personal expression and perception because it is far removed from the hand’s more active digits, such as the index finger and thumb.

Pinky rings for women have a rich and varied history, and now they are connected with a wide range of well-known female celebrities. The sheer variety of people who wear rings is a testament to the versatility of this accessory, so if you’re thinking about giving it a try, you’ll be in good company and your new ring will complement your existing aesthetic.

Womens pinky ring

It’s no coincidence that many famous women of today who wear mejuri rings are also musicians. Given that womens pinky ring has been symbolic of nonconformists since the Jazz Age, this finding likely reflects the bold character and innovative spirit associated with those who wear them.

Pinky rings are commonly connected with rap and hip-hop acts. Many artists in this genre have built an image of a street-smart, successful women who went from obscurity to the height of material success and excess, and this linkage highlights the link between womens pinky rings and prestige.

Pinkie rings: How to style

Pinky rings for women, worn on the pinky finger, are a great addition to your jewelry wardrobe and make bold fashion statements.

Big trends on the little finger: simple, sparkly, or traditional!

Pinkie rings adorned with crystals or precious stones are sure to look elegant. This way, you can showcase this ring as a fashion statement and turn it into a very special gift for yourself or a special someone! The traditional pinkie rings are best suited if you like to wear a minimalist or unique piece of jewelry on your finger. Both conventional and classic geo-look styles are offered for them. Despite being a basic accessory, pinkie rings with solitaire stones are still noticed by everyone.

Pinkie rings, in our opinion, are straightforward jewelry items that are yet tiny eye-catchers!

You can wear a filigree ring or a larger band ring with the pinkie ring on a different finger depending on its style. You can mix rings with various textures to keep your trendy style fresh and intriguing.

Styles of pinkie rings for women

There are many different kinds and designs of pinkie rings for women; below are brief descriptions of the most popular ones.

Signet Ring

A signet ring was first a historical ring with a seal retained on it, used to secure official documents as a mark of authority and deter tampering. One of the most prominent forms of pinkie rings for women nowadays is the signet ring, which typically features a coat-of-arms, patterns, initials, or monogram.

Class Ring

A high school or college class ring has special meaning for the graduates of that school. Class rings are symbols of loyalty to one’s alma mater and can be worn either on the ring or pinky finger.

Professional Ring

Those who wear professional rings proclaim their membership in a specific industry. Mejuri rings are commonly linked with professions that require the use of one’s hands, such as engineering and other manual labor, because they are less likely to get in the way. Some of the most well-known are the pinky rings for women of the Order of the Engineer and the Iron Ring of Canada.

Plain Ring

A simple band made of precious metal, another ring material like stone, horn, bone, or wood, or a base metal makes up a plain pinky ring. It is a sophisticated and modest jewelry that refutes the myth that pinky rings for women must all be garish or ostentatious.

Friendship or social rings

Mejuri rings are frequently linked to associations or groups of women who share a common friend, spiritual, or social relationship. These rings signify commitment to the wider group and allow the user to be recognized by any of her countrymen.

Single or Multi-Stone Ring

A single gem or other stone is added to a ring band to decorate this common pinky ring. With a sterling silver or gold ring, this straightforward design produces distinctive visual interest without being obtrusive or extravagant. A variety of stones, typically set in some sort of pattern, can also be found in pinkie rings. A tiny stone in a brilliant cut is typically positioned to the left and right of a center stone in a Classic configuration.

Gold pinkie ring

Pinky rings were worn as symbols of social status and family ties throughout history. The British royal family has been known to sport a gold pinkie ring since the late Victorian era. The current Duke of Windsor, Prince Charles, carries on this custom. The United States may not have a monarchy, but we do have our own ring and gold pinkie ring traditions. When you graduated high school, you might have received a class ring. The wearing of signet rings is a show of membership solidarity. Engineers and other graduates of technical fields often receive a commemorative Iron Ring or Engineer’s Ring.

How to style gold pinky rings

Although pinky rings can have any number of distinctive precious or semi-precious stones as well as other decorative components, there are a few styles of wearing that are particularly suited to this ring and design.

Keep it minimal

One-piece ensembles are foolproof, especially for men. Don’t overdo it with the fashion. I tend to dress in a more refined and traditional style. For a uniform look from head to toe, I recommend avoiding wearing a lot of jewelry. In general, keep your jewelry to a minimum, consisting of one chain, one earring, and one bracelet or one gold pinky ring.

Keep it monochrome

Pick out a few of rings you really like that all have similar gold tones and just a touch of texture. Even when I’m in a more vibrant mood, I prefer a sophisticated vibe. I aim for a subtle use of color because it’s so easy to overdo it.

Keep it fun

Choosing a gold pinky ring mens set with ice and a handful of large accent jewels. When you just can’t decide what to put on, but you want to look like you put some thought into your appearance, this is the look for you.

14k gold pinky ring

Pinky rings are available in a range of metals and carat weights, including platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and stainless steel. The best metal to choose for you will depend on a number of things, including the colors you typically wear, the color of your skin, and your personal preferences.

14k gold pinky ring mens is built to last forever. The silver and copper in the alloy give the 14k gold incredible durability, making it nearly impossible to dent or damage. Jewelry with a higher carat rating is less likely to tarnish. 14K gold pinky ring mens is the best option if you care about durability, longevity, and minimal upkeep of gold pinky ring mens.

Solid gold pinky ring

Once again, it’s a matter of taste. Solid gold pinky ring mens is superior for those who lead active lives. Solid gold is non-toxic, does not rust, and does not corrode. It is also unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction due to its low reactivity. Plus, you can make the most of it by accessorizing a solid gold pinky ring mens as one of your fashion investment pieces. However, when shopping for solid gold pinky ring mens, it’s important to consider not just price, but also characteristics like hue, vibrancy, and skin sensitivity. 50th anniversary gifts, wedding bands, engagement rings, and investments meant to be passed down through generations should all consider this material.

Gold gangster pinky ring

Gangsters wearing pinky rings are a common sight in media revolving around the Mafia, including the Godfather Trilogy, Goodfellas, The Sopranos, and The Irishman. Tony Soprano, like other members of the Corleone Family, is frequently seen with a cigar in his mouth and a gold gangster pinky ring on his finger.

Arnold Rothstein, Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, and John Gotti are just a few of the real-life gangsters that were known to have pinkie rings. Gold gangster pinky rings were a common way for these mobsters to show off their wealth and rank while also showing their undying loyalty to their illicit enterprises. In the event of the wearer’s untimely or unexpected death, the ring might be sold to finance burial costs, making pinky rings an alternative form of functional jewelry.

You should not worry that simply because you wore a pinky ring that others will presume you are a member of La Cosa Nostra due to the ring’s strong links with Mafia bosses. Pinky rings are a versatile and sophisticated menswear item; you shouldn’t let a hazy association with a few rotten apples ruin your experience of wearing one.

White gold pinky ring

Investing in white gold pinky ring is wise. It is durable, low-maintenance, and unlikely to lose value over time. If you’re investing in white gold pinky ring, you want a piece that will has a modern and elegant appearance, yet will pass on from generation to generation, and maybe even your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Therefore, white gold pinky ring is the best option. However, white gold does require a Rhodium coating regularly.

Gold signet pinky ring

The signet ring is the classic kind of ring reserved for the smallest finger. The tradition of wearing a gold signet pinky ring dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. The rings were worn as a personal symbol but also served an important function, that of a signature or seal of approval. For centuries, people (often monarchs, noble families, religious leaders, and so on) used gold signet pinky ring carved with meaningful symbols, family crests, or personal marks to identify themselves and sign important papers using wax or clay seals. Once upon a time, gold signet pinky ring were so personal that they were destroyed after their owner passed away to eliminate any possibility of counterfeit.

Gold signet pinky rings today, are no longer necessary as a practical instrument for verifying or securing papers due to advancements in other methods of authentication and security. The unique and fascinating history of the gold signet pinky ring has contributed to its continued popularity as one of the most popular types of rings worn by men.

Rose gold pinky ring

These more conventional metals are now being challenged in the jewelry market by rose gold. Some trend-setting individuals now pair gold and silver in contrasting hues. So, rose gold pinky ring became their first choice. Pinkish red is a color that many couples find attractive. The rose gold shade looks great on everyone.

Rose gold pinky ring is now worn by both men and women. The pink metal is a beautiful backdrop for a wide range of jewels. The addition of rose gold to classic designs is exquisite. This gold reaffirms classic aura of romance, and thanks to the durable surface, the color will not fade with time.