Our wide variety of Sunstone ring has all you need if you’re searching for a unique and timeless wedding or engagement band. The Sunstone is a precious and exquisite gem that is responsibly mined in Oregon, providing the best value and quality, so sunstone ring also called oregon suntone ring. Our distinctively handcrafted oregon sunstone engagement ring assortment provides the ideal gift for your significant other, offering a wide variety of gorgeous hues and styles. Our wide assortment of Sunstone rings includes wedding rings, bands, men’s rings, gold sun stone rings and much more, all with distinctive designs and unique stone types. Elleroses takes great pride in providing outstanding customer service and fine artisan jewelry. Before buying a sunstone engagement ring for your significant one, you should know sunstone is what. Let’s begin.

What is sunstone ring

Sunstone’s warm, earthy reddish-orange tones look fantastic with any metal finish. Sunstone rings go well with any precious metal, whether it’s silver, gold, rose gold, copper, or something else. Combine with moonstone to highlight the schiller flare in both feldspars. Use sunstone, emerald green, and lapis lazuli in a color scheme for maximum contrast and visual impact. Lemon quartz, citrine, carnelian, ruby reds, and a splash of deep purple, like amethyst or tanzanite, are all great choices for analogous color schemes. The resulting color scheme is ideal for creating autumn-themed sunstone rings.

Unusual and Enchanting sunstone engagement ring

Sunstone is a beautiful alternative to diamonds for an engagement ring because of its unique color and cut. Its name comes from the variety of yellows and oranges in its coloration, as well as the small patterns within the stone that appear to dance and flutter in the light. Several of the hues are somewhere between these two extremes, ranging from a very light peach to a very dark orange. Sunstone is not among the hardest stones due to its Mohs hardness value of 6.5. Having said that, you can keep this ring in fantastic shape for a lifetime if you take good care of it and make sure it doesn’t wear out or get scratched.

Have you ever wondered how sunstone would appear in a ring? As you read on, check out some examples of these warm-toned stones in various ring designs.

Vintage Floral
This ring is ideal for anyone searching for something feminine, lovely, and vintage-inspired. It has a petal design with a sunstone in the center that is encircled by a halo. Even more romance is added to the ring by the rose gold band. But, it would also function well with any other metal. The sunstone’s lighter shade contributes to the gentleness of the ring.

Turquoise Teardrop
This turquoise and sunstone ring is amazing if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind boho piece of jewelry. The sunstone’s peach hue contrasts beautifully with the vivid turquoise in this ring. The outcome is a tiara ring with a distinctive, slightly art deco appearance set against soft yellow gold.

Minimal Solitaire
Solitaire rings have a timeless quality about them. These rings have been a traditional option for brides all around the world for ages. This ring’s simplicity is what gives it beauty. Sunstones provide a dash of color and something a bit more unique to the overall appearance of solitaire rings, which often have diamonds as the center stone.

Princess Cut
The timeless style of princess cut rings will never go out of style. The sunstone at its center is surrounded by a halo of diamonds, and the pave setting extends down the band. Although platinum is a classic metal, this ring would shine just as brightly in either rose or white gold.

Delicate Bezel
This bezel set ring has a little sunstone at its center and a textured gold band; it is dainty, delicate, and absolutely beautiful. The band’s texture is part of what gives it a distinctive look, but you could get the same result with a smooth band of yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum. Sunstones, which are somewhat soft, are best set in bezel setting rings since they won’t get caught on fabric and there’s less of a danger of the stones being loose.

Three Stone
At last, we have a stunning three stone ring. These rings have a lot of romantic, symbolic meaning. Your past, present, and future are represented by each stone. This band is a must-have for anyone looking for a romantic yet contemporary ring, with the brilliant coral-colored sunstone in the center signifying your present and the baguette cut diamonds expressing your history and future.

Sunstone wedding ring

The sunstone wedding ring is for you if you want to make a strong fashion statement with something truly one-of-a-kind. A yellow gold band is set with two oval, deep orange sunstones and a pave band that twists between the stones. The end effect is a ring that is vivid, warm, and shimmers brilliantly.

Why Oregon Sunstone Rings Popular?

gold sun stone

The Oregon gold sun stone is all-time favorite gem, in part because of its astounding variety of naturally occurring colors, which range from reds to greens, champagnes, and the distinctive copper contained “schillers.”

Although the feldspar mineral family is one of the most widespread on the globe, Oregon is the only place in the world where this particular copper-bearing Plagioclase Feldspar may be found. The Oregon legislature named the Oregon Sunstone the state’s official gem in 1987.

With a Moh’s hardness rating of 6.5 to 7.2, Oregon gold sun stone is comparable to gems like Tanzanite and Peridot and is ideal for practically any jewelry use. We do advise against wearing rings every day, though, unless they are specifically made for it.

The popularity of Oregon gold sun stone as a gem has only increased in the last 10 to 15 years. Oregon gold sun stone has a wide range of naturally occurring colors, making it challenging to compare its hues to those of other gemstones.

Everything from nearly colorless to champagne yellows, soft pinks to vibrant oranges, powerful reds to deep greens, and even combinations of multiple colors in one stone! No two Oregon gold sun stone are identical in appearance, making them distinctive and personal options to conventional gemstones.

Our Oregon sunstone rings are guaranteed to be 100% natural in color and never dyed or modified in any manner. This is unusual in the modern gemstone industry because most gems undergo some sort of treatment before they are sold in retail stores.

What Is Sunstone rings?

what is sunstone

A crystal of feldspar is sunstone. The hematite and goethite in it help to reflect light and create iridescence when viewed from different angles. The significance of the Sunstone rings is based on the idea that one should have enough happiness in their lives. It usually has a translucent look and comes in a range of warm colors like orange, gold, red, and brown.

Gold sun stone

Asymmetrical rings are perfect for the bride who wants something unique but understated. This gold sun stone’s understated design guarantees that it will be easy to wear every day. There is a sunstone in the middle and two smaller diamonds on either side. This gold sun stone ring is feminine and lovely because of its equilibrium.

Oregon sunstone engagement ring

Our extensive collection of Oregon sunstone engagement ring includes everything you could want in a unique and long-lasting engagement band. Oregon’s sustainable mining practices ensure that every Sunstone is of the best possible quality at a fair price.

What Is Oregon Sunstone?

Global gem lovers and jewelry aficionados are quickly learning about this distinctively American rock. While several kinds of labradorite feldspar, also known as “sunstones,” can exhibit aventurescence or schiller, those characteristics are primarily brought on by hematite or goethite inclusions. The labradorite sunstones discovered in Oregon, however, contain copper inclusions. Due to this unusual coincidence, these gemstones could exhibit transparency as well as the schiller effect. Because of this, oregon sunstone ring are highly sought-after as faceted jewelry stones.

The demand for intense red, clear stones with schiller is very high. However, both with and without the shining effect, there are several color variations in Oregon.

Where To Find Oregon Sunstone?

where to find oregon sunstone

The “Oregon Outback,” or southeast Oregon, is where Oregon Sunstone is found. Sunstone is created in molten lava and is released near the surface with a volcano’s assistance. The jewel becomes visible as the lava gradually rises to the surface and wears away or breaks.

Wide Variety Of Natural Color

The Ochoco National Forest in Oregon’s mountains is a common source of material for fine, deep reds. In Rabbit Basin, which is close to Plush, Oregon, intense crimson hues are also seen. Strong “Schillers” and exquisite champagne hues are further characteristics of the Rabbit Basin region. Although they can be found all across Rabbit Basin, fine green Sunstones are particularly common in the mines close to Eagle Butte, some 15 miles away.

Copper Schiller

According to Schiller, certain stones exhibit a shimmering or flashing quality that results from metallic copper inclusions that are specific to Oregon sunstone. It can either be sparingly distributed throughout the gem or very densely deposited to the point of impairing brightness. Additionally, it can resemble sheets or stripes… even sparkling raindrops!

This phenomenon, called the “Schiller Effect,” is caused by the refraction of light by microscopic copper sheets suspended inside the diamond. It is quite challenging to match stones for oregon sunstone ring because every Oregon Sunstone that exhibits Schiller is incredibly distinct and only exists in that particular stone.

Oregon Sunstone Symbolism

The Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest have long treasured and traded Oregon sunstone, despite the stone being relatively new to many members of the general public who purchase gems. It was designated as the state gemstone of Oregon in 1987. Sunstones are regarded as the exceptional birthstone for people who were born on Sunday in the occult world of birthstone mythology.

Identifying Characteristics

identifying characteristics


Only Oregon sunstone, a unique feldspar sunstone, contains copper in its composition. But not every specimen exhibits the Schiller effect. Sunstone from Oregon contains a variety of copper inclusions, including threads, patches, sheets, and clouds.


There are no synthetic versions of Oregon sunstones. Goldstone, a man-made substance formed of glass with copper inclusions, can be used as a substitute, though. A native Oregon sunstone can be easily distinguished from one of these glass fragments by a gemologist.


Oregon sunstone is not known to have been enhanced or treated, but plagioclase feldspars like andesine can be enhanced with the addition of copper by heating and pressure treatments. Oregon sunstone gets its copper from natural sources.


Large-scale extraction of the high-value Oregon sunstone rough is now taking place in the state that bears its name.

Oregon’s Lake County and Harney County are the sources of Oregon sunstone. Most of this material is mined by businesses on private claims. However, Lake County has a public Sunstone Collection Area.

Healing Properties of Sunstone

One look at Sunstone will undoubtedly flood your heart with wonderful vibes and immerse you in the luckiest of spirits. Sunstone is bright and abundant. With its emotions of warm barefoot days and dreams, this golden glow stone is rich in vitality, alive with life-giving charm, and just seems to make everyone smile. The Sunstone is your energetic pick-me-up that will uplift every component of your body, mind, and soul if you frequently feel down by chilly winds, clouds, and early dreary nights.

This brilliant crystal light can also be used with yellow Labradorite, Fire Agate, Amber, or Yellow Apatite to amp up its energy if you want an extra boost of solar plexus chakra cleansing.

Best Sunstone Rings For Women In 2024

gold sun stone

Explore our remarkable assortment of Sunstone rings to find the ideal piece for you or a loved one.

Rose Gold Sunstone Ring Earthy Leaf Solitaire 1 Carat Round Sunstone Engagement Ring

Best Selling Deep Orange Brown Sunstone Round 1 Carat Earthy Leaf Solitaire 4 Claw engagement ring is sparkling. A 1 carat sunstone is included in this understated engagement ring. It is available in 10k, 14k gold.

Sunstone Engagement Ring Contour Bezel Set 1.10 Carat Round Sunstone and Diamond Ring

A 1.10 carat round cut deep orange sunstone is set in this one-of-a-kind Artisan Contour Bezel Set Deep Orange Sunstone and Diamond Leaf Filigree Engagement Ring, which also has a diamond leaf filigree pattern. This vintage ring has a genuine round cut sunstone that weighs 1 carat and a 0.10 carat diamond accent.

White Gold Sunstone Rings Bezel Set 1.25 Carat Teardrop Shape Sunstone and Halo Diamond Ring

The natural inclusions in this one-of-a-kind 1.25 carat Teardrop Shape Sunstone and Diamond Plain Shank Engagement Ring shine. This modest engagement ring simply requires the 1 carat pear-shaped sunstone as decoration. Ring made of real gold with a side-set 25-carat diamond.

Oregon Sunstone Ring Solitaire 0.83 Carat Round Cut Sunstone and Diamond Ring

A halo of smaller diamonds surrounds the tiny 0.83 carat round cut Oregon red orange sunstone and diamond floral art deco promise ring, adding more glitter. It is placed in a prong setting. A 0.33 carat round cut natural sunstone and a 0.50 carat natural diamond are set in either side of this lovely gold band.

Oregon Sunstone Engagement Ring 1.25 Carat Round Sunstone and Pave Diamond Infinity Ring

A halo of lesser diamonds surrounds this 1.25 carat round deep golden brown sunstone and diamond infinity pave engagement ring, giving it a really unique appearance. It is set in a prong basket. A 0.25 carat real diamond put on the side of this lifetime-quality gold ring completes it.

Sunstone Ring Care and Cleaning

gold sun stone
Hardness and Toughness

The Mohs scale is used to assess the hardness of gems and minerals. The percentages are based on how easily or difficultly one mineral can scratch another. However, the Mohs scale is misleading. There are not consistently spaced steps between the minerals. By comparison, the diamond’s corundum family member is just one number away, yet is much harder than corundum.

Sunstone, like all feldspars, is affected by two characteristics that reduce its durability and make it more easily damaged. Sunstone has a Poor toughness rating due to its softness (6.5–7.2 on the Mohs scale) and bidirectional cleavage.

But sunstone is a great choice for jewelry when put in a setting that shields it. Rings, which are more susceptible to bumps and knocks, are not the best protective settings; instead, choose pendants, earrings, and pins.


Sunstone ring should be protected from direct heat, yet it retains its color even when exposed to sunshine.


Sunstone rings can be safely cleaned using only warm, soapy water. Stay away from ultrasonic and steam cleaners. The quick attack of feldspars by hydrochloric acid means that bleach-containing cleaning agents should also be avoided.

In rare cases, sunstone may be filled with cracks. Warm soapy water is the sole method for cleaning these sunstone rings.


gold sun stone
Are oregon sunstone and viking sunstone the same thing?

The so-called “sunstones” that the Vikings are said to have used to navigate on cloudy days or when the sun was low in the Arctic sky are not Oregon sunstones, despite the fact that they share a name and exhibit pleochroism, the display of two or more colors when viewed from different angles. The “Viking Compass” was most likely pleochroic iolite.

Which color of sunstone is the most expensive?

There aren’t many stones larger than 10 carats on the market, and their high retail price is 2,800 USD per carat. Blue-Green Sunstone and Teal Sunstone.  These Oregon Sunstones are the priciest and most valuable ones ever found.

Can sunstone be used for mental & emotional healing?

The Sunstone is renowned as one of the most effective healing stones for treating seasonal affective disorder. It’s a great option for people who have trouble with self-control.

Sunstone imparts a sense of self-worth; it strikes just the right chords to dissipate any lingering negativity and replace it with a gleaming sense of hope and determination. Sunstone is recognized for its optimistic outlook, but that doesn’t imply it covers everything with rosy hues. Although having a wide range of feelings is crucial for a well-rounded personality, this stone also recognizes that true emotional acuity stems from a solid sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and the assurance that one can always find a bright spot in which to persevere, regardless of the circumstances.

Is sunstone good for jewelry?

Sunstone complements settings with all metal tones well because of its deep, earthy red-orange tones. Sunstone goes well with copper, silver, 14k or 18k solid yellow gold, rose gold, and other metals. To highlight the schiller sparkle in each of these feldspar crystals, pair with moonstone.

Sunstone is the traditional birthstone for persons who were born between July 22 and August 21. The elleroses collection includes additional birthstones. Specifically, opals are the birthstone for the month of October. What follows is elleroses's hand-picked opal ring.

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