Personal jewelry for a special her

``Elleroses,`` which is derived from ``Her roses,`` specializes in custom-made bridal jewelry, as well as jewelry, accessories, and semi-ordered gift items that are finished on the spot by craftsmen.
It's a new kind of jewelry store where you can feel the craftsmanship with your hands and where talented artisans employ the finest materials to bring each piece to life.

The passion for the business assists us in remaining focused in order to come up with creative ideas that satisfy all customers.

Materials are various, like precious metals which can be recycled. Creating a new piece of jewelry from metals like silver or gold is simple. Since they don’t lose their qualities, they’re a win-win situation in terms of the environment and your wallet. Workers are waged fairly and given safe working conditions in return for minimum environmental effect.

Rings bring back Memories

One of the few wedding rings that you can wear for the rest of your life. It serves as a testament to their undying devotion to one another.

Keep the wonderful times in your mind and cherish your memories.

For every big moment, there is a unique narrative behind the design.

An experience-based jewelry workshop, Elleroses, offers the a slew of designs like personalized engraving, surname series, global classics that is one-of-a-kind in the world.

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Each year sees a new batch of exclusive designs

Elleroses has specialized in custom-made jewelry, remodeling, and repairs since its founding.
We have exclusive designers, and you may create as many designs as you like for free and present them right there and then.
A prototype can be tested before to final production with custom-made products. Because of our integrated system, you may get custom-made products for nearly the same price as ready-made ones.


Commitment to
Ethical Jewelry

While the present diamond processing and metal sourcing system isn’t ideal, we’re devoted to following best practices to create jewelry in the most ethical way possible, while also supporting charities and groups that promote good change. Elleroses has created a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship, individualized service and competitive prices.


Nature's power, sensitivity, and awe-inspiring beauty

With the concept of “Environmentally friendly“, its beauty rivals a diamond, and even better, it is more affordable.
Elleroses creates all designs based on the strength, compassion, and beauty of nature.
In the same way that nature has long been cherished, we have always prioritized comfort and avoided fashion-driven design when creating work.
With every design, we strive to create something that you will cherish for years to come.

Affordable price for Great quality

Create your own ring by selecting from hundreds of stunning lab-created diamonds and gemstones.
It's true that lab-created diamonds are actual diamonds, similar to mined diamonds in every sense, but they're also more ethical, beautiful, and affordable than any diamond we'll ever acquire from the earth. We're re-creating the earth's natural process by crystallizing carbon in a modern-day lab environment to create beautiful diamonds that are up to 40% less expensive and devoid of environmental and humanitarian concerns.

Always on the cutting edge of fashion

Our talented designers are always on the lookout for fresh trends and ideas. We're still moving on, always remaining ahead of the curve.

Craftsmanship in the making of engagement and wedding bands

There have been over 3000 wedding ring-making experiences since we began promoting self-made rings at Elleroses. The customer's ring prototype is turned into a plaster mold at the Mitsuke City workshop, and then the precious metal of your choice is cast from it. Each ring is polished, engraved, and fastened by skilled craftsmen and boxed by eco-friendly materials before it is shipped to the customer's door.

We aspire to be unique

Elleroses is known for its distinctively attractive designs, but we also specialize in rare color stones, marquee stones, and black diamonds. We provide numerous options for the modern bride, ranging from classic beauty to more contemporary luxury, and are always guaranteed to turn heads.

This special time is just for you