Halo Ring | Square Halo Engagement & Wedding Diamond Rings Setting Buying Guide

Halo rings are gorgeous, classic jewelry items that have endured through many generations. These rings feature a halo of lesser diamonds surrounding the large diamond, creating a stunning and eye-catching show. A halo diamond ring is a wonderful option if you’re looking for an engagement ring, a gift for a special occasion, or a stunning piece of jewelry.

Brilliant Earth engagement rings are well-known for their diamonds and unique settings, especially halo engagement rings and round halo engagement rings.

Join us as we discuss halo rings, what they are, and the benefits of purchasing one.

A Guide to halo rings

A ring with a central diamond encircled by a halo of lesser diamonds is known as diamond halo rings. The largest and most visible stone on the ring is typically the primary diamond. On the other hand, the halo of lesser diamonds that surrounds it enhances the piece’s brilliance and brightness. Engagement rings frequently have diamond halo rings. However, they can also be used as jewelry for special occasions, such as an important birthday or anniversary.

People prefer halo rings for a number of reasons. First of all, the ring looks bigger than it is because of the tiny diamond ring that surrounds the center stone. They enhance the overall piece’s brilliance and shine, making the ring even more striking. They can also be a great method to draw attention to the main stone.

Furthermore, the halo setting protects the center stone, enabling you to select a softer stone as the primary gemstone. Due to the risk of breakage, rings for daily wear tend to avoid using softer stones. As a result, you can use your favorite gemstone to create a more distinctive design with less concern for damage.

Halo rings are incredibly adaptable. They can be used as an engagement ring, a gift to oneself, or interesting accessories to wear out. The appeal of the design is that you may purchase a very substantial piece of jewelry for less money than you would spend on one with a larger central stone. To the surprise of many, this rings can make the center stone appear up to half a carat larger.

The piece’s shape might also convey a deeper message. Marquise cuts and heart-shaped stones, for instance, are regarded as romantic gems. Oval and princess-cut shapes lend a retro vibe to them.

But with a halo style ring, you can essentially create any mood you like. There are no limitations!

Halo ring setting

The setting of a diamond halo ring is an important consideration as it affects the overall beauty and durability of the ring. Prong, bezel, and pave settings are the most typical types of settings used for diamond rings. You should pick the setting that most closely matches your preferences and demands because each of these has a distinctive appearance and amount of protection for the center diamond.

Prong Setting
For good reason, the prong setting is the most preferred design for diamond rings. The several prongs in this setting secure the main diamond while allowing the most amount of light to shine on it and provide the most amount of brilliance.

Bezel Setting
The center diamond in a bezel setting is encircled by a metal rim, or “bezel.” This option is often known as a “rub over” setting. This setting creates a more stable grip for the center diamond and offers greater protection from injury. Engagement rings and other special occasion jewelry frequently feature bezel settings.

Although this design might be very elegant-looking, it lowers the amount of light that can pass through the diamond, which reduces the sparkle and brilliance of the core stone.

Pave Setting
The pave setting surrounds the main diamond with a continuous glitter made of little diamonds that are arranged tightly together. White gold, yellow gold, and platinum are just a few of the metals that can be utilized to create the tiny diamonds used in pave settings. Halo rings and other types of diamond jewelry frequently have pave settings.

In conclusion, while selecting the ideal ring, the setting of a diamond halo band is an important consideration to take into account. The Elleroses online store offers a large assortment of rings to pick from, whether you like a prong setting for maximum brilliance, a bezel setting for security, or a pave setting for continuous shine.

What is a halo ring

The design of halo ring gives you plenty of room to express your individuality and creativity when designing your engagement ring’s show-stopping diamond centerpiece.

Are you attracted to the large engagement rings that lately appeared on royalty and other celebrities in the music and entertainment industries? With a “little” budget, do you want to create a huge impression? Unexpectedly, these two very different categories of engagement ring buyers have a connection to the stunningly lovely ring. And with good cause.

The halo ring is a type of ring setting in which a smaller diamond (or faceted color gemstone) circles a larger, more valuable center stone. These pavé stones sparkle and shine, drawing the eye and drawing attention back to the center stone.

Putting a large center diamond in a halo setting makes it appear even larger. And according to some estimations, a quarter-, third-, or half-carat diamond can appear to be as much as a half-carat larger. Therefore, a ring is an excellent investment regardless of your financial situation.

Halo cut ring: Pros and Cons

The halo cut ring setting’s main selling point is the way it enlarges the look of the ring and emphasizes the center stone. The purpose of the halo setting is to draw more attention to the center stone by making it appear larger and more brilliant than it actually is. The halo cut ring setting is most effective when the center stone and the accent stones are different colors. The contrast of hues and brightness adds to its aesthetic value.

While it’s true that a halo setting can make a center diamond appear larger and hence reduce the cost of the real stone, this isn’t always the case. The higher price tag is due to the increased complexity of the design (more metal and jewels = more expensive than a solitaire or three-stone setting). Halo cut ring settings require extra attention since the tiny diamonds that surround the bigger stone tend to slip out. A halo’s design and the edge it generates around the main stone can also make it tricky to match an engagement ring with a wedding band.

Halo band ring

The most traditional halo band features a large center stone set on a simple, slim band. Think of a white gold or platinum ring with a round diamond in the center surrounded by pavé stones of the same hue. The effect of “white on white on white” is striking. When coupled with a princess- or cushion-cut diamond, this style becomes even more timeless.

Halo style ring

A halo style is a memorable way to commemorate life’s milestones is full of memorable occasions that call for celebration. A gorgeous ring is the ideal way to remember them. A halo style ring is a beautiful and meaningful gift for any important event, including engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and more.

Halo solitaire ring

Many famous families have worn the halo solitaire from generation to generation. There are a few important things to think about when selecting a halo solitaire ring, including the metal type, the setting style, and the form of the center diamond. It’s also crucial that you get the ring from a trustworthy jeweler and get it properly insured.

Reasons why halo engagement rings are not going out of style

Unique modern style of halo designs keeps diamond rings with halos as popular as ever. In addition to being one of the most popular choices, they are also changing in interesting ways that make them more appealing to today’s brides. The popularity of halo engagement rings is at an all-time high.

Timeless and Iconic Look

The enduring popularity of halo engagement rings shows that it is not a passing trend.

Georgian (1714–1837) rings are the earliest known examples of halo engagement rings. After it, their popularity skyrocketed during the Victorian era (1837–1901). However, these “ancient” halo engagement rings did not look anything like what we think of today.

Halo engagement rings first appeared in the 1920s, during the height of the Art Deco era. With its recent popularity spike, halo ring is currently the second most popular type of engagement ring, behind the traditional solitaire ring. The ring is a modern take on the traditional solitaire. Although they have risen and fallen in popularity over time, their enduring appeal cannot be denied.

Given their long and storied history, it seems counterintuitive to label halo engagement rings as passé. Any argument to the contrary about the halo engagement ring is, well, silly. Like the single-stone engagement ring, they will never go out of style.

Brilliant earth engagement rings

Halo settings of brilliant earth engagement rings is conventional, and what’s more, it’s a setting that makes logical sense. The design possibilities are practically endless. It’s too large a grouping, a too-broad classification. On top of that, it has a purpose! A halo-style engagement ring is as unlikely to go out of style as sneakers.

The elegance of Brilliant Earth engagement rings lies in its adaptability. There is a wide variety of forms, stones, and contrasting metals from which to choose, allowing you to design a ring that is really one-of-a-kind. Want to check out some alternative designs for rings? Check out the brilliant concepts conceived by Elleroses online. And remember, you may create a one-of-a-kind design by combining different types of settings, stones, and metals!

Round halo engagement rings

The shape of the center diamond is completely up to the buyer. The most common shapes for halo engagement ring centers are round and princess cut diamonds, but you also have the option of selecting an oval, emerald, cushion, pear, or marquise diamond. Whatever your preference, a halo enhances any diamond shape. The Round brilliant is the most sought after because its fifty-seven symmetrical facets reflect light more effectively than any other shape, creating real classic round engagement rings.

Circle halo engagement rings

Modern, timeless halo settings made their debut in the 1920s, during the height of the Art Deco movement. These modern circle halo engagement rings include a core stone surrounded by a halo of smaller stones. They have perfect symmetry and intricate geometric designs. Circle halo engagement rings have been a consistent runner-up in terms of popularity since the 1920s. Celebrities in Hollywood are a good example of this.

Benefits of halo wedding rings

The following are just a few of the many advantages of selecting wedding rings:

Increased Brilliance: The smaller diamonds that make up the halo around the larger diamond contribute to its increased radiance and brilliance.

Increased Visual Size: The halo of lesser diamonds surrounds the larger center diamond, creating the impression that it is larger and weighs more carats.

Increased Durability: Diamonds are among the world’s toughest materials, which increases their durability. The primary diamond is shielded from wear and tear by the halo of diamonds surrounding it.

Timeless Style: Halo wedding rings, which have been popular for many years and are regarded as timeless jewelry, are examples of this. They can be handed down as family treasures for many years and will never go out of style.

Stacked wedding rings halo

Even if the central diamond is safer in a stacked wedding rings halo setting, the lesser stones are still at risk of falling out or being misplaced. This implies that these rings typically need more regular maintenance and care to preserve their original state. Maybe the halo isn’t the ideal choice if you’re looking for something low-maintenance.

This stacked wedding rings halo setting is annoying because the main diamond is usually positioned higher than the side stones. The higher setting frequently snags on fabrics and other items of apparel.

Double halo engagement ring

The 2010s saw the widespread adoption of the halo engagement ring, which saw its popularity peak.

The halo engagement ring is still quite popular, but recent years have seen a shift in terms of the styles available.

Modern halo engagement rings have a wide variety of styles, from Art Deco to Georgian and Victorian influences. But it’s not just that; halo engagement rings are also appearing on the market that are unlike any others in history. It harmoniously combines elements from the past, the present, and the future.

As the name suggests, a double halo is achieved by surrounding the focal stone with not one but two concentric bands of lesser stones. The ring’s worth and radiance are both enhanced by a double halo. However, the center stone could go lost, and the double halo engagement ring as a whole can be too big for people with tiny hands.

Square halo engagement rings

Now you know that ovals, emerald cuts, pear and marquise diamonds can be featured in a halo engagement ring in addition to the standard round and princess cuts. When “wrapped” in a coordinating halo, the sharp corners of a pear or marquise diamond are less likely to turn a woman off. The radiant cut, which combines the sophistication of an emerald with the fire and brilliance of a round, can also provide that unique something more.

The square diamond’s popularity has skyrocketed over the past year. The cushion cut is a hybrid of the round brilliant and princess shapes, resulting in a square or rectangular stone with rounded corners and a pillowy appearance. The attractiveness of square halo engagement rings is amplified by its beautiful square cut design.

Gold halo engagement rings

Maintaining the beauty and luster of gold halo engagement rings requires proper care. The following advice will help you keep your ring in top condition:

Cleaning: To clean your ring, use a soft cloth and warm, soapy water on a regular basis. Precious metals used in the setting and band as well as strong chemicals and abrasives should be avoided.

Storage: Keep your gold halo engagement ring in a location that is both safe and secure, like a jewelry box or a safe deposit box. Keep your ring away from harsh chemicals and high temperatures. Use a velvet or similar soft pouch while traveling.

Insuring: Consider getting your gold engagement ring insured to guard against loss, theft, or damage.

Gold engagement rings are magnificent, classic jewelry items that are ideal for many special events. A gold halo engagement ring is a wonderful option if you’re looking for an engagement ring or a proposal gift. These gold rings, which have a core diamond encircled by a halo of lesser diamonds, are sure to stand out and bring you years of pleasure.

Yellow gold halo engagement rings

Any bride can wear yellow gold halo engagement rings, whether she prefers tradition or retro style. Yellow gold halo rings look great with diamonds and priceless gemstones like rubies and emeralds, as the surface is warm and bright and really showcases the vibrant jewel tones. If you want something traditional for your wedding jewelry, yellow gold is the best choice.

White gold halo engagement rings

The white gold’s cool, light tone makes halo engagement rings both modern and elegant. Since it is then plated in rhodium, white gold is more resistant to wear and scratching than yellow gold, thus its brand-new condition will endure longer. If you like white luster, choose one of these white gold halo engagement rings.

Pave halo engagement rings

The shank of your diamond engagement ring plays a significant role in the ring’s aesthetic appeal. The visual appeal of your ring will also be affected by the shank’s form and size. Look for a ring with a pave-set shank if you want even more sparkle. This will really make things shine! A split shank, in which the shank is divided into two or more thinner bands, is another option worth considering if glitz and glamour are your thing. Diamonds can also be set into each of these pave engagement rings. Visualize an abundance of flashy jewelry. The addition of a twist adds even more flair to shanks.

Your ring can have a unique appearance by using contrasting pavé gemstones. You are free to use examples that are outrageous or subtle. Sapphires and rubies set around a colorless diamond are lovely possibilities for pavé. Or think about the opposite: a fancy vivid-yellow diamond in the middle, surrounded by colorless diamonds.

Halo engagement rings for women

Even while traditional halo engagement bands have been popular for decades, cutting-edge halo engagement rings for women from high-end designers and affordable private label jewelers are shaking things up. In our opinion, the halo engagement ring setting has all the makings of becoming “the most popular engagement ring setting” for the simple reason that it can accommodate so many different styles and preferences.

Unique halo engagement rings

Spend some time browsing online for images of contemporary halos to see what you prefer if you’re looking for unique halo engagement rings.

The center stone might be a ruby or a sapphire, two of the most popular options among valuable gemstones in addition to classic diamond. If you’re on a tighter budget, consider a pavé or cluster setting for your diamonds instead of a larger center stone. Several smaller stones can add up to the same carat weight as one huge stone, but at a far more affordable price.

Halo bridal sets

Halo bridal sets can be difficult to resize. Your Halo engagement ring can be resized, but with some effort and caution. The band or shank of the ring must be resized in order to create a smaller ring. If you want the bridal sets’ integrity preserved, you should take it to a trustworthy jeweler.

How to choose the Perfect halo diamond rings

For a variety of special occasions, including engagements, marriages, anniversaries, and birthdays, halo diamond rings can be worn. They also make beautiful pieces of jewelry that can be worn every day.

There are various important elements to take into account while selecting a diamond ring. These include the setting of the ring, the design of the item as a whole, the size and quality of the central diamond, the size and quality of the halo diamonds, and so on.

The Central Diamond

The most significant component of a diamond ring is the central diamond, therefore picking the proper one is crucial. The diamond’s size, cut, clarity, color, and carat weight should all be taken into account. A larger diamond will often be more expensive, but it will also be more striking and captivating. A smaller diamond, on the other hand, can be more reasonably priced and understated. A smaller stone won’t have the same degree of impression.

Diamonds Halo

The halo diamonds in a diamond ring are just as significant as the center stone since they increase the primary stone’s brilliance and sparkle. Along with the halo’s size, you should think about the halo diamonds’ size, cut, clarity, and color. Generally speaking, a larger diamond halo will cost more money. However, it will also be more dramatic and arresting.

Halo Ring Style

The diamond halo ring’s general design is something else you should take into account. There are many different styles available, such as traditional, retro, and modern. Choose a design that most accurately captures your unique sense of style and taste.

Halo Setting

The two designs of halo setting are flush and floating. In a flush halo setting, the main stone sits flush against the halo. The center stone is separated from and raised above the halo by the prongs, giving the appearance of a “floating halo.” This separates the halo around the main stone from the stone itself. It all comes down to personal taste and the style you’re going for.

1 carat halo diamond ring

The 1 carat halo diamond ring is a beautiful combination of modern and classic elements. Placing it in a nature-inspired flower shape gives the halo soft undulations. That makes 1 carat  diamond ring is a gorgeous blend of the natural and the novel. Although the aesthetic is reminiscent of Victorian times, the fire and scintillation are unmistakably from the progressive era we name “the present.”

2 carat halo diamond ring

Platinum or white gold are the traditional options for a 2 carat halo diamond ring. Though you might find that yellow gold is the ideal complement as you consider your halo selections. White gold would emphasize the tint, which you probably don’t want to do unless you have a naturally yellow diamond. Yellow gold, on the other hand, minimizes the tint, making it a fantastic choice for diamonds with some yellow in them. Two-tone settings might be a fun option. Moreover, rose gold is gaining popularity as a material for engagement rings. It can give off a feeling of nostalgia and its delicate, pinkish hue can bring out the best in other colored gemstones, such a green peridot.

3 carat halo diamond ring

Thin micro-pave halos are all the rage in modern halo engagement rings, which typically feature a massive center stone. It provides the same safety and contrast as larger halo settings while letting the center stone take center stage. This 3 carat diamond ring for an engagement is unlike any other. The gold band really makes the round brilliant center stone stand out, and the channel setting on the band adds just the right amount of vintage flair.