If the soon-to-be bride is into a different style, then she should consider an onyx engagement ring. Moreover, besides black, are there other shades that go with so many different styles?

What Is Onyx?

The occurrence of onyx in nature is unusual. It is a semi precious form of agate that is characterized by horizontal bands of white and black. Onyx is a subtype of the layered mineral chalcedony and is most usually found in black; although, green and reddish-brown varieties, known as sardonyx, are also accessible.

Myth of Onyx

Myth of Onyx

The ancient Greek term for “claw” is where we get our word “onyx.” According to Ashley Zhang, a jeweler in New York City, “the story goes that while Venus slept, her fingernails were clipped, and the gods converted these clippings into the stone known as onyx.” Onyx has long been prized for its protective properties, making it a popular choice for talismans such as amulets, rosaries, and cameos. After Queen Victoria wore one of these stones , they were a popular choice for mourning jewelry in Victoria era. According to Zhang, “the jewelry of this era reflected the style of the ruler.” After the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria dressed to reflect her grief.

Value of Black Onxy

Well, that depends on the type of black onyx you choose to buy. This means that if you want to buy a natural black onyx, it will cost a lot of money because they are so rare in nature.

However, you may find processed black onyx for a reasonably low cost if you decide to buy a treated black onyx. These treated onyxes are authentic as well. They are merely onyxes that are dull or grey and have been treated to give them the desired black color.

Benefits of Wearing a Black Onyx Ring

Benefits of Wearing a Black Onyx Ring

Black onyx is, without a shadow of a doubt, a stunning gem. It has a silky feel and a rich, dark color that command attention. But did you know there’s more to this jewel than just its eye-catching good looks? Wearing a genuine black onyx ring may shield its owner from harm caused by negative chi. The healing properties of this gemstone are also widely praised.

Releases Stress and Anger

Onyx Engagement Ring

Wearing black onyx jewelry can help when you’re feeling overwhelmed by bad feelings and ideas. The stone’s calming qualities create a bubble of good vibes around one’s consciousness. Those who have trouble letting go of a prior relationship, acquaintance, or anything else that holds them back from moving on can also benefit from this. Black onyx aids in establishing emotional space from ties of the past.

Helps Make Smarter Choices

A black onyx ring may be helpful if you’re having trouble breaking bad behaviors. Improved decision-making is the result of the stress relief and increased attention that this practice provides. The black gemstone is said to aid those who are seeking to kick an unhealthy habit or stick to a recently adopted healthy routine.

Makes a Person More Intuitive

A black onyx ring would be an excellent accessory for any entrepreneur to wear. In addition to bringing prosperity, it also heightens intuition, allowing for more rapid thought and action. Black onyx is also thought to act as a guide in the realms of dreams, self-analysis, and psychic visions. As an added bonus, the gemstone can keep the company safe from competitors’ envious gaze, as it helps ward off negativity and the evil eye.

Prevent Harmful Emotions and Energy

You probably know that wearing a black onyx ring can help you let go of negative emotions, but you should also know that it can shield you from any harmful energy that may be present. A protective shield against the draining effects of external negativity on your mind and body, it also absorbs any negativity from within. If you wear this stone every day, it will boost your confidence and attract what you want in life.

Sharpens the Senses

Wearing a ring made of black onyx will increase your concentration and awareness. This gem will help you focus and keep your mind from wandering. Additionally, the diamond helps you avoid making rash choices driven by your emotions, allowing you to make more rational choices.

Brings in Plenty

Black onyx is a powerful protective stone, but it also has the added bonus of drawing in prosperity. Financial success, according to Feng Shui practitioners, can be attracted by either displaying a black onyx in your home or workplace, or by wearing one on a regular basis. This gem not only enhances your style but also your well-being.

Physical Healing Properties

The black onyx is thought to have curative effects on the mind, spirit, and body by some. Eye, tooth, bone, and even epilepsy and foot problems are all things that the stone is said to be able to help with. Results from using the stone regularly will become apparent after some time. However, if you’re experiencing any of the aforementioned health problems, we insist that you contact a doctor instead of relying solely on the gemstone.

What to Consider When Buying an Onyx Ring

What to Consider When Buying an Onyx Ring

What setting suits onyx the best?

Jeweler Zhang suggest placing your onyx stone in a bezel. The bezel, according to Zhang, is a metal frame that encloses a stone. This is a clever approach to set the stone, as the metal will take most of the pressure when you hit the ring during everyday wear.” This lessens the possibility of the stone chipping or cracking.

Which cut complements this kind of stone the best?

Onyx is a softer gemstone that is simple to shape because of this. One of the best things about onyx is that it works with any cut, so it all depends on your preference. Some of the most common cuts for this stone include the emerald cut and the cushion cut.

What kind of metal will go best with this dark gem?

The compatibility of black onyx with all precious metals is its main advantage. You will enjoy the monotone appearance that black onyx creates when it is set in white metals like platinum, white gold, and silver. Additionally, the pairing of this black diamond with rose or yellow gold is incredibly gorgeous and will undoubtedly catch everyone’s eye.

How can I know if a piece of onyx jewelry is of great quality?

You’ll want to work with a reputable jeweler you trust, as with all engagement rings. Onyx can be imitated by dyeing less expensive minerals like banded calcite and other stones. Additionally, Zhang advises checking the stone’s surface for chips and scratches, especially if you’re thinking about purchasing an antique ring.

Recommendations of Onyx Engagement Ring for 2023

Recommendations of Onyx Engagement Ring for 2023
Onyx and Diamond Engagement Ring Black Onyx Solitaire Engagement Ring With Pave Diamonds in 10K Yellow Gold

A non-traditional choice for an engagement ring or right hand ring, this black onyx ring is stackable and beautiful. She has a oval-shaped black onyx that is 10x8mm and is framed by brilliant white diamonds. This stackable and adorable accessory is a must-have.

Black Onyx Engagement Ring Set Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band

You get to pick the color of your unique black onyx ring set, which is entirely handcrafted out of gold or platinum vermeil. The ring’s elegance is complemented by the Swarovski diamonds and black spinels that serve as the side stones.

Onyx Engagement Rings Oval Shaped Onyx Dainty Engagement Ring in 10K Yellow Gold

This onyx ring is simple yet striking, making it ideal for the modern minimalist. A tiny black onxy in the shape of an elongated oval is mounted on a delicate band. A sophisticated addition to any outfit that will provide subtle shine and a one-of-a-kind styling.

Black Onyx Engagement Ring Set Kite Cut Onyx Bridal Set in 14K Rose Gold Vermeil

Take everyone’s breath away with this vintage style fit for the stars. This ring set will elevate an ensemble with diamonds surrounding and in the middle of a Kite cut black onyx. It is made of 14K rose gold vermeil.

Black Onyx Engagement Ring Onyx Stackable Rings Wishbone Ring for Women

Tiny wedding ring with a graceful curvature. This lotus-shaped wishbone ring features onxy petals that open in all directions and smaller black onxy wraps around the band.

How to Maintain an Onyx Ring

Despite being softer than diamond, onyx is still a simple stone to maintain, according to jeweler. Although using steam or ultrasonic cleaning is safe, you should stay away from harsh chemicals or heat. Water and soap are always secure and simple. Onyx is a more absorbent stone, therefore applying cleaning agents can modify the color of the stone.

Even though this stone is durable over time, you should remove your ring before going swimming or taking a shower. Additionally, avoid wearing your ring when doing your hair or doing makeup because the chemicals in those products could potentially harm the stone in your ring.

When removing your ring, keep it away from other jewelry that might bump into it and chip it in a secure, soft jewelry box.


FAQs of Onyx Engagement Ring

On which finger should a black onyx ring be worn?

Your personal stylistic preferences will determine how you respond to this question. But we advise wearing your black onyx ring on the middle or index finger.

This is primarily due to the prevalence of large-sized black onyx rings. As a result, by wearing it on either of the aforementioned fingers for a bold statement.

Is black onyx ring wearable every day?

According to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, black onyx is rated between 6.5 and 7, making it a moderately durable gem. But if you look after your black onyx ring and wear it with the appropriate metal, you can ensure that it remains in good condition for many years to come.

What is the black onyx representative of?

Black onyx, according to urban legend, bestows great benefits onto its wearer. This gemstone not only deters negativity but also represents bravery, strength, and fortune.

How much do black onyx rings cost?

Although black onyx is not a pricey gemstone, the metal used in your ring may make it more expensive. Black onyx is not a particularly tough gem, hence platinum is suggested as an additional layer of defense. Additionally, the price of your black onyx ring will rise if it is set with diamonds.

How can you know whether black onyx is genuine?

The only method of testing a black onyx is for individuals who are ready to take the chance of breaking the stone. Put the stone inside a tiny baggie pouch and give it a light hammer blow. The stone will shatter into fragments. It is a fake stone if the inside of the pieces are shiny.

Is black onyx a stone of protection?

It is a great stone for bringing energy back to the soil and regulating your emotions. It is also referred to as a stone of extreme protection that will guard you against every damage and peril. Onyx is a treasured stone among feng shui practitioners and spiritual warriors because of its remarkable decisiveness and strength.

Which color of onyx is best?

Colors of onyx stone include: Onyx comes in a variety of colors in addition to its most popular shade of black, including brown, white, blue, gray, orange, and red.


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