The uncertainty around the definition of a promise ring—between promise rings, purity rings, commitment rings, pre-engagement rings—is quite accurate. What does a promise ring serve? Which finger to wear? Is there unisex promise rings, or are they just for women? Due to numerous questions, we listed a few things you need to know about promise rings.

Promise Rings for Women & Men

promise rings for women and men

You may picture a man handing a woman a promise ring when you hear the phrase. However, men’s commitment rings are fairly popular. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are a good example. Promise rings were worn by Cyrus and Hemsworth both before their 2018 wedding. Some couples present each other with unisex promise rings. Sometimes, one partner would offer another a promise ring as a token of their undying love and dedication to the relationship. The key is that anyone can present or don a promise ring.

What is Promise Ring?

Although a promise ring is not an engagement ring, it nonetheless serves as a symbol of commitment. The symbolism of the promise ring is particular to the wearer. A promise ring is typically used to signify a commitment of some kind. Promise ring is most frequently used as a symbol of love and fidelity. And it is typically presented as a sign of exclusivity in a relationship. Even if a couple isn’t yet ready to get married, they still want to dedicate their rest lives to one another. The significance of a promise ring is becoming more and more well-liked among couples who wish to express their devotion. Future engagement may be anticipated, but there are no current plans for that significant step. In this situation, a promise ring represents steadfast love and the desire to remain together.

Meaning of Promise Ring

meaning of promise ring

Although the particular, private meaning can vary from couple to couple, promise rings do, as their name suggests, signify a promise made between two individuals. Kimberly Kanary, vice president of public relations and social media at Kay Jewelers, claims that “the appeal of a commitment ring stems primarily from the variety of messages it may convey.” Couples may give or wear promise rings for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to announcing their intention to get engaged or simply expressing their undying love for one another.

Although couples typically exchange promise rings, they can also serve as a symbol of other promises. Commitment rings and pre-engagement rings are other names for promise rings. As a symbol of their commitment, parents may give their children promise rings.

They might be shared by close friends to commemorate their bond. To commemorate the unique commitment you share with your closest friends and family, think about getting identical “best friend” rings.

Promise rings may also have a significant religious component. This might be anything from pledging abstinence to professing a devotion to one’s religion. This kind of promise ring is frequently presented to someone during a ceremony or important event. Some people may find strength in pledging to break a bad habit by donning a promise ring. A promise ring can serve as a perpetual reminder of the commitment you make to yourself.

As you can see, you can customize your promise ring’s appearance to reflect your own meaning. Nowadays, promise rings are more common due to celebrity exposure. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, and each of the Jonas Brothers are examples of Hollywood celebrities who have all sported promise rings.

History of Promise Ring

history of promise ring

The concept of a promise ring dates back countless years. Some people think the promise ring custom dates back to biblical times. Instead of getting engaged, couples back then were betrothed. There was frequently a legally binding ceremony and ring exchange when a couple became engaged.

Even though it would take some time, the couple agreed to stick together and be married in the future. The male would present his girlfriend with a ring as part of the ceremony to symbolize his devotion to her.

Roman brides wore promise rings as a sign of a vow to wed in antiquity. The legislation of the second century required men and women to wait a set length of time before getting married.

Promise rings were also known as posy rings in England. The etching on the posy ring, which stood for commitment and love, was frequently a romantic poetry. The acrostic ring rose to popularity in the Victorian era after posy rings.

Acrostic rings, which frequently spell out words like “love” and “heart,” were used to represent a couple’s devotion to one another. Gemstones would also be used in these rings.

Where Should a Promise Ring Be Worn?

It is totally up to you which finger or even which hand you wear your promise ring on. Promise rings can be worn on any finger, according to Brinkman, who also explains that they are occasionally worn on a chain around the neck and that pinky promise rings are currently a fashionable fashion statement. The most popular place to wear a promise ring is on the ring finger, either on the right hand for married people or the left for unmarried people. The old notion (which is sadly not physiologically accurate) that there is a vein that travels directly from that finger to the heart is the reason they are often worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Promise Ring Designs

promise ring designs

Promise rings are specifically designed to be different from engagement rings. Promise rings typically lack a sizable central diamond in favor of more delicate designs and gemstone settings. Promise rings come in a wide range of designs to honor the commitment made.

Popular promise ring designs include the Claddagh ring and plain bands with birthstones or engraving.

When couples are looking to purchase unisex promise rings, this is yet another crucial topic that is frequently asked. In the end, it is down to the couple and their preferences. When deciding on the finest material for your rings, there are a variety of factors to take into account, including your lifestyle, chosen colors, allergies, and personal preferences.

Promise rings are frequently made of various metals. Platinum, 18K gold, or 14K gold may be used as wedding bands or engagement rings. Promise rings are typically made of 925 sterling silver or 10K gold, which are less expensive options. Starting at around $100, you can get a huge selection of fashionable and significant promise rings.


When it comes to rings, yellow gold is the conventional material of choice. It is the perfect answer for both gendered and unisex promise rings, giving you a classic elegance. Rhodium is frequently used to plate white gold, giving it strength and durability. White gold is an excellent option for individuals who would like to wear theirs every day without worrying about destroying it, since yellow gold is a softer metal that destroys more easily. Rose gold can be a nice option if you’d want something a little less conventional and more unconventional. Despite being stronger than yellow gold, it is softer than white gold, giving those who want to wear their promise rings every day another option.


The hardest and most scratch-resistant metal you can find for a unisex promise ring is tungsten, which is four times harder than titanium. Tungsten is your best option if you want strong scratch resistance at an affordable price. However, it can be somewhat brittle in terms of chipping or breaking. As a result, tungsten cannot be re-sized.

Sterling Silver

Because silver is a softer metal, it is more prone to dents and other types of harm. Additionally, compared to other metals, it oxidizes more readily, which can occasionally cause the silver in rings to turn black. However, it should be noted that silver can be quickly restored with a basic silver jewelry cleaner if oxidization does take place. Silver is still best suited for unisex fashion rings for men and women as well as other rings that will be worn occasionally rather than everyday. Silver is not a popular or ideal choice for men’s and women’s engagement and wedding rings because of this restriction. It is still a desirable alternative for other cocktail rings and right-hand rings due to its affordability and dazzling shine.


Another common option is to blend different metals to provide a genuinely distinctive appearance that will stand out.

5 Must-have Unisex Promise Rings

5 must have unisex promise rings
14k White and Yellow Gold Unisex Promise Ring Flat Wedding Band

The simple 4mm Two-Toned Patterned unisex promise ring, which is available in yellow gold polishing finishes, is one of the most popular promise ring styles.

Sterling Silver and 10k Yellow Gold Unisex Promise Rings 7mm Wide Wedding Band

This wedding band made of 925 sterling silver and 10k yellow gold, features two tones. Floral pattern are engraved on the gold gallery of this elegant and stylish ring. It is a fantastic accessory to add to any appropriate clothing for various occasions.

10K Yellow Gold Unisex Promise Rings Round Cut Diamond Unisex Wedding Band

To protect your official wedding ring from nicks and scratches, consider this 10k yellow gold unisex promise rings. It also features a row of round cut diamonds, and in the either end set four diamonds in a circle.

Tungsten Carbide Unisex Promise Rings Unisex Tungsten Wedding Band

This unisex ring composed tungsten carbide and deer antler, which offers affordable luxury. Thick tungsten carbide is used in wide rings to provide a timeless appearance that is strong and long-lasting. Tungsten Carbide with Deer Antler Inlay is waterproof and scratch-resistant. It is also ideal for travels and manual labor.

Sterling Silver Unisex Promise Rings Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia CZ Anniversary Half Eternity Band

Simple yet elegant, the design of this half eternity ring is sure to wow. This ring is made of 925 sterling silver with a rhodium finish, and is ideal for allergies because of its nickel-free. Princess-cut, high-quality Cubic Zirconias weighing a total of 1 carat (2.5 millimeters) are channel-set into the design. The height is 3mm, while the width of this band can range from 4.7mm to 6.3mm.

What Should I Budget for a Promise Ring?

what should i budget for a promise ring

Now that we are aware of what a promise ring is and when it should be given, let’s examine the cost of a promise ring. These rings are on the more affordable side because promise rings are frequently given while we are younger or just starting careers. Promise rings often only cost a few hundred dollars, making them significantly more cheap than the typical engagement ring, which can cost several thousand dollars. Although the average couple spends less than $400 for a promise ring, you can get one for as little as $100. We are confident you can locate the ideal promise ring for the one you love, no matter what your budget is! There is no need to feel guilty if you cannot spend a lot of money on a promise ring; keep in mind that it is only a stopgap measure until you are secure and prosperous enough to have a legitimate engagement that includes an exquisite golden band set with sparkling diamonds.

How To Give a Promise Ring To Your Love?

Giving someone you love a promise ring doesn’t have to be as important as a marriage proposal. Instead, just make sure your partner is the center of all your attention by planning an intimate evening or engaging in a shared activity. Just sit down and casually present them with the ring and your proclamation of love when you both feel like you are in a good place. If both of you are prepared, this affair should be absolutely unforgettable!

If you and your partner are prepared, it shouldn’t matter how you present your partner with a promise ring because it is a very emotional commitment. What’s more meaningful is your sentiment, expressed through a promise ring. If you’ve ever hesitated whether you should give someone a promise ring, then you already know the answer: yes, you are ready and should give your true love a promise ring.


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