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Alexandrite Rings: Introduction

Alexandrite rings especially alecandrite engagement ring is remarkable that changes color from green to red depending on the angle of observation. The “alexandrite effect” is a name given to this phenomenon of changing color. Alexandrite is one of the most sought-after alexandrite jewelry in the world due to its rarity and its ability to transform into nearly any other color.

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How much is an alexandrite ring worth

For alexandrite, there are seldom any established pricing. The cost of a quality stone ranges from $15,000 per carat to nearly $70,000 for bigger stones weighing more than one carat. The degree of color shift, size, clarity, and metal are some of the variables that affect the final rings cost.

How rare are natural alexandrite rings

Genuine natural alexandrite is more expensive and rarer than diamonds, emerald, ruby, and sapphire combined. More than three carats of natural rings are quite rare. Commercial jewelers have easier access to smaller stones. Natural Alexandrite rings of the highest caliber can cost more than $30,000 per carat. Natural alexandrite rings is frequently left untreated, in contrast to many other gemstone rings. In addition to changing hues, it occasionally displays chatoyancy or the cat’s-eye effect.

How can I tell if it is a real alexandrite ring

As we previously discussed, it is not a recent discovery. Many customers frequently discover synthetic alexandrite that is considerably older than one might assume due to its widespread appeal and popularity on a global scale.

Key of real ring

Keep an eye on how your natural gem rings color changes to discover if it was bred in a lab. Alexandrite naturally transitions from blue to purple rather than from green to red. However, it is mostly found in African gems, which were only recently discovered. Be careful if your rings has a different color switch and is more than 40 years old.

The two adjectives spinel and corundum are most important when examining both natural and lab-grown alexandrite.

While it may appear that synthetic it is easier to find than a raw form of the gem (which is absolutely true), the substitute is also extremely rare. This is due to the fact that imitation alexandrite usually replaces synthetic corundum and spinel in jewelry.

There are many people who adore true synthetic alexandrite ring, which is similar to actual alexandrite appearance. You will undoubtedly uncover a high-quality item you like as long as you are knowledgeable about your choices.

Is alexandrite gold ring a good option?

The typical material for wedding bands is pure gold, which has an instantly identifiable orange-like tone. If you want a unique wedding ring, you can set a alexandrite as center stone in the gold band.

It’s doubtful that you will purchase a ring that is made of 24 carat pure gold, and it’s also unlikely that you would want. Pure gold is expensive, brittle, and liable to bend. Most excellent gold rings are 18 karat, which means that 18/24, or three-quarters, of the alloy is composed of gold.

Is rose gold alexandrite ring a good investment?

Do you and your jewelry collection think rose gold would be a good fit? Here are a few more considerations to make when selecting the metal for your ring.

Rose gold is less prone to withstand wear-and-tear damage than white or yellow gold. Due to its strength, rose gold doesn’t need additional plating layers like other types of gold do. The jewelry industry appreciates rose gold’s particular patina since it does not tarnish over time.

There isn’t much of a difference in price between genuine rose gold and other alloyed metals. Wedding bands are valued according to their gold content, and since rose gold rings will contain the same amount of gold as yellow gold rings, their prices are likely to be comparable.

Can I wear alexandrite yellow gold ring in the shower?

Pure gold is combined with alloy metals like zinc and copper to create yellow gold. Yellow gold is a very delicate metal that needs careful maintenance to keep it in good condition. When performing domestic tasks, washing, or taking a shower, be sure to take off alexandrite yellow gold ring you are wearing because soap residue can quickly accumulate and make the item appear dull. the ring should be cleaned with a soft cloth after use to maintain it shiny and well-polished. When not in use, it should be kept in a cloth-lined box to avoid scratches or damage.

Can you wear alexandrite ring silver band every day?

If you want to keep your sterling silver alexandrite ring looking its best, polish it after each wearing to remove any traces of dirt, oil, or tarnish. A paste of baking soda and a toothbrush can be used to polish sterling silver. For optimal storage conditions, avoid exposing sterling silver alexandrite ring to air and making sure it is dry before storing it.

Is alexandrite solitaire ring cheaper than diamond ring?

As a rule, the cost of an alexandrite solitaire ring will exceed that of a diamond ring. Typically, the price of an gem is three times that of a comparable-sized diamond. Burmese rubies are rarer and more expensive than alexandrites above 4 carats.

Men’s Alexandrite Ring

Men have worn rings to denote money, rank, and their marital status from antiquity to the present. Males who wear rings that have personal significance to them, such as ascetic promise rings, society rings, or club rings, can still be seen today.

Alexandrites provide any ring a bit of style and personality options for the user to accessorize with clothing, skin tones, and eye colors. The most unique gemstones used in men’s rings.

Alexandrite Rings for Women

It is one of the best, there is no denying it. They are superior to pearls, rubies, and any other gemstone you can think of. Now, I’m not arguing that a piece of jewelry has to be the nicest, most costly thing ever for a lady to enjoy it. I’m trying to suggest that women will adore the idea that their loved ones have given them something so priceless and, yes, the greatest. It will make them feel very special because it demonstrates that the person who presented it to them truly cares about them and isn’t scared to show it. After then, a woman can carry that particular emotion with her everywhere she goes by wearing her gorgeous rings, which will serve as a constant reminder of how much she is loved.

What is lab created alexandrite ring

Alexandrite ring has grown in popularity in recent years due to its lovely color-changing properties. Because there was a finite amount of natural gem available, some people were unable to collect one. Although Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil today produce the highest quality gemstones, the quality standard for this precious stone hasn’t changed since it was originally discovered. Therefore, Lab-Created Alexandrite ring are in great demand.

Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Alexandrite is regarded as a lucky stone since the miners who found it had exceptional good fortune in finding a brand-new gemstone in an emerald mine. It can grant you longevity, prosperity, and good fortune. It is a stone of the mind that changes colors and is seen as a bridge between the spiritual and material worlds. People may decide to select this gemstone for their engagement ring as an alternative to the traditional option of a diamond for this and other reasons. It’s a wonderful method to give your piece an extra special touch, especially if the owner values this gemstone highly.

On the scale, it is just below sapphire and ruby, which are both a 9, but it is still a fantastic option for an engagement ring. Any gemstone with a hardness rating of 7 or higher is typically scratch-resistant and a wise choice for long-lasting jewelry, like an alexandrite engagement ring.

Benefits of Alexandrite engagement rings

There are many reasons to enjoy Alexandrite engagement rings. The obvious comes first: color. You can find a gemstone which is color shifting due to the light of environment. Magic gem.

Second, you can give the alexandrite engagement ring a deeper, more meaningful meaning by using Alexandrite gemstones. You may, for instance, combine diamonds with either your birthstone – Alexandrite, or your significant other’s birthstone. You could choose a colored gemstone that inspires you because they also have historical symbolism. Consider the sapphire, which has long been linked to sincerity, loyalty, and truth.

Why choose natural alexandrite engagement ring?

Since genuine it is more uncommon than diamonds, it makes for a particularly distinctive option for an alexandrite engagement ring. Together with moonstone, the unusual gemstone is the birthstone for June.

How to choose real alexandrite engagement ring?

It is probably time to contact a gem expert if you are having problems determining a piece of alexandrite engagement ring real or fake. But it doesn’t have to be a gemologist. Jewelers have access to a variety of specialized tools that can disclose minute characteristics that would otherwise go undetected and signify genuine alexandrite engagement ring.

Alexandrite Wedding Rings

As a wedding ring is permanent, you should pick one that still surprises and excites you after wearing it every day for years. Choose a sparkler with a stone whose color changes throughout the day. This is satisfied by an alexandrite wedding ring, which also represents love and luck.

What to look for in an alexandrite wedding ring?

The most crucial aspect to consider when choosing an wedding ring is color, or the variation of color. The most remarkable specimens of this gem appear emerald green in bright sunshine and turn dark ruby red when illuminated by incandescent bulbs. A stone must undergo a color change of at least 30% in order to be called an alexandrite. As a result, not all color-changing chrysoberyls are alexandrites, so be sure to get your wedding ring from a reputable source. Because it can display the same dramatic color-change properties as real alexandrite, synthetic alexandrite can be quite expensive. When buying an wedding ring, get your stone examined by a qualified gemologist so you know precisely what you’re buying.

How many alexandrite wedding band style?

It can be suitable for metals of each color, such as platinum, rose gold and sterling silver, and so on.

What is the best alexandrite wedding set?

One of the best settings for wedding rings is the solitaire prong setting. There’s a strong probability the wedding ring you saw had a prong setting. Other single stone and multi-stone rings will also use prong settings. A single stone is normally held in place by this setting’s four or six prongs.

Alexandrite Promise Ring

The simple ring symbolizes a promise to spend the rest of your life together. Although it is commonly given as a token of affection between lovers, the wearer alone can truly understand the significance of the item.

Is vintage alexandrite ring sustainable

A research claims that consumer demand for jewelry “today appears more voracious than ever.” Excellent news for jewelry designers and retailers around. Not good for the environment.

To meet the rising demand for luxury products and “quick fashion,” the new jewelry business produces enormous amounts of jewelry every year. A large portion of newly purchased jewelry depletes precious resources and ends up in landfills very rapidly. The effects on our environment are catastrophic.

Even if the jewelry business is moving toward sustainability, we can drastically (and affordably) reduce demand and consumption by upcycling and recycling used jewelry.

Antique and vintage alexandrite ring has the advantage in terms of sustainability because there is no manufacturing process or cost involved, also in terms of money. When you take into account the excellence of the materials and the craftsmanship, the value for the money is remarkable. Also, fine alexandrite jewelry has value. This means that spending money on high-quality jewelry is an investment rather than a waste.

The fact that neither beauty nor quality are sacrificed is, arguably, the best. All collectors are aware that replicating the character, authenticity, and style of antique and vintage jewelry is quite difficult and expensive. In place of “quick fashion” and disposable luxury, the thinking girl is now investing in timelessly fashionable items of lasting quality.

Antique alexandrite ring

Ring that is considered “antique” must be at least 100 years old, and this definition is widely accepted.

Is it OK to wear vintage engagement ring?

Of course, especially if it contains a lot of memories. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that it is still a piece of jewelry that is at home on your finger.

Alexandrite bridal set

While some women love rings with symmetry and comparable shapes, others could prefer an unconventional eclectic look. Everyone can suddenly become a fashion designer and use alexandrite jewelry to convey their own story (even for bridal set) thanks to the popularity of stackable bands.

Alexandrite Stone: Introduction

It is a type of rare and valuable gemstone that were initially discovered in Russia around 1830 and were named after the future Tsar, Alexander II. They were later discovered in other countries like Brazil and Sri Lanka. They are highly valued because of the striking contrast between their ruby-red and emerald-green appearances in various lighting conditions.

The gemstone alexandrite, also referred to as “emerald by day, ruby by night,” is a wonder of nature and the alternate birthstone for people born in June. Here are background, characteristics, and impact of this intriguing gem’s color change.

Benefits of alexandrite stones

With its potent healing abilities, metaphysical qualities, and widespread use in crystal healing therapies, natural alexandrite rings is highly regarded. It is well recognized for keeping the gap between the material world and the spiritual world perfectly balanced. Wearing this gorgeous natural Alexandrite rings, the birthstone for June, has some additional amazing advantages.

Advantages for Physical Health

Alexandrite is renowned for its wonderful therapeutic properties. For those with conditions and illnesses affecting the neurological system and reproductive organs, it is highly helpful. This gem heals neck muscle irritation and regenerates neurological structures. It enhances the pituitary and pineal glands and aids in easing the symptoms of leukemia. Genuine alexandrite has a potent detoxifying effect that stimulates the liver to function at its best.

Advantages of Emotional Healing

Natural Alexandrite promotes emotional maturity and urges the wearer to pay attention to their feelings. It helps the wearer maintain their willpower and encourages them to embrace change and any accompanying emotional difficulties. The Heart Chakra is balanced with stone, which is highly helpful in Chakra healing methods. It quells feelings of being lost and fosters interest in pursuing a fulfilling profession.

Channelizes Positive Energy

Positive ideas are channeled through the alexandrite birthstone, which also protects the body and mind from negativity. It raises one’s self-esteem, provides luck, and is viewed as a very favorable omen. The charm’s potent and shielding properties keep the wearer secure and shielded from harm and negative energy.

Enhances Intellectual & Creativity Abilities

Several astrologers thought that the planet Mercury ruled the Alexandrite gemstone because of its lovely blue-green tint. This seductive gem helps the wearer overcome perplexity, creative obstacles, and poor judgment by counteracting Mercury’s negative impacts. The benefits of the alexandrite stone include improving one’s mental faculties, which ultimately inspires one to make wise and successful decisions in life.

Promotes Professional Success

Success in business and the workplace is one of the most important advantages of alexandrite. It helps the wearer get past their struggles with acceptance and unstable careers. Wearers of this precious stone are said to receive fame, good fortune, and riches.

Properties of Real Alexandrite

Apart from the phenomenon of color change, natural alexandrite has numerous unique qualities that add to its overall worth.

Chrysoberyl, a mineral having the chemical composition BeAl204, is where alexandrites are derived. They have a specific gravity of 3.73, a birefringence of 0.008 to 0.010, and a refractive index of 1.746 to 1.755.

In many aspects of gem wearability, the Mohs scale is decisive. The more points a gem receives out of ten, the more durable it is. At an 8.5 on the Mohs scale, it is the hardest substance known to man. This indicates that it can be used in accessories like rings that might be subject to wear and tear. Real alexandrites are able to withstand pressure.

One of the remarkable inclusions that occurs in alexandrite is the phenomenon known as the cat’s eye. Mixed cuts are frequently used in the design of alexandrite. Lowering the mass completely cuts down on wastage and protects an already-dwindling supply because they are almost never seen in anything other than one-carat sizes.

Extravagant Origins of Alexandrite Real Stone

The first alexandrite specimens were found in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1834. Mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld found out more than he bargained for when what first appeared to be a lovely green stone abruptly changed into something resembling a ruby as the sun set. The power he had discovered was instantly apparent to him.

Alexandrite is said to be named after Russian Tsar Alexander, who was killed in 1881. The gem’s red and green, which were reminiscent of Imperial Russia’s hues, came to represent the royal family and Russia’s dominance during the height of the Imperial era.

The Russian alexandrite supply had practically been exhausted by the 1890s, and neither supply nor demand could be satisfied. Gemologists and jewelers alike were overjoyed in 1987 when a similarly miraculous discovery was made in Brazil.

Is natural alexandrite stable?

For the most part, itwill not change color or become brittle under regular wear conditions, making it unaffected by heat, light, or common chemicals.

How to care for natural alexandrite stone

For washing alexandrite, it is always secure to use warm, soapy water. Most steam and ultrasonic cleaners also do not pose any risks.

Is alexandrite gemstone expensive?

A top-tier gemstone that competes with rubies, diamonds, and emeralds is alexandrite. The alexandrite is, in fact, incredibly expensive, but this steep price is due to a number of elements, not just one quality.

Why love alexandrite gemstones?

The color displays of alexandrite make it one of the most expensive stones available, along with its scarcity. Indeed, alexandrite has the enviable reputation of being “an emerald by day and a ruby at night.”

Raw Alexandrite Vs. Real Alexandrite

Notwithstanding the fact that actual alexandrite is neither unprocessed and raw, it is crucial to establish that it can be produced in a lab. Nonetheless, due to its scarcity, raw alexandrite is preferred and valued at a significantly greater price.

Even though items that have been enhanced can still be stunning and genuine, most high-end jewelers only use gemstones that are found in nature. Natural gemstones are treasured not only for their rarity but also because they are a part of our planet’s geological history.

Alexandrite Stone Price

The origin, color, clarity, cut, shape, size, luster, inclusions, and certificate that it bears all affect the Alexandrite’s price per carat. The price of Alexandrite can range from Rs. 80,000 ($480) per carat to Rs. 18,00,000 ($8280) per carat and even more depending on the aforementioned quality combination. This lovely and delightful gemstone is a fantastic option for everyone thanks to its magnificent beauty, amazing shine, loupe-clean clarity, and exceptional color-change effect. Genuine, natural stone can be bought from reputable vendors.

Factors affecting stone price

According to Gem Experts, the Alexandrite effect or the spectacular color-change effect is the main reason for a member of Chrysoberyl family. But this gemstone’s quality is also determined by other characteristics, and it is possible to assess the gemstone’s value, quality, and authenticity using these criteria. The variables consist of:

For quite some time, the only source of massive and high quality it was the Ural region of Russia. Since Russia is the world’s leading producer of the finest and highest quality alexandrite, its products are extremely precious. Brazil, Tanzania, Madagascar, Myanmar, India, and Sri Lanka all have excellent Alexandrite specimens (Burma). The second-most sought-after kind of alexandrite is found in India and Brazil, and it is considerably less expensive than alexandrite from Russia.

The color-changing phenomena found in Alexandrite is called as the “Alexandrite effect,” and it is sometimes described as being “Emerald” by day and “Ruby” at night. Under natural daylight, the color appears blue-green, and under yellow artificial light, it appears red/purplish-red or brownish-red. The cost and quality of Alexandrite gemstones are based on the strength of the color-changing effect. It is more desirable when the intensity and uniformity of color are higher. Compared to Russian Alexandrite, the Sri Lankan Alexandrite has less uniform hue.

Alexandrite is a transparent gemstone with a Type II clarity grade that exhibits obvious imperfections and faults. Inclusions in Alexandrite can take the form of rutile, multi-phase inclusions, hollow tubes, and fingerprints. The quality of the Alexandrite can be significantly impacted if these inclusions are present and readily apparent to the naked eye. Faceted gemstones with admirable transparency and little imperfections that can be seen with the naked eye are uncommon, and their price rises as a result. The price of stones rises when certain specimens exhibit chatoyancy or a cat’s eye effect.

Brilliant-cut crowns and step-cut pavilions are two mixed cuts of alexandrite that are frequently used in jewelry. Due to its scarcity, it is typically faceted into triangular or kite shapes, while some specimens have parallel rows of facets arranged in concentric rows. The strongest color-change effect from Alexandrite requires a flawless cut, which can be difficult for gem cutters to achieve.

Diamond Weight
A really good quality Over one carats of alexandrite are extremely rare and very expensive. Jewelers choose Alexandrite because it is lightweight and has a modest size in the jewelry business.

Treatment of Alexandrite Stone Ring

Despite the possibility of fractures, alexandrite stones are typically not treated. Only warm, soapy water should be used to clean that include fractures.

Uniqueness of alexandrite stone rings

Every lady wants to feel unique and special, which is ideal because every alexandrite is different and special. Because of this, the piece of rings is much more emotional and unique, and women will treasure it almost as much as themselves.

Who should wear alexandrite birthstone rings?

June’s birthstone, alexandrite, also serves as a symbol of a couple’s fifty-fifth wedding anniversary. This gemstone ring is advised for Cancers by astrologers. Real Alexandrite gemstones can be worn by Leo, Gemini, Taurus, and Virgo ascendants. The Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, and Third Eye Chakra are a few of the important bodily chakras that this healing gemstone opens.

Alexandrite Jewelry

The gemstone alexandrite, sometimes known as “emerald by day, ruby by night,” is well renowned for exhibiting one of the most amazing color transitions in the gem world: green in direct sunshine, and red in incandescent light.

The first person to recognize the novelty of this unusually green, color-changing gemstone was renowned mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld. The combination of this gem’s beauty, fame, and rarity contributed to its mystique in the eyes of the general people.

In place of June’s conventional pearl birthstone by the 1950s, alexandrite was added to the list of birthstones, and became the exquisite jewelry of the nobles.

At the famed emerald mines of the Russian Ural Mountains, alexandrite and beryl were found together in 1834. Since it is a beryllium aluminum oxide rather than a silicate, it belongs to the chrysoberyl family, which is distinct from that of beryls. Chrysoberyls are ideal for use in jewelry because of its excellent durability and Mohs scale hardness of 8.5.

Jewelry made with Alexandrite
Jewelers and jewelry designers are most interested in the remarkable color-changing Alexandrite. The exceptional brightness, it impression, and alluring beauty of this lovely gemstone appeal to both men and women. Although being a relatively new gem variety, it is incredibly rare and hence highly prized by collectors and those who enjoy wearing gemstone jewelry. This gemstone is highly favored for constructing unique Alexandrite engagement rings due to its great durability and fascinating color-changing effect. Elleroses strives to give the modern brides and grooms a touch of individuality and charm by offering magnificent personalized engagement rings for men and women. The alluring Alexandrite’s alluring blue-green or purple-red hues have an appealing brilliance that glams up the wearer’s individuality. Natural Alexandrite rings, a pendant, and a bracelet are all part of Elleroses’ exclusive line of Alexandrite jewelry. At the Custom Jewelry Department, Alexandrite jewelry for both sexes can be customized. See our collection right away!

On the Mohs scale, alexandrite has a hardness of 8.5. The gemstone needs to be handled with regular care and gentleness to prevent scratches. You can clean the stone using warm, soapy water and a gentle brush, or you can follow the gemologists’ advice. However, using steam and ultrasonic cleaners to clean should be avoided because they can harm the gemstone.

Natural alexandrite jewelry

Gems are a wonderful way to add flair to any ensemble. It doesn’t take long once you start collecting jewelry to discover there is a significant distinction between costume jewelry and high-quality pieces. This holds true for lab-grown jewelry and genuine, natural Alexandrite jewelry.

Real Alexandrite Jewelry

An expert can also assist you by examining the gem’s refractive index. The refractive index of real alexandrite jewelry ranges from 1.746 to 1.755. It has two refractive indices.

Corundum, on the other hand, is also doubly reflective but only has a refractive index that ranges from 1.770 to 1.762. By examining the refractive index, spinel is even simpler to distinguish because it has a single refractive index of 1.73.