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The Ultimate Guide To Double Band Engagement Ring

We couldn’t help stare at the beautiful pear-shaped diamond that Joe Jonas gave Sophie Turner as he proposed. The double band engagement ring setting is what really hooked us, but the teardrop diamond with pavé stones accents is stunning no matter how you look at it. It’s the finishing touch that makes the oval engagement ring look as special as it always has been. This band type looks great with any stone shape, whether you want a round brilliant cut, an emerald cut, an oval, a pear, a marquise, or a cluster of smaller stones.

What Is Double Band Engagement Ring?

Double band engagement rings simply have a setting with two bands rather than one. Even though some of them could appear to be two independent rings, it is still just one ring because they are joined.

Double band engagement rings are available in a wide range of designs and stone combinations. They can also be found in yellow, white, or rose gold. They could also be made of platinum or any other metal. These three different styles of gold double band rings differ in the following ways.

Gold naturally has a characteristic yellow tint to it in its purest state. But this kind of gold is too delicate to be utilized in jewelry. This means that practically all of the gold used in jewelry is alloyed, or blended with other metals. Depending on the metal used, the color of the gold will then change.

Yellow, white, and rose are the three most popular colors of gold. Gold alloys can occasionally also be bronze, crimson, or lime.

The most frequent additions to gold are zinc, copper, and silver. This is what distinguishes yellow gold, which is a common material for double-band engagement rings. The closest thing to pure gold is this. It can still be scratched easily and is still pretty soft.

White gold includes silver, palladium, nickel, and gold. Typically, the end product still has a faint yellow tint. Rhodium is typically used to plate gold jewelry because of this. Rhodium frequently gets confused with the color of white gold by people.

And finally, rose gold is a combination of copper and pure gold. Other names for rose gold include “pink gold” and “red gold.” The red color will be more intense the more copper is present in the mixture.

Variations in Double Band Engagement Rings

As you know, there are numerous hues of gold available for double band engagement rings. Other types include rings that are twisted and curled. The most typical design for double band engagement rings is undoubtedly a smooth, circular finish that is an exact duplicate of a single band. Every ring, however, is different, and many of them feature twisted or bent bands. In certain rings, both bands are twisted and curved, whereas in others, one circular band is straight and the other is twisted and curved.

This is purely a matter of preference. Additionally, the bands can be plain or adorned with pavé diamonds. Either one or both bands may have diamonds. With this style of engagement ring, there is a lot of options for customization.

The two bands on the double band engagement ring need not span the complete circumference of the ring. Some rings feature a single band on the rear, and then it will connect to a double band on the front. Double band engagement rings allow any diamond cut. These come in a variety of shapes, such as heart-shaped diamonds, oval diamonds, princess cut diamonds, marquise diamonds, pear cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, and more.

The Best Double-Band Engagement Rings for Twice the Bling

Although they aren’t the most frequent or well-liked option available for ladies, double band engagement rings are nonetheless wanted. Women who seek a more spectacular and distinctive ring find double band engagement rings to be highly alluring. They will naturally occupy more space on the finger than single-band engagement rings, which many women prefer. Below are a few of our most well-liked double-band diamond rings for your reference.

14k White Gold Double Band Engagement Rings Open Shank Diamond Wedding Ring

This white gold band from Elleroses is a good option if you want a ring without a huge stone. The two rows of glittering pavé diamonds set in gleaming 14k white gold make this little open shank diamond band both understated and eye-catching. Simple diamonds on the bands ensure that they won’t hit on anything as you go about your day. The ring is sleek, stylish, and ideal for a contemporary bride despite the absence of a center stone.

Double Band Engagement Ring Channel-Set Diamond Double Row Wedding Band

Two parallel rows of channel-set diamonds embellish the polished metal band. An impression of richness is created by the white diamonds in their glittering channel settings. This half-eternity wedding band is made of 14-karat white gold and studded with diamonds.

14k Gold Double Banded Engagement Ring Criss-Cross Diamond Ring

The crisscrossing platinum bands and stunning diamond pavé of this stackable ring create a subtle yet eye-catching fashion statement. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of this ring, an interpretation of a modern understated style.

Gold Double Band Engagement Rings Double Row Pave and Milgrain Bezel Diamond Wedding Ring

This wedding band’s 3/8 carat total weight of diamonds are tastefully set in milgrain and pavé bezels, respectively, to make a ring that will endure the test of time. The 14-karat white gold used to create this ring lends it a sophisticated, understated lustre.

14k Rose Gold Double Band Engagement Ring With Wedding Band Curved Diamond Ring

This ring is one of many double-band engagement rings, which are distinguished by their distinctive bands. Natural shine in the diamond complements the rose gold hue of the band well. Your engagement ring will sparkle like a star while being shielded from scratches by 14k rose gold bands, curved with diamond-trimmed mirrored arches for seamless stacking.

What to Look for When Buying a Double-Band Engagement Ring


One of the best aspects of a double-band engagement ring is that it creates the illusion that you are wearing several rings at one time, without need for a wedding band. However, there is no hard and fast rule against wearing a band with a double-band engagement ring.

Ring Setting

As with any other engagement ring design, it’s critical to consider how your everyday activities will affect how often you wear your ring. Amanda Treviso says, “You should take your lifestyle into account.” “Do you want your center stone to stand out and be elevated? Do you prefer a low-slung stone in a flush setting?” Suppose your profession or pastime requires a lot of hand-crafted tasks, choose a low-profile ring with a secure setting. It’s acceptable if your ideal ring doesn’t suit that description. When wearing the greater jewellery can be troublesome, some brides have chosen to wear a minimalist wedding band alone.


Unquestionably unique in appearance is the double-band engagement ring. With this look, brides can make a striking bridal stack. It’s excellent if your jeweler has a trade-in policy if you choose a very trendy item in case you wish to swap settings in the future, jewelry expert Treviso advises.

How To Pick Your Engagement Ring

Rings symbolizing everlasting love are engagement rings. They’ve always been that way for centuries. The exchange of engagement rings symbolizes a commitment to a lifetime of friendship, love, and companionship. Although this custom has been around for centuries, both men and women continue to observe it now. In the name of love, an engagement ring symbolizes the union of two people and their commitment to one another.

There are six things you need to know before purchasing an engagement ring, at least in my perspective. All right, let’s get started.

Buying Engagement Rings at the Right Time

Set aside plenty of time to find and get the correct ring in place or modified before you propose, unless you happen to have a ring laying around or perhaps one you inherited that you intend to pass on. You should start shopping at least two to three months before you plan to propose.

Individuals often want to have a one-of-a-kind ring made just for them. One reason could be that you’ve learned your significant other has been secretly collecting images of a specific style of ring that you have yet to find. Maybe the fact that the ring is truly unique is what makes it so romantic to you. It takes more time to make a custom engagement ring than it would to just order one off the shelf because of the extra care and attention to detail that goes into each one. Talk to a designer early to ensure your engagement ring is delivered on time. As mentioned, a decent rule of thumb is to begin the procedure two to three months in advance.

What Should the Engagement Ring's Center Stone Look Like?

If your partner saves images and links of a specific diamond shape and you don’t understand what the diamond shape represents, you may end up making an incorrect purchase.

The “round cut,” or center stone with a round shape, is the most common. It is also the most traditional and is frequently used for the tiny diamonds that form a halo around the center stone. Choose one of the other more unusual and exceptional diamond shapes, nevertheless, if your significant other prefers something more distinctive.

Find Her Correct Ring Size

It is crucial to be aware of your partner’s finger size when you start shopping for an engagement ring. The engagement ring should typically be worn on the left ring finger, thus you need to know this size (yes, there may be a difference in the size of the right and left finger).

The best approach to determine her ring size is to ask her, or if she is unsure, get her to have it professionally measured by a jeweler.

The interior diameter of one of her present rings might also be determined if you want to be covert about it. However, it is crucial that you measure extremely precisely because a variation in size of just 0.5 millimeters might be quite obvious. Many jewelers also loan size gauges that you can use at home to precisely gauge her size.

Set Your Budget

Decide on a price range for the engagement ring.

Going over budget while purchasing an engagement ring is a common error that people do. Worse worse, they may end up in a difficult financial scenario since they did not establish a budget in the first place.

It’s up to you to decide how much money to put toward an engagement ring. These three elements are relevant:

Your financial condition and spending plan

The anticipations of your mate

The ring’s significance

A couple’s engagement ring is a sentimental item that represents their love. It’s impossible to fix a precise price for their love. Simply look for a ring that you can afford and that your partner would treasure.

What Type Is Your Significant Other?

It’s crucial that you pick an engagement ring style that complements your partner’s personality. The extremely feminine “princess look,” would your lover prefer it? Or does she prefer a more casual, sporty appearance? If the latter, she likely doesn’t like the ostentatious style with plenty of diamonds and gemstones. If required, try searching through her jewelry collection to see what she has and what will look good on her.

Choosing a Distinctive Engagement Ring

Even if your best buddy picked out a ring that is unbelievably gorgeous, you should never pick something similar. The relationship between you and your lover should be reflected in the ring, which should also be special. No woman wants her best friend’s engagement ring is same as her own. See if you can pick a ring that is special to you and match it with you.


What gemstones complement a double band the best?

Another method to stand out with a double band is to choose gemstones other than diamonds. A moonstone or opal feels really stylish and modern (they are both incredibly affordable, too), and even a pearl looks modern when placed between two slender pavé bands. Gemstones appear new and distinctive.

How do you style a bridal stack with a double-band engagement ring?

Treviso suggests “deciding what kind of style you want in your stack” (antique, classic, floral, negative space) before experimenting with the pieces. “The best part about creating your own wedding stack is the freedom to express your individuality. It’s a wonderful time for recreation and creativity.”

How to judge the quality of the ring?

It depends on the center stone, so it’s better to ask for and consult the grading report, as Carter suggests. There should be a report available from any jeweler upon request.

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