The marquise diamond is a traditional and elegant diamond form that wins hearts with its charming smile-like shape. Marquise cut gemstones are also known as navette, eye, football, and boat-shaped diamonds. If you’re thinking of getting a marquise moissanite ring, keep reading.

Definition Of Marquise Cut

A marquise-cut diamond or gemstone features pointy ends and an oval shape. It can be distinguished by the stone’s long, narrow shape.

It’s not a well-known fact that marquise engagement rings are innovative. The elongated, angular shape of marquise cuts has trailed behind more well-liked oval- and pear-shaped diamonds, feeling a bit dated in contrast. Saying, although marquise cut diamonds have an eye-catching look, they are rarely used in engagement rings, which for some non-traditional brides just adds to their allure. However, marquise cuts were a very popular choice in the 1980s. Now marquise settings are making a comeback from modern settings to fresh designs with nostalgic charm, along with other ’80s fads that are making a comeback. A list of celebrities, including Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta-Jones, have endorsed the cut. Both have worn marquise engagement rings that resemble antiques.

What Does A Marquise Diamond Look Like?

What Does A Marquise Diamond Look Like

A marquise diamond is a lengthy almond-shaped stone with pointed ends and a large center. Marquise can range in size from long and thin to short and chubby in between. The Marquise cut is known as a “navette” in French, which translates to “small boat.”

Modern Design

A marquise diamond ring can yet have a very contemporary appearance even though it is a little “old school.” In fact, a lot of jewelry designers are giving the ring form a contemporary with sleek, basic designs and cutting-edge settings including east-west stones, bezel settings, and double-band shapes. Rose gold, enamel detailing, open-ring designs, and putting marquise diamonds slightly off-center are some inventive design strategies that designers are using to give the traditional shape a contemporary air.

A marquise-cut diamond looks just as stunning in yellow gold as it does in platinum if you prefer the notion of an antique design with modern twists. Choose conventional north-south-set jewels instead of east-west ones, and go for smaller forms that have a more vintage vibe (wider marquise stones definitely appear more modern). Choose white gold or platinum and think about adding accessories like a thick halo, a pavé ring, or side stones to highlight the center sparkler for a more art deco look. A hammered or granule band in yellow gold look so retro.

What Does A Marquise Diamond Mean?

What Does A Marquise Diamond Mean

Because it was created especially for the Marquise of Pompadour, the Marquise originally went by that name. Notably, the design was intended to represent her lovely lips! The Marquise is a lovely, romantic shape. Pick marquise indicates that you are fashionable and and skilful!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Just keep in mind that the options for a good marquise diamond will be much more limited than, say, a standard round brilliant, because they are a less common shape. But you have another alternative option – moissanite and after you’ve identified your preferences, narrowing down will be lot simpler. For instance, you should choose your moissanite’s length-to-width ratio (how long or wide it will seem) initially. A wider, shorter marquise suits certain persons more than a longer, skinnier one does. When deciding, consider if you want to put it east-west or north-south. Additionally, you should pay attention to the marquise moissanite’s color and clarity differences as well as the bow tie’s color and bow tie’s clarity differences.

What You Should Know About The Marquise Moissanite Cut?

What You Should Know About The Marquise Moissanite Cut

Whoever designed this alluring moissanite shape started a significant trend. Although the marquise cut was first only used for diamonds, it ultimately became popular for moissanites, sapphires, and other valuable stones as well. The marquise moissanite is the ideal stone for couples looking for a distinctive ring to commemorate their love and commitment, even though it never achieves the popularity of shapes in engagement rings.

Marquise stones have been used in rings before, but perhaps you didn’t realize they weren’t engagement rings. Traditionally, this stone has been used in right-hand and cocktail rings more often than in their engagement-ring cousins, but that is beginning to change. There are valid reasons to select marquise moissanite as well. It definitely stands out because of its 60+ facets and rounded middle shape with sharp edges. The marquise cut moissanites provide a lot of glimmer as well as flair. This form is especially cherished since it has the distinct ability to make fingers appear longer and thinner.

Visual Appeal Of Marquise-Cut Moissanite

Like the oval, the marquise is a variation on the round and pear shapes of moissanite and goes beautifully with long, delicate fingers. But as we have already known, its design allows it to produce this effect. Your fingers will appear longer and thinner if you wear this stone in your engagement ring because of the stone’s long, thin body and pointed tips, which attract the eye. The extended body of this moissanite shape might give it an appearance that is greater than its true carat weight. You will therefore be able to acquire a stone with the same carat weight and have it appear larger than a round brilliant moissanite. This is a significant appeal of the unusual marquise cut for brides-to-be who value ring size. If you decide to use this shape in your engagement ring, moissanite size shouldn’t be your only priority.

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Recommendations For Setting Marquise-Shape Rings

Each moissanite shape shines in a particular setting, so choosing your moissanite shape and engagement ring setting should ultimately be a personal decision. The sharp extremities of marquise cut moissanites provide the softly rounded center a striking and fascinating finish. As a result, the marquise shape appears particularly elegant in traditional, solitaire, and halo settings. Who would want to draw attention away from such a distinctive and alluring stone, after all? However, it doesn’t mean that your options for engagement ring are constrained, if you feel that this Marquise-shape moissanite is the one for you.

How To Choose a Marquise?

How To Choose a Marquise

A Marquise cut moissanite should be H+, VS2+, under 62% depth, with a beautiful outline, even contrast/brilliance, and no dark bowtie in order to appear “white, eye clean,” and extremely sparkling. It seems like a lot, yes? Don’t worry. Here are some expert recommendations for choosing the best and brightest Marquise moissanite!


Personal preference determines your Marquise’s “ratio,” which determines how skinny or chubby it appears. Literally speaking, this means its length divided by its width. According to conventional industry advice, the diamond’s ratio of plump to skinny should range from 1.7 (plumper) to 2.2(skinnier). However, I’ve also seen stunning marquises outside of those restrictions, so do what feels right.


Paying attention to the outline is more crucial than ratio. Marquises with sharp angles lack grace compared to those with lovely curves. The marquis has wings. In other words, the “wings” of the moissanite, which are the regions between the middle and the point, are where you should seek for curves or angles. A moissanite with excessively bent wings will appear puffy and less attractive. However, a moissanite with flat wings will appear overly pointed (and also prone to breakage). Decide to aim for “just right”!


The maximum amount of shine will be achieved by your moissanite if it has an even distribution of bright (brilliance) and dark (contrast) parts. You did read that correctly—you do want some blackness in your stone. Contrast is crucial because light objects, such as sparkle, require reflections from a dark background to be seen; otherwise, the sparkle is obscured. Comparing milk in white and dark mugs is a good idea. It’s the contrast you want!


While contrast is desirable, it shouldn’t be focused into a dark, unattractive bowtie in the middle. Due to the special shape of a marquise moissanite ring, if the angles aren’t *just right*, the moissanite will appear dark in the middle and light on the tips. Keep in mind that both contrast and shine are even desired. Therefore, pay attention to the moissanite’s center. Is it black and shaped like a bowtie? Or, is it completely watery in the middle with no contrast? They are both less than ideal.


All other shapes look smaller than marquise! Your moissanite will hold its carat weight well, so you’re in luck. Therefore, be careful to pay attention to its depth (under 62%) and then just choose the ratio that seem most appropriate to you. I frequently advise couples to measure and cut out a piece of paper the desired size and place it on their finger. This makes it easier for you to picture how your marquise moissanite ring might look with that carat weight!


Of course, the color is also crucial when picking out a marquise cut. Since the points of a marquise-cut moissanite are shallower than the rest of the stone, color tends to be more apparent there. A marquise cut moissanite of G color will have the appearance of a H color moissanite. When shopping for a marquise moissanite, you may want to consider going up a color grade from what you would normally choose for a round moissanite. If you do this, the dramatic ends of your precious stone will have less of a faint yellow hue.


Marquise is also great in masking imperfections in clarity (sometimes known as “inclusions”). This means that a VS2+ stone, and sometimes even a SI1 stone, will be completely transparent to the naked eye. Making sure your inclusions are hidden from view by the side (or “crown”) facets of the gemstone is the easiest technique to keep your gemstone’s eyes clean. The great brilliance of a marquise cut helps to conceal any imperfections in the moissanite’s purity.

Top Marquise Moissanite Rings

Top Marquise Moissanite Rings

If you’re considering getting a distinctive marquise moissanite engagement ring of your own, browse our selection of 5 designs, which range from the modern to the retro-inspired and beyond.

14K Solid Gold Moissanite Marquise Engagement Rings

Only a princess could wear such a stunning engagement ring, surely. On the broad stairway band, eight sparkling accents surround the central stone. The final product has a modern aesthetic with a romantic touch.

Round and Marquise Stackable Rings Moissanite Rings Marquise 14K White Gold

This stackable band has alternating marquise and round cuts that are bezel-set. Moissanite accents that wrap around half of the white gold ring fill these alternating unusual shapes. (a total weight of 0.58ctw.)

Marquise Moissanite Engagement Ring Moissanite Wedding Sets

A bridal outfit that will be cherished for many years. Six prongs hold the Marquise cut stone firmly in position. This moissanite solitaire Marquise set features a vintage-inspired cut and is crafted with a moissanite stone. It is available in 0.50 carat yellow gold.

Moissanite Marquise Ring Moissanite Rings Wedding in 14k Solid Gold

A Marquise cut moissanite solitaire ring with six claws set to a 14k solid yellow gold shank with accents and weighs 1 carat. It is perfect gift for a one-of-a-kind wedding, anniversary, or as stacking accessory.

Marquise Cut Moissanite Ring Marquise Halo Engagement Ring in Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver

The centerpiece of this engagement ring is a 10x5mm marquise-cut stone. The ring of accent stones that surrounds the moissanite engagement ring and extends down both sides of the band gives it a halo appearance.(in sterling silver with a total weight of 1ctw.)

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