There has been a surge in popularity for mens’ jewellery lately. Classic watches, vintage stud earrings and elegant bracelets are some of the must-haves for today’s modern gentleman. Ruby is one of our favorite gemstones and it has always been used as ruby wedding band. For a traditionally masculine look, solid metals are usually the go-to option; however, rubies can be a fantastic way to elevate a piece, thus mens ruby wedding band and gold ruby ring mens are going to be a major trend. A ruby ring for men can add an incredible statement display to any wardrobe. To learn more about styling mens ruby rings, keep reading. We will explore the symbolism of a mens ruby ring, the different styles that exist, guidelines for proper ruby ring care, and more.

What Does a Men Ruby Rings Symbolize?

redstone Symbolize

Because of its deep red hue, rubies have long been considered a symbol of passion, love, and strength. It’s not uncommon for someone to give a ruby ring to a loved one as a sign of their promise of devotion and unwavering love. But it doesn’t have to have a romantic meaning behind it. Ruby rings can also be a symbol of success and power – perfect for a man who wants to show others he’s a somebody. In certain Eastern cultures, rubies are even symbols of good health and fortune.

A men’s ruby ring could also denote an individual’s success and ability to conquer any challenge. In the Bible, the third foundation stone of the New Jerusalem was a ruby. In ancient Greek mythology, Adonis was entombed in a ruby. This is why rubies are often called the “king of gems” and why a men’s ruby ring could be the perfect accessory for any man who wants to go above and beyond.

Different Types of Ruby Rings for Men

Different Types of red stone

Ruby rings for men come in a variety of shapes, metals, and settings – making them a great gift for the special man in your life. You can easily find a men’s ruby ring for any occasion, with a wide selection of styles to choose from.

Traditional Ruby Solitaire Ring

This classic style is one of the most popular men’s ruby rings, featuring a single ruby gemstone set in a simple silver, gold or platinum band. The most popular versions are round and marquise-cut rubies, but other shapes such as oval, pear and heart can be found as well. Solitaire rings are ideal for a romantic gift, an engagement ring, or just an everyday accessory.

Ruby and Diamond Band

For those looking for the perfect combination of sparkle and color, a ruby and diamond band is the perfect choice. This classic style features a single line of both diamonds and rubies, often alternating for a striking look. This type of ring is ideal for a wedding band, or as an anniversary gift.

Emerald Cut Ruby and Diamond Ring

This eye-catching design features an emerald-cut ruby center stone surrounded by small diamonds. This is a great option for those wanting to add a hint of glamour to their look or for the modern man who loves a bit of sparkle. These rings are often available in both gold and silver, for the perfect look.

Ruby and Pave Set Diamond Band

This stunning design combines an eye-catching ruby centerpiece with pave-set diamonds on the ring’s band. The rubies and diamonds provide a classic look with plenty of shine and sparkle. This design is perfect as an engagement ring, a wedding band or just a stylish addition to the collection.

Three-Stone Ruby Ring

If you’re looking for something more substantial, a three-stone ruby ring is the perfect choice. This eye-catching design features three rubies side by side, with either a single small diamond or a line of pave-set diamonds between each ruby. Three-stone rings are perfect as engagement rings, anniversary gifts, or just an everyday accessory.

Cobalt or Titanium Men’s Ruby Ring

For those looking for something a bit more edgy and modern, there are plenty of cobalt and titanium ruby rings out there. These rings often feature a single ruby gemstone mounted in the center, with a cobalt or titanium band. The rings are modern and stylish, and make a great everyday accessory.

Custom Engraved Men’s Ruby Ring

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique and personal, why not have a custom men’s ruby ring created just for you? You can have a personalized message engraved on the inside of the ring, making it a truly special and one-of-a-kind gift.

Gold ruby ring mens

Take into account the quality of the materials while purchasing a gold ruby ring mens. Pay close attention to both elements because they both contribute equally to the ring’s design: the metal and the gemstones.

Usually, rubies in wedding rings are little gems placed into the metal. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter if the stones are of the greatest quality. The way they are arranged, whether or not there are multiple of them, and their overall visual appeal are more important.

In terms of metal options, rubies complement any color of gold. When mixed with yellow or rose gold, they have a vintage appearance; yet, when combined with white gold, they have a trendy, contemporary appearance.

Mens 14k gold ruby ring

Because they are durable, rubies are a good choice for 14k gold wedding rings. They are the third hardest gemstones used in jewelry, behind diamonds (10 Mohs) and moissanite (9.25 Mohs), with a hardness grade of 9.

The renowned Burmese pigeon blood ruby is a high-quality ruby with the darkest red color ever observed in a colored stone. The top of the stone (table) of a well-cut ruby will display the deepest color while concealing any unavoidable natural blemishes.

Compared to any other colored stone, rubies are an ideal option to match with gold ring since their color attracts attention. Even if there are fewer or smaller stones in a mens 14k gold ruby ring than a gold band with clear stones, it will still attract attention.

Mens silver ruby ring

The mens silver ruby ring exudes elegance and is the ideal accessory to complete your look. It features a sterling silver band that seamlessly combines austerity with flair. Lavish red ruby ruby is put in channel settings in the band’s center to create a shimmering impression. These spotless men’s ruby rings are elegant works of art by Elleroses that will give you total glitz.

Mens natural ruby rings

It is said that a natural ruby will encourage self-care in the wearer and give them the courage to take on all facets of life. Mens natural ruby rings are thought to boost self-confidence and reduce self-doubt and worry. The ruby is a precious stone that exhorts its owner to live freely and accept whatever arises. It enables the wearer to view their capabilities and strengths from the standpoint of their own heart.

In order to increase the color and general beauty of the jewels, natural rubies are typically treated in some way. Heat treatment is the most frequent improvement for ruby gemstones to enhance its color and beauty. Heat-enhanced ruby gemstones do not require any extra maintenance, and this sort of enhancement—labeled as E or H—has an outstanding stability rating. The value of the stone is only somewhat impacted by this kind of improvement.

Mens ruby and diamond ring

The ruby is the most beautiful red gemstone and has been treasured for generations due to its exceptional brilliance and elegance. Ruby has been highly prized since ancient times due to both its stunning appearance and its extreme scarcity. Because of its brilliant red color and 9.0 hardness on the Mohs scale, ruby has become one of the most sought-after gemstones. This makes it a great choice for men’s rings, since it draws attention to the wearer’s taste and refinement.

If you decide to combine diamonds and rubies, keep the design straightforward and the stones modest in size to prevent an overly cluttered appearance. By alternating these two stones, the hue is lessened and the diamond dazzle is increased.

Mens ruby signet ring

Even though signet rings aren’t as prevalent in society as they once were, they nevertheless have significant cultural and historical significance. Signet rings, worn on the pinky finger as a seal, were once commonly used by gentlemen, particularly those in business or politics, to sign important documents. The signet ring was used to print the owner’s signature by first being dipped into hot wax, which revealed the engraved family crest.

You may want to honor this historical allusion by wearing a mens ruby signet ring on your pinky finger. You can get a unique ruby signet ring, leave it plain for a more contemporary style, or have your crest or symbol engraved on it.

Red ruby ring mens

Romantic love has long been symbolized by the ruby. It is considered to encourage loyalty and dedication in a love partnership. In fact, in the 1800s, French jewelers called the ruby the “dearly loved stone.” The wearer may feel sexy because of the flaming red color and shine.

Despite its romantic associations, the ruby is a stunning and useful stone that anybody can wear. For the 15th or 40th wedding anniversary, the red ruby ring mens is frequently given as a gift.

Mens ruby pinky ring

Graduates and young engineers in the United States and Canada receive pinky rings as recognition for their outstanding achievements. Pinky rings, and mens ruby pinky ring in particular, have deep cultural roots. For generations, members of the British royal family have worn this style of ring on their wedding anniversaries and other significant events. Pinky rings, especially in North America, also serve as reminders of professional responsibilities and are seen as a mark of professional competence.

Mens ruby rings antique

Men enjoy wearing ruby rings for more than just their association with nobility and sophistication. The beautiful gem also has important astrological properties. If the Sun is in a favorable position in your horoscope, you can benefit from the wisdom, health, and wealth that the ruby stone can bring you. Sun’s gifts of independence, fortitude, and physical strength are bestowed upon the wearer of a mens ruby rings antique. It is thought that the wearer of a ruby stone will experience significant health benefits, including increased concentration, agility, and mental acuity.

Vintage mens ruby ring

Finding the ideal vintage mens ruby ring might be difficult due to the extraordinary variety of rubies on the market. In addition, men’s ruby gemstone rings have their own unique considerations. It’s crucial to know if ruby is the best decision before purchasing men’s ruby rings for yourself or someone else. It’s not enough to merely admire rubies for their stunning beauty. Choose a vintage mens ruby ring to fit the theme if your engagement ring is vintage. Marquise stones evoke a vintage feel and look especially elegant when paired with barely-there diamonds.

Modern mens ruby ring

Pigeon blood red is the ideal color for a man’s ruby ring because it is rare and has no secondary colors.

Since you’re shopping for a modern mens ruby ring, look for something that’s built to last and can withstand regular wear. Ruby stone is excellent since it has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. Because of its hardiness, men who wear ruby rings rarely have to worry about the stone becoming scratched or chipped.

Why love ruby wedding band

Mens ruby wedding bands or rings are required pieces of jewelry to wear during the wedding ceremony. Typically, for this auspicious occasion, males wear diamond and gold rings. However, if you enjoy trying new accessories, consider elegant-appearing mens ruby wedding band.

This sparkling red colored stone, set in platinum, diamond, or gold, will improve your overall appearance. Additionally, it will have metaphysical advantages for your marital relationship. Colored stone mens ruby wedding bands are becoming more and more popular among grooms who desire to break tradition.

Rubies are the ideal colored stone if you want to give your mens ruby wedding band some flair. These stones have the heritage and significance that make them ideal for a mens ruby wedding band and have all the characteristics that make them suitable for everyday use.

Diamonds are typically associated with wedding jewelry, but rubies are also treasured in many cultures and have accumulated a number of meanings that are significant to signify a marriage.

Their beautiful, deep crimson hue is linked to passion, love, and romance. Throughout history, rubies have also been associated with beautiful qualities that every marriage should strive for, such as wellbeing, wisdom, direction, and tranquility.

Mens ruby wedding rings

When searching for wedding bands, most couples favor a straightforward, plain metal band without stones. This used to be standard practice because mens ruby wedding band were kept straightforward to avoid competing with the engagement ring.

Mens ruby wedding bands were designed to resemble regular rings since it was normal to wear their wedding rings every day while saving their engagement rings for special occasions.

The traditionalism of wedding attire, including rings, is waning. Men are now making their ring selections based on their own particular preferences and lifestyles.

Through design and setting, jewelers have also discovered ways to safeguard the gems in wedding and engagement rings. This expands the selection of fashionable mens ruby wedding band with a hint of shine.

Macys ruby ring

The best places to start looking for a ruby ring are jewelry stores that focus on selling gemstone rings. And there should be shops where you can return jewelry without any questions asked.

Macys ruby rings are tested by a professional independent laboratory or certified gemologist to ensure their authenticity and quality, so you get the best value for your money.

Keep in mind that the going rate for a fine ruby gemstone is at least $1,000 per carat, with many stones fetching tens of thousands more. This is a prime example of when the adage “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” comes into play.

If you have a soft spot for unique design, try viewing the collection of ruby ring on Elleroses. The design will be bolstered by the meaning of the red ruby stone, which will provide a touch of romance to the piece.

Walmart ruby rings

You might want to seek for a men’s wedding band with a single ruby in it if you and your future husband share a passion for rubies. The trend of setting a single tiny stone in a man’s wedding band is growing. Your groom can choose from walmart ruby rings in a design that suits the two of you and the two of you still look great together. Different from walmart ruby rings, Elleroses pays more attention to customization. It all depends on you.

The History of Ruby Rings

Ruby rings have a long history that dates back to Ancient Persia. The ruby has long been associated with passion, power, protection, and prosperity, most likely because of its lasting red hue and rarity.

Rubies were once thought to be heavenly stones that the Gods used to provide the wearer with protection, health, and wealth. They were also said to be talismans, ward off evil spirits, and bring good luck to those who possessed them.

Due to these connotations, ruby rings were a popular item among royalty and upper-class individuals who wanted to show off their social status. Throughout the centuries, this tradition has continued, and ruby rings are often given as gifts for special occasions, such as engagements and anniversaries.

How to Wear Men Ruby Rings?

How to Wear Men Ruby Rings

After finding the ideal ruby ring, the following step is to choose the best way to flaunt it. Depending on the event and the design of the ring, men’s ruby rings may be worn in a number of different ways.

A traditional gold or silver ruby ring pairs well with a fitted suit and tie for formal occasions like weddings and significant business gatherings. The ring is ambidextrous, so it may be worn on either the pinky or the index finger, and on either the right or the left hand.

A man’s ruby ring pairs well with casual attire for less formal situations, such a night out with friends. An ancient ruby ring setting may be worn alone for a classic and refined style, or it can be combined with other jewelry pieces to create a more personalized ensemble.

Last but not least, a men’s ruby ring is a terrific way to add a splash of color to an otherwise monochromatic ensemble. The bold color and design of a single ruby ring may stand on its own.

Best Ruby Rings for Men (2023 Review for Guys)

Best Ruby Rings for Men 2023 Review for Guys

Here are our top picks for ruby rings for men. From budget-friendly faux stones to quality natural pieces, the below picks have been chosen with the intent of finding the perfect accessory for the stylish modern man!

Mens Ruby Ring Emerald Cut Created Red Ruby and Diamond Ring in 18k Gold Plated

If you are looking for a luxurious and fashion-forward jewelry piece for the special man in your life, the Mens Ruby Ring Emerald Cut Created Red Ruby and Diamond Ring in 18k Gold Plated is the perfect choice. This stylish and sophisticated ring features a unique emerald-cut red ruby and several shimmering diamonds set in 18k gold plated sterling silver. This exquisite piece is sure to make him feel special and is sure to be treasured for many years to come. Its timeless design and luxurious materials make this ring the perfect way to express your love and appreciation while making a statement.

Men Ruby Ring 5x5mm Lab Ruby Mens Wedding Band in Sterling Silver

I highly recommend the Men Ruby Ring 5x5mm Lab Ruby Mens Wedding Band in Sterling Silver. This stunning ring features a genuine 5x5mm lab created ruby, set in a simple and classic sterling silver band. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking for an eye-catching and elegant wedding band. The ruby is cut to maximize brilliance and sparkle, while the sterling silver setting is expertly crafted to ensure durability.

3.63ct Ruby Mens Ring Rhodium Over Sterling Silver Men's Ring

This 3.63ct ruby mens ring is a stunning piece of jewelry! Crafted from sterling silver, it is plated in rhodium for an exquisite finish. The center of the ring is adorned with a dazzling 3.63ct real ruby gemstone. The gemstone is a deep, rich red hue, which adds an impressive sparkle to this ring. Its simple, classic design makes it perfect for any occasion, whether it be formal or casual. The ring also comes in a display box, making for a great gift for any special man in your life. This is a timeless piece that’s sure to be a treasured accessory for years to come.

Art Deco Ruby Ring for Men 3 Carat Emerald Cut Ruby Wedding Ring for Men

This Art Deco Ruby Ring for Men is the perfect addition to any man’s jewelry collection. The beautiful emerald cut ruby is set in a solid white gold setting and is sure to sparkle in any light. With its timeless design, this ring will be sure to make any man feel special. Not only is it a beautiful piece of jewelry, but the 3 carat stone is sure to make a statement. Whether it be a wedding ring, or a special gift, this ring is sure to be a treasured item that will last a lifetime.

Bezel Set Ring Oval Shaped Gold Ruby Ring Mens With Diamond Accent in 10K Yellow Gold

This magnificent Bezel Set Ring Oval Shaped Gold Ruby Ring Mens With Diamond Accent in 10K Yellow Gold is a must-have for anyone who appreciates beautiful jewelry. Its sparkling ruby center stone perfectly complements the ten dazzling diamond accents that encircle it, creating an eye-catching look that’s sure to set your style apart from the rest. Crafted from 10K yellow gold and superbly crafted, its classic shape ensures timeless elegance. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary gift for your significant other or a statement piece for yourself, this bezel set ring is sure to be a hit.

Shopping for Men Ruby Rings

Shopping for Men Ruby Rings

Shopping for men’s ruby rings can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure what factors to consider. Two of the most important factors to consider when shopping for men’s ruby rings are budget and shape. Once you have a budget in mind, you can begin to narrow down the types of rings available, as some are more expensive than others.

When choosing a shape, there are a few options available, such as round, princess, oval and cushion cut. Generally, the round cut ruby is the most popular and classic choice for men. The size of the ruby is also important when shopping for men’s ruby rings. Larger rubies will command a higher price, while small rubies are more affordable.

Finally, it’s important to consider the source of the ruby. Ideally, you should look for rubies that have been sourced ethically and mined in a responsible manner. If you’re not sure where the ruby has come from, contact the seller for more information.


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