The pear cut diamond has a classic elegance that is both refined and flattering on all fingers. It’s the ideal option if you want your engagement ring to command attention. Finding a wedding band for pear shaped ring may provide some challenges due to its unusual shape. We’ve outlined what to look for and what to avoid in a wedding band for a pear-shaped ring to make it simple for you.

What Is a Pear Shaped Wedding Ring?

A pear-shaped diamond, often known as a “teardrop stone,” is one that has been cut into the unique pear shape as its name suggests. A pear cut ring combines both the marquise diamond and the round brilliant diamond, with rounded ends on one side and pointed ends on the other. This particular ring cut elegantly captures the brilliance of a diamond in a distinctive form that is ideal for drawing admirers’ attention. It is ideal for individuals who prefer an exquisite but elongated appearance.

Meaning And Symbolism of Pear-Shaped Ring

meaning and symbolism of pear shaped ring

The pear shape is less common, therefore it can be taken as a symbol of the wearer’s individuality, strength of character, and unique sense of style. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these stones have a rich symbolic history that makes them an ideal option for a wedding or engagement ring. Each stone in a pear-shaped engagement ring will be unique, with its own esoteric significance and enduring legacy.

What To Consider With a Pear Cut?

The pear cut is a fancy diamond shape and a hybrid of the round brilliant and marquise cuts. It is a modified brilliant cut. The average number of facets in pear-shaped diamonds and gemstones is 58, but certain stones may have more or fewer facets depending on how the pavilion (underside) of the stone is cut.

Even though a pear-shaped diamond is most typically shaped like a teardrop, there are many other ring cut variations to take into account. For instance, if you aren’t careful when you buy, you can end up with mishap pear shapes. This may consist of:

Flat back pear cuts –If the stone is flat rather than a semicircle, it may not have the proper form and curve, making it appear more triangular than pear-shaped.

Too wide pear cuts –Overly wide of a pear cut diamond may give the impression that it is too “curvy” if the ratio is out of harmony. In this case, the sides that approach the tip might not have a sharp ridge but rather a less desirable slope.

Bow tie pear cuts – Pear-shaped diamonds with a “bow-tie” have a pattern running across the widest part of the stone that is a darkening portion of the diamond that resembles a bow-tie.

When creating pear-shaped diamonds, the length to breadth ratio is a crucial factor. The stone may appear stretched out and take on a more rounded shape if the ratio is slightly incorrect, or it may appear overly long if the length exceeds the width.

How well the pear shape is balanced will be determined by the stone's length to width ratio

The length-to-width ratio of a well-executed pear cut should be between 1.50 and 1.75.

Chubby (short and wide) teardrops begin to form when the ratio of the cut’s length to width is less than 1.50.

If the ratio of a pear diamond is greater than 1.75, it will take on the appearance of a skinny (slim and elongated) teardrop.

Our recommendation is to either come see your pear-shaped stone online at or make sure you are purchasing your pear-shaped diamond from a reputable source.

Choosing the Best Wedding Bands for a Pear-Shaped Ring

choosing the best wedding bands for a pear shaped ring

Interested in buying a pear-shaped diamond for an engagement ring? Elleroses offers a variety of pear-shaped diamond rings to help you choose the right choice for your proposal. White gold, platinum, and yellow gold are all available, and so are a wide range of ring types, such as those with side stones, halo stones, or vintage designs.

Wedding Band for Pear Shaped Ring CZ Crystal Rings in Sterling Silver

The faceted stones in the rings drop shape sparkle brilliantly since they were cut precisely and are of high quality, making the ring a timeless piece of jewelry.

Wedding Bands for Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Fire Opal Ring in 18K Rose Gold over Silver

This vintage Fire Opal ring will quickly become one of your favorites. This stunning ring features a genuine fire Opal and is crafted to endure a lifetime.

Wedding Bands for Pear Shaped Rings Lab Created Sapphire Rings for Women in 18k White Gold Over Silver

Beautiful as an engagement, anniversary, or promise ring option, this band has a cornflower blue sapphire. If you’ve been looking for a unique blue sapphire birthstone ring, this one you’re sure to be satisfied.

Curved Wedding Band for Pear Shaped Ring Diamond Anniversary Bands in 14K Gold

This anniversary band, which was inspired by ’50s glitz, is a perfect representation of your personal taste. The ring is in the shape of a chevron, and it’s set with round diamonds and, further up, marquise and pear-shaped stones. The 14-karat gold ring features half a carat of diamonds.

Wedding Bands for Pear Shaped Ring Teardrop Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

This pear-shaped diamond ring is a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Pairs well with professional attire and daily outfit.

Pairing a wedding band with a pear-shaped ring

pairing a wedding band with a pear shaped ring

A pear-shaped ring is thought to have an unusual gemstone shape. While finding a wedding band to match the engagement ring can be challenging, keeping in mind a few key things will help you get started.

Consider your engagement ring’s setting first. When combined with a wedding band, pear-shaped rings can be set in a wide range of ways, including halo, solitaire, pavé, three stones, and more.

Next, consider the overall appearance you want to accomplish. Do you want the engagement ring’s pear to be the center of attention? Or do you prefer that the wedding band and engagement ring each have a unique style? Do you want a choice of accent diamond shapes or matching accent diamond shapes? Once you have an idea of what you want, you may look into what suits a pear shaped diamond nicely.

Draw attention to the pear cut’s distinctiveness. In the asymmetrical pear cut, one end is rounded while the other is pointed. This is frequently paired with a cluster ring that encircles the pointy end of the pear with smaller diamond cuts. This style particularly highlights the pear shape’s distinctive shape and creates balance that complements it beautifully. Plus, pear shapes go well with a wide variety of diamond cuts; to ensure a harmonious appearance, you need only select a stone with a beautiful facet pattern.

Thin, or thick? It’s advised to stay away from wedding rings that are too thick or wide because of the pear cut’s exact and delicate shape. They can quickly overpower the pear shape and produce an unbalanced overall appearance for the wedding band and engagement ring together. The two bands could be of equal thickness, or you can choose to vary the thickness slightly to provide visual interest.

Comparing Pear Cut Ring Setting Styles

comparing pear cut ring setting styles

The pear cut diamond, like many others, looks stunning in a solitaire or halo design. Pear cuts can stand out on their own because of the visual appeal they provide. A pavé halo enhances the pear cut’s shape and shine, making it look more sophisticated.

The best settings for pear-shaped diamonds cover the stone securely at its narrowest point and highlight the diamond’s distinctive shape. A halo or bezel setting would be ideal for such purposes. A halo setting surrounds the center stone with a ring of smaller diamonds for further protection, while a bezel setting encases the stone entirely in metal. Select the bezel if you like a more energetic and contemporary look, or the halo for a more romantic and vintage-inspired feel.

The sole hard and fast rule when it comes to setting a pear cut diamond in a ring is to keep the point of the stone safe, as it is the most delicate and easily damaged part of the stone. A diamond might easily be chipped or broken if exposed.

For three-stone designs, keep in mind that larger side stones don’t look great with a pear cut. As a result of its asymmetry, larger side stones may leave gaps against the center stone, creating an unbalanced appearance; nevertheless, a three-stone impression can be accomplished with smaller side stones.

Type of Setting

Metal selection and band width, like all other aspects of your wedding band and engagement ring options, will be influenced by personal desire. Any color metal will look nice with pear shapes, so changing metals for the wedding band and engagement ring can be a fun way to show off your personal style.

Metal Choice

Use the diamond’s hue as a guide. In general, let the metal you select be determined by the color of your diamond. Choose yellow or rose gold if your diamond has noticeable yellowish tinges. The diamond will appear lighter due to the warmth of those metal tones, which serve to conceal the yellowish color. If your diamond is naturally more colorless, going with platinum or white gold will intensify its icy, icy white and really emphasize the shine.

Given that wedding bands are usually next to engagement rings, same rules would normally also apply to them, but they are marginally less crucial due to the space between them. So if you like mixed metals, a pear cut is definitely a good choice for you.

Band Width

When it comes to width, consider thinner. The asymmetrical structure of the pear cut means that a narrower band will better match the contour of the stone without overpowering it when it comes to band width. Likewise with wedding bands. There is plenty of room for the pear form to be seen and not lost by keeping it thinner and less wide. Consider putting the diamond in an east-west orientation if you prefer a larger band. A wider band lessens the impact of this minor alteration for the stone.

How do you wear a ring that is pear shaped?

how do you wear a ring that is pear shaped

You can wear a pear-shaped diamond on your finger in either direction. When worn with the point toward the fingernails, the finger seems longer, which is a good choice for those with smaller hands or shorter fingers. As a bonus, this makes the stone look like a traditional “tear” when the wearer raises a hand to show off their ring. It’s up to the wearer to decide whether they like the rounded or pointed end facing their fingernail.

These regal and intriguing jewels sparkle like tears. Elleroses is thrilled to introduce our carefully picked collection of vintage and vintage-inspired pear cut engagement rings, which complements our broad variety of other types. Last but not least, look through our assortment of Teardrop Ring. If you want to learn more about Teardrop Ring, please check this article: Guide of Teardrop Ring in 2022

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