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Discover a wide variety of beautiful women’s wedding rings, from vintage-inspired creations to cutting-edge creations.

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We have a wide variety of wedding rings for men available in both traditional and modern designs.

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Ethically-Sourced Wedding Rings

Our carefully curated selection of women’s wedding rings and men’s wedding bands features a wide variety of styles perfect for commemorating your marriage, from simple gold bands to extravagant diamond eternity rings and beyond. Each of our wedding bands is handcrafted by skilled jewelers to the finest standards so that it can be worn and cherished for a lifetime. These wedding bands are destined to become treasured heirlooms, worn and admired by generations to come.

Our purpose is to build a jewelry business that is more ethical, transparent, and compassionate, and every Elleroses design, including our wedding rings, is carefully crafted to the highest standards of sourcing and sustainability to achieve this goal. Because of this dedication, our clients are able to see aesthetic value in our designs while also enjoying the confidence boost that comes from donning them.