Claddagh Ring | Irish Diamond Claddagh Ring Womens: Hands Holding Heart Meaning and How To Wear

Even the jewelry we wear, the way we live our lives is heavily influenced by Irish tradition. Claddagh rings, however, are the only jewelry that truly represents Irish culture. Men and women wear this distinctive Irish ring today as a sign of love, friendship, and loyalty all over the world. It has a long history. If you’re interested in learning more about the irish Claddagh ring (i.e gold claddagh ring), you’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk about the claddagh ring meaning, the history of this ring and various symbolic meanings.

Claddagh rings

Originally created hundreds of years ago, the Claddagh rings have become an enduring symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty in Ireland. It’s made up of a heart in the center of two joined hands and a crown on top.

Simple gold Claddagh rings were the first to be worn. They can be found in a wide variety of styles and materials nowadays, from simple bands made of sterling silver to elaborate rings set with valuable stones.

The wearing of Claddagh rings is a part of culture for some Irish families. As a symbol of continuity, the ring is passed down from mother to eldest daughter.

It is not necessary to have Irish ancestry to wear Claddagh rings. They can be given as tokens of friendship, affection, or loyalty.

Buying Claddagh rings for oneself is considered unlucky by some. Many modern consumers, however, ignore this old wives’ tale. Buying a Claddagh ring for oneself is a beautiful gesture of self-care that also shows your appreciation for, and pride in, the Irish culture.

History of Claddagh

One of Ireland’s most recognizable and priceless symbols is the Claddagh. The purity of a treasured relationship—friendship (cairdeas), love (grá), and loyalty (dílseacht)—is represented by two hands around a heart with a crown on it.

The majority of the legends that surround the Claddagh ring’s original design trace to Galway fisherman Richard Joyce. Joyce was taken prisoner by pirates in the late 17th century and sold into slavery. He created a gold ring for his true love with three symbols on it while he was still in servitude back in Galway: a heart of love, a crown of devotion, and hands of friendship. When he was finally allowed to return to home village of Claddagh, he married the woman who had been waiting for him for years.

It wasn’t the first of this sort, the Claddagh ring. From at least Roman times, fede rings include some variant of joined hands. Italian for “hands clasped in faith” is “mani in fede.”

What is a claddagh ring

Each of the three components of a Claddagh ring has its own significance: In this symbol, the heart represents love, the crown represents loyalty, and the hands represent friendship.

The Claddagh rings, originally from the west of Ireland, are now worn all over the world to symbolize friendship and love.

Claddagh ring meaning

The various parts of this ring have come to symbolize different things over the years. The Irish ring is a symbol of undying loyalty and unwavering friendship. Both the heart and the crown have meanings related to love and loyalty.

When combined, these qualities provide for the ideal friendship, love, and loyalty. For this reason, the Claddagh band is frequently used as a wedding or engagement ring. Depending on which of the three virtues you choose to have symbolized by your Irish ring, here are some situations in which you might want to consider wearing one.

Love: The ring can be worn as a representation of your love for yourself, your significant other, your family, or a close friend, as the heart is a universal symbol of affection.

Friendship: The hands represent friendship, thus you might wear the ring to show that you place a high priority on friendship.

Loyalty: Because the crown suggests it, wearing the ring can symbolize your allegiance to your loved ones, whether they be family, friends, or your significant other.

Hands holding heart

The Claddagh ring, also known as fáinne Chladaigh in Irish, is a vintage item of jewelry with a long history in Ireland. Two hands are joined together, a heart is in the center, and a crown is on top.

The first rings ever worn had simple designs and were made of gold. These days, you can get them in anything from a plain band of sterling silver to a ring encrusted with expensive gemstones.

Claddagh symbol

What’s the point of shamrocks, Celtic knots, and St. Patrick’s Day? They all stand for icons of Ireland’s vibrant culture.

Many centuries ago, the Celts started to develop their own civilization. They constituted a group of tribes from central Europe who were related by language, culture, and tradition as well as by shared religious convictions. In western Europe, the Celtic civilization started to develop as early as 1200 B.C. Many of their cultural traditions were especially well-known in Ireland and Great Britain.

The Claddagh ring’s past is one example of such a legacy. It is a traditional Irish wedding ring that features two hands grasping a heart that is crowned.

It’s worn as a symbol of family history, although it is usually associated with some kind of relationship status or engagement. It has a fascinating history and is a wonderful symbol of adoration, devotion, and friendship.

Claddagh ring rules

The Claddagh ring has a few straightforward rules for wearing it:

Are you single and seeking love? Wear it on your right hand with the heart’s pointer facing the tip of your finger. The wearer’s heart is open to love as seen by the way it is facing away from them.

Wear on the right hand with the heart’s point toward the wrist if you are in a committed relationship. The wearer’s heart has been taken if their heart is turned inside.

Wear it on your left hand with the heart’s point toward your fingertip if you are engaged.

If you are married, wear it on your left hand with the heart’s point toward your wrist.

Claddagh ring history

The mists of time have clouded the ring’s past.

The design’s allure is in great part due to the mystery and folklore surrounding it. But it is understood that the clasped hand motif, which dates back to Roman times, has long been regarded as a sign of friendship and trust.

Rings with this clasped hand pattern are known as “fede” rings and have long been closely associated with devotion, love, and marriage.

The Claddagh ring dates back to the 17th century and was allegedly created by William Joyce, a jeweller from Galway. The folktale, however, offers a different story, and the romanticism of it matches the story’s metaphorical ring.

Claddagh ring ireland

There is nothing else like a Claddagh ring Ireland. It is a piece of jewelry with a rich history veiled in folklore and the mists of time. The Ring is a significant part of Irish forefathers’ traditions, Elleroses is proud to uphold them.

Over a hundred exquisitely created traditional Irish, Claddagh, and Celtic rings are available from us. You can go through all of our Claddagh ring Ireland.

If you have any queries or need assistance picking the ideal ring from our collection, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Wear your Claddagh Ring with pride.

How to wear a claddagh ring

Anyone can wear a Claddagh ring, regardless of whether they are single, engaged, or married. But there is something special about this lovely ring, which is that it can be worn in different ways depending on the wearer’s status.

1. If you are single, place the ring on your right hand with the heart facing outward.

2. Wear the ring on your right hand with the heart pointing inwards while you’re in a relationship.

3. To propose, place the ring on the third finger of your raised hand with the heart facing outward.

4. When wearing a wedding band, position it on the third finger of your dominant hand with the heart facing inward.

The Claddagh ring is as elegant as it is functional; folklore, symbolism, and tradition come together to create a stunning accessory that everyone can wear.

Claddagh Ring – The Folklore

A young man from the Galway fishing village of Claddagh is the protagonist of this folk story. He spends years in captivity remembering Claddagh and his lost love in his fantasies after being sold into slavery.

He has often pondered the possibility that his lady love may not be waiting for him when he finally returns home. Over time, he steals gold from his master and fashions a ring. The first Claddagh ring. The tradition of the Claddagh ring began when he returned to Claddagh and found his love waiting for him.

Would William Joyce be the name of this young man? It’d be lovely to believe that.

Do men wear clatter rings?

Today, both men and women wear Claddagh rings (a.k.a clatter rings). A Claddagh Ring denotes for many a respect for Irish history, whether for romantic or familial reasons. Several high-profile Irish men in Hollywood are known to proudly display their rings. Celebrities such as Daniel Day Lewis, Colin Farrell, and Hollywood star Gabriel Byrne have all been photographed while wearing traditional Irish symbol.

Heart in hands ring

The traditional Irish proverb that describes the meaning of the heart in hands ring reads, “With these hands, I give you my heart and crown it with my love.” Love, loyalty, and friendship are all symbols of the ring’s meaning. Two hands, joined together, surround a heart that wears a crown in the traditional Claddagh design.

Hands holding heart ring

Each of the three components of a hands holding heart ring has its own significance: A symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship all rolled into one: a crowned heart held aloft by two hands. The Claddagh ring, originally from the west of Ireland, has become an international symbol of friendship and love.

Celtic ring

Legends and stories about the Celtic people and the symbols they employed in their daily life have been passed down through the ages. English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern French, and Irish were the traditional homelands of the Celts.

Celtic symbols are employed in modern times to make contact with the past and the family tree. They add a unique and stylish touch to a variety of modern jewelry designs, particularly those from Ireland. Elleroses uses a variety of these and other knots and weaves in contemporary Celtic jewelry designs.

The original Celtic knot dates back to prehistoric times. When used as a wedding or engagement ring, this symbol takes on special significance because of the meanings associated with its three sides—earth, water, and fire—and the continuous line.

Culotta ring

When it comes to Irish jewelry, culotta rings are must-haves.

Love, loyalty, and friendship are all represented in the design of the Claddagh Ring, the most well-known of all Irish rings. Wearing a culotta ring in a particular way is meant to symbolize its meaning.

Irish rings in sterling silver, gold, and with diamonds and emeralds are all available here.

Clodder ring

The Irish Claddagh ring is a symbol of unattachment and availability when worn on the right ring finger. Similar clodder ring worn on the left hand denotes a person who is single yet committed emotionally. Wearing a clodder ring on the left hand indicates marital status when the crown is closest to the fingertip and the heart is facing the wearer’s chest.

Clotter ring

Although there are many lovely myths and legends about where they initially appeared, the most widely held belief is that they were created in or near the Galway village of Claddagh. Galway Bay, where the River Corrib empties into it, is a popular tourist destination. The name “Galway” comes from the Irish word “cladach,” which meaning “shore.” The wearing of a clotter ring is not indicative of any particular ancestry, but it is a wonderful way to show pride in connections to Ireland’s beautiful western coast.

Colada ring

“Cladach” means “seashore” in Gaelic. The origin of the Claddagh ring can be traced back to County Galway, Ireland, in the 17th century. The oldest known colada ring was just brought back to its native Galway.

Heart crown ring

Rings depicting heart crown ring while protecting its heart with a crown are known as Claddagh Rings (pronounced “Clah-dah”). The Claddagh symbol has its roots in Western Ireland. Gaelic, the language spoken in Ireland, is where the name “Claddagh” originates.

Claddagh ring origin

Although the Claddagh is linked to Ireland, the Roman Empire is actually where this ancient claddagh ring origin.

The Claddagh ring, in its contemporary form, is widely regarded as a Celtic emblem and an icon of Irish history, despite the fact that the design dates back to the Roman Empire and first gained popularity as wedding and engagement rings during the Renaissance. The style that is so well-known today had its beginnings in Galway, Ireland, in the late 1600s.

Custom claddagh ring

If your significant one’s birthday falls in May, you can custom claddagh ring with the emerald and has been linked to a touching poem on the joys of marriage. Some say that if a lady marries while wearing her birthstone, she will be a happy wife for the rest of her life. Since an engagement ring will be worn for the rest of a bride and groom’s lives together, it’s traditional to include some sort of good luck charm in the design.

Unique claddagh ring

Numerous cultures and time periods have honored the Emerald for various reasons. The magnificently green scenery that spreads from every corner of our wonderful tiny country has earned Ireland the nickname the Emerald Isle, which has become synonymous with the emerald. For many, the combination of the Emerald with the distinctive Claddagh design is a unique option because of the associations it conjures with their Irish ancestry, travels to Ireland, or other ties to the Emerald Isle. So, choose your own unique Claddagh ring.

Claddagh ring near me

Whether you’re looking for a fantastic present or just want to spoil yourself, claddagh ring near me are likely to provide just what you need. There is a wide variety of claddagh rings available to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. You can find something for any event or outfit among the many different traditional and modern styles.

Where to buy claddagh ring

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Cheap claddagh ring

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Claddagh ring for sale

The history of the Claddagh ring for sale is rich in myth and romance. This stunningly original Celtic pattern has carried symbolic meanings of devotion and fidelity since the 17th century.

Claddagh design

The Claddagh ring can be the right option for you if you want to gift a token of your friendship, love, or devotion that carries centuries’ worth of history and significance. Since Roman times, people have used many variations of the well-known claddagh design, which shows two hands (symbolizing friendship) grasping a heart (symbolizing love), typically capped with a crown (which stands for fidelity).

Claddagh jewelry

Claddagh jewelry is a popular choice since it is both beautiful and historically significant. It is likely to be the focal point of any outfit thanks to the air of classic beauty it exudes. Claddagh jewelry has been a fashion industry favorite for decades, and its popularity is only growing among today. Claddagh jewelry, whether in the form of a necklace, or a pair of earrings, is a great way for ladies to accessorize and feel more glamorous. The Elleroses is home to an exquisite collection of Irish Claddagh Jewelry, from rings and necklaces to earrings and bracelets, that are sure to be treasured keepsakes for years to come.

Claddagh necklace meaning

A beautiful token of love, loyalty, and friendship, an Irish Claddagh necklace is the perfect present for any event. Wearing a piece of Claddagh jewelry is a symbol of never-ending love and trust. Two hands clasping a heart and a crown form the central motif of the Claddagh design.

3 Things Irish claddagh ring say about you

Jewelry is more than just an accessory; it should be a physical manifestation of the wearer’s identity and story. Despite the abundance of lovely but generic jewelry options, nothing beats a custom-made Irish Claddagh ring for symbolizing the significance of your past, your dreams for the future, your core beliefs, and your impeccable sense of style.

The striking design of the traditional Irish Claddagh Ring can allude to countless facets of the wearer’s identity and can be worn on any occasion. You can find Claddagh promise rings, Claddagh engagement rings, Claddagh bands with birthstones, and even men’s Irish Claddagh rings among the many varieties of Claddagh jewelry. In addition, the history behind the Irish Claddagh ring is just as heartfelt and special as that of any other type of ring.

If you’re ready to show the world what’s in your heart by wearing an Irish Claddagh ring on your finger, these are the top seven things any observer will learn about you just by looking at your ring.

Ireland is in your heart

Let’s pretend you happen to catch the reflection of a Claddagh ring on someone’s finger. You would probably be correct in assuming that this person’s ancestry (or at the very least their loyalty and love) originates in the lovely Emerald Isle. This is a common interpretation of the Irish Claddagh ring.

The Claddagh ring is still very well-liked in Ireland, but it has also become a symbol of national identity for many descendants of Irish immigrants in the United States, Canada, and abroad. Putting a Claddagh ring on the finger of a non-Irish friend or romantic partner is like welcoming them with open arms into the fold, and wearing one is like remembering with great fondness the land in which one’s history is rooted.

Wearing a Claddagh ring in public is a surefire way to be immediately recognized as Irish by anyone else who shares even a trace of your ancestry’s green blood, and due to the ring’s widespread, also be identified by many who are not. Wear that ring with pride, and don’t be surprised if you get more compliments from strangers than usual when you go out and about wearing it because the Irish are, according to recent studies, the Irish are among the most admired people in the world because of their charisma, sense of humor, and generosity.

You know what’s important in life

The exquisite and distinctive design of the Claddagh ring was not an accident. Typically, a crown sits atop the symbol, which depicts two hands firmly clutching a heart. Love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown) are all portrayed in the design of the ring to symbolize their importance in the lives of Irish people.

The user of a Claddagh ring will never go astray in life if they keep in mind and practice these three virtues. Because of this, Claddagh rings are often given as gifts not just between lovers, but also between friends and family members, symbolizing the giver and receiver’s eternal love and commitment to one another. No one form of connection is more valued than any other, and that’s something to celebrate with a Claddagh ring. This ring’s longstanding popularity can be attributed, in part, to the message of equality it supports.

You love to love

The Irish Claddagh ring significance is obvious when it is given in a courtship-oriented manner. It’s a sign that a relationship is likely to last. Whether a couple has been together for three weeks or three decades, it is a meaningful and clever gift. As an extra bonus, the way it is worn can be changed anytime a relationship takes the great step from one stage to the next.

The four ways to wear a Claddagh ring (and its associated meanings), as stated by Irish author Colin Murphy in The Feckin’ Book of Everything Irish, are actually rather straightforward:

The owner is unmarried and may be open to the notion of starting a new romance if the ring is worn on the right hand with the tip of the heart pointing towards the fingertips.

If the heart’s tip is oriented toward the wrist and the ring is worn on the right hand, the wearer is committed to that specific someone.

The wearer has recently said a very excited “yes!” if the ring is worn on the left hand and the heart’s tip is directed in the direction of the fingertips. Congratulations. They are engaged!

When the heart’s tip is pointed toward the wrist on a Claddagh ring worn on the left hand, the wearer is a happily married person who wants the world to know it.

The History of this Irish Ring

Claddagh, a little fishing community not far from Galway City, is the origin of the Irish Claddagh ring. The Irish word cladach, meaning “flat stony beach or shore,” is the source of the English name “Claddagh.”

The original Claddagh ring was supposedly made by a Galway fisherman named Richard Joyce sometime in the 17th century. The story begins with the kidnapping of the Joyce family fisherman by pirates off the coast of the West Indies.

Richard Joyce was among those who were sold into slavery and forced to work for a Moorish jeweler in Africa. He started with a tiny sliver of gold every day and eventually fashioned the first Irish Claddagh ring out of it.

Joyce created a straightforward band that features a pair of hands holding a heart and a crown. Joyce hoped that his love would remain loyal to him even while he was away, and these symbols signified that.

Joyce returned to Ireland and presented the ring to his beloved, who wore it as a token of their unending devotion to one another. The Irish ring has evolved into a beloved representation of Ireland’s rich history and culture.

According to a second legend, the first Claddagh ring was exchanged at the wedding of an Irish woman named Margaret Joyce and a Spaniard named Domingo de Rona in the 16th century. When her husband passed away, she inherited his fortune and utilized it to build bridges in Sligo and Galway. The first Claddagh ring fell from the sky and landed in her lap as a token of appreciation for her kindness.

The Irish ring has mystical properties, and it doesn’t matter how the first one was made. It’s had quite the adventure through time, and it’s still a must-have for any fan of Irish jewelry.

Irish ring meaning

When daughters or granddaughters reached adulthood or got married, mothers or grandmothers would frequently give them their Claddagh rings. Irish rings are given nowadays for a variety of reasons:

Promise or engagement rings: Many people choose to present or wear Irish claddagh rings as a symbol of their commitment to a romantic relationship or marriage. The bottom of the heart should point in the direction of the wearer when the ring is worn on the right hand to indicate dating, and the top of the heart should point up when the ring is worn on the left hand to indicate engagement. Emeralds or diamonds are frequently used to adorn these rings.

Friendship: Irish Claddagh rings, given as a token of friendship, symbolize unwavering support and the confidence to let love in. When the ring is worn on the right hand, the base of the heart faces away from the wearer, indicating that the wearer is single.

Irish heritage: People having Irish descent frequently wear the Irish rings as signs of belonging to or pride in their history.

Irish heart ring: Style variations

Despite the fact that every Irish heart ring (Claddagh ring) has the same central design—two hands clasping a heart—there are many ways to make each one special. Some choices are:

Fenian rings are a variant of the Claddagh that omits the traditional crown above the heart. In the 1800s, the crown was taken out of the design to symbolize Ireland’s desire for independence from Britain.

Claddagh puzzle rings have an intricate design and an air of mystery thanks to its interlocking rings and a bolt that the wearer can twist to unsettle.

Swap out the metal heart for a heart-shaped color gemstone, maybe in the wearer’s birthstone, for a more individualized take on the classic Claddagh ring design.

Irish friendship ring

If you’re wearing a Claddagh ring in honor of friendship, you can position it however you see fit. Irish friendship ring can be worn in any way you like.

Irish love ring

The Claddagh has become a universal symbol of friendship and love thanks to its versatility. The Irish love ring is usually given as a symbol of commitment to a romantic relationship, such as a promise ring, engagement ring, or wedding band. The ring can also serve as a reminder of a special friendship. The Claddagh is also worn by many people as a lovely reminder of their Irish ancestry or as a keepsake from a vacation to Ireland.

Irish relationship ring

Given its long history, the continued popularity of the Claddagh ring is a monument to the deeply personal significance that wearers of the band, both young and old, attribute to it. Due to the sentimental nature of its wearers, Irish relationship rings are frequently used as family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation in meaningful exchanges between mothers and their eldest daughters or grandmothers and granddaughters on milestone birthdays or other occasions marking the passage of time and the passage of womanhood. A Claddagh ring passed down through the generations should be held in high regard for the legacy of loyalty and affection it represents. Put it on with confidence, knowing that you are never truly alone.

Traditional irish ring

The traditional Irish ring is not only incredibly meaningful, but it is also one of the oldest “brands” associated with Ireland that is still popular today. Despite the fact that the word “Claddagh ring” did not enter common usage until the 1830s, historical documents demonstrate that the rings had been made in County Galway since at least the year 1700.

Irish callaghan ring

Over three hundred years ago, in the same County Galway fishing community of the same name, the story of irish callaghan ring began. Even now, the combination of the heart, which represents love, the hands, which represent friendship, and the crown, which represents loyalty, is a powerful and enduring emblem of Ireland.

Elegantly wrought in sterling silver and fine gold, with gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, and Ireland’s ancient Connemara Marble set in prominent positions.

Irish traditional wedding ring

The crown, heart, and hands of a Claddagh ring stand for friendship, love, and loyalty, respectively. The ancestor of the modern Claddagh ring is the “Gimmel Ring,” also known as the “Fede,” which consists of two or three interlocking rings. The Gimmel Ring is a medieval custom with deep roots. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York houses a stunning Gimmel Ring. Traditional Gimmel Ring ceremonies involve each future spouse wearing this irish traditional wedding ring before they are united in marriage.

Gold claddagh rings

According to folklore, the original Claddagh ring was crafted from yellow gold.

However, there is no hard and fast rule that says modern Claddagh rings have to deviate from the classic design.

In order to enhance the ring’s elegance, contemporary fine jewelry designers often experiment with different precious metals and even add gemstones.

White gold, rose gold, or even black gold is an option for the fashion-forward individual who wants to stand out from the crowd.

The black gold Claddagh Ring exemplifies the risk-taking nature of contemporary fashion.

The Prince Ring is another example of how well rose gold can complement a traditional Claddagh design.

White gold claddagh ring

One of the most popular forms of Irish Engagement rings available now is the white gold Claddagh ring. The significance of the ring has made it a popular choice for engaged couples with Irish ancestry or an interest in Ireland. A traditional engagement ring symbolizes a commitment to marry, but a Claddagh band also symbolizes a lifelong commitment to love, loyalty, and friendship.

White gold, with its sleek appearance, is frequently chosen for Claddagh rings. To get its white, shining appearance, gold is alloyed with metals like nickel or palladium. White gold’s crisp, clean sound is reminiscent of silver, but the metal is far more costly and long-lasting.

Yellow gold claddagh ring

A yellow gold Claddagh ring is a timeless classic. It’s a popular choice due to the metal’s rarity, monetary worth, and aesthetic appeal. Gold comes in a variety of hues, from yellow to white to pink. The tone of yellow gold is warm and traditional, whereas that of white gold is more contemporary.

14k gold claddagh ring

About 58% pure gold is combined with other metals to create 14k gold, which also includes silver, nickel, copper, and palladium. The golden hue of 14k gold isn’t as strong as it is in 18k gold, which is 75% pure gold. Gold is soft, but 14k has less of it than 18k, so it lasts longer. So, if you want your ring last longer, choose 14K gold claddagh ring.

Silver claddagh rings

In comparison to more expensive metals like gold and platinum, silver is a more wallet-friendly option for a Claddagh ring. It’s a useful material for an everyday ring because it’s strong and lasts a long time. Silver claddagh rings are brilliant with a sharp, clean vibe.

What to consider when purchasing claddagh engagement ring

Fit and aesthetics are two factors to consider while picking out a Claddagh engagement ring. You may get the perfect fit for your ring by requesting our free ring sizer before making any final decisions. Making ensuring your handmade Claddagh engagement ring fits tightly and securely is of the utmost importance, as ring size can change for a variety of reasons (including food, temperature, and time of day).

When you’ve confirmed the proper fit, the real fun can begin! Men can pick from a wide variety of stylish Claddaghs. Some of the more “traditional” examples are depicted up top. Instead of being a traditional three-stone ring, a “modern” Men’s Claddagh engagement ring could simply be a band with the three symbols. Many men choose to have their Claddagh engagement rings oxidized to give them a more manly appearance.

We’ve established that Claddagh engagement rings are appropriate for both sexes. We learned the historical and emotional ties between the Gimmel and the ring. We also learned that a number of well-known Hollywood stars, both for sentimental and patriotic motives, regularly don the recognizable style. Finally, we discussed the value of obtaining a ring that fits well and complements your personal style. We hope you’ll find the suggestions for Claddagh engagement rings helpful as you continue your search.

Claddagh engagement ring set

You should select the metal first while looking for the perfect claddagh engagement ring set. Is it a platinum, white gold, or yellow gold band you’re after? When shopping for a claddagh engagement ring, prioritize the manufacturer’s reputation over the price tag.

Always choose an Irish-made ring to one that was imported from China to ensure authenticity. From all corners of the globe, thousands of individuals come to us in search of the perfect Claddagh engagement ring set. Only the finest Claddagh engagement ring set, expertly crafted, are sold by us.

His and hers claddagh rings

The ring is a lovely example of the his and hers rings given to those in love since medieval times.

All his and hers claddagh rings share the same history of being given as tokens of love and devotion between partners in romantic relationships. They were frequently offered as tokens of affection between long-distance lovers.

Male claddagh ring meaning

The Gimmel Ring, and by extension the Claddagh, has a rich history as a token of fidelity and affection. The ring is also a popular choice for men’s jewelry. A man who wears a Claddagh ring today is literally donning a piece of Irish heritage. Men’s style is typically bulkier and heavier, and the designs are typically cut into a straight band. The centuries-old custom embodied in a men’s Claddagh ring. The Ring is by far the most common option for gentlemen seeking to sport the design, while the design has been seen on cufflinks and even pocket watches.

Claddagh ring womens: Styles and Materials

While the three essential features of a Claddagh ring womens—hands, heart, and crown—are universally agreed upon, there is a wide range of design options available. Some are formed by cutting, casting, or molding the metal, while others have the symbols carved or etched directly into the metal itself. Men typically favor the wide, bulky rings, but ladies can also find versions with a thinner band.

There is a wide range of materials to choose from. While silver and gold are the most common metals for Claddagh rings, many others can be utilized. It’s not uncommon to see a silver band with hands clasped around a gold heart, or a heart-shaped gem set into the ring between the two hands. Many Claddagh rings womens include a variety of birthstones, the most common of which are diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. Leather versions of the ring are also available. Whether made of gold, silver, or another precious metal, a Claddagh ring womens is a beautiful token of love.

How to wear ladies claddagh ring?

If your right hand heart is pointing downwards, it means you’re single and open to the possibility of romance. Wearing ladies Claddagh ring on the left hand, heart pointing toward the fingers, is a common symbol of engagement. The ladies Claddagh ring, if being worn as a wedding ring, should be worn on the wedding ring finger with the heart facing inward. This symbolizes the dedication and affection shared by the two persons.

Diamond claddagh ring

Although silver and gold are the most common materials for Claddagh jewelry, any metal can be utilized. It is also usual to see rings with a heart-shaped jewel set in the space between the hands, or with a pair of hands clasped together in front of a gold heart. In recent years, diamond Claddagh rings have risen in popularity as engagement rings.

Given that the three virtues at the heart of the Claddagh—love, friendship, and loyalty—can signify any number of different relationships, there is no one correct method to wear a diamond Claddagh ring to express a particular meaning. Claddagh may be a classic brand, but it challenges convention in many interesting ways, including giving its supporters the freedom to express their devotion to the brand’s ideals through more than one piece of jewelry.

Diamond claddagh wedding ring

If you’re looking to leave wonderful memories, a diamond claddagh wedding ring is the way to go. You can choose the perfect ring for you from the many different cuts and band styles available for diamond claddagh wedding rings. The claddagh symbol makes it an ideal focal point for eye-catching wedding rings.