If you’re a fan of the historical and legendary features of Viking culture, viking ring is perfect for you. It comes in Viking wedding rings, bands, engagement rings, as well as other jewelry from the Norse realm. Until recently, the market supplied largely mens and womens wedding rings for historical authenticity; nevertheless, the rise of Viking rings for men and women in popular culture has resulted in some genuinely magnificent Viking inspired wedding rings.

These three groups range in complexity and frequently in price. In contrast, wedding and engagement rings are more elaborate and use more expensive materials. Wedding rings often have a more understated, yet equally lovely, elegant and immediate effect. Of course, all three of these subcategories can also be used for other things, such family gifts, promise rings, reunions, and so much more.

What Are Traditional Viking Wedding Rings?

What Are Traditional Viking Wedding Rings

The best materials are used to craft traditional Viking wedding bands, which are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. Modern Viking wedding bands are usually distinctive, just as ancient Viking guests could be easily distinguished by their jewelry. Anyone who sees stunning them is certain to be impressed.

One of the greatest pieces of jewelry is a Viking wedding ring. Typically, materials like copper, sterling silver, and mixed gold are used to make them. Some of the strongest mens viking rings on the market, Viking wedding bands are built to last for decades.

Weddings in the Viking, culture were meant to bring not only the couple getting married, but also their friends and relatives together. Since it was difficult to travel to the wedding location during the cold winters, most weddings were scheduled for the summer.

Nowadays, weddings in the traditional Viking style are held all over the world, both on land and at sea. Intricate and beautiful as they are to witness, the Viking wedding rings are the most significant symbol of the couples’ commitment to each other.

The Ultimate Showcase Of Viking Rings & Jewelry

The Ultimate Showcase Of Viking Rings and Jewelry

Finding the perfect viking wedding ring or band for the classics is challenging enough, but what if you want to do something completely unique, like merging the beauty and resilience of Viking culture? The way we separate the items we don’t think are worth carrying from the ones we’re proud of is simple, but very effective.

Viking Front

We believe that the Vikings have been underrepresented in modern society, particularly in terms of the romantic side of the culture and their contribution to our own growth. Unfortunately, Vikings are sometimes represented as animalistic simpletons who were only good for fighting and pillaging, which is simply not true.

One component of Viking culture that should be recognized is their sense of beauty, craftsmanship, artistry, and romanticism. And what better way to communicate this than with jewelry inspired by Viking rings worn during wedding ceremonies.


Finger rings were popular among the Vikings, just like other types of jewelry, but only in the latter stages of the Viking age. In Viking burials, numerous gold rings have been discovered. Many of these rings were penannular, or open ended, which may have made it possible for them to fit on a variety of finger sizes with little effort.


We start by examining the material’s quality. Second, the caliber of the workmanship, followed by third, dependability. We examine the numerous patterns and designs, as well as the various materials used in Viking-inspired jewelry. Sterling silver is used first, followed by mixtures of vintage, uncut, natural diamonds and jewels, or rusted metals. The popularity of hand-forged jewelry, which may take longer to make and ship but offers something extraordinary with improved longevity, is growing and impressing more people.

What Makes Viking Wedding Rings Unique?

What Makes Viking Wedding Rings Unique

An exceptional viking rings for men and women will have equal parts classic design and modern flair. The perfect Viking wedding band would be crafted of superior materials, feature complex embellishments that are visible even from a distance, and be completely unique.

Elleroses has been designing and making custom rings of the highest quality. Their mens viking rings come in a broad variety of designs, all of which are crafted from precious metals and meticulously finished. When compared to other jewelers, no one comes close to matching Elleroses focus on the customer’s experience.

Engagement rings, wedding bands, and authentic Viking rings are all available at Elleroses for both men and women. In order to cater to each couple’s unique interests, we custom-make each ring to order.

Each mens viking rings is handcrafted, polished, and then oxidized to give it a more natural look and contribute to the ring’s rustic appeal in the traditional Viking style.

5 Best Viking Wedding Rings Of 2024

5 Best Viking Wedding Rings Of 2023
Viking Style Wedding Rings Mobius Strip Ring in Sterling Silver

The Infinity Molten Silver Viking Wedding Band is a stunning and affordable option that combines the traditional and understated elegance of Viking wedding bands with the current craze for infinity rings.

Viking Wedding Ring Rustic Tree of Life Wedding Band in Sterling Silver

The surface of the ring is extremely potent because it is made with fire, and each piece is unique due to this. This is similar to the symbolism of the tree of life. One of the most creative and sincere alternatives to classic wedding bands.

Gold Moon Rings Mens Viking Wedding Ring in 14K Gold and Silver

The burned finish on this black silver band is unique. The sterling silver band’s excellent craftsmanship contrasts sharply with the ring’s black oxidation. The surface is inlaid with 14 karat molten gold so it won’t wear or chip. I’m reminded of the galaxy in the sky by this half-moon pattern.

Norse Traditional Viking Wedding Rings Men’s Wedding Band in Tantalum

A wide band of intertwined Celtic symbols forms an octagonal design around the band’s focal point on this stunning men’s tantalum wedding ring. Inside the ring is a smooth, grey metal called tantalum.

Viking Wedding Rings His and Hers Vintage Script Band in 14K Rose and White Gold

This 8mm comfort-fit, two-tone ring captures a bygone Victorian aesthetic with its floral lettering. A comfort fit ring is simple to slip on and off the finger due to its rounded, smooth interior. This contemporary rendition of antique scroll work was bold in scale and color, elevating the forward-thinking design.

Best Metals For Mens Viking Rings

Best Metals For Viking Wedding Rings

Finding the ideal mens viking ring requires more than just determining its design or aesthetic. You should also think about how the metal you choose for your wedding rings will affect your budget, how it will feel in your hand or on your finger, how much upkeep and maintenance it will require, and even whether or not you might be allergic to a particular metal. Since most Viking-inspired wedding rings are full of power and usually black, you should also consider choosing a jewelry metal that won’t tarnish easily.

Learn More: Precious Metals Guide


One of the most plentiful precious metals is silver, which is frequently used in jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, watches, and rings. Since silver is quite soft in its pure form, copper is frequently alloyed with it to make it stronger. If silver is not maintained by routinely polishing it, tarnish can develop on its surface. In accordance with definition and international consensus, “sterling” silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of another substance, typically copper. Jewelry is frequently marked with the letters 925 or.925 as result in 92.5%.


Natural occurring element titanium is a lustrous gray metal. It is incredibly light and cozy to wear. This viki wedding ring will last a lifetime because titanium is three times stronger than steel and stronger than gold or platinum. In order to lessen its tendency to fracture, titanium is frequently alloyed with other metals.


The metal tungsten is a lustrous, dark gray. Because it is tougher than regular tungsten, tungsten carbide is frequently the chosen tungsten alloy mixture. Tungsten Carbide jewelry will maintain its shiny appearance since it will maintain a polish longer than any other metal. Since tungsten carbide is more dense than steel and titanium, many people appreciate how heavy it is. In recent years, tungsten for mens viking rings has gained in favor.


The perfect metal for jewelry is gold. In actuality, gold has been used in jewelry throughout human history. Why is gold? The two key factors are extraordinary malleability and natural attractiveness. Five kilometers of fine wire made from a single ounce of gold can be created. It is poundable into a thin sheet that can cover a 100ft. area.  Gold also has lustre. It holds its shape and is strong. These characteristics are perfect representations for an engagement viking rings for men are highly symbolic of a relationship.


Our mission at Elleroses is to craft a viking rings for men and women that is as one-of-a-kind and meaningful as your upcoming union. They are experts at creating custom Viking wedding bands to order, and each one is crafted by hand with an unmatched level of detail and quality. Due to the high level of craftsmanship required, traditional Viking jewelry has remained popular throughout the ages.


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