Are you looking for a ring for your men that represents luck and changes color depending on the light? You’re in luck even though you don’t yet have the mens alexandrite ring! We have the mysterious Lab-Grown Alexandrite, also referred to as the June birthstone, which glows reddish-purple in incandescent light and bluish-green in direct sunshine.

The Gem Society estimates that the cost of a 1.0ct earth-mined Alexandrite is between $50,000 and $70,00. This results from the rarity of the gemstones. For about $395 per carat, you may purchase a lab-grown stone that is utterly similar to the mined form of alexandrite.

Alexandrite History and Types

alexandrite history and types

Alexandrite is a gemstone with variable colors that shifts from a deep aqua green to a magenta to a lavender eggplant purple. The gemstone of good fortune, wealth, and intelligence is alexandrite. It can help you find the balance of who you are between the physical and the spiritual.

Alexandrite is a relatively new gemstone. In the 1830s, it was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia, near the Tokovaya River. Due to the stone’s rich green color and the fact that the miners were actively looking for emeralds at the time, they initially believed it to be one. One miner took a handful of what looked like emeralds in the daylight, but when the campfire was lit that night, the stones took on a reddish-purple hue. They knew they had discovered a new, intriguing jewel when daybreak arrived and the stones started to appear green once more. Because it was found on Russian Prince Alexander’s birthday, the diamond earned the name Alexandrite.

These days, however, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and East Africa are the primary sources for alexandrites. The mineral alexandrite can also be created artificially in a laboratory.

Alexandrite Ring Meaning and Uses

Alexandrite is viewed as a lucky stone because its discovery was a complete fluke; the miners who unearthed it were working for an emerald mine. It has the potential to increase your luck, prosperity, and lifespan. Because of its ability to change colors, this stone has been seen as a link between the spiritual and the physical planes. Because it exists in two realms at once, alexandrite is a powerful stone for finding inner harmony. It’s a stone of transformation and juxtaposing seemingly disparate ideas, which may be extremely potent. Alexandrite has the ability to help you remember who you are and what your life’s mission is, while also providing you with a sense of spiritual power and a strong sense of personal identity.

Alexandrite is the birthstone for the twins Gemini and Aries. Due to their dual nature, Gemini are perfectly represented by Alexandrite. The passion and stability possessed by an Aries are both reflected. It is also a stone associated with Mercury, which is the planet of the mind, making it a very intellectual piece of jewelry.

Benefits Of Alexandrite Ring

Alexandrite is frequently referred to as “Emerald by day and Ruby by night” because of its ability to change colors. Despite being a relatively recent discovery, Alexandrite is incredibly popular and sought-after due to its excellent color-shifting, rarity, and healing properties.

According To Western Astrology, Wearing Alexandrite

The Moh’s scale rates alexandrite’s hardness at 8.5, making it relatively durable and popular for use in jewelry creation. Jewelry made from alexandrite is all the more attractive because of the material’s color-changing properties.

People who were born in the month of June are encouraged to wear alexandrite because it is the birthstone for that month.

Additionally, those who were born under the sign of Cancer might wear the stone to take advantage of its mystical qualities or simply wear it for fashion. Alexandrite can also be worn by those who were born under the signs of Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, and Leo.

Apart from this, Alexandrite is regarded as the ideal diamond and the ideal present for the 55th wedding anniversary.

Why You Should Wear Alexandrite

With good reason, alexandrite is one of the most expensive gemstones available. People who practice crystal treatment have a great deal of faith in this stone and are convinced that wearing an Alexandrite will be extremely beneficial to them. Astrologers associate the gemstone with the astrological planet Mercury because of the daylight-green hue of Alexandrite.

1. Alexandrite encourages ingenuity and intellectual capacity:

Alexandrite helps people deal with perplexity, creative obstacles, and bad judgment by producing the beneficial influence of Mercury in their lives. The metaphysical properties of alexandrite are known to enhance mental capacities, making them crucial for making difficult life decisions.

2. Alexandrite jewelry promotes career success:

Wearing an Alexandrite stone aids the wearer in overcoming hurdles at work and striving for honor. Wearing this precious stone is thought to bestow the wearer with success, fame, and wealth.

3. Alexandrite is used to treat nerve disorders:

People who are suffering from nervous system diseases are said to benefit greatly from alexandrite’s therapeutic properties. Expert gem healers claim that Alexandrite can provide treatment from diseases like leukemia as well as problems with the pancreases and spleen. It also stimulates the resurrection of nerve cells.

Best Men’s Alexandrite Rings

best mens alexandrite rings

Men Alexandrite Ring Antique Cushion Cut Alexandrite and Diamond Men's Gold Ring

This men’s ring, made of alexandrite and diamond, is a knockout. Two genuine diamonds frame a 10x8mm cushion-cut synthetic alexandrite center stone. This superior synthetic alexandrite has all the physical characteristics of a natural stone and more, including its stunning color change and intense saturation. The ring is made of either 10K, 14K, or 18K solid yellow gold, depending on your budget. Please note that the listed price is for 10 karat yellow gold. The ring’s band is 0.44 inches wide at its widest point, tapers to 0.15 inches, and rises 0.25 inches above the finger.

Alexandrite Mens Rings Men's Diamond Cushion Cut Alexandrite Black Gold Ring

The combination of alexandrite and diamond in this men’s ring is both striking and manly. Two genuine diamonds frame a large 12x12mm antique cushion-cut synthetic alexandrite center stone. The ring is made of solid white gold in 10K carat weight, and is finished with a layer of black rhodium plating. The wristband is 14mm at its widest point and narrows to 4mm at the front, 8mm above the fingers.

Men's Alexandrite Rings Men's White Gold and Diamond Alexandrite Ring

This men’s alexandrite and diamond ring is sleek and handsome. Accented by two real diamonds, this man-made alexandrite gemstone measures 7 x 5 millimeters in oval cut. Select from either 10K, 14K, or 18K pure white gold for the ring’s metal. The listed price is for white gold that is 10 karats. Partial brushed finish adds a touch of class. The wristband measures 0.35″ at the widest point, 0.09″ at the narrowest point, and is 0.18″ high above the fingers.

Sterling Silver Mens Alexandrite Ring Diamond and Square Alexandrite Ring

Two genuine diamonds frame a square cut synthetic alexandrite gemstone measuring 6mm by 6mm. This beautiful ring is made of genuine 925 sterling silver. I love that it’s different yet practical enough to use frequently. Give to your loved ones to make them feel special.

White Gold Alexandrite Ring Men Cushion Cut Alexandrite and Diamond Ring

This dashing men’s ring with alexandrite and diamonds is sure to turn heads. Two real diamonds are used to adorn a cushion-cut manufactured alexandrite gemstone that measures 10 x 8 mm. The ring is made from either 10K, 14K, or 18K pure white gold. The band is 0.25 inches high above the finger and measures 0.44 inches at its widest point before narrowing to 0.15 inches.

Alexandrite Ring Durability

According to the widely used Mohs Hardness Scale, which rates the durability of minerals and gemstones, alexandrite rates a 8.5. On the scale, alexandrite is just below sapphire and ruby, which are both a 9, but it is still a fantastic option for an engagement ring. Any gemstone with a hardness rating of 7 or higher is often scratch-resistant and a sensible choice for long-lasting jewelry, such an engagement ring. There will be occasions when you shouldn’t wear your alexandrite, as there are with all engagement rings, but if you buy from Ellesorses, you can be sure you’ll begin with a high-quality stone that’s set in a design that will guard your alexandrite from everyday harm.

Check out all of our gemstone engagement rings, non-conventional engagement rings, and alexandrite engagement rings if you love this gemstone. If you would like to design your own unique alexandrite engagement ring, please schedule a consultation or email

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