You are special. And you need a distinctive engagement ring when the time comes to formally declare your love. Despite the fact that round diamond engagement rings are currently the norm, we enjoy making non-standard, square wedding rings.

We constantly create powerful, fresh pieces. We will design something that precisely fits you, whether you want engagement rings for men or ladies.  Each distinctive engagement ring we distribute throughout the world forms a link connecting us to another pair of adoring hearts. We will design an engagement ring that is as unique as you, whether you want a diamond, a modern, a vintage, or any other type of beautiful jewelry.

Top Diamond Shapes

What does the shape of your engagement ring or diamond say about you? Determining the form or various diamond cuts (round, princess, marquise, etc.) of the diamond you like best is frequently the first step in selecting an engagement ring. Promise rings and wedding bands frequently feature diamonds. A detailed list of the most popular diamond shapes and their attributes may be seen below.

Although a round, or brilliant-cut, diamond is the most popular, there are many other various diamond cuts to take into consideration. Shape (different diamond cuts) depicts a diamond’s form, mainly as viewed from above. For the main stone in a multi-stone ring, shapes like oval, round, princess, radiant, cushion, or marquise are ideal. You may be surprised to learn what your preferred diamond shape in an engagement ring might tell about your character, taste, or romantic history.

Square-shaped Diamonds

Square shaped Diamonds

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess Cut diamonds, the most common fancy shape, are referred to as square cut diamonds, which are created to maximum brilliance while preserving a stylish square shape.

Princess cut diamonds are a very new type of diamond shape, only existing in the 1960s. Technically known as a square modified brilliant cut, these absolutely right-angled shapes are essentially a square variation of the round brilliant cut. They are a superb alternative to the round cut and are typically cut with 57 facets, which provides exceptional sparkle and brilliance when set in an engagement ring.

If you desire a square stone with the same brilliance or glitter as a round diamond, princess-cut diamonds are an option. Because the princess stone shape is considered to exhibit beauty, style, and edge, it is for the woman who is lured to the excitement and a true romantic at heart. This shape is known as the square diamond and is considered to be the most “hopeless romantic” of all shapes.

The “princess cut” was first known as the “profile cut” and was created by Arpad Nagy in the early 1960s. Princess-cut diamond engagement rings have a round diamond’s brilliance, but in a stylish square form.

Kate Bosworth and Jessica Biel are two celebrities who have received princess-cut diamond engagement rings.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut is named for its square or rectangular shape with rounded corners that mimics a pillow, which has a vintage, romantic charm. Cushion-cut diamonds are admired for their unusual soft shape, brilliant facets, and association with royalty.

It was first shaped in the 19th century, but during the past 20 years, due to its excellent value per carat compared to other diamond shapes, it has solidified its place in engagement rings. To increase the stone’s brilliance, a cushion-shaped stone will have a square-rectangular cut with rounded edges & huge facets. This glittering stone, which typically has 58 facets, occasionally exhibits a crushed ice impression.

The cushion cut, which has been used to adorn the fingers of brides for ages, has rounded corners and fiery facets that catch the light and highlight the stone’s beauty. When considering the benefits of various diamond shapes, this is usually one of the most crucial aspects that ladies care most!

Megan Markle, Kim Kardashian, and Sofia Vergara are a few famous people who have received cushion-cut diamond engagement rings.

Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher cut diamonds, which Joseph Asscher invented in 1902, were a focal point of the art deco period.

Because of its broad step facets and cropped corners that have been precisely square-cut, it is frequently referred to as the “square emerald cut.” They brilliantly emphasize a diamond’s inherent brilliance due to their particular facet structure and are better suited to higher quality of diamond. They really came into their own during the 1920s art deco heyday and were used in numerous jewelry collections. A renaissance of the stone for engagement rings started after the 2013 release of the movie The Great Gatsby.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald Cut Diamond

An emerald cut diamond is also referred to as a step cut, and it was initially a cut made for emerald gemstones. This stone shape is ideal for a woman who likes to dress flamboyantly and extravagantly.

It resembles a princess-cut square diamond but is longer and has distinct faceting. Because of the long lines of the stone, which highlight its refinement, this popular style is well known for its beauty & perfection. Long facets provide more spectacular light bursts than other shapes do with a typical sparkle. One of the most tasteful and exquisite diamond forms is the rectangular with cut edges emerald cut. We advise selecting an emerald cut diamond with a clarity grade of VS2 or above.

Inclusions and body color are considerably easier to see with the naked eye in this shape due to the big step-facets. A clarity grade of SI1 or above is advised, according to our diamond specialists. When looking for an emerald cut diamond, keep in mind that you should pick the best possible stone that is within your price range.

Celebrities including Beyonce, Eva Longoria, and Amal Clooney have received emerald-cut diamond engagement rings.

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Top Square Wedding Rings In 2023

Top Square Wedding Rings In 2023
Square Wedding Rings Cubic Zirconia Halo Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

A square ring made of sterling silver and clear cubic zirconia is perfect worn alone or stacked with other rings for a chic, contemporary look. This elegant piece of sterling silver has a sizable square-cut stone in the center and is set with a halo of sparkling cubic zirconia. The large glitter stone is surrounded by smaller zirconia, which also adorns the shank of the ring. The vintage-style ring will make your heart beat more quickly.

Square Wedding Ring Sets Square Cluster Halo Engagement Ring With Wedding Band in Sterling Silver

This 925 Sterling Silver Wedding Ring Set is accented with 56 Real Diamonds. Round White Diamonds are set in a square pave setting on the engagement ring, and the center cluster has a diamond halo. The shanks are embellished with pave-set diamonds that are accented with a milgrain design next to the cluster. The matching wedding band has milgrain-detailed pave-set diamonds as accents. 1/5ct of diamonds are used in total.

Square Wedding Ring Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

Crafted from sterling silver and featuring a sparkling white diamond in a pavé setting, this ring is a gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection.

The ring has an unusually broad band with a raised center that is covered in 0.28 CT of brilliant white diamonds for an appearance of opulent elegance, a square top covered in diamonds in a modified cathedral setting, and other design elements.

Mens Square Wedding Rings Mens Diamond Wedding Ring in 10K White Gold

The 10K white gold channel set diamonds offer a touch of refinement to this squared design. The striking channel is also a characteristic of the satin-finished shank.

Wedding Rings for Square Cuts Princess-Cut Diamond Framed Engagement Ring in 14K Gold

A princess-cut diamond is surrounded by additional diamonds in this magnificent 14K gold piece. The interior of the shank is curved for comfort and is channel-set with sparkling diamonds outside.

Other Shapes Diamonds

Other Shapes Diamonds

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

More over half of all diamonds sold today are this shape.

The most common and adaptable shape for engagement rings is round, which goes well with a variety of designs. The diamond’s 58 meticulously crafted facets give it the highest amount of brightness and provide the best possible light refraction. A round diamond has the most scintillation of all the diamond shapes because of the particular way it is cut, which guarantees the best possible flow of light through the stone.

Marquise Cut Diamond

This design was commissioned by Louis XIV of France and was modeled after the smile of his mistress and lover.

Despite the fact that the design dates back to the 1700s, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the shape was refined to give us the glitter we are familiar with today. It has two pointed ends at the top and bottom of the stone as a variant of the round brilliant cut. When used as a solitaire or accentuated with smaller diamonds, a marquise diamond is stunning. If the wearer has short fingers or hands, this can help them appear longer.

Oval Cut Diamond

The oval cut diamond is an extended version of the brilliant cut family.

The modern oval shape has been a beautiful option for engagement rings since the 1960s. This extended shape provides an impressive quantity of shine without breaking the bank. Oval diamonds are unique in that the arrangement of their 58 facets can produce a bow tie effect in the center of the stone. These gorgeous diamonds look great in both simple solitaire engagement rings and ornate halo settings.

Heart Shape Diamond

The stunning heart-shaped diamond is the pinnacle of romantic expression.

Although we were initially shown heart forms in the 1600s, modern heart-shaped diamonds have been utilized in diamond jewelry for almost 200 years. Modern heart-shaped diamonds typically have between 56 and 58 facets. Whether in a solitaire or with accent stones, this diamond’s elegance shines through no matter the setting. It’s a great choice for people seeking a unique fancy shape.


What kinds of materials can be used to make a square ring?

Square rings may be made from several of our most popular materials at Elleroses, including alternative metals like titanium, stain steel, cobalt chrome, sterling silver, and black zirconium. Additionally, we have access to precious metals like platinum, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. Let us know if you have a specific design in mind, and we’ll be pleased to make every effort to make it a reality.

What accents can be added to square wedding bands?

A square wedding band can have many different embellishments. We can inlay precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver as well as add diamonds or gemstones to really make the ring stand out. Offering some uniquely colored inlays, or antlers or exotic hardwood sleeves to make your ring truly unique, these are just some of the non-traditional materials that can be used on a ring.

Can square bands be resized?

The majority of the materials we utilize to create square bands are non-resizeable. However, as stated in our shop policies, we do accept size exchanges on all of our rings.


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